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					           Calling God
Calling God is different from talking
        on a mobile phone
Mobile Phone


1. As you walk into the room, talk loudly on your mobile
phone as if you are talking to a friend.
2. Talk about your plans for the day, the things you
need to do, ask for advice, ask for some help, etc.. all
as if you are simply talking to a friend.
3. End your conversation with, "I have to go. I have
some friends here waiting on me"
1. How many of you like to talk to friends on the phone?

2. What kinds of things do you talk about?

3. How many of you have a mobile phone?

4. Guess which friend I was talking to?

5. Actually, I was talking to God.
Talking to God (prayer) is different than talking on a mobile
phone. When talking to God:

1. God is never out of range.

2. We never "lose the signal"

3. The battery never runs dead

4. We never run out of minutes

5. We don't have to remember his number.. just talk!
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