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A glossary of terms used within smartMARKETER eChannel
A record      A type of DNS record which is used to resolve a name (such as to an
              address on the internet (e.g.
A/B Testing   Allows you to split your recipient list in two equal segments and test different versions of
              the same email on each segment, for example a different subject line.
Account       See EMR Key. This term is commonly used in SOAP calls.
Advanced      Special link that when clicked by a recipient can trigger actions such as updating a
link          database field or sending an email.
AJAX          Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, used to query the database without refreshing a
              page. This is technology we use to program the system.

ASCII         American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Originally a method of showing
              characters as numerical codes, now denotes the plain text version of a file, for example
              as seen in Notepad.

ASP version   If you are using the ASP version of smartMARKETER eChannel you are accessing the
              system through the Internet.
Attachment    A file that is sent along with an email message. The file can be of any type (for example a
              spread sheet, a word processor document, an image, or an mp3).
B2B           Business to Business
B2C           Business to Client
Batch         Unique key allocated to send of an email, i.e. a piece of content being sent to a list
Blocklist     A list which contains IP and domain addresses that should be blocked (due to spamming)
Body          The main part of an email message containing data such as text or images.
Body tag      A HTML tag which defines the visible area of a HTML file. There should only be one pair
              of body tags within a file.

Bookmark      Also known as an Anchor tag, this enables linking to a item within a single page of HTML
Booth         The name used to describe the portal through which eChannel is used. A company may
              have one or many booths.
Booth key     Key in format XXX001 which uniquely defines your booth. Also known as a booth code
Bounce        When an email is returned by the recipient's email server due to some sort of delivery

Browser       A program designed to allow its users access to the World Wide Web. By downloading
              content from a specific URL's web server, almost any kind of information can be retrieved
              through a web browser. This includes text, pictures, animation and even multimedia such
              as sound or video.
Campaign      A mass email sent out using the campaign tab of eChannel.

 Cancelling     To cancel an email is to stop it being sent to the recipient. Email campaigns can be
                cancelled from within the booth by any user with the relevant permissions.
 Category       Field which can hold multiple pieces of csv data using predefined Category codes.
 Character      The Character set used within an email defines what language characters can be used.
 Set            Most Western European languages can use a shared character set, but something like
                Japanese needs its own.
 Click          If enabled on links within emails and webpages created in the Editor, you will be able to
 Tracking       see who has clicked on links, when and how many times.
 Client side    When scripting (in eChannel's case Javascript) is executed within the browser (for
 scripting      example Internet Explorer) to enhance the functionality of a website.
 Colspan        These tags will be seen within the HTML of a file when a table cell spans multiple table
 Tags           columns.

 Cookie         A small text file deposited on your computer when you visit a web page. These files can
                be used to "identify" you based on your preferences, shopping habits, or any personal
                information you have supplied.
 CSS            Cascading Stylesheets, used to define styles for HTML elements (e.g. bold, underline,
 CSV            Comma Separated Values, a type of file where records are separated by commas. Can
                be viewed using Excel or Notepad

 Database       A collection of information that is arranged in a specific structure so that it can be easily
                accessed, queried and managed. Databases can hold virtually any kind of information
                and can be used to perform a variety of tasks.
 Distribution   Group of mail recipients that is addressed as a single recipient. Distribution lists are used
 list           to send e-mail to groups of people without having to enter each recipient's individual
                address. A distribution list differs from an e-mail list in that members cannot reply to the
                distribution list's name to send messages to everyone else in the group.
 DNS            Domain Name System, method by which is translated into an IP
                address to be able to move through the internet.
 Domain         A name that identifies a computer or a number of computers on the internet. The
                domainname is what you will see in a website URL such as It
                allows individuals and companies to have a recognisable address on the internet to allow
                communication to take place.
 Download       Transferring information from an external location onto your computer. Every file be it a
                web page, setup program, picture, etc. that is transferred onto your computer from any
                source, is an example of a download.
 DPA            Data Protection Act 1998 (2). For more information on this visit

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 Dynamic        Information (Text/Images/content) within emails or web pages which changes or is
 content        changed automatically based on database content or user information. Also known as
 Email          Short for electronic mail, email is any number of messages written by anyone, anywhere
                in the world, and sent to a server where their intended recipients can download them by
                providing a specific username and password. Attachments can also be appended to
                email messages in order to transmit files of any type anywhere in the world.

