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					                                 Office of the Chaplain
                                 National Guard Bureau
                                 April 2011 Newsletter

                                                Our Vision
                          Spiritual strength: wherever needed– whenever required.

                                                 Our Mission
                 Provide religious support to strengthen Soldiers, Airmen, and their families,
                                 who defend the Homeland here and abroad.

                                                 Our Values

  “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a
  conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?”
                                                                                   (Thomas Jefferson, 1781)

                                         National Guard Bureau
                                          Office of the Chaplain
                                      1411 Jefferson Davis Parkway
                                                Suite 9500
                                          Arlington, VA 22202
                                         866-839-7438 (Toll Free)
                                           703-607-5295 (Fax)

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                         Page 1
Words from Ch (Maj Gen) John B. Ellington, Jr.
"For every time there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven,‖ writes the preacher in Ecclesiastes. The
back and forth movement of life is highlighted by the pendulum of verses from "a time to be born, to a time for peace.‖
One verse not included was ―A time to work and a time to retire."

After a serious time of prayer and reflection I have decided now is the time to retire from the National Guard Chaplaincy
after 32 years of service. I find myself at a point in life where it is time to begin a new chapter that allows more time for
family, pursuing some personal passions and knowing that the Chaplaincy is in good hands of those who will follow.

While the date has not been finalized it will happen later this year. In the next newsletter I will provide more detail and
more to share. Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine as well as we serve the great National Guard

Since 1637 when Rev. Samuel Stone began a great tradition for our National Guard Chaplaincy we have been the
ambassadors of Presence, Care and Hope. With God’s grace and guidance the Chaplaincy will continue another 374
years, long after our service has ended.

Ch, Maj Gen John B. Ellington, Jr.
Director, National Guard Chaplain Corps

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                         Page 2
Orientation for New JFHQ Chaplains & Chaplain Assistants
On 12 April, 1430 EDT, we will conduct the introductory session of Orientation for New JFHQ Chaplains and Chaplain
Assistants via GoToTraining.com. The one hour training will include introductory comments by Ch, Maj Gen Ellington,
CH (COL) Larkin, Ch, Col Hyder, and Ch, Col Stephenson. Personnel will receive invites to include the web link for the
GoToTraining.com event. If you have any questions, contact CH (LTC) Kenneth E. Brandt, 571-256-7341 or via email:

                                                    NGB-OC Staff Directory

             Name                              Position                           E-mail                  Duty Phone
Ch, Maj Gen John B. Ellington, Jr.   Director, NGB-OC              John.B.Ellington@us.army.mil        571-256-7341
CH (LTC) Ed Brandt                   Executive Officer             Kenneth.E.Brandt@us.army.mil        571-256-7341
David M. Park, PhD                   Deputy Director, NGB-OC       David.Park@ang.af.mil               703-607-8875
Ch, Col Alphonse Stephenson          Director of the Joint Staff   Alphonse.Stephenson@us.army.mil     703-607-1131
Ch, Lt Col Alfred Nicholson          Operation Branch Chief        alfred.m.nicholson@us.army.mil      703-607-5290
SFC Bum Kim                          JCOE-NCOIC                    Bum.S.Kim@us.army.mil               703-607-8799
Norman Williams, D.Min.              Senior Analyst                Norman.L.Williams.ctr@us.army.mil   703-607-7692
CH (MAJ) Quentin Collins             Chief of Support Services     Quentin.D.Collins@us.army.mil       703-607-5481
MSgt Gloria Burleson                 Resource Advisor              Gloria.Burleson@ang.af.mil          703-607-5280
TSgt Johnnie R. Johnson              Administrative NCO            Johnnie.r.johnson1@us.army.mil      571-256-7330
Mr. Jeffrey Young                    Senior Analyst                Jeffrey.M.Young@us.army.mil         703-607-5288
Mr. John Blair                       Plans and Policy              John.Blair.2.ctr@ang.af.mil         703-607-7072
MSgt Rosalind Ramos-Alvarez          Support                       Rosalind.ramos@us.army.mil          703-607-5283

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                      Page 3
Words from CH (COL) Terry Larkin, ARNG Staff Chaplain
Our ARNG chaplain specific Tier 1 training for the lifting of DADT is going well. We have until 15 May for all ARNG
chaplains to be trained in the Tier 1 training - and ARNG commanders have until 15 August to have all ARNG Soldier

We can look at this new training requirement in one of two ways. Either a) This is simply one more unfunded mandate,
requiring us to "jump through hoops" in order for us to provide training to all our people. We can complain and
grumble... but we will execute. Or b) We can see this as an opportunity to advise our commanders and Soldiers in one of
the burning moral issues of our day.

