The Age of Discovery, Exploration and Commercial Revolution by hcj


									                         Ch. 6 India and Southeast Asia, 1500BC – 600CE

After reading and studying the material Students will be able to . . .

         Explain the importance of location, trade, and Indian cultural influence on the rise and fall of
          Southeast Asian maritime states.

         Summarize historical forces that led to the complex society of ancient India.

         Describe the development and distinctive features of Indian religion, as well as the influence of
          Indian religion on South Asian culture.

         Outline the process that led to the creation of the Mauryan and Gupta empires.


Examine Chapter Outline provided both before and after reading each section in the chapter. All written
work is due on the Review Day. All readings should be completed by class day assigned. Key Terms
are to be completed in your notebook, it must have a word bank and will be checked on the Review Day.

Reading Assignments

  Class            Book              Chapter           Pages                  Additional Assignments
    1         Bulliet                   6             164 – 170
    2         Bulliet                   6             170 – 175   Finish Hinduism Worksheet
    3         Bulliet                   6             175 – 179   Complete Buddhism Worksheet. Indian Religion Qz.
    4         Bulliet                   6             180 – 183   Complete Questions for Analysis, Pg. 181.
    5         Bulliet                   6             183 – 186   Finish Outline Questions
    6         Bulliet                   6                         Finish Key Terms. Complete Handout 31.
    7         Bulliet                   6                         Review Day; all work due.
    8                                                             New Assignment sheet distributed. Test


1 X Quiz, Test.

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