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					                                                                                                        September 11, 2009

                                 OCS Career News
Highlights:                                 • SIPA NYC Career              • Sample

•                      • Washington, D.C Career   • Latest Online

• Professional Development 2    • Strategic Career               • Featured Student of the

• Get Credit for your     • SIPAlink

          Mon                             Tues                      Wed                      Thurs                           Fri

9/14                          9/15                        9/16                       9/17                          9/18
International Finance and Get to Know OCS                 Get to Know OCS            Wildlife Conservation         International Finance
Economic Policy (IFEP)    4th Floor Lobby                 4th Floor Lobby            Society Information           and Economic Policy
Recruitment Orientation 12:30-1:30pm                      12:30-1:30pm               Session                       (IFEP) Recruitment
Room 1512                                                                            OCS Conference Room           Orientation
1:00-2:00pm                                               Energy & Environment       1:00-2:00pm                   Room 403
                                                          Recruitment Orientation                                  1:00-2:00pm
                                                          Room 1512

                                                          McKinsey & Company
                                                          Information Session
                                                          Davis Auditorium,
                                                          Schapiro Center

9/21                          9/22                        9/23                       9/24                          9/25
Presidential Management       Societe Generale            Presidential Management    Career in Focus: Hedge        Presidential
Fellowship (PMF)              Information Session         Fellowship (PMF)           Funds                         Management Fellowship
Information Session           Room 1512                   Information Session        Room 410                      (PMF) Information
OCS Conference Room           1:00-2:00pm                 OCS Conference Room        1:00-2:00pm                   Session
10:00-11:00am                                             11:00-12:00pm                                            Room 403
                              HSBC Information Session                               International Security        1:00-2:00pm
Booz Allen Hamilton           Lindsey Rogers Room (707) Robert Bosch                 Policy (ISP) Recruitment
Information Session           6:00-8:00pm               Foundation Information       Orientation
Room 1501                                               Session                      Room 413
1:00-2:00pm                                             OCS Conference Room          1:00-2:00pm
McKinsey & Company                                                                   Citi Global Transaction
Information Session                                       Central Intelligence       Services Information
Faculty House,                                            Agency (CIA) Information   Session
Presidential Room                                         Session                    OCS Conference Room
7:00-8:30pm                                               Room 411                   6:30-8:00pm
                                                                                     Boston Consulting Group
                                                          Oliver Wyman               Information Session
                                                          Information Session        Casa Italiana
                                                          Center for Career          7:00-8:30pm