Many of our chaplains and assistant will feel some tension between the new position of DOD and our own
personal/denominational convictions. As people of faith we have long felt the tension of having different standards of
morality and behavior than our society at large. This, for many of us, is simple another in a long line of such issues. I
hope you feel the tension when Soldiers use profanity, when adultery is practiced in the ranks, when alcohol is abused,
when off-color jokes are said. In my faith tradition, our call to be "salt" and "light" require us to deliberately put ourselves
in situations where we feel this very tension in order to influence those around us. Our Army needs us to provide such
moral influence - and model what it means to show respect and care for all people in times of changing cultural norms.

Thanks for all you do... in influencing the people God has committed to your care.

CH (COL) Terry Larkin
ARNG Staff Chaplain

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                          Page 4
Our Senior Leader Course (SLC) is scheduled to begin on the 2nd of April in Grand Prairie, TX. For those Soldier's that
are attending, please ensure that they meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9. Each Soldier needs to bring a
copy of their DA Form 1059 showing completion of phase 2 BNCOC, the latest copy of their DA Form 705 (APFT) and a
copy of their most current physical, (if over 40 years of age). If you have NOT received a welcome letter, please email
SGM Dianne Ellwein at Dianne.m.ellwein@us.army.mil.

Congratulations are in order for SGM Jody Courts, JFHQ MNARNG. SGM Courts pinned on his "star" this past month.
Job well done, SGM Courts!!

During the NGB JFHQ Conference in January, Structured Self Development was discussed. It is the way of the future.
SSD is mandatory web-based training that continues throughout a Soldier's career and builds upon content in
noncommissioned officer (NCO) education courses. SSD exists in four levels and is supported by a robust assessment and
feedback process that includes self-assessment tools. Here are some great websites to read more about it.



(The Department of Defense policy blocks hyperlinks in the emails from being active. Please copy and paste the attached
URL in the address browser to access the day's edition. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you do not copy and paste the
word "blocked" that gets attached as a prefix to the URL.)

View the STAND-TO! Archive:


SGM Dianne M. Ellwein
Chief Chaplain Assistant

With the accessioning of nine new chaplains in the March board, we are currently at 79% or 621 of 789 positions filled.
We keep a map of the fill rate of the 54 states and territories of the chaplaincy in the ARNG. The colors of this map range
from dark green (over 100%) to dark red(under 50%). In the past two months the colors of this map have visibly changed.
Perhaps most gratifying has been to see areas of the country that have had a more challenging time recruiting changing
their colors as they have seen new accessions. We are anticipating that we will be over 80% filled by the end of the year.
The true ―heroes‖ of this story are you: the state chaplains, recruiters, chaplains at all levels and chaplain candidates who
are on a day to day way doing your part towards this great transformation. Your work results in fulfilling the adage of
―Bringing soldiers to God and God to the soldiers‖.

CH (LTC) Bruce Farrell
Personnel Chaplain

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                        Page 5
This new requirement is based on the budgetary constraints that are being placed upon the Chaplain Candidate Program of
the ARNG. The ARNG is at 364,000 but is only authorized 358,000 soldiers. Temporary TDA positions, including
Chaplain Candidates, are counted against this number and are under the microscope to be cut. If we do not trim the
program it will be cut and probably not to the best needs of the chaplaincy. This, and this alone is the basis for our
limiting Chaplain Candidates in states that are full or near full and have currently a plethora of Chaplain Candidates.
CH (MAJ) Paul Douglas has written a simple example of a Senior Chaplain Interview letter for Chaplain Candidates. His
letter is descriptive of states that are nearly full of chaplains but are desirous of adding another Chaplain Candidate. This
new requirement is based on the budgetary constraints that are being placed upon the Chaplain Candidate program of the
ARNG. The ARNG is at 364,000 soldiers but is only authorized 358,000 soldiers. Temporary TDA positions, including
Chaplain Candidates, are counted against this number. If we do not trim the program it will be cut and probably not to the
best needs of the chaplaincy.

