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Fall 2010 - College of Science


 Texas A&M University
  Transfer Information Day
Dean’s Staff

       Dr. Timothy P. Scott
              Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

       Mrs. Sara Thigpin
              Administrative Assistant

                       Office Location:   514 Blocker

                       Office Number:     (979) 845-7362

                         Office Hours:    Monday-Friday
                                          8:00 a.m. - 12:00p.m.
                                          1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Characteristics of the College of Science

         A.    One of the Ten Colleges within the University

         B.    Fall 2009 Undergraduate Enrollment:    38,767

                  Agric. & Life Sciences:          5159
                  Architecture:                    1416
                  Business:                        4333
                  Education:                       4065
                  Engineering:                     7882
                  General Studies:                 5081
                  Geoscience:                       637
                  Liberal Arts:                    6120
                  SCIENCE:                         2335
                  Veterinary Medicine:             1739
Degrees Offered

    BIOLOGY       Degrees Offered:            Biology (B.A. and B.S.)
                                              Molecular & Cellular Biology (B.S.)
                                              Microbiology (B.S.)
                                              Zoology (B.S.)

                  Undergraduate Enrollment:   1,623

    CHEMISTRY     Degrees Offered:            Chemistry (B.A. and B.S.)

                  Undergraduate Enrollment:   254

    MATH          Degrees Offered:            Applied Mathematical Science (B.S.)
                                              Mathematics (B.A. and B.S.)

                  Undergraduate Enrollment:   316

    PHYSICS       Degrees Offered:            Physics (B.A. and B.S.)

                  Undergraduate Enrollment:   127
Admission to the College of Science

          Applicants must complete at least 24 hours with a
      cumulative GPR of at least a 3.00 from the appropriate
      tracks. Applicants will not be admitted without completing
      the first two semesters of courses in their declared major
      with a 3.00 GPR or better in those courses. For Biology
      majors, 8 hours of Chemistry I and II must also be
      completed with an average of at least a 3.00. For Chemistry
      and Physics majors, 8 hours of calculus I and II must also
      be completed with an average of at least a 3.00. The
      College of Science will consider second choice majors if it
      appears there is some relationship to the first major choice.
      For example, if the first choice major is Chemical
      Engineering and second choice major is Chemistry, a
      student would be considered for admission to Chemistry.
Table I
Table 2
Departments in the College of Science


   Director:          Christine Farris
   Advisors:          Maria Blandon
                      Clint Crampton
                      Vanessa Nordell
                      Sara Kana

   Telephone:           (979) 845-3116
   Advising Office:     107 Butler Hall
Departments in the College of Science


    Advisors:            Dr. Holly Gaede
                         Dr. Tammy Tiner

    Office Associate:    Marylin Warren
    Telephone:           (979) 845-0520

    Main Advising Office: 104 Chemistry Bldg.
Departments in the College of Science


  Advisors:           Dr. Michael Stecher
                      Dr. Mila Mogilevsky
                      Donna Hoffman

  Director of Honors Dr. Sue Geller
  Program in Math:
  Telephone:          (979) 862-4306
  Advising Office:    605 Blocker
Departments in the College of Science

     Advisors:          Sandi Smith

                        Dr. William “Bill” Bassichis

    Telephone:          (979) 845-7738

    Advising Office:    156 Mitchell Physics Bldg.
Advising – Building Locations
Biology Degree Plans
Important Websites
              Change lives.
            Become a teacher.
   A collaborative effort to recruit and
prepare the best and brightest students to
   become math and science teachers.
Complete your bachelor’s degree and earn your secondary teaching certificate with no
additional hours
Learn in public schools with master teacher mentorship
Access to scholarships and grants

         SCEN 289 – Special Topics in Math and Science Education
 Monday            Section 501           8:00 – 8:50 am
 Monday            Section 502           9:10 – 10:00 am

                                                For more information, please

                                                Dr. Carolyn Schroeder
                                                Program Coordinator
                                                514 Blocker Building
 Texas A&M University
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