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Small Business Development & Employment Advisory Board

DATE:                       Thursday, June 16, 2005
LOCATION:                   915 I Street, 2nd Floor, Conference Room 2121


I.    CALL TO ORDER: 8:44 A.M. by Chair, Dan Waters.
Members Present: Sheri Welles, Deanna Marquart, Dan Waters, Eugene
Jones, Melissa Chaney, Christopher Stewart
Members Absent: Richard Greene, John Randall, Trina Brantley
Staff Present: Ken Fleming, Charlotte Broussard

Chair Dan Waters called for review of Agenda. Agenda accepted to proceed as

Minutes for April 21, 2005 were approved with a motion from Christopher
Stewart, and second by Melissa Chaney. (Meeting for May 2005 cancelled due
to lack of quorum.)

The Chair welcomed newly appointed member, Eugene Jones.                    Jones
appointment is to 1/22/05 in Category B: Employment Issues/EEO. This is a
partial appointment to complete the term appointment of Crystal Cunningham.
Mr. Jones will then be eligible to be reappointed for a full term in January.

Board Member Christopher Stewart recommended the SBDEA take the
opportunity to meet with The Alliance for Business and Community on June
30, 2005, 3:00 to 4:00 P.M. Council Member Lauren Hammond originally set
the meeting schedule. Stewart explained this meeting was to address negative
perceptions and identify collaborations between the City and the ethnic
chambers members of the Alliance. Council Member Hammond will not be
available to meet at this time. Stewart’s recommendation was for the SBDEA
to meet with The Alliance to initiate a dialogue between the groups in an effort
of collaborations.

It was decided to notice this meeting of the SBDEA and The Alliance as a
workshop, keeping in compliance with the Brown Act.

Drafted: 7.7.05 D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\95581529-5978-4353-bb89-d1e9f0712880.doc
City of Sacramento
SBDEA Minutes, 6/16/05
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Denise Malvetti demonstrated the upcoming new website,
The site will be interactive the public, for accessing information on commercial
properties, demographics (based on 2000 Census), business categories,
financial data, number of establishments and workforce, employment sectors,
and business reports.

Melissa Valle provided an update on current Economic Development projects:
(1) JKL Street Corridor, (2) Water Front Master Plan, (3) Downtown Housing,
(4) City-wide Commercial Corridor Initiatives.

Economic Development staff has been meeting with various groups in an effort
to develop and collaborate with small business partners for the inclusion of
small businesses in the development projects and strategic initiatives. Groups
include the City’s Office of Small Business Development, Chambers of
Commerce, SACOG, and business associations.

Board members expressed their appreciation and excitement of Economic
Development’s efforts. It was suggested to include the Business Improvement
Centers, such as Richard Greene with the Stockton Boulevard Center.

Status of Board Vacancies
Staff Charlotte Broussard provided information on the status of Board
vacancies. She met with Assistant City Clerk Stephanie Mizuno and Deputy
City Clerk Ruci Katia for an update on recruitments. Staff provided the current
rosters for the Board and the Council Members. At the current time, future
recruitment efforts can include:
Category A: 1 Position
    Richard Greene eligible for one more term
Category B: 2 (Possibly 3) Positions
    Arbatel de la Cuesta resigned
    Deidra Thorpe resigned
    (Eugene Jones appointed for a partial term)
Category D: 1 Position
    Trina Brantley eligible for one more term
The last effort of recruitment produced one candidate for Category B
Employment Issues/EEO, and one candidate for Category D City Resident
between the Ages of Sixteen and Twenty. City Clerk’s Office recommended to
re-open the recruitment, citing the Mayor and Council prefers more than one
candidate to consider for each appointment. Muzuno recommend recruitment
be conducted after the City Clerk’s Office make the move to their new location.
Mizuno requested for staff and the Board to strategize a recruitment plan in the
next effort.

Drafted: 7.7.05 D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\95581529-5978-4353-bb89-d1e9f0712880.doc
City of Sacramento
SBDEA Minutes, 6/16/05
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Meeting Schedule
Staff provided a “Board Meeting Schedule,” with meetings rooms schedule
through December 2005, and planned agenda items for June and July 2005.

It was decided since the Board moved it’s monthly meeting to the third
Thursdays of the month, the Sub-Committees would meet the second Thursday
of the month, beginning July 14, 2005. Staff would consider options of
scheduling to include back-to-back morning sessions, or one morning and one
afternoon sessions.

Business Cards
Staff presented draft of Board Member business cards for those that would like
to order. The City contractor for business cards prints in lots of 500. Staff
conferred with City Central Services to print in smaller lots of 50.

Staff Ken Fleming presented another option for Board member badges. He will
report back on the details of this option. Board Member Marquart expressed
she would have more use for a badge, as opposed to a business card.

Board Members who wished to order business cards are to provide staff with
details of information, such as email address.

New City Hall Office Relocations
Procurement Services Division, including the Office of Small Business
Development, Purchasing, Contract Services, and Administration are now in
the new City Hall, located on second floor. Central Services is located on the
first floor.

Security changes involve checkpoints for lobby and floor entrances. Furniture
has not yet arrived for meeting rooms scheduled for SBDEA in new City Hall on
the first floor. Until scheduled rooms have been furnished, various options will
be utilized and noticed with the agenda.

Current Events
Staff provided upcoming events, scheduled by Sacramento Asian Pacific
Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Sacramento Metro Chamber of
Commerce. It was noted that there may now be an active Phillipino Chamber
of Commerce, which staff could research for including in “Current Events.”

Staff announced the ESBD Annual Utilization Report for Fiscal Year 2005 will
be forthcoming after year-end closures. Staff anticipates the report to be
completed by end of August 2005.

Staff Ken Fleming reported advertisement for Jeremy Delich’s position will be
posted by 6/27/05 for a deadline of 7/15/05.
Drafted: 7.7.05 D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\95581529-5978-4353-bb89-d1e9f0712880.doc
City of Sacramento
SBDEA Minutes, 6/16/05
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There was no public comment.

Board Member Marquart requested staff to produce draft minutes for review
soon after meetings are conducted. Staff acknowledged that may be possible
within a two-week time frame. Staff also commented the work impact of this
request is undeterminable, at this time, until staffing to the Board was

Motion by Sheri Wells, second by Melissa Chaney.

Respectfully submitted:

Charlotte A. Broussard
Staff, Office of Small Business Development

Drafted: 7.7.05 D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\95581529-5978-4353-bb89-d1e9f0712880.doc

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