Our focus is changing in the Personnel lanes. Five years ago we were screaming for quantity, now we are changing the
focus to quality of Chaplains and Chaplain Candidates. The Personnel Branch is working on guidance so that states can
have plan for the future of their Chaplain Candidate Program in their respective states. One of the questions that we hear
from states is how do we as deal with Chaplain Candidates who clearly are not displaying potential to make the grade as
Chaplains. We are also writing a best practices paper that communicates how states can deal with issues relating to
Chaplain Candidates who might best serve the ARNG in other roles.
Extension Beyond MRD Process

We are awaiting the arrival of the signature of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Manpower and Reserve Affairs that
will delegate authority to the Army Chief of Chaplains for extension beyond mandatory Removal Date for chaplains over
60. We are told that it will soon arrive. Currently we are forming plans for new processes to handle these requests from
the states. These will parallel, but differ from those of the USAR.
One element that is anticipated is that as the ARNG continues to fill chaplain positions the need to extend older chaplains
beyond the Mandatory Removal Date will become harder to justify. The basic concept of Personnel in the military is that
older officers are removed to force growth of the younger ranks. Translation: those who think that they have a right to an
extension might need to have their plans adjusted. These requests are based on the needs of the Army.

Greetings from Fort Jackson! There still seems to be some confusion on the various requirements to attend
Chaplain Courses. Please let me try and clarify.
1. All students are required to attend Chaplain Initial Military Training (CIMT) prior to attending Phase 1 of

2. Waivers for CIMT will only be considered for those that have completed a BOLC or another Career Course
   within the past 5 years. Requests need to be routed through the Registrar at USACHCS.

C4 (Chaplain Captain Career Course):
1. Phase 1 is the on-line portion. A student can enroll once they have completed CH-BOLC. The unit must
   enroll the student through ATRRS. Once USACHCS sees the accepted application, they will email the
   student with the links to the course material. Students have 18 months to complete Phase 1. However,
   Phase 1 must be completed at least 30 days prior to attendance at Phase 2 which is the two-week residence
   phase here at Fort Jackson.

2. In order for a student to attend Phase 2, they must:
   a. Have completed CPRT (Chaplain Professional Reinforcement Training)
April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                        Page 6
    b. Have completed Phase 1 (on-line) at least 30 days prior to attending Phase 2
    c. Be a chaplain ( no chaplain candidates)
    d. Be in the grade of CPT or above

If you have any questions or your students need assistance here at Fort Jackson, please don’t hesitate to contact

CH (LTC) Tom Behling
NGB Chaplain Liaison
US Army Chaplain Center and School

Effective 07 MAR 2011 CH (MAJ) Tim Baer has assumed the duties of the ARNG Staff Chaplain 3/5/7 (Training &
Operations). Please forward all operations, plans and training inquiries to him at:


We welcome Chaplain (MAJ) Tim Baer to the ARNG Chaplain Staff. He brings a wealth of experience from his years of
chaplain recruiting and from his most recent assignment as the Survivor Outreach Chaplain working with the Soldier
Family Support Division at NGB. Chaplain (LTC) Ray Williams, whom he has replaced, is now assigned as the special
projects Chaplain with the ARNG Staff.

Army G1 Suicide Prevention Resources
Go to: http://www.armyg1.army.mil/hr/suicide/default.asp

Both the new "Shoulder to Shoulder" and "The Home front" videos are available to view on-line or to order from this
website. Please refer leaders to this site when they ask for resources for Suicide Prevention briefings.
It has tabs for:
                                 Policy                             Media/Communications
                                 FAQ                                Training
                                 Links                              References/Resources
                                 Best Practices                     Commanders Toolkit

Free Downloads of: Adobe Acrobat Reader, PowerPoint Viewer, Windows Media Player

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                   Page 7
All ARNG Chaplains/Chaplain Assistants
AR 600-63 directives for Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention require all Gatekeepers (chaplains
are identified as Gatekeepers) to be trained in Suicide Intervention skills. Gatekeepers are encouraged to take the two day
ASIST training - but are not required to take the week long T4T training.