 Email Client   A piece of software used to store and receive Email, e.g. Hotmail, AOL, Gmail.
 Email key      Unique key allocated to a content file
 Email key      Unique Key used to define a piece of content. Includes emails, microsite pages, forms
                and sections.
 Embedded       Embedded images mean that when an email is sent all images are included; this can
 images         result in the file size being large/

 EMR key        Unique key allocated to each email address as it is uploaded into the booth.
 Event          Actions made by recipients of emails that are stored within the system to be used for
                reporting or campaigning, for example an email open
 Event Code     Unique code used to define a record based event. For example email/page opens have
                an event code of 1301. Check this spreadsheet for a full list of event codes:
 Field          The smallest units of information about a record that you can access within a database.
 Field          Used when exporting or viewing reports, field selections enable viewing of only specific
 Selection      fields of information from the database, for example First Name, Last Name and

 Filter         See Field selection for when this term is in relation to SOAP calls. Could also mean the
                UI page filter used to control which objects display on a page
 Folder path    Folder location where an email, list or campaign is stored
 Form           Web pages comprised of text and "fields" for a user to fill in with information. They are an
                excellent way of collecting and processing information from people visiting a website, as
                well as allowing them to interact with web pages.

 FTP            File Transfer Protocol - used for uploading and downloading files
 gif            Graphics Interchange Format - a format type for images.
 Global         When a recipient is unsubscribed from all lists within a booth and cannot be added to any
 Unsubscrib     new lists without changing default options.
 Granular       When a recipient can unsubscribe from individual mailing lists to configure the mailings
 unsubscribe    they wish to receive.

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 Hard          When a recipient's email address has returned three soft bounces, it will be recorded as a
 Bounce        hard bounce. The recipient address will then be automatically unsubscribed from all lists
               in the booth.
 Header        The first part of an email message that contains information on the email itself (subject,
               origin and destination email addresses), the route it's taken across the Internet and its
 Horizontal    The whitespace between two objects within a HTML file in the horizontal plane.

 HTML          Hypertext Mark-Up Language, the programming code used to construct web pages and
 HTML email    Email message which contains any type of formatting other than text. The text is set in a
               specific font (bold, italics, Courier 10 point, etc.) and includes any graphic images, logos
               and colours.
 HTTP/HTTP     HyperText Transfer Protocol - the protocol used for transferring to web pages, HTTPS is
 S             the secure version

 Hyperlink     A method of allowing a action such as a click on a piece of text to link to a webpage or

 image         Process by which the file size of an image can be reduced to enable more images to be
 compressio    put in an email.
 Image         The resolution of an image is a guide to its quality in terms of detail. The higher the
 resolution    resolution the more detailed the image.       Image resolutions are usually expressed in
 Import        Function which allows you to copy and paste copy/images into the system.
 JavaScript    Scripting language that allows dynamic behaviour to be specified within HTML
               documents; not generally supported y email clients
 jpeg          Joint Photographic Experts Group - A type of image file
 Landing       The page on a website where the visitor arrives (which may or may not be the home
 page          page) after clicking on a link within an email. Also called a micro site.
 Licensed      When eChannel is installed on servers owned by another organisation and that
 Install       organisation takes responsibility to maintain those servers
 Link          Any text or picture on a web page or within an email that can be clicked to access
               another location.
 Linked        When generating an Email you can choose to use linked or embedded images. Linked
 images        images mean the images remain on the server and are linked from the email when the
               email is sent. This reduces file size.
 List          The list of recipient email addresses to which you send your emails.