      To sign up and learn more about the above information sessions and career events, please visit SIPAlink.
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                Announcements                                                Professional Development
The 2010 United Nations Competitive Recruitment Examina-
tions will be delayed until summer of 2010. Additional Information
                                                                   Professional Development (PD) is a half credit course that is man-
will be provided on the UN website by September 2009. Please
                                                                   datory for all MIA and MPA students. The class is offered in the
go to for more
                                                                   fall semester and should be taken in your first year at SIPA. Top-
                                                                   ics covered in the course include ethical considerations, resumes,
                                                                   cover letters, creating a two minute pitch, and job and internship
Angel Africa Conference. Sponsored by a nonprofit called Angel
                                                                   search strategy.
Africa (, this 2-day conference will showcase
the role of private investment and social enterprise in develop-
                                                                   Attention First-Year Students: If you registered for the Profes-
ment in Africa. The conference will host over 200 delegates and
                                                                   sional Development course this fall, please remember to bring a
senior executives from leading social entrepreneurship organiza-
                                                                   copy of your resume and The SIPA Guide to Careers in Interna-
tions such as the Rockefeller Foundation, Endeavor, Vision
                                                                   tional and Public Affairs to the first class. The Guide can be pur-
Spring and Social Private Equity South Africa. The conference
                                                                   chased for $20 (cash only) at OCS in Room 420. Please be
takes place Friday, September 25, 2009 and Saturday, Septem-
                                                                   aware that if you are a graduating student and have not taken
ber 26, 2009 at the Desmond Tutu Center in New York. For more
                                                                   Professional Development, you will need to register for a section
information, please visit
                                                                   of the course. You must take this course in order to graduate.
                                                                       All students must register on SIPAlink through the OCS web-
                                                                       site before beginning the Professional Development course and/
                                                                       or before receiving approval of a waiver request. The waiver can
  Get Credit for Your Internship!                                      be found at:
To ensure your internship is counted toward your graduation re-        Waiver Requirements:
quirement, as well as to receive the appropriate credit for which      Waivers of the course may be secured in limited cases. You may
you register, you must:                                                be eligible for a waiver if you:
   ►Complete the online Internship Report Form - To access             •   are on leave from your current job (letter of job confirmation
   the Internship Report Form, please first log out of your SI-            required);
   PAlink student account and go to https://                           •   are accepted in a doctoral program (acceptance letter is re- Then go to “If you are               quired);
   creating a new Internship Report click here”. Fill out all of the   •   have worked on a full-time, professional basis for a minimum
   fields and then submit the report to OCS by clicking on “Save”.         of four years in a field relevant to your concentration and ca-
   Your answers must be in paragraph form with a minimum of                reer goals; or
   three sentences. Internship Reports can be viewed by logging        •   are a dual-degree student who has taken a comparable class
   into your SIPAlink student account and going to Internship              at the other institution.
   Report Database.
                                                                       All students requesting a waiver must complete a Professional
   ►Your internship supervisor must submit directly to OCS a           Development Class Waiver Form available online at http://
   Supervisor Evaluation Form, which is a detailed evaluation
   of your work and performance during the internship. The Su-         current_students/forms.html or in hard copy in OCS, Room 420.
   pervisor Evaluation Form is available on the OCS website un-        The form must be submitted to OCS with a current resume and a
   der Career Services Forms and in hard copy in Room 420.             copy of your SIPAlink Profile page. Once your waiver application
   (       has been reviewed, you will receive an email informing you
   current_students/forms.html)                                        whether your request has been approved.

All documents for summer internships must be submitted no
later than September 30, 2009. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact either Gretchen Turner at or Irene Coffman at
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                    SIPA NYC                                                          Washington, D.C.
                   Career Series                                                      Career Conference

Interested in connecting with SIPA alumni in your field(s) of inter-    *SAVE THE DATE* SIPA’s 34th annual Washington, D.C. Ca-
est? Ready to learn more about your career options and to               reer Conference! Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, January
expand your professional network? Organized by the Office of            13, 14 and 15, 2010.
Career Services (OCS), the SIPA NYC Career Series consists
of:                                                                     First- and second-year students will have an opportunity to hear
• A series of panels throughout the academic year featuring             from professionals in various career fields, network with alumni,
     SIPA alumni and broken down by field                               and arrange informational interviews in the D.C. area with repre-
• A week of informational interviews with SIPA alumni                   sentatives from both the public and private sectors. This year
• A student/alumni networking reception for SIPA students               there will be separate days devoted to employer site visits, infor-
     and alumni                                                         mational interviews, and career panels.

These events serve as a forum and an opportunity for students           Panel Coordinators Needed! Do you have good contacts in
to gain direct exposure to alumni in their respective fields of in-     D.C. or would you like to make them? Email your resume and
terest. Many private sector and some public sector panels will be       first and second career panel choices to Steven Horne at
held in Fall 2009 (when most private sector recruiting takes   Panel coordinators will have
place); nonprofit and public sector panels will take place in           the registration fees waived. Deadline for Panel Coordinator
Spring 2010 (similarly, when most of their recruiting takes place).     Applications: September 21, 2009!

