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Candy Bar Recruiting - Fabian Firecrackers Team Website


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									Buy the mini size candy bars and place a label on the back with the
following saying. Place the candy bar with label on it in a small business
card cellophane bag that you can find at www.mygirlfriendshouse.com.
You can then also place a business card with information about booking
a party and joining the company on the back side and maybe an
invitation to the next opportunity meeting. Hand these little bags out
where ever you go!

  o Mounds (mounds of jewelry and money with lia sophia)
  o Payday bars (enjoy full time paychecks for part time hours with
     lia sophia; make any day a pay day)
  o Now and Laters (enjoy some jewelry now and more later by
     hosting your own show or joining our lia sophia sales team)
  o Sugar Daddy (haven't you always wished for a sugar daddy who
     gave you unlimited amounts of jewelry and money...with lia sophia
     you've finally found one!)

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