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Expresstrucktax.com made easy for e-filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax-Form 2290,E-File IRS Form 2290 & Form 8849 Online: Stop waiting in line to file your federal HVUT Forms.

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									Hidden Benefits of E-filing Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290

While there are many obvious benefits to electronically file the IRS Form 2290 with
ExpressTruckTax.com, there are also several that you may not initially recognize. The more
obvious benefits to filing Truck Taxes with Express Truck Tax include a quicker filing process,
more affordable pricing than other E-File providers, and a customer support team that can walk
you through the process. But what you may not also realize is that it is also beneficial to the
environment due to the lack of wasted paper; it also cuts down on our government’s spending
because electronic returns are much easier for the IRS to process.

Not only does our excessive use of paper deplete our planet’s precious supply of natural
resources, the harsh chemicals used to process, bleach, and create the paper that we use
everyday is also causing damage. A simple way to help cut down on our heavy use of paper in
our offices and homes is to utilize electronic forms when possible. It is also more secure to file
documents electronically. With electronic transfers, your private information is sent directly to
the person who should be receiving it, and there is no risk of getting lost in the mail or being
sent to the wrong person.

Another benefit of E-filing tax returns with the IRS that may not be so obvious is that it costs
much less for the IRS to process a return that has been E-Filed. With this country’s rising debt
crisis, this is a small step that you can take to help reduce government redundancies, and keep
the cost of running this government low.

If these reasons alone are not enough to convince you to E-File, then feel free to call us at
(704)234-6005. Our dedicated team of customer support professionals would love to talk to you
in more detail about the filing process for IRS Form 2290, 8849, HVUT, and more. You could
also send an email with any questions to support@expresstrucktax.com.

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