The panels for our fall semester are:                                   Tentative panel topics for the D.C. conference include:
• Consulting I (management and strategic consulting)                     •     Corporate Social Responsibility
• Consulting II (public sector, nonprofit and development con-           •     Development Consulting
    sulting)                                                             •     Economic Development
• Corporate Social Responsibility                                        •     Energy Policy
• International Economic Management and Policy                           •     Environmental and Sustainable Development
• International Finance and Economic Policy                              •     Federal Government/Capitol Hill
• International Media and Communications                                 •     Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
• Microfinance                                                           •     International Trade and Finance
• Ratings Agencies                                                       •     Media and Communications
                                                                         •     Microfinance
Panel Coordinators needed! Take advantage of this                        •     National Security/Foreign Policy
opportunity to work directly with SIPA alumni in your field of inter-    •     Philanthropy, Foundations, and Think Tanks
est—and email Madonna Kendona, the NYC Career Series Co-                 •     Political Development
ordinator, at by Friday,             •     Public Sector Consulting
September 11, 2009 at 5pm if you would like to apply. In the             •     Social, Education, and Urban Policy
email, please include your resume, the top two panels you would
like to lead and questions or ideas for new panels.                     Suggestions for new panels welcomed!
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                  Strategic Career Plan: September Action Items
                         First Year                                                             Second Year
•   Meet with advisor to decide concentration and register for Profes-      •   Do occupational research.
    sional Development class.
                                                                            •   Sign up for OCS’s Mock Interview Program.
•   Register on SIPAlink and upload your resume.
                                                                            •   Attend employer information sessions to learn more about career
•   Check SIPAlink daily.                                                       opportunities.

•   Order business cards through Printing Services at SIPA or the Jour-     •   Schedule a career counseling appointment with an OCS counselor
    nalism School.                                                              to discuss your internship and job search strategy.

•   Conduct assessment of your interests, skills, and values.               •   Check SIPAlink daily.

•   Have your resume and cover letter(s) critiqued during sign-in hours.    •   Review OCS Career News, published weekly, which lists OCS
                                                                                announcements, career events, jobs, internships, schedules for
•   Schedule a career counseling appointment with an OCS counselor              upcoming employer information sessions and resume collections.
    to discuss your internship search strategy.
                                                                            •   Have your resume and cover letter(s) critiqued during sign-in
•   Review OCS Career News, published weekly, which lists OCS                   hours. Especially for those interested in the private sector, be
    announcements, career events, jobs, internships, schedules for              prepared to submit resumes and cover letters at the beginning of
    upcoming employer information sessions and resume collections.              September.

•   Dedicate time to your internship and job search during your two         •   Dedicate time to your internship and job search during your two
    years at SIPA. Treat it like a class, dedicating at least three hours       years at SIPA. Treat it like a class, dedicating at least three hours
    per week to the process.                                                    per week to the process.

•   Attend a Recruitment Orientation Session to learn about hiring cy-      •   Attend career panels to gather information, leads and contacts.
    cles and job and internship search strategies for your concentration.
                                                                            •   Attend career workshops about cover letter and resume writing,
•   Attend career workshops about cover letter and resume writing, the          the job search, and work permits for international students.
    job search, and work permits for international students.
                                                                            •   Use all the resources available in the OCS Resource Room and
•   Attend an Off-Campus Work-Study Orientation if you are eligible for         read the Wet Feet Press and online VAULT guides, periodicals
    this program.                                                               and trade magazines (which often have jobs), job subscriptions,
                                                                                books on interviewing techniques as well as concentration-specific
•   Attend employer information sessions to learn more about career             books. Peruse employer organization websites and read the OCS
    opportunities.                                                              fact sheets.

•   Upload your resume and complete the employment fields in the            •   Network with people in your field of interest.
    Student Directory.

