Few SEO Optimization Tips For Your Successful Search Engine Marketing

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					Perhaps you have thought of why most of your website’s visitors leave your internet site
without buying anything? You may be perplexed with the thought of lower sales numbers
than your expectation despite of experiencing top rankings from search engines? Well, you
are not alone who is facing this situation in this world.

Low sales conversion rate is the most common and most difficult problem which a wide
range of affiliate marketer has to face at the start-up. But thanks to high SEO competition
and ever increasing PPC costs forcing internet marketers to focus on conversion rate
optimization to boost their campaigns and also to keep them profitable. They are now
consulting seo companies for seo help and undergoing search engine optimization training.
This seo course will help them to optimize their search engine marketing.

1. Try to segment visitors according to their source

Traffic from all sources is different and behaves differently. For e.g. - traffic you obtain from
search engines will act differently than the traffic you get from social media sites. Hence the
most important is to segment traffic by various categories like traffic by source to boost
search engine marketing.

2. Setting up Your funnel guide

You can’t improve anything with no knowledge of the problem. Before doing any tests you
need to discover all pages and posts which are creating the issue, you need to find out the
pages where the majority of these potential customers leave your checkout process so that
you can improve them. You can produce as many funnels as you would like.

3. Try to test both at micro and macro opportunities

Do not try your entire tests emphasizing the checkout process. You ought to try out your
pages on micro and macro levels for seo optimization. Often a test which can be very
successfully on micro level completely fails on macro level. So continue testing with some
other page combinations like from product pages to accomplish of checkout process,
homepage to checkout process etc.

4. Testing at random means you are testing nothing

Do not test random things exclusively for sake of testing. Every website differs from the
others and you simply ought to start testing with areas having major problems. For e.g. - If
most of your visitors are leaving your homepage without visiting any product page then you
should test the navigation and design of your respective website. Similarly if the vast majority
of your visitors are leaving from product pages then you need to test your products or
services pages first.

5. Look after timing as time is the money

Research on your market and choose the right time for selling. Remember time is money
and you need to be efficient enough to make the most out of it.

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