Each state was given $32,400 to send trainers to the ASIST T4T, and to purchase instructional material. However, the
funds sent cannot be spent on pay and allowances, only goods and services (i.e. $2600 ASIST T4T tuition, and training

It is recommended that a Chaplain be selected by the JFHQ Chaplain to be trained as a T4T for UMTs and any other State
and Territory personnel who need to be trained as Gatekeepers. Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants can both be trained in

It is therefore encouraged for a JFHQ Chaplain to put ASIST training in his/her CMRP for TY12 (to supplement the
money that has been provided by NGB). Even in an era of dwindling resources funding should be available for this
important training.

In TY11, The next ASIST training is scheduled for the second week of May. An additional course in Atlanta will be
offered in the summer. A half day refresher course is also available for those who have taken ASIST in the past.

CH (LTC) Ron Martin-Minnich (ron.martinminnich@us.army.mil), CML: (703) 601-7826, DSN (329-7826) is the ARNG
chaplain POC.

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                       Page 8
                                           ARNG Chaplain Staff

    Name                   Position             E-mail                           Duty Phone
    CH (COL) Terry Larkin ARNG Staff Chap. terry.larkin@us.army.mil              703-607-0578
    SGM Dianne Ellwein     Chief Chap Asst.     dianne.m.ellwein@us.army.mil     703-607-5281
    CH (LTC) Peter Lawson Dep. Staff Chap.      peter.j.lawson@us.army.mil       703-607-9835
    CH (MAJ) Tim Baer      Trg & OPS Chief      timothy.baer@us.army.mil         703-601-7599
    CH (LTC) Bruce Farrell Personnel Chief      bruce.farrell@us.army.mil        703-607-7583
    CH (LTC) R. Martin-Minnich Sol. Fam.Ministry ron.martinminnich@us.army.mil   703-601-7826
    CH (MAJ) Darren King CC Manager             darren.king@us.army.mil          703-601-7570
    CH (LTC) Ray Williams Special Projects      ray.williams@us.army.mil         703-607-7312
    CH (CPT) R. Montgomery Strong Bonds Mgr rebekah.montgomery@us.army.mil       703-607-7507
    MSG Roy Wilkowski       Trg & OPS NCO       roy.wilkowski@us.army.mil        703-607-8631
    SSG Jimmy Boss          Personnel NCO       jimmy.boss@us.army.mil           703-601-7088
    Ms. Janet West          SB Resource Mgr. janet.west2@us.army.mil             703-601-6943

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                  Page 9
Message from the Chief, Ch, Col Les Hyder, ANG Chaplain Corps

       May I begin by expressing my thanks to many of you who sent your condolences last month after my Mother’s
death. Your messages of hope and encouragement were deeply appreciated and reinforced the family nature of the ANG.
The funeral was a true celebration of a life well lived, so it went well. Thanks again!

         Springtime is coming rapidly now in Virginia. The Cherry Blossom Festival is on track for the first week of
April. It is also the prayer breakfast season of the year throughout the USAF and D.C. We were pleased to host the first
ANGRC Prayer Breakfast in many years on 25 March 2011. What struck me this year, as I reflected on the theology of
prayer, is that the fundamental question is not, what is effective prayer - rather we should ask what is fitting prayer? In
my devotional life prayer is more and more about drawing closer to God. As one of my seminary professors wrote;
―…what counts is the new relationship which exists, whether or not we get what we want from prayer.‖ (Dr. David
Willis) Some people I talk to have given up on prayer. They are frustrated by what seems to them as prolonged silences
from God in response to their petitions. When I hear these comments I often share one of my all time favorite quotes
from John Calvin which reads; ―…even if it does not so appear, God always stands by us and in His own good time will
permit us to know how little He has turned a deaf ear to the prayers which in the sight of man have seemed to remain
unanswered.‖ I realize that prayer takes different forms within different faith groups. However, I know first had hand
that our airmen covet our prayers. You just have to pray at the bedside of a wounded warrior to know how important
prayer is to our ministry. So, keep up your prayers! They have a profound and eternal impact on the lives of those whom
we are called to serve!!

