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					                                             MITE BRIGAde
                                   The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
                                                        CHESAPEAKE DISTRICT
                                    Enabling women in Dc, De, MD, NC, PA, VA, and WV

                          Volume 10, number 3                                                           August 2007

     Inside This Issue                                    A Word From the President
Mission Grants            2
Counselor’s Message       3                                      What a won-      from Sioux Falls to be at our 2008 District
                                                                 derful time      Convention in Timonium, Maryland. This
Special Gifts Fund        4
                                                                 was had at the   would bring a bit of the “Sioux Falls’ ex-
Young Women Reps          5                                      Sioux Falls      perience” home to the Chesapeake District.
Teen LWML                 5                                      2007 Conven-     Mark your calendars now for September
Mite & Quarterly info     6                                      tion! To me,     26-28, 2008.
Christian Life Retreat    6                                      worshiping       In the meantime, I invite each of you to
Zone News                 7                                      together with    attend our Christian Life Retreat, Novem-
Convention Reflections    7                                      over 5000        ber 2-4, 2007, in Ocean City, Maryland.
Extra Mile Ministry       8                                      women and        Details are in this issue. You don’t want to
Convention Reflections    8                                      men on           miss it!
Retreat Registration      9                                      Thursday
                                                                 night is the     Now that the excitement of convention is
Retreat Mini-Flyer        10                                                      behind us, let us focus our attention on
                                 highlight of the convention. This service, fo-
Ocean City Info.          10                                                      reaching out to others with the good news
                                 cused on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
District Directory        11     certainly brings the presence of the Holy        of Jesus by your words and actions and
                                 Spirit to dwell among us throughout the          through your Mites.
                                 weekend.                                         Blessings to all of you,
                                 Another of my favorite parts of the national    Joan Kelly, President
                                 convention is the Banner Procession. To be      Chesapeake District LWML
                                 part of this procession was truly a memorable
                                 experience. I was proud to represent you as I I can do all things through Him who gives
                                 carried the Chesapeake banner together with     me strength. Philippians 4:13
        Mite Brigade             our Young Women Representatives, Bethany
                                 Bruning and Connie Buschatz. Thanks to
Published quarterly in Feb.,
                                 Mary Payne and Nora Rae Martin who           Chesapeake District Convention Delegates
May, August and November.
                                 made the unique banner. Special thanks Leslie Jaseph BALTIMORE ZONE
Available by mail or email in    to those who made financial donations to                Teresa Tester DCMARVA ZONE
PDF format by request. Also      help defray costs – societies, zones and
may be downloaded from the       individuals. Representing a district at a
district website. You need the   convention takes more than one or two
Adobe Acrobat Reader to          people. It is a real team effort to be sure
download and print the MB. If    everything is transported, put in place, and
you don’t have it you can        brought back home. Thanks to everyone
download it free by going to     who helped make Chesapeake District            “shine” among the many others.
                                 Throughout a national convention, one of-
                                 ten wishes the folks back home could be
Copies will continue be          there to share the experience. While these
mailed to all churches at the    joyous memories are still fresh our meeting
church address and to society    manager, Connie Kruelle, is busy working
networkers unless you request    to line up some of the wonderful speakers
it by email.

               The mission of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League is to assist each woman of the
               Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in affirming her relationship with the Triune God
               so that she is enabled to use her gifts in ministry to the people of the world.
                                         Mission Grants 2006-2008
                          Mission Goal for the 2006 – 2008 Biennium                     $120,000
Mission Grants
1. Chinese Outreach Center of the Cross (COCC), Rockville, MD
         Support the continuing outreach and faith-building in the Chinese community.     $5,000 PAID
2. New Ministry Start-up Grant, Southeastern District, LCMS
        Grant for New Ministry Start-up in Cecil County, MD                               $5,000
3. Alaska Mission for Christ, Anchorage, AK
         Training and Transportation program of the Alaska Mission                        $5,000

4. Student Aid Assistance, Southeastern District, LCMS
       Provide grants to students pursuing careers in full-time church work.              $5,000
5. ESL (English as a Second Language) Program, Rehoboth Beach, DE
        Enhance program materials needed for the instruction of English among
        foreign workers in the surrounding community.                                     $3,000
6. Southern Maryland Compassion Center, LaPlata, MD
         Funding for Compassion Care program and Mobile Compassion Center                 $5,000
7. Concordia Lutheran Church, Triangle, VA
       Community Nutritional Food Outreach Program                                        $1,500
8. Shoe Beggars for Christ, Inc. , Laurel, MD
         Help with costs to provide shoes for people in need worldwide.                   $1,500
9. AMMI Ministry, Philadelphia, PA
      Support for Gospel outreach among ethnic groups from the former USSR                $4,000
10. Disaster Preparedness Workshop, Southeastern District, LCMS
         Sponsor a Christian Care and Compassion- Disaster Preparedness workshop          $1,500
11. Bethany Lutheran School, Waynesboro, VA
        Provide preschool room equipment for the before and after school program          $1,600
12. Open Arms Child Development Center, Midlothian, VA
        Assist with purchase of needed copying and laminating equipment                   $3,500
13. Faith Communities and Civic Agencies United, (FCCAU), Inc. Bel Air, MD
         Assist clients of the overnight outreach program with shelter needs              $5,000
14. Living Water- Maryland State Fair Outreach, Timonium, MD
         Support for the Gospel witness given by volunteers using New Testament
         Bibles and Living Water Logo bottles                                             $5,000
15. Training Leaders for Outreach Workshops, Southeastern District, LCMS                  $2,000
         Part of the Ablaze! Program of LCMS


In this issue you will read many things about the great convention that took place in Sioux
Falls in June. You hear about the LWML presidents - both the old and new– the great
speakers, the missionaries, the offerings, the ingatherings, the banner processions, on and
on… One person who was a constant presence, but seldom seen, was the convention man-
ager. That person is our own Jan Rueter, active member of Church of the Cross in Rock-
ville, MD, past Chesapeake District President, chairman of the 1997 Charlotte convention
and now LWML Convention Manager for the LWML conventions since 1999. Jan works
year round coordinating the many behind-the-scenes things that are required to put on a
convention. She is a liaison between the host committee, the LWML Executive Committee
and the professional business people who provide support services such as sound, lighting,
food service, etc. Jan’s husband Fred also deserves a word of thanks. He is always there to
support Jan in this work and to see that she gets a moment of rest on the most hectic days!

2                                                       Mite Brigade                                    August 2007
                               Pastoral Counselor - Rev. Dr. John Sound

                                                                   input from us. He strengthens us in our journey through
God’s Unwavering Promise
                                                                   His Word and Sacraments. But the journey is not without
“So God led the people around by the desert road toward            our rebellion. We test God. We grumble against God.
the Red Sea.” Ex. 13:18a                                           Yet, God is patient with us. Unlike what happened to the
          The shortest and most direct route from Egypt to Ca-     Israelites of old, God forgives us through His Son Jesus
naan would have been by the road to Gaza, in the land of the       Christ, protects us from the veils of Satan and has
Philistines; but God did not lead them by this road. The om-       promised to us to take us to the heavenly realms, which is
niscient God knew in His wisdom that His people would pro-         our promised inheritance. He has given us a place in His
test that journey, because the Philistines would oppose them       kingdom. He has chosen us to be Christ’s witnesses and
and that they would desire to return to Egypt. The Philistines     has made us heirs and coheirs with Christ. Not only that,
were very warlike, and would hardly have failed to resist the      he calls us to be the witnesses of the empty tomb, which
entrance of the Israelites into Canaan, of which they had taken    tells us that Christ has risen. Now He is the ascended
possession of a very large portion. But the Israelites were not    Lord. Seated at the right hand of His Father, He is
prepared for such a conflict, as is sufficiently evident from      interceding for us. But, He is always with us to the very
their despair by the Red Sea (Ex. 14:10ff). For this reason        end of the age. Who can tell of His glory? Here I am,
God made them turn round by the way of the desert of the Red       send me, and send me. That we may do the work of the
Sea.                                                               Gospel, He has given us the Great Commission: Go and
          God led them and determined the direction of their       make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name
road, to show that they did not take the course, which they        of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
pursued, upon their own judgment, but by the direction of                    The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
God; in Ex 13:21-22, it is said that “21And the LORD went          (LWML) is a blessed organization that stands aloof from
before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them along the     petty quarrels and politics and assists to carry out the
way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, that     Lord’s work. Yet, we sometimes test our God, grumble
they might travel by day and by night. 22 The pillar of cloud      against Him and grumble against each other and grumble
by day and the pillar of fire by night did not depart from         against the leaders. But the Holy Spirit brings us to
before the people,” i.e., that they might march at all hours. In   repentance and we ask God to forgive us and He does so.
this cloud Yahweh, or the Angel of God, the visible                We in turn forgive one another. We ask God to bless us
representative of the invisible God under the Old Testament,       with new members and God adds new members to this
was really present with the people of Israel, so that He spoke     organization. With the help of the leadership that we
to Moses and gave him His commandments out of the cloud.           have, God leads us in the path that we should go.
In this, too, appeared “the glory of the Lord” (Ex 16:10;                    I have been blessed to be part of this organiza-
40:34; Num 17:7).                                                  tion, in a larger context, for several years and as your
          Moreover, it was a symbol of the “zeal of the Lord,”     counselor since 2006. Needless to say, LWML has been
and therefore was enveloped in a cloud, which protected Israel     part of my life and ministry. As I returned from attending
by day from heat, sunstroke, and pestilence (Isa 4:5-6; 49:10;     the 32nd Biennial Convention in Sioux Falls, South Da-
Ps 91:5-6; 121:6), and by night lighted up its path by its         kota, I gave thanks to God for the women of this organi-
luminous splendor, and defended it from the terrors of the         zation as they adopted a $1.7 million mission goal.
night and from all calamity (Ps 27:1ff., 91:5-6). It also          Wow! Mites can do powerful things in God’s kingdom.
threatened sudden destruction to those who murmured against        The abundant blessings of our Triune God rest upon you
God (Num 17:10), and sent out a devouring fire against the         as you serve Him with gladness.
rebels and consumed them (Lev 10:2; Num 16:35). God took           Pastor Sound
care of the Israelites every step of the way. He provided them
manna for food and quail for flesh. When they cried for             More Chesapeake District Delegates
water, God provided them with water.
          Even so, the Israelites rebelled against Him many
times. They grew impatient with their God and made a
golden calf to worship. They tested Him many times (10                                                      Pastor Sound
times as the Scripture says), treated Him with contempt and                                                 COUNSELOR
they refused to believe in Him, in spite of all the miraculous
signs that He had performed among them (Ex. 14.11). Yet,                                                    Beth Bruning
the gracious God kept His promise and brought them to the                                                   YWR
Promised Land, but those who grumbled against God did not
enter Canaan.                                                                                               Deb Lennox
          Our life is also a journey. Our journey began in the                                              DELMARVA
waters of baptism and God is still leading and guiding us. The
path of the journey has been engineered by our God with no