•   Network with people in your field of interest.
                                                                                                                                       Page 5
                        SIPAlink                                            3) Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist -Timor-Leste
On-Campus Interviews                                                        Job ID#: 28319
* Indicates that the employer will also conduct an information session at   10/3/2009
SIPA. To learn about the information session, please visit SIPAlink un-
der On-campus recruiting and career events.                                 American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
                                                                            1) Financial Management Leadership Fellows (FMLP) Program —
                                                                            Washington, DC
Booz Allen Hamilton*
                                                                            Job ID#: 23639
Consultant                                                                  11/15/2009
Deadline: 9/25/2009
Interview Date: 10/15/2009                                                  2) Program Officer, Asia (New York, NY)- New York, NY
                                                                            Job ID#: 28274
Citi Global Transaction Services*                                           10/1/2009
Deadline: 9/28/2009                                                         ARD, Inc.
Interview Date: 10/8/2009                                                   1) Senior Technical Democracy and Governance Advisor - Sudan
                                                                            Job ID#: 28296
Education Pioneers*                                                         10/2/2009
Education Pioneers Fellow
Deadline: 12/15/2009                                                        2) Agriculture Enterprise and Competitiveness Team Leader – Burling-
Interview Date: 1/27/2010                                                   ton, VT
                                                                            Job ID#: 28313
U.S. Department of Homeland Security*                                       10/3/2009
Honors Fellow
Deadline: 10/12/2009                                                        3) State Governance Advisor - Sudan
Interview Date: 10/23/2009                                                  Job ID#: 28295
Featured Full-time Opportunities for Second-                                Brookings Institution, The
year Students                                                               Development Officer – Washington, DC
SIPAlink has hundreds of available opportunities. Please be sure to         Job ID#: 28265
check both under Full-time and Internship Postings and On-Campus            9/30/2009
Interviews when doing a search.
                                                                            Business and Professional People for the Public Interest
American Chamber of Commerce in China                                       Polikoff-Gautreaux Fellow - Chicago, IL
Business Development Director – Beijing, China                              Job ID#: 24272
Job ID#: 28181                                                              10/16/2009
                                                                            Carbon Conservation
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation                                           Project Developer - Asia
German Chancellor Fellowship - Bonn, Germany                                Job ID#: 28287
Job ID#: 24329                                                              10/2/2009
                                                                            Cents Ability
Alliance for Global Education                                               Executive Director - New York City, NY
Shanghai Resident Directors – Shanghai, China                               Job ID#: 28284
Job ID#: 28086                                                              9/15/2009
                                                                            Children's Health Fund
American Institutes for Research (AIR)                                      Senior Grant Writer, Institutional Giving - New York, NY
1) Principal Investigator/Project Director – Washington, DC                 Job ID#: 28191
Job ID#: 28315                                                              9/24/2009  
                                                                            Claims Conference
2) Project Manager, Timor-Leste - Timor-Leste                               Manager, Grant Administration and Reporting - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28318                                                              Job ID#: 28254
                                                                                                                               Page 6
9/27/2009                                                            Washington, DC
                                                                     Job ID#: 23639
Clinton Foundation                                                   11/15/2009
West Africa Country Manager - Ghana
Job ID#: 23578                                                       2) Policy and Budget Analysts - New York, NY
10/1/2009                                                            Job ID#: 28124
Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
1) Director of Programs - Financial Markets - San Francisco, CA      DKNY - The Donna Karan Company LLC
Job ID#: 28292                                                       Data Analyst/Programmer - New York, NY
10/2/2009                                                            Job ID#: 28125
2) Director of Programs - Regulatory Economics - San Francisco, CA
Job ID#: 28293                                                       Ecodit, Inc.
10/2/2009                                                            Environment and Global Climate Change Specialist, Bangladesh
                                                                     Job ID#: 28290
Corporate Accountability International                               10/2/2009
1) Senior Researcher – Boston, MA
Job ID#: 24418                                                       eStandards Forum
9/26/2009                                                            Research Associate - New York, NY
                                                                     Job ID#: 20213
2) Development Associate - Boston, MA                                9/20/2009
Job ID#: 23211
9/23/2009                                                            FINCA International
                                                                     1) Chief Executive Officer, FINCA El Salvador - San Salvador
3) International Organizer - Boston, MA                              Job ID#: 28142
Job ID#: 23206                                                       9/17/2009
                                                                     2) Chief Financial Officer, FINCA Malawi - New York, NY
4) Online Director - Boston, MA                                      Job ID#: 28170
Job ID#: 23207                                                       9/23/2009
                                                                     3) Chief Financial Officer, FINCA Zambia - New York, NY
5) Field Organizer - Boston, MA                                      Job ID#: 28207
Job ID#: 24303                                                       9/25/2009
                                                                     4) Chief Operating Officer, FINCA - Guatemala
6) Press Secretary – Boston, MA                                      Job ID#: 28311
Job ID#:24130                                                        10/3/2009
                                                                     Forest Laboratories, Inc.
Council on Foreign Relations                                         Manager, New Products Strategy – New York, NY
Director of Education Research - New York, NY                        Job ID#: 28034
Job ID#: 28123                                                       12/31/2009
                                                                     Freedom House
Council Member Daniel Garodnick                                      1) Deputy Director Operations (Juba) - Juba, South Sudan
Legislative Aide - New York, NY                                      Job ID#: 28127
Job ID#: 28252                                                       10/16/2009
                                                                     2) Fellow International Religious Freedom Program – Washington, DC
Credit Where Credit is Due                                           Job ID#: 28224
Director of Operations - New York, NY                                9/26/2009
Job ID#: 28070
10/9/2009                                                            French-American Foundation
                                                                     Associate Program Director - New York, NY
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)                                    Job ID#: 28202
1) Financial Management Leadership Fellows (FMLP) Program-           9/25/2009
                                                                                                                              Page 7
Global Fund for Women                                             Job ID#: 28130
Program Associate, Asia/Oceania - San Francisco, CA               9/16/2009
Job ID#: 28310
9/20/2009                                                         2) Education and Support Services Supervisor - New York, NY
                                                                  Job ID#: 28131
Global Health Strategies                                          9/16/2009
1) Manager - New York, NY
Job ID#:24462                                                     3) External Relations Advisor, Southern Africa - Paarl, South Africa
10/1/2009                                                         Job ID#: 27969
2) Manager, Global Health - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28266                                                    4) Web Manager/Graphic Designer - Silver Spring, MD
11/2/2009                                                         Job ID#: 27970
Grameen Foundation Technology Center
Program Manager - Jakarta, Indonesia                              International Resources Group (IRG)
Job ID#: 28088                                                    Proposal Writer/Editor – Washington, DC
10/10/2009                                                        Job ID#: 28286
Human Rights Watch
Senior Writer, Development and Outreach - New York, NY            International Society for Disease Surveillance
Job ID#: 28177                                                    1) Senior Project Manager, DiSTRIBuTE Project – Boston, MA
9/23/2009                                                         Job ID#: 28281
The Heckscher Foundation for Children
Heckscher Innovator Grant Fellowship - New York, NY               2) Community of Practice Coordinator, DiSTRIBuTE Project
Job ID#: 28309                                                    Flexible on location within the U.S.
10/29/2009                                                        Job ID#: 28283
Innocence Project
Deputy Director of Operations - Kampala, Uganda                   Jewish Outreach Institute
Job ID#: 28128                                                    1) Program Officer - New York, NY
10/16/2009                                                        Job ID#: 28285
Institute for Sustainable Communities
Program Manager - Thailand                                        Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA)
Job ID#: 28264                                                    Policy Advisor, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Operations - New York, NY
9/30/2009                                                         Job ID#:23658
International Partnership for Microbicides
1) Associate Director, Global Health Policy - Brussels            National Democratic Institute For International Affairs
Job ID#: 27964                                                    1) Regional Communications Officer - Phnom Penh, Cambodia
11/1/2009                                                         Job ID#: 28139
2) Development Associate (Fundraising) - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28257                                                    2) Senior Program Assistant: Southern and East Africa - District of Colum-
9/27/2009                                                         bia, DC
                                                                  Job ID#: 28214
3) Event Manager - New York, NY                                   9/25/2009
Job ID#: 28258
9/27/2009                                                         3) Temporary Resident Senior Program Officer for Election Monitoring –
                                                                  Kyiv, Ukraine
International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)                 Job ID#: 28157
Chief of Party, Graduate Education Program - Washington, DC       9/20/2009
Job ID#: 28297
10/2/2009                                                         4) Resident Director – Juba, Sudan
                                                                  Job ID#: 28158
International Rescue Committee (IRC)                              9/20/2009
1) Senior Researcher, Center for an Urban Future - New York, NY
                                                                                                                                  Page 8
5) Resident Senior Program Manager – Conakry, Guinea                      3) Director of Strategic Operations – New York, NY
Job ID#: 28204                                                            Job ID#: 24392
9/25/2009                                                                 9/25/2009

6) Project Assistant: International Knowledge Network of Women in Poli-   4) Strategic Planning Senior Associate – New York, NY
tics – Washington, DC                                                     Job ID#: 24438
Job ID#: 28275                                                            9/25/2009
                                                                          5) Center Director- New York - NY
7) Bangladesh: Resident Program Director (216868-851)- Dhaka, Bang-       Job ID#: 28091
ladesh                                                                    9/25/2009
Job ID#: 28320
10/3/2009                                                                 NYC Independent Budget Office
                                                                          Consultant for Clean Energy Initiative - New York, NY
8) Iraq: Resident Program Director, Governance Program (216867-851)       Job ID#: 28144
- Baghdad, Iraq                                                           11/18/2009
Job ID#: 28305
10/3/2009                                                                 NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
                                                                          Community Coordinator- Brooklyn, NY
New York Asian Women's Center                                             Job ID#: 28255
1) Development Associate - New York, NY                                   9/27/2009
Job ID#: 27961
9/21/2009                                                                 New Yorkers for Bill Thompson
                                                                          Civil Society & Governance Specialist - Bangkok, Thailand
2) Program Associate - New York, NY                                       Job ID#: 28141
Job ID#: 28168                                                            9/17/2009
                                                                          NYC Service
3) Assistant Director of Shelter Operations - New York, NY                Mayor's Service Fellowship - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28167                                                            Job ID#: 28251
10/23/2009                                                                9/27/2009

NYC Department of Education                                               Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA)/USAID - Global
Executive Director; Product Development - New York, NY                    Corps
Job ID#: 28044                                                            Information Specialist – Washington, DC
9/28/2009                                                                 Job ID#: 28294
NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)
1) Associate Staff Analyst - New York, NY                                 On-Ramps
Job ID#: 28209                                                            Manager of Courses (Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,
10/20/2009                                                                Special Education) - New York, NY
                                                                          Job ID#: 28291
2) Staff Analyst - New York, NY                                           12/2/2009
Job ID#: 28161
9/20/2009                                                                 Pan American Development Foundation
                                                                          Deputy Chief of Party – Port-au-Prince, Haiti
3) Administrative Staff Analyst - New York, NY                            Job ID#: 28236
Job ID#: 28222                                                            9/26/2009
                                                                          Partnership for the Homeless
NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS)                           Associate Director of Development, Institutional Grants - New York, NY
1) Project Manager, NYC Workforce Investment Board – New York, NY         Job ID#: 28150
Job ID#: 24361                                                            9/19/2009
                                                                          Peace Dividend Trust
2) Director of Contract Management, Avenue NYC – New York, NY             Senior Program Manager, Central Asia and Caucasus - Washington,
Job ID#: 24383                                                            DC
9/25/2009                                                                 Job ID#: 28151
                                                                                                                       Page 9
9/19/2009                                                         Times Square Alliance
                                                                  1) Director, Economic Development and Retail - New York, NY
Public Health Solutions                                           Job ID#: 24395
RIC Manager - Brooklyn, NY                                        9/30/2009
Job ID#: 24369
9/16/2009                                                         2) Policy, Planning, and Design Associate - New York, NY
                                                                  Job ID#: 24394
Roubini Global Economics, LLC                                     9/30/2009  
Economic Analyst - Latin America - New York, NY                    
Job ID#: 28179                                                    Tipping Point Community
9/24/2009                                                         Senior Research and Evaluation Associate – San Francisco, CA
                                                                  Job ID#: 28036
Seedco                                                            9/30/2009
1) NYC WFD Program Associate - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28154                                                    The After-School Corporation
9/19/2009                                                         Grants Analyst - New York, NY
                                                                  Job ID#: 28201
2) India Portfolio Manager - Hyderabad, India                     1/31/2010
Job ID#: 28155
9/19/2009                                                         The Capstone Partnership
                                                                  Vice President, New York Government Affairs – Bethpage, NY
Societe Generale                                                  Job ID#: 28228
Various Opportunities - New York, NY                              10/28/2009
Job ID#: 23155
9/27/2009                                                         United Nations University
                                                                  Junior Professional Fellows - New York, NY
Southern Poverty Law Center                                       Job ID#: 24232
Policy Director - New Orleans, LA                                 11/30/2009
Job ID#: 28298
10/31/2009                                                        Washington Office On Latin America (WOLA)
                                                                  Program Assistant/Intern Coordinator – Washington, DC
StateTrust                                                        Job ID#: 28269
International Financial Consultant – Miami, FL                    9/30/2009
Job ID#: 28065
10/4/2009                                                         White House Fellows Program
                                                                  White House Fellow - Washington, DC
United States Agency For International Development (USAID)        Job ID#: 28098
Private Sector Public-Private Partnerships Technical Advisor -    9/20/2009
Washington, DC
Job ID#: 28312                                                    World Economic Forum USA
9/28/2009                                                         1) Partnership Development Manager, Mobility Industries - New York,
US-China Business Council                                         Job ID#: 28092
Business Manager – Washington, DC                                 9/30/2009
Job ID#: 28280
9/18/2009                                                         2) Community Manager, Aviation Industry - New York, NY
                                                                  Job ID#: 28093
Terra Global Capital, LLC                                         9/30/2009  
AFOLU Carbon Accounting Specialist - San Francisco, CA
Job ID#: 28288
10/2/2009                                                         Fellowship Opportunities
                                                                  CDS International, Inc.*
Third Way                                                         Alfa Fellow – Moscow, Russian Federation
Ukraine: Temporary Resident Senior Program Officer for Election   Job ID:# 21903
Monitoring - Kyiv, Ukraine                                        12/1/2009
Job ID#: 28157
9/20/2009                                                         Institute of International Education
                                                                  Fulbright Fellowships - New York, NY
                                                                                                                          Page 10
Job ID#: 22672                                                       David Yassky for New York City Comptroller
10/1/2009                                                            Summer Intern – New York, NY
                                                                     Job ID#: 27630
Featured Internships for First-year Students                         9/15/2009
African Development Bank Group
Summer Internship - Tunis (or another office), Tunisia               Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
Job ID#: 28271                                                       Summer Intern - Washington, DC
9/30/2009                                                            Job ID#: 23640
After-School Corporation/Center for After-School Excellence
Graduate Student Research Assistant - New York, NY                   Democracy Now!
Job ID#: 28169                                                       Outreach Intern Spanish Radio Stations - New York, NY
10/2/2009                                                            Job ID#: 28172
American Civil Liberties Union
Fall Policy and Advocacy Intern - New York, NY                       Development Gateway Foundation
Job ID#: 28059                                                       Fall Development Analyst Intern – Washington, DC
11/27/2009                                                           Job ID#: 23177
Amnesty International USA
Organizing, Membership and Campaigns Department Intern - New York,   DKNY - Donna Karan Company LLC
NY                                                                   Fall Intern - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28064                                                       Job ID#: 28146
9/15/2009                                                            9/23/2009

Asia Society                                                         European Investment Bank
Policy Studies Intern - New York, NY                                 FEMIP Intern - Luxembourg
Job ID#: 28047                                                       Job ID#: 27971
9/30/2009                                                            9/25/2009

Bank of New York Mellon                                              FINCA International
Strategy, Development & Investment Group Intern- New York, NY        Fall Global Education and Media Intern - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28196                                                       Job ID#: 28126
9/17/2009                                                            9/16/2009

beCause Global Consulting                                            Freedom House
Year-Round Executive Operations Intern - New York, NY                Fall Research/Administrative Intern - New York, NY
Job ID#: 24297                                                       Job ID#: 28223
9/27/2009                                                            9/26/2009

Chinatown Manpower Project                                           French-American Foundation
Summer/Fall Development/ Marketing Intern - New York, NY             Part-Time Online Communications Consultant - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28200                                                       Job ID#: 28203
9/25/2009                                                            9/25/2009

City University of New York (CUNY)                                   Global Action on Aging
1) Fall IT Intern - New York , NY                                    Russian Speaking Research Associate - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28120                                                       Job ID#: 28175
10/1/2009                                                            9/23/2009

2) Fall Creative Marketing Intern - New York , NY                    G.S. Schwartz & Co. Inc.
Job ID#: 28121                                                       Fall Public Relations Intern - New York, NY
10/1/2009                                                            Job ID#: 23236
Columbia University-Earth Institute
Fall Administrative Intern - New York, NY                            NYC Independent Budget Office
Job ID#: 28122                                                       1) Communications Intern - New York, NY
10/1/2009                                                            Job ID#: 28145
                                                                                                                           Page 11
2) Internship - New York, NY                                           Right to Play
Job ID#: 28146                                                         Fall Intern - New York, NY
9/30/2009                                                              Job ID#: 28212
Office of the State Deputy Comptroller for New York City
Women’s Human Rights, Human Security and Peacebuilