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									Frank Delape
            Frank Delape Biography

 Frank Delape is Chairman and CEO of Benchmark Equity Group, a
  company he founded in 1994.

 Frank spent 11 years in executive management roles of managing
  turnarounds for various companies

 Frank was a founder and financier of Think New Ideas, a NASDAQ NMS
  listed company, which later sold for over $300 million

 From August 2001 through October 2005, Frank was Chairman of the
  Board of the biotechnology company Isolagen, Inc
Frank Delape
 Frank Delape is Partner and Chairman of General Land
  Holdings, the parent company of Island Living Resorts.

 He is responsible to oversee and manage the regulatory,
  master planning, strategic development and partnering
  program, financing and management of the multiple
  beachfront properties owned by General Land Holdings
           Frank as a Philanthropist

 Founded in 1890, the San Jose de Malambo orphanage houses 150
  children. Of the 150 children, 27 are infected with the HIV virus.

 To help support the orphanage, Kimberly and Frank Delape opened their
  hearts and give a Christmas party for the whole orphanage. The festivities
  include cake, pizza, clowns and a surprise visit by Santa (played by Frank

 Each of the 150 children received 2 to 3 gifts each from Santa. The Delapes
  believe that every one deserves a chance in life and everyone needs hope.
        Philanthropic Activities
 Frank and Kimberly Delape are dedicated to giving back
  to the community and to further their support in Panama,
  they have implemented Project Backpack.

 For the past 14 years, Frank Delape spends Christmas
  Eve playing the role of Santa Claus for the children of
  The Bridge Over Troubled Waters; fulfilling the requests
  of children’s wish lists

 Kimberly and Frank Delape, being members of the board
  for UNICEF, are helping children in the Archipelago of
  Bocas del Toro to defense against dysentery and other
  diseases by earmarking a three-year financial
                     Other Activities

   Citizen for Animal Protection
   Crisis Intervention of Houston
   Legacy Community of Health Services
   Tux & Tennies

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