Here are a few other focus items to watch for this month:

    1.  USAF has implemented the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) training for all HC sections throughout the total force,
       which were forwarded to your wing HC. Please go through those slides with your section, if you have not done
       so, and report completion back to our office. The deadline set the USAF for this mandatory, one-time, training is
       15 April 2011.
    2. Please remain vigilant in your Suicide Prevention efforts. We launched the ―101 Days of Suicide Prevention‖
       starting on 1 April because springtime is when historically we have the most suicide attempts and suicides. We
       are asking you to plan a special emphasis for EACH UTA during these 101 Days of Suicide Prevention to help us
       mitigate suicides in the ANG. You should have received program ideas in a recent email. If not contact our
       office and we will send them to you. Please be vigilant in helping us curb suicides in 2011!
    3. Lt Gen Wyatt has launched a campaign to renew USAF Core Values in the ANG. He completed a nationwide
       sweep of the country teaching on Core Values. Therefore I continue to invite you to preach sermons and write
       articles for your wing newsletters on the Core Values. Then, please share them with us and we will build a
       notebook full of sermons and articles to present to General Wyatt at the end of 2011.
    4. The new Directors of Psychological Health (DPH) are starting to arrive at your bases. I met with them in March
       in an attempt to build a healthy & collegial working relationship with these new psychological health
       professionals. Please join us in welcoming them to your unit and getting off to a good start as true colleagues.
       Our airman need all of you with the stresses they are facing!

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                     Page 10
    5. Our Readiness team is planning a Domestic Operations Training event for June, 2011. They will recruit an RST
       from each of the 10 FEMA regions to participate in this inaugural ANG training event. If you want further
       information contact Chaplain Mike Shirley who is our Chief of Readiness and Plans.

                        “Always ready, Always there, Always a Servant”
With a grateful heart,
Chaplain, Col Les Hyder
Director, ANG Chaplain Corps

ATTENTION!! all ACC units please be aware UCI inspections are due to begin. More information will follow.

   new uniform

Strong Bonds Training Dates: Calendar Year 2011
The Department of the Army Chaplain Office (DACH) has announced calendar year 2011 (revised) Strong Bond Dates as
follows. As in past training sessions, the ANG will receive training seats on a case by case basis. DACH will publish a
MOI for each training course which we will forward to the field for application. Thanks again for your continued passion
and commitment to the Strong Bonds Program and to our Airmen and their respective Families. For more information
concerning the Strong Bond training courses or the ANG Strong Bonds Program, please contact either Mr. Ed Brown at
Edwin.Brown1@ang.af.mil, TSgt Angela Mitchell at Angela.Mitchell@ang.af.mil, or Chaplain Colin Smith at

Germany: Cancelled
St Louis, MO: 12-17 June 2011
San Antonio, TX: 21-26 August 2011
Charlotte, NC: 23-28 October 2011
Honolulu, HI: 5-10 December 2011 (Pacific Theater Personnel Only)

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                  Page 11
              ANG Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant and Safety Summit Conference
                                         Orlando, Florida 1-6 May 2011

The Air National Guard Chaplain Corps will conduct an NGB funded Deployment Cycle Support Conference with Strong
Bonds Training in conjunction with the ANG Safety Summit in Orlando, FL. Chaplain and Chaplain Assistants who have
been designated to conduct Strong Bond events and need additional training are encouraged to attend. Though the
conference target is to have at least one representative from each ANG Wing, multiple registrants from each Wing are
permissible subject to availability.

The purpose of this year’s Safety Summit and the Chaplaincy Conference is to focus on leadership, culture, and ethics as we
look at leading the ANG today, tomorrow, 2025 and beyond. In addition, we will focus on Chaplains and Chaplain
Assistants to gain familiarization with the Strong Bond event process, funding requests, program management and to be
trained in at least one complete Strong Bonds approved curriculum (Singles, Couples and Family).