August 2007                                             Mite Brigade                                                       3
                                   Special Gifts Endowment Fund
                     May—July , 2007
                                                                          Chesapeake District
IN MEMORY OF:                   DONATED BY:                               Special Gifts Fund
Felicitas (Faye) Quick          Bethany Lutheran LWML            The Chesapeake District LWML has estab-
Florence Shaw                   Sam and Hope Miller             lished a Special Gifts Endowment Fund to
                                                                receive gifts of money and property, either di-
Nancy Martin                    Rev. Al and Marge Bruning
                                                                rectly or through bequests under wills or trusts,
IN HONOR OF:                                                    to further the work of LWML.
                                                                Contributions may be made as a memorial, or
John Payne                      Mary Payne                      to honor someone on occasions such as birth-
To God for restoring his health                                 days, anniversaries, graduations, or simply the
And John’s 70th birthday.                                       glory of God. Come up with your own unique
Linda Reiser - President          Karen Matthiesen              way to PRAISE THE LORD.
Dina Vendetti                                                   All contributions will be acknowledged by the
Jan Rueter                                                      Special Gifts Chairman.
Used their talents to “Serve the Lord With Gladness”
LCEF                            Women of First Lutheran         Make checks payable to:
God’s continued blessings       Church of Towson                Lutheran Church Extension Fund
As you do His work.
Interest Paid                   Donations received              Mail to: Mary A. Payne
3-30-2007       $132.80         during this period                       17554 Barron Heights Road
6-30-2007       $142.91         $360.00
                                                                          Dumfries, VA 22025-2021
Interest withdrawn $300.00 - Extra Mile Ministry Grant
Interest Balance $ 2,536.80
Principal balance $14,725.31 Total $17,262.11                   Date __________________
Mary A. Payne,
Special Gifts Chairman                                          Amount Enclosed ____________________
Extra Mile Ministries “ministered to over 400 students/         In Memory of _______________________
victims at Virginia Tech. The victims found much comfort in
the K9 dogs, too-they hugged them as they sobbed and            In Honor of _________________________
stroked them for comfort, too. The Mercy Givers prayed and      Occasion ___________________________
talked and counseled them to give them comfort and hope.
Their psychologist, Carli Zygowicz, contacted us to apply for   To the Glory of God __________________
a grant from our Chesapeake District LWML Endowment
Fund .Virginia Tech is in the Chesapeake District.”.            Send acknowledgement of gift (not amount)
See photo of Carli and how she learned of us on page 8.         to:        Please Print Plainly

                     Grants Available Now!                      ___________________________________
Grants of up to $300 each are available from the Special        Address____________________________
Gifts Fund. A request may be made by a society, zone,
or the district to help fund a new project or an existing       ___________________________________
program. The project should reflect the mission of
                                                                Donor _____________________________
The guidelines are short and the application is a single
                                                                Address ___________________________
page. The time between the request and receiving the funds      ___________________________________
can be as short as one month.
To apply for a grant, contact chairman Mary Payne for
specific guidelines and an application.

4                                                Mite Brigade                                         August 2007
       Young Women Representatives                                                     Teens in LWML
                                          Attending a national       Friends Into Serving Him is the Teen Division of Lu-
                                          LWML convention            theran Women’s Missionary League (LWML), officially
                                          for the first time is an   brought into existence at the 2005 LWML Convention in
                                          awesome experience         Tampa.
                                          for anyone. Attend-
                                                                     What is needed to
                                          ing as a district
                                                                     form a Friends Into
                                          Young Women’s
                                                                     Serving Him group:
                                          Representative adds
                                          another dimension.         + A young woman
                                          At the 2007 conven-        age 21 or older (or a
                                          tion in Sioux Falls,       group of them) who
                                          two women from the         is interested in working with teen women.
                                          Chesapeake District        + Teen women through age 17 who are interested in grow-
 Bethany Bruning & Connie Bushatz were among the 70                  ing in their relationship with their LORD and in showing
                                          YWRs from through-         His love to others through service activities.
out the country. They participated in a variety of special           + A current LWML society or individual LWML member
events designed to teach them about LWML and to encour-              who is willing to sponsor the new Friends Into Serving
age their participation at their local and district levels. Our      Him group.
YWRs joined President Joan in the banner procession at the           + A Registration form, proof of background checks on adult
opening of the convention, carried mission flags to highlight        mentors, and other forms as may be required by our district
where LWML grants have been awarded, worked at the                   or national LWML.
Gifts from the Heart booth, sorting and organizing the thou-         + A Bible
sands of items donated, and enjoyed lunch with LWML
                                                                     Registration forms will be available to zone presidents in
President Linda Reiser. Connie and Bethany also sat with
                                                                     the fall. Think what an impact a teen group of Friends Into
the district delegation throughout the business portions of
                                                                     Serving Him can have in your congregation! Girls work-
the convention, learning about the mission grants, the elec-
                                                                     ing together to serve their Lord at an early age! WOW!!!
tion of officers, mission speakers, and generally getting the
“big picture” of who and what LWML is. Both ladies had               Begin thinking, brainstorming and planning how your soci-
life-enhancing experiences. They are both willing to speak           ety can sponsor a Friends Into Serving Him group.
at zone events and will be assisting with the 2008 district          Chesapeake District plans to have special activities for these
convention.                                                          girls at the district convention in 2008 in Baltimore. More
                                                                     details on that later, but for now, pray about the women
Connie Bushatz from the Blue Ridge Zone writes:
                                                                     who would lead this exciting new ministry at your church.
“My time at the LWML Convention in Sioux Falls was the
best time I had ever had attending a conference. I wasn't            Marge and Bethany Bruning
really sure what made LWML so special but the women I                Co-chair –Teen LWML
met at the conference showed me, just how special it is. All
the women were excited about how they were making a dif-                                        ...and more District Delegates
ference in the lives of others within and outside our coun-                                 Bev Sweeney TIDEWATER
try. The speakers from the various missions that LWML
supports, showed how with LWML support what is being                                        Marge Bruning OLD DOMINION
done to make life better for people. My favorite part of the                                    Margaret Martens PENMAR
convention was when Jan Struck came on stage. I haven't
laughed so hard in years. It was enlightening how the                                                     Edi Collis POTOMAC
LWML women work hard to support their missions but
know how to have a good time. I walked in not knowing
anything and walked out with a new sense of purpose.”
Bethany Bruning from the Old Dominion Zone contributed
to the article on Teen LWML
If you would like to hear more about their experiences or are
interested in having them at your zone event, contact infor-
mation is:
Connie Bushatz                    Bethany Bruning    
434-391-7265                      804-347-1117

August 2007                                                 Mite Brigade                                                          5
                  Financial Secretary                                          Christian Life Retreat
 Thanks to all for your faithful contributions toward the        Our theme is "TESTIFY TO LOVE" Acts 4:20. "For we
 LWML and District Mites and toward your subscriptions to        cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard."
 the “Quarterly.” Your offerings help us to move forward in      And YOU are invited to the Chesapeake District LWML
 all areas of our work for the Lord.                             Christian Life Retreat in Ocean City, Maryland the week-
 As I prepare to have the 2006-07 Financial Secretary’s          end of November 2-4 at the Grand Hotel to learn all about
 books readied for review, please keep these points in mind:     that Scripture through Bible Study, discussion, prayer, wor-
          1) Remember to send your blue “Mite/Quarterly          ship, and music featuring Ruth and Larry McReynolds -
               Reminder Card” with your contribution. Your       our Retreat Leaders.
               Society’s posting number is on this card and is   The "retreat" part of the weekend will include entertain-
               needed to credit the remittance correctly.        ment, fellowship, a Teacup Auction, door prizes and a spe-
          2) Make note of the Posting Number for your            cial surprise Friday night. As requested by many, we have
               records. This number is in parenthesis on the     scheduled a long Saturday afternoon break where you can
               mailing label. If the card should happen to be    walk on the boardwalk or beach, swim, shop at the factory
               misplaced you can still send in your offering.    outlets or visit the Grand Salon from 2:30 ‘til dinner at 6:00.
          3) When sending in your offering, be sure to des-      You might want to bring cards or a table game and use them
               ignate on the Reminder Card how much is for       to get to know some newcomers. At the beginning of Satur-
               mites and how much is for Quarterlies. You        day's long break, you will have the opportunity to join a re-
               may send one check which includes both            treat choir with Larry McReynolds to learn a simple song
               mites and Quarterlies or you may send two         for the closing worship service.
               checks if you prefer.
          4) The yearly cost of the Quarterly is: 10 or more     ROAD TO RETREAT - Copy, fill out and mail the regis-
               copies $4.00 and fewer than 10 copies $5.25       tration form found on page 9. Call the Grand Hotel to make
               for each subscription.                            room reservations before the Oct. 2nd deadline.
          5) If your contact person changes, please send         YOU WILL NEED - Gifts of love for the Lord's Cupboard
               the new address to me immediately. This           at Lutheran Church of Our Savior - Rehoboth Beach, Del.
               helps to make the mailing more efficient. .       Please bring only these requested items:
          6) Please send all Quarterly Subscription changes      shampoo - reg. size        toothpaste - reg.
               to the Corresponding Secretary. She is re-        Spam/Treet                 Tuna/ Tuna Helper
               sponsible for reporting changes to the LWML       canned pasta/meat combinations or beef stew
               office. Sally Plusch is our Corresponding Sec-    canned sweet potatoes
               retary at this time. Her information can be       canned apple sauce, fruit cocktail, peaches, or pears
               found in this Mite Brigade or on the Blue         complete pancake mix (just needs water added)
               Reminder Card.
                                                                 Also, you will need your Bible, money for 2 offerings plus
 Thank you also for being in contact with me about your          the M.& M. store (LWML items for sale), comfortable
 concerns with your offerings. This lets us know how we can      clothes and shoes.
 better serve you as a District Board by clarifying or making-   In order to keep expenses down, breakfast will be on your
 changes as they are needed.                                     own. The Grand hotel restaurant is open for breakfast on
 In His Service,                                                 Saturday and Sunday or there are restaurants nearby. The
 Constance Hoff, Financial Secretary                             rooms all have coffee makers, microwaves and fridges.
                                                                 Friday's dinner has always been on our own.

                             ...and More Delegates               LWML Retreat Registration opens at 3 PM on Friday, Nov.
                                                                 2 in the hotel lobby. Hotel registration begins at 4 PM The
                                                                 retreat will begin at 7 PM.

Nora Rae Martin                                                  We are looking forward to spending a great weekend with
N VIRGINIA                                                       you in God’s awesome creation "by the sea."
                                                                 Carol Zehnder     Christian Life V. P.
                                                                 Carol Bitely      Chairman, Christian Life Committee
Mary Poling                                                      Penny Helmore     Retreat Committee Member
BALTIMORE                                                        Kathy Phelps      Retreat Committee Member
                                                                 Constance Hoff    Retreat Registrar

Patti Walter                                                     Page 10 (back of registration form) has a reproducible
MARYLANTON                                                       mini flyer and additional information including hotel
                                                                 amenities, directions to OC and restaurant information for
                                                                 meals before and after the retreat.

 6                                                      Mite Brigade                                              August 2007
                                                         Zone News
LWML Blue Ridge Zone Rally at Bethany...                         A Mother-
The LWML Zone Rally on April 21 was a day full of                Daughter team
blessings. Excitement for missions and sharing God’s             from Catonsville,
love was evident in each of the 33 ladies who came from          MD give their im-
Baltimore toDanville to be together-true sisters in Christ!      pression of their
                                                                 first national con-
The presentations by Donna Cook, Preschool Director,             vention.
Pastor Tim Bohlmann and Sue Browning of the school               “I wanted to let you
board gave excellent insights into Bethany’s Preschool, a        know that my
most worthy District LWML mite grant recipient.                  daughter,Betsy and
                                                                 I had a fabulous
Chairman Sylvia Miller recommended the zone sponsor              experience at the
the LMWL Young Woman delegate, Connie Bushatz, to                2007 LWML Na-
the June International Convention in Sioux Falls.                tional Convention
                                                                 in Sioux Falls, SD.
District President, Joan Kelly, brought greetings from the
                                                                 Upon arrival, we      Betsy and Susan Sohn with Chesapeake
other nine Zones in the Chesapeake District and some
                                                                 participated in       District Banner made by Mary Payne and
very helpful ideas how to make the most of our Quarter-
                                                                 several Servant       Nora Rae Martin
lies and mites.
                                                                 Events. We
The zone LWML Treasurer from Good Shepherd in Roa-               dropped off our
noke, Dr. Kay Schmeding, shared some very interesting            handmade quilts for Gifts From The Heart and then we pro-
experiences from her work using her Doctorate in Micro-          ceeded to write letters to missionaries and sort clothing to be
biology and her special abilities and skills to communi-         boxed up. How exciting it was to see so many people using
cate and work with people of diverse cultures in Africa,         their hands to help others. That evening, the opening cere-
serving as a reproductive health consultant. In 2006, she        mony with communion was awesome! Five thousand people
and her husband were awarded honorary degrees from               gathered together to worship the Lord! We had the privilege
Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio for their work          to join Linda Reiser for the First Timers luncheon. She is such
in Africa.                                                       a sweet, beautiful person and was a fantastic leader at the
Donna Senderling                                                 meetings. People were from all over and everyone was so ea-
                                                                 ger to hear where we were from and what things our LWML
                                                                 group does at home. We met so many nice, friendly people
                                                                 who had the same goal in life that we serve the
                                                                 Lord. I feel blessed that we were able to have mother and
                                                                 daughter bonding time as such a great event. We sang, we
                                                                 laughed, we clapped and we cried. Now we are looking for-
                                                                 ward to Portland, OR in 2009. We learned so much about
                                                                 LWML and how important those mite boxes really are!”
                                                                 Susan and Betsy Sohn

                                                                  Yes, folks, there really are beautiful FALLS in Sioux Falls!

                                                                 Old Dominion Zone
                                                                 The Old Dominion Zone is trying something new this fall -
   Sylvia Miller, Gene Smith and President Joan at the           a new time slot! We hope this will draw ladies who find
           BLUE RIDGE ZONE Spring Rally                          Saturdays too difficult to attend.
      Another Convention Delegate! Sylvia Miller
                                                                 The Fall Workshop will be held on Monday, October 1, 2007
                                                                 at Grace Lutheran, Chester at 7:00 PM. Rev. Art Umbach
 Pen Mar Zone                                                    will be the guest speaker. Chesapeake District Young
 The fall gathering will be held on Sept. 29th at St Paul's in   Women Representative, Bethany Bruning, will also be on
 Kingsville, MD.                                                 hand to share highlights of the Convention from an YWR
 Our Bible Verse is Nehemiah 8:10b Our theme is:                 perspective.
 "A Woman and her God; the Autum of our lives".                  A June edition of the Ode to Old Dominion was sent to Net-
 The leader will be Gigi Mueller.                                workers so make sure you see what’s happening in the Rich-
 Marie Gruendler,                                                mond area of LWML!
 Zone Chairman                                                   Marge Bruning, Zone Chairman

August 2007                                               Mite Brigade                                                           7
       EXTRA MILE MINISTRIES                                                 Convention Reflections
Extra Mile Ministries is a Lutheran faith based approach                      ROCK! Rest On Christ the King
to facing crisis, trauma, tragedy and disaster through train-   The theme for the 32nd Biennial Convention of the Lutheran
ing, responding and supporting victims and survivors.           Women’s Missionary League held in Sioux Falls, SD, June
They use trained Mercy Givers and K9 Support dogs in            21-24, 2007. There were over 5000 in attendance.
this ministry to mitigate the emotional and spiritual effects
of a crisis or disaster.                                        The 65th anniversary of LWML was celebrated by setting a
                                                                new mission goal of $1.7 million for the 2007-2009 biennium.
                                                                Eighteen new mission grants were chosen.
                                                                “Gifts from the Heart” items brought to the convention by
                                                                those attending included: Quilts 970, Sheet Sets 1,340, Hand
                                                                Towel Sets 1,877, Toothbrushes 3,065, Shampoo 902,
                                                                Health Kits 3,000, Kids Clothing Items 338, Underwear &
                                                                Socks 2,339, Misc. Items 4,530
                                                                In addition there were four Convention offerings.
                                                                The first offering of $52,381+ was designated for the 2007-
                                                                2009 mission goals.
                                                                The second offering of $57,268+ was divided with 30% going
    Connie Kruelle     Carli Zygowycz      Sylvia Shives        to the LWML Endowment Fund and 70% to be used for edu-
                                                                cating the children of missionaries. Since this was the 65th
           As they were preparing to travel to Virginia Tech    Anniversary Celebration Offering, local LWMLs had previ-
in Blacksburg, after the shootings, their psychologist, Carli   ously contributed $24,906+ and the current total is $82,175+.
Zygowicz, contacted us to apply for a grant                     The third offering of $47,831+ will be divided between the St.
from our Chesapeake District LWML Endow-                                            Louis and Ft. Wayne seminaries.
ment Fund. Virginia Tech is in the Chesapeake                                       And the fourth offering of $39,796+ will be
District .                                                                          used to continue the “Heart to Heart Sis-
           Carli was president of the Northern                                      ters” program.
Illinois District LWML from 1998 - 2002, the                                        LCMS President Gerald Kieschnick ad-
same time that I was Chesapeake District                                            dressed the convention and his wife, Terry,
LWML President. And that is how we became                                           was the keynote speaker. Among other
friends.                                                                            speakers were Rev. Khurram & Cynthia
           Extra Mile Ministries received a                                         Khan from POBLO (People Of the Book
$300.00 grant from our district. They minis-                                        Lutheran Church) and other missionaries.
tered to over 400 students/victims at Virginia                                      The Bible Study was led by nationally
Tech. The victims found much comfort in the                                         known Dr. Mary Manz Simon who now
K9 dogs, too-they hugged them as they sobbed               Dina Vendetti ♫          lives in our district. Humor was liberally
and stroked them for comfort, too. The Mercy          ♪ Convention Song Leader provided by Jan Struck. Our own Chesa-
Givers prayed, talked and counseled them to                                         peake District woman-of-many- talents,
give them comfort and hope.                                     Dina Vendetti, kept the music flowing as she led us in song.
           Sylvia and I visited with Carli at the LWML Con-     A new president, Jan Wendorf, was elected as well as three
vention in Sioux Falls and she showed pictures of this          other officers and a pastoral counselor.
visit. It was a tearful scene.
           The Mercy Givers and K9 dogs will return to Vir-     The next Biennial LWML Convention will be held in Port-
ginia Tech campus on August 20 to counsel students as           land, Oregon in 2009, so start saving your $$, but remember
they return to campus. Their headquarters are at the Lu-        to save those mites,
theran Church across from the campus. Any LWMLers in            too. They are really
the area are invited to join them in fellowship and prayer.     mighty and do
Their website is if you would like         much to further the
to read about this ministry. If you would like to send a do-    work of the Lord!
nation, please write the check to Extra Mile Ministries and     Carol Schmidt, VP
mail to:                                                        Servant Resources
Carli Zygowicz, Ph.D
9910 Badger Trail
Belvidere, IL 61008
Please keep this ministry in your prayers.                   LCMS First Lady Terry Kieschnick
To God be the Glory!                                         & Christian Humorist Jan Struck
Connie Kruelle, Meeting Manager

8                                                       Mite Brigade                                              August 2007
                                       REGISTRATION FORM

           2007 Chesapeake District LWML Christian Life Retreat
                        “Testify to Love” Acts 4:20
                         Retreat Leaders Ruth and Larry Mc Reynolds
           November 2-4 , 2007 - Grand Hotel - Ocean City, Maryland
                  21st Street and the Boardwalk with free parking

                                 Registration Deadline - Oct 2, 2007

     Registration - $66.00 Includes retreat materials and two meals (Saturday lunch and dinner)
                               (Breakfast is on your own to keep expenses down.)

            Mail registration form and check made out to Chesapeake District LWML to:

                                             Constance Hoff
                                         417 Prince of Wales Dr
                                        Virginia Beach, VA 23452

                                        Make reservations early

NAME __________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ________________________________ PHONE _________________________________

LWML ZONE ____________________________________ CHURCH ________________________________

SPECIAL DIET NEEDS: NO __ YES __ SPECIFY _______________________________________________

                                    Retreat Housing - Grand Hotel

                  Rooms are $89.00 per room/night for one to four persons per room.
             Make your room reservations directly with the Grand Hotel at 1-800-447-6779.
           Tell them you are with Chesapeake District LWML to receive the special room rate.
                             Room reservation deadline October 2, 2007

NOTE: Friday dinner is on your own.
                                    (copy this form for your records)

Contact:       Carol Zehnder                 Carol Bitely                          Connie Kruelle,
               VP Christian Life             Christian Life Chairman               Meeting Manager
               757-486-4819                  804-559-3185                          410-641-7215

   August 2007                                Mite Brigade                                               9
                                                 Chesapeake District LWML Christian Life Retreat
Testify to Love                                                           2-
                                                                November 2-4, 2007
                                                                                  Grand Hotel
                                                                         Ocean City, Maryland

                                                 Autumn breezes on the beach…waves gently rolling on
                                                 the shore…quiet walks in the sand…fellow sisters in
                                                 Christ gathered together…Bible study…choir…
                                                 inspirational speakers…singing…praying…growing…
   For we cannot help
                                                              …join us at the beach!!
   speaking about what we
   have seen and heard.                         Retreat Leaders are Larry & Ruth McReynolds
   Acts. 4:20

                  Contact Persons:              Carol Zehnder                             Carol Bitely

   Cross over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge ($2.50 toll) and continue on Rt. 50 East until you get to Ocean City.
   Cross over the OC bridge, turn left at the second stop light, go to 21st Street and the Grand Hotel is on your right. There is
   free parking in front of the hotel and at the garage across the street on 20th Street. Hotel check-in is 4 PM.
   Enroute you will see WAWA and Royal Farms gas stations where gas is cheaper the closer you get to OC.
   These stations also prepare sandwiches to your order.
   As you get within several miles of OC you will see fast food restaurants. Then Carraba's on your right. On your left at the
   White Marlin Mall is Ledo's Pizza. At the Factory Outlets you will see Outback Steakhouse and for dessert - Wockenfuss
   Candies and Maggie Moo's Ice Cream and Treatery. One block farther is Applebee's.
   Are you hungry for a crab cake? After you find the hotel, drive north to 120th Street and the Crabcake Factory USA on
   your right. It's the best crab cake in town. You can call ahead and pick up your order from their new take-out window 410-
   250-4900. Some of you enjoyed their delicious food last time we were all here in OC. (Phillips's Seafood Restaurant on
   20th Street right down from the Grand Hotel will close October 28 for the winter season.)
   The hotel has a 24 hour Gourmet Coffee Shop where you will find a variety of goodies including Krispy Kreme donuts,
   muffins, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. The hotel restaurant is also open for Saturday and Sunday breakfast only.
   Your rooms have an iron and ironing board, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and wet bar.
   The hotel also has an indoor pool, workout area, game room, vending machines, lounge, etc. Check out the website at
   The full service salon will give you 10% off anything over $25 with a special LWML flyer, which you will receive at our
   LWML registration table. Some of you enjoyed their services at our last retreat. You were and are all beautiful!
   Join us for fellowship and fun in Christ!
   Connie Kruelle, Meeting Manager