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 Local         A member of the client organisation who is responsible for the day to day running of an
 Administrat   eChannel booth. They are responsible for user names and passwords, booth properties
 or            and permissions. Also known as Booth Administrator
 Mail merge    Placing variables that are extracted from a database into an email message template.
               This operation permits individual personalization of otherwise bulk email messages.

 Mailto Link   When clicked by the user, this will automatically open the users email program to send an
               email to a specified address.
 Managed       When smartFOCUS DIGITAL is responsible for some part of the email sending process
 Service       whether it be generating content, uploading lists or sending

 Microsite     Also know as a web page or landing page. Usually in this case the case of eChannel
               something supplementary to a formal website or only temporarily available.
 MX record     Mail Exchanger record - Used to identify the server which should receive mail on behalf
               of a domain for example
 Open          Method by which eChannel tracks recipients opening emails sent to them.
 Outcome       The next step to click tracking which enables the definition of an outcome to a link, i.e.
 Tracking      reaching the checkout page of a website and the tracking of recipients actions when they
               get there, e.g. what did they buy and how much was it worth.
 Package       Unique key which references a package, which is a specific email sent to a specific
 key           record at a specific point in time

 Padding       Adding padding within a HTML file will add whitespace between objects. Within a table
               this is called cell padding

 Partition     A way of restricting access to information in the booth on the basis of lists. Not a security
 Permissions   User accounts are given specific permissions allowing the user to perform only specific
               functions within the booth.

 Phishing      The act of forging emails that claim to be from a legitimate sender such as a bank, for the
               purpose of identity theft or robbery. Phishing emails usually link to a replica of a legitimate
               web page that tries to trick users into submitting personal or financial information or

 Pixel         The smallest and component part of an image. Image files are formed of a number of
               pixels and often expressed in pixel sizes e.g. 200x160.

 Query         The primary mechanism for retrieving information from a database and consist of
               questions presented to the database in a predefined format.

 Queuing       When doing a list upload or send, the system status page will state Queuing. This is the
               time when the system is checking the information before uploading/sending the file.
 Recipient     The user to whom a message is addressed.
 Reply map     Unique key which identifies a tracked link within a piece of content

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 Rowspans      A HTML code which denotes a table cell should spread across multiple table rows.
 RSS           RSS delivers information as an XML file called an "RSS feed", "webfeed", "RSS stream",
               or "RSS channel". These RSS feeds provide a way for users to passively receive newly
               released content (such as text, web pages, sound files, or other media); this might be the
               full content itself or just a link to it, possibly with a summary or other metadata (data
               describing the content).
 Safe area     Safe areas allow users with restricted permissions to only amend specified copy/images
               of a file and not amend the underlying template or design.
 Salesforce    An online piece of software, like eChannel, which allows sales teams to manage their
               leads, clients and prospects. Can be integrated with eChannel.

 Section       A reusable piece of content stored within the booth such as a header, banner or footer.
               Can also be used to create a content library to generate dynamic content

 Send Status   Used to determine the send status of an email. 1=ready to send, 2=sent ok, 3 = not sent
               (errors), 4=cancelled, 5=not sent (blank), 6=preview, 7=not sent (options), 8=not sent
               (suppressed), 10+=bounced
 Sender        The "from address" of an email sent using eChannel, usually something like
 Profile and also the settings for where any reply emails should be
 Server side   Scripting or code which is executed on the host server of a webpage to provide
 scripting     personalised content to the user.
 SMS           Short Message Service - A form of communication allowing short text based messages to
               be sent to a mobile phone.

 SMTP          Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the protocol used for sending emails
 SOAP          Simple Object Access Protocol, messaging framework for requesting and supplying data
               using Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs), used to integrate two or more databases.
 Soft Bounce   Any sort of undeliverable when an email is sent. Possibilities include address doesn't
               exist, inbox is full or recipient server is unavailable.

 Spam          Unsolicited email, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing
               lists, individuals, or newsgroups. Also known as junk e-mail
 Spam          If a recipient receives an email and specifies it as Spam, within an email client with a
 Complaint     feedback loop, they will be unsubscribed from all lists in the booth and a Spam complaint
               will be registered. This value must be kept as low as possible to avoid blocking
 Spam          The likelihood of an email being blocked by a Spam filter.