On-site registration begins Sunday 1 May from 1300 to 1700. The first training sessions begin Monday at 0800 and are
projected to end NLT 1200 (noon) on Friday 6 May. All Chaplain Conference attendees must attend the ANG Executive
Safety Summit sessions all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Military personnel will attend the Safety Summit
sessions in ABU’s. Subject to availability, additional spaces may be available for Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant Spouses
who have been identified as Strong Bond Unit Ministry Team Members. Civilian Spouses attending the ANG Safety
Summit and Chaplains Strong Bond/DCS Conference (training sessions) must be registered by their military sponsor
(CAC). A separate registration for each attendee is required. The military member is also responsible for completing the
Travel and Funding Request Form for themselves and their respective spouse if applicable.

Since we will be co-conferencing with the Safety Summit, dress requirements will be different from previous Strong Bond
Training Courses. Dress for the Strong Bond Training Course will be Civilian Professional Casual (slacks and polo shirts or
equivalent). Dress for the Safety Summit (all SB participants must attend the Safety Summit all day Tuesday and half day
Wednesday) for all Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants is ABU’s.

Carefully follow the registration process by completing the online event registration at
https://airguard.ang.af,mil/conferences/safety . A CAC is required to complete this process. Once you complete the
online conference registration process, you will automatically receive an email with a website link for the hotel
registration (Buena Vista Palace Hotel, Orlando, FL) and additional information. The close-out date for online conference
registration is 10 April 2011.

After each military member registers for the ―Conference‖ and ―Hotel‖ (and spouse if applicable), forward an email to Ed
Brown, Edwin.Brown1@ang.af.mil requesting ―one‖ training session (curriculum) - A, B, or C. Each training session
will consist of 2 ½ days of professional instruction yielding national Strong Bond certification. Each session will have
limited seating as described below:
     Session A (Family) – ―Family Wellness‖ is limited to 30 seats. This session will teach effective communication
        and listening skills to parents and children; builds parental skills to help care for and manage children.

         Session B (Singles and Couples) – ―PICK and LINKS‖ is limited to 40 seats. This session will focus on skills
        for finding the right partner and building a great relationship.

       Session C (Couples) – ―Laugh Your Way‖ is limited to 30 seats. ―LYW‖ strengthens the marital bond, giving
        couples the tools and information they need for better communication and relationship building.

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                   Page 12
We have also coordinated with Florida Dolphin Tours Airport Shuttle Bus a discounted shuttle service rate of $28 round
trip from the Orlando International Airport to the Buena Vista Palace Hotel (Disney World). A comparable taxi cab trip
will cost over $50 each way. Also, this is a reminder that NGB/HC will not fund rental cars. There will be airport
shuttles available on Sunday 1 May and Friday 6 May on each side of the airport (Terminals A & B) to the hotel and
returns. Operation times of the shuttle will be from 0900-1800. No coupon is required to receive the group rate, although
we highly recommend that you make reservations in advance so they can anticipate and monitor your flight arrival.

Please look for the greeter with the "Welcome" sign in the baggage claim areas so you can be directed to the buses. Use
of airport transportation is encouraged and personal rental cars should not be necessary due to the event proximity to
amenities. Chaplain Strong Bond Training Sessions will conclude no earlier than 1200 hours Friday. Make airport
departure arrangements at 1400 hours or later. Early departures will not be authorized.

Again, for more information regarding the ANG Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant SB Training Conference, please refer to
the ALCON message sent 18 May 2011 and the respective MOI. This message contains all the specific conference
information not included in this article. For additional information or assistance, please contact Mr. Ed Brown at
edwin.brown1@ang.af.mil or Comm: 334-718-2572 or TSgt Angela Mitchell at angela.mitchell@ang.af.mil or Comm:
301-836-7521; DSN 278-7521 or Chaplain Colin Smith at colin.smith@ang.af.mil or Comm: 301-836-7751; DSN 278-

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                   Page 13
Winners of the 2010 Chaplain Corps Annual Awards
It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the 2010 Chaplain Corps Annual Awards. The superior accomplishments of
the entire Chaplain Corps community were reflected in the quality of the nominations we received. These deserving
winners embody our vision of Glorifying God, Serving Airmen and Pursuing Excellence!