  10                                                    Mite Brigade                                                August 2007
                                       Chesapeake District Directory 2006-2008
PRESIDENT                                      DISTRICT MEETING MANAGER                                  ZONE CHAIRMEN
Joan Kelly                  410-242-6724       Connie Kruelle        H 410-641-7215           BALTIMORE ZONE
2215 Smith Ave                                 1 Chatham Ct.         C 240-426-1409                  Leslie Jaseph
Baltimore, MD 21227                            Ocean Pines, MD 21811                                       
                                                                                              BLUE RIDGE ZONE
VICE PRESIDENT SERVANT RESOURCES               HOPE CHAIRMAN                                          Sylvia Miller
Carol Schmidt          757-253-1457            Karen Updegrave          301-475-7814
2412 Pates Creek                               40965 Knight Rd                                DCMARVA ZONE
Williamsburg, VA 23185                         Leonardtown, MD 20650                                Teresa Tester                                      
                                                                                              DELMARVA ZONE
VICE PRESIDENT—CHRISTIAN LIFE                  CHRISTIAN LIFE CHAIRMAN                              Deb Lennox
Carol Zehnder            757-486-4819          Carol Bitely              804-559-3185     
3220 Sunnybrook Lane                           8060 Kiwi Lane                                 MARYLANTON ZONE
Virginia Beach, VA 23452                       Mechanicsville, VA 23111                             Patti Walter (contact person)                                   
                                                                                              NORTHERN VIRGINIA ZONE
                                                                                                    Nora Rae Martin
Debra Poese                 301-946-4709       Debbie Lennox             302-856-2909     
13001 Margot Dr                                206 Highschool Ave
                                                                                              OLD DOMINION ZONE
Rockville, MD 20853                            Georgetown, DE 19947
                                                                                                     Marge Bruning                
                                                                                                    Marie Gruendler
Marge Bruning                804-798-6503      Laima Kuring             301-262-0844      
12282 Lees Lane                                13520 Youngwood Turn
Ashland VA 23005                               Bowie, MD 20715                                POTOMAC ZONE                                                Edi Collis
Nancy Miller                 301-752-2359      Sylvia Shives            H 301-739-4008              Robin Zophy
8410 Perry Pl.                                 17215 W Wash St,         C 240-481-0136    
LaPlata, MD 20646-4468                         Hagerstown, MD 21740-5171                                             MMV CONSULTANTS
                                                                                                       Mission Ministry Vision
CORRESPONDING SECRETARY                        STRUCTURE COMMITTEE                            Marge Bruning
Sally Plusch                                   Bert Buchanan            410-467-6971          Richmond, Virginia
1210 Neptune Lane                              1500 Lakeside Ave.                             804-798-6503
Huntingtown, MD 20639                          Baltimore, MD 21218-3005                       Jan Rueter                                         Derwood, Maryland
                                                                                              Carol Zehnder
Constance Hoff                                 Margaret Martens       H 410-838-2817          Virginia Beach, Virginia
417 Prince of Wales Dr                         508 Old Stone Place   W 410-436-1341           757-486-4819
Virginia Beach, VA 23452                       Bel Air, MD 21015                                           Deb Lennox
                                                                                              Georgetown, Delaware
TREASURER                                      SPECIAL GIFTS CHAIRMAN                         302-856-2909
Toni Killinger           703-548-9197                                                         Abeba Tzeggai
                                               Mary Payne              703-221-5950
3301 Cameron Mills Rd                                                                         Alexandria, Virginia
                                               17554 Barron Heights Rd
Alexandria, VA 22302-2212                                                                             
                                               Dumfries, VA 22025-2021
                                                                                                            TEEN LWML
ZONE LIAISON                                   CONVENTION 2008 CHAIRMAN                                Friends Into Serving Him
Linda Roscoe               H 804-741-9474      Teresa Tester           H 301-292-9612         Bethany Bruning
2008 Ridge Stone Ct        W 804-270-4626      1809 Taylor Ave.        C 204-210-3247         804-347-1117
Richmond VA 23238                              Ft Washington MD 20744                         Marge Bruning                                         804-798-6503

                                                                                                        DISTRICT WEBSITE
Rev. Dale Skurla         Church 301-884-5184   Rev. Dr. John Sound      Church 540-667-1459
3770 7 New Mkt Turner Rd H 301-290-0460        2800 Millwood Pike       Cell 703-402-9059
Mechanicsville, MD 20659                       Winchester, VA 22602-4634                 

August 2007                                                 Mite Brigade                                                             11
                                        LWML PLANNING CALENDAR
                              Pray for these events, the leaders and the participants.
                       Zone leaders, please consider these dates when planning zone events.
                  September 22, 2007 - District EC Meeting , St Paul, Falls Church, VA
                  November 2-4, 2007 - District Christian Life Retreat, Ocean City, MD
                  September 26-28, 2008 - Chesapeake District Convention, Timonium, MD
                  February 9, 2008 - District BOD Meeting, Place to be determined
                  June 25– 28, 2009 - LWML Convention, Portland, Oregon

             Note of Thanks to Teresa Tester and Mary Payne from Chesapeake District and Bea Daily
             from Gulf States District for the convention photos used in this issue.

                     Chesapeake District LWML             Networkers: Please make copies of this newsletter and
                         Mite BrigadE                     distribute to the women in your church or forward to those
                                                          who have email.
                    Editor: Sylvia Shives                 Keep the Chesapeake District LWML updated
                    17215 W. Washington St.               Send all changes of Networker or contact information to:
                    Hagerstown, MD 21740                  Linda Roscoe, lmroscoe@comcast .net
                                                          Requests for Quarterlies and Mite Boxes
                     Next Deadline: October 15, 2007      Contact: Sally Plusch, Corresponding Secretary,
                    Stories and photos encouraged.
                    Submit your news, then go pack
                    for the Ocean City Retreat.           The Mite Brigade is now available in PDF format
                                                          Contact the editor or see the district website

Permit No. 13
 17263-9998                                                                           Address service requested
                                                                                    PO Box 329, State Line, PA 17263
State Line, PA                                          Chesapeake District Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
 U.S. Postage
                                                                      MITE BRIGADE
Non-Profit Org.

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