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 SPF record         Sender Policy Framework - This record identifies which servers are allowed to send
                    email from a specific domain. It is used to fight spoofed or phished emails that claim to
                    be from a site which did not send the message. A common example is a major bank.
                    An attacker sends a message to a number of people pretending to be from a bank
                    asking for customers to give up their bank account details. Major ISP's such as Hotmail
                    and AOL use an SPF record as a deliverability factor. If a domain has an incomplete or
                    missing SPF record then it is more likely to be delivered to the junk folder as opposed
                    to the inbox.
 Stylesheet         A CSS or XML file which defines the visual layout of a HTML file. Stylesheets are an
                    option when designing email and webpages but style code can be included within the
                    HTML file.

 sub-domain         Another name that is part of an existing domain. A common example is
           which is actually a subdomain of Sub
                    domains are used in a hierarchical tree that allows different records to be placed on
                    different names. For example the websites hosted on and
           are different. For use in eChannel, a subdomain allows a client
                    to use a part of their existing corporate domain without having to modify their existing
                    infrastructure. It also retains the branding that comes with using the corporate domain
                    and often provides a better response rate when emailing customers as they can
                    recognise the corporate domain and therefore assume the message is genuine.

 Subscribe          The process of joining a mailing list, either through an email command or by filling out a
                    web form.
 Subscriber         The person who has specifically requested to join a mailing list. Also known as a

 System field       Standard fields which are added to the booth at its creation, cannot be added to or
                    removed from
 Tag                Descriptive formatting codes used in HTML documents that instruct a web browser how
                    to display text and graphics on a web page.
 Target frame       The location that a destination URL appears when you click a link. E.g. set the target
                    frame to open in a new window, when the link is clicked a new browser window will
                    open showing the destination URL.
 Text email         Plain email with words only, no colours, graphics, fonts or pictures; can be received by
                    all email addresses.
 Third party        A list collected/supplied by another party
 list/Rented list
 Third-party        Page created outside the system using another HTML editor.
 Trackable link     See Click Tracking

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 Tracking        Collecting and evaluating the statistics from which the effectiveness of an email or an
                 email campaign can be measured. Record the open rate and the number of clicks in an
                 email or Internet site.
 TSV             Tab-separated file - a text file where columns of data are separated by tabs
 Unicode         A character set allowing world language text characters to display correctly across all
 Unique key      Within the system we give various items a unique key to allow it to be uniquely
                 identified within our servers. Each recipient, file, list and send is given a unique key.
 Unsubscribe     Option used by email recipients to be removed from a distribution list.
 Upload          Transferring information from your computer onto the Internet. When you send out your
                 email, you are uploading it to a mail server.
 URL             Uniform Resource Locator - address used to identify the position of a resource on a
                 computing network via a separately defined extensible set of naming schemes like http,
                 ftp ....
 User account    A set of connection information (login & password) assigned to new users and typed in
                 to identify themselves to a computer.
 User Field      A field within the database which usually contains one piece of data but can contain csv
                 data as well
 VB Script       Visual Basic Scripting Edition - An active scripting language developed by Microsoft
                 which allows functions to be embedded within HTML pages to perform tasks not
                 possible by HTML alone. Vbscript is installed as default in Windows.
 Vertical        The whitespace between two objects within a HTML file in the vertical plane.
 W3C             World Wide Web Consortium compliant - the W3C set standards for the World Wide
 compliant       Web (Internet). HTML code which conforms to the standard set is said to be W3C

 Web bug         A 1 pixel-by-1 pixel image tag added to an HTML message and used to track open
                 rates by email address. Opening the message, either in the preview pane or by clicking
                 on it, activates the bug and sends a signal to the Web site, where special software
                 tracks and records the signal as an open.

 Webform         Forms used to collect valuable data and communicate effectively with customers. A
                 web form contains data fields where users can enter specific information, such as their
                 name and email address, phone number, or any comments.

 WSDL            Web Services Design Language

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