a. Active Duty Individual Awards
SENIOR NCO): MSgt Jose Gomez, 51 FW/HC, Osan AB, Republic of Korea (PACAF); (3) CHARLES R. MEIER
AWARD (AD CHAPLAIN ASSISTANT NCO): TSgt Tabitha Harris,21 SW/HC, Peterson AFB, CO (AFSPC); (4)
Christina Haga, 502 ABW OL-A/HC, Lackland AFB, TX, Joint Base San Antonio

b. Active Duty Organization Awards

c. Civilian Award

d. Special Service Award
Peterson AFB, CO (AFSPC)

e. Air Reserve Awards
ASSISTANT): SSgt Brian Smilowitz, Jr., 18 WG/HC, Kadena AB, JA; (3) SAMUEL STONE AWARD (ANY ANG
CHAPLAIN): Ch, Capt David Sarmiento, 163rd RW/HC, March Air Reserve Wing, CA; (4) MINUTEMAN AWARD
(ANY ANG CHAPLAIN ASSISTANT): SSgt Joshua Barry, 137th ARW/HC, Will Rodgers Air National Guard Base,

Winners of individual, civilian and special service awards may wear the Air Force Recognition Ribbon or the Air Force
Recognition Pin as authorized by AFI 36-2805. Award winners should take a copy of this message to their MPF to have
their records updated.

My points of contact for the awards program are MSgt Jason Tober, jason.tober@pentagon.af.mil, DSN 260-7652 and Ch,
Maj Abner Valenzuela, abner.valenzuela@pentagon.af.mil, DSN 260-7654.


CECIL R. RICHARDSON, Chaplain, Major General, USAF
Chief of Chaplains

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                Page 14
Guidelines for Memorial Services and Suicide

  aftersuicide.pdf      GUIDELINES     Memorial Service

Left to right: Ch, Maj Michael Doan, 182nd AW, IL ANG; Ch, Lt Col David W. Allen, 186th ARW, MS ANG; Ch, Maj David Mchaud,
101st ARW, ME ANG; Ch, Maj Richard Bach, 101st ARW, ME ANG; Ch, Maj In Suk Hong Peebles, 122nd TFW, IN ANG

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                    Page 15
                                                      NGB/HC Staff

Name                            E-mail                                 Duty Phone             Duty Cell
Ch, Col Les Hyder               leslie.hyder@ang.af.mil                301-836-8082           571-243-5648
Ch, Lt Col Mike Shirley         michael.shirley@ang.af.mil             301-836-8490           918-521-9910
Ch, Lt Col Enio Aguero          enio.aguero@ang.af.mil                 301-836-7316           240-381-1595
Ch, Lt Col M David Reynolds     michael.reynolds@ang.af.mil            301-836-7522           703-408-6022
Ch, Maj Colin Smith             colin.smith@ang.af.mil                 301-836-7751           703-408-6825
Ch, Maj Sam Tucker              sammy.tucker@ang.af.mil                301-836-7474           703-801-8340
CMSgt Freddy Edison             Fredrick.Edison@ang.af.mil             301-836-7310           301-332-8462
MSgt Robert Johnson             robert.johnson.3@ang.af.mil            301-836-7096           301-807-4187
TSgt Angela Mitchell            angela.mitchell@ang.af.mil             301-836-7521           703-408-6822
Ms. Renee Tribbett              renee.tribbett@ang.af.mil              301-836-7753
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State News
Beginning with this edition of the newsletter space is being made for events sponsored at the State Level. The New York
Chaplaincy leads off with an invite for UMT and RST Training in Best Spiritual Practices and Warrior Comprehensive
Fitness. See embedded MOI.

Planning a "NG Spiritual Warrior Care Workshop"
Wed 28-30 June in NY

  MOI Best Spiritual
Practices NYC FINAL (DOC).doc
Link to download the MOI Best Spiritual Practices NYC Final

If your state plans to host an event and would like it published in the Newsletter and on the website, please send the
finalized version to Kenneth.e.brandt@us.army.mil.

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This newsletter is published by Office of the Chaplain. Suggestions, corrections or additions are welcome and
should be addressed to CH (LTC) Ed Brandt, at kenneth.e.brandt@us.army.mil or 703-607-8657.

April 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                      Page 16

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