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					The United States of

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The USA is a huge country

 From the border with Canada in the north to the border
  with Mexico in the south, it is 2500 km.
 From the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean
  in the west, it is 4500 km.
 A train takes 45 hours to cross the country.
 A plane can fly from coast to coast in just 5 hours.

Language: English
National Holiday: Independence
Day, July 4
National Anthem: “The Star-
Spangled Banner”
Monetary Unit: U.S. dollar
President- is elected for six- year
terms( G.W.Bush- now)
What does Stars and
stripes mean?

It is the name of the
 flag of the USA
Each star on the
 American flag
 represents one of the
 50 states.
How many states are there
in the USA?

 There are 50 states.
 All states have
 People call Kansas the
  Sunflower state.
 Florida- the Sunshine
 Arkansas- the land of
 The largest state- Alaska.
 The smallest state-
  Rhode Island
 Washington DC
 New York
 Boston ( a big cultural
  and educational centre.)
 Chicago- the third largest
  city in the country
 Los Angeles- the second
  largest city, the film
 Philadelphia- historic city.
Washington, D.C.

 Washington is the capital
  city of the USA. D.C.-
  district of Columbia.            Lincoln`s memorial

 It was founded in 1791.
 Today Washington is a
  city which attracts a lot
  of tourists.
 The sights- the home of
  the first president George
  Washington, The
  Washington Monument,
  the White House and          Supreme court
New York

 New York is the largest
  city in the USA.
 The city consists of five
 Manhattan ( There are
  almost all the famous
 Queens
 the Bronx
 Brooklyn
 Staten Island
                              Statue of Liberty
What are the biggest rivers
and lakes in the USA?
   The Missouri, the
      Mississippi( the longest,
      5,936 km), the Columbia
      River, the Colorado River,
      the Rio Grande.
 Lake Superior ( the biggest),
  Lake Michigan, Lake Huron,
  Lake Erie, Lake Ontario.The
  deepest- Crater Lake in
  Oregon- 580 m.
 Great Salt Lake is 4 times as
  salty as any ocean.

                                   The Mississippi
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls lie on
 the border between
 New York State and
 Ontario, Canada.
More than 50 metres
 high and 1 km wide.

                        Niagara Falls
    The biggest mountain
    chains in the USA?

                            The Sierra Nevada,
                             the Cascades, the
                             Rocky Mountains in
Sierra Nevada               the west.
                            The Appalachians in
                             the east.
                            The highest peak of
                             the States, Mount
                             McKinley, lies in
                 The Rocky
                             Alaska-6,198m above
                 Mountains   sea level.

 Mostly temperate, but tropical in Hawaii and Florida and
  arctic in Alaska, semiarid in the Great Plains west of the
  Mississippi River, and arid in the Great Basin of the
 In California the summer is ten months long.
 In Alaska the winter can last more than half the year.
 The wettest place is a mountain in Hawaii, where it rains
  on 350 days a year.
 In one year over 31 metres fell on Mount Rainier in the
  state of Washington.
The hottest place

 The hottest place is
  Death Valley in
  California.In one summer
  the temperature there
  did`not fall below 49°C
  for 43 days.
 It is the lowest point- 86
                               Death Valley
  meters below sea level.
       Pair work
Talk to your partners.
1.   What does “Stars and Stripes mean?”
2.   How many states are there in the USA?
3.   What are the biggest rivers and lakes in the USA?
4.   Name some mountain chains in North America?
5.   What are the biggest cities in the States?
Look at the map and ask each other these
1. Which states are next to the Atlantic Ocean, Mississippi,
Canadian border, Mexican border, Pacific Ocean?
2. What is the capital of Utah?
3. Which state is west of Kansas, South- east of Colorado?