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   Human Resource Management – Pave the beautiful future path for
            organization by proper change management

Summary: - Human resource management plays a vital role in deciding the policies for
organization, organizing human resource to optimize the performance of the organization
and in change management. Proper HRM is the key to pave a beautiful path for the

Human Resource management is the science of employing the best human talent at the
right place. Human Resource Management also takes care for developing desired skills in
the employees for better organizational performance. Most of the businesses schools have
specialization in various different aspects of human resource management like change
management, wage policies and Facilitation.

The Human Resource workers serve to increase the morale and output of their firm, limit
job turnover, and aid the organization in order to boost the performance and enhance the
business results. Human resource managers often embed their HR policies with the latest
and innovative practices to improve over the human assets. They give training and evolve
openings to enrich and refine the skills and augment employee's contentment with their
tasks and working environment. Handling a large volume of employees is one of the most
important roles a Human Resource manager plays in the organization.

Facilitation is a special division or practice in human resource management process.
After all the possible efforts there are chances of any unsolved and important decision.
Facilitation is the intervention of any third party to arrive on a common opinion between
the other two parties. Most of the organizations now use facilitation for the purpose of
developing an unbiased and proper decision relating to any particular issue. Another
benefit of the facilitation is the omni – acceptance of the decision. When any facilitator
comes on a decision after carefully listing all the arguing parties then the acceptance level
of that decision is quite high. Many big organizations now use facilitation as a tool for
business development.


In a relatively small association, all aspects of Human Resources work come under the
purview of a Human Resources generalist. Normally a human resourse generalist have a
expensive data for human resource evaluation. In a large organization, the Human
Resources program and policies are generally developed and handled by the top Human
Resources executive. Director or the human resource manager carries out these policies
for the better organizational performance. In big organizations human resource manager
keep command over the several executive human resource expert. These experts have
specialized expertise in different areas of human resource management like Policies
development, Wage management and a relative new area of human resource management
is change management.

After the globalization companies have witnessed changes like cultural change, work
environment change and working style change. Change management is the branch or
human resource management which takes care of all the possible changes an organization
may have in the near future. Change management also looks deep into areas where
certain changes can bring increased output level and can be very fruitful for the
organization. Many companies which failed to apply proper change in the working
environment now don’t exist. Change management also takes care of the possible impact
a change in the economy or business situation can bring to the organization. Change
management team pays special attention for such situations while deciding the change
management policies for the organization.

A career in Human Resources is highly rewarding as long as the prospective job seeker is
able to supply the personal qualities or skills demanded of him. Although In recent trends
human resource management was think to be suitable for women due to their innovative
thinking but in recent years this perception has changed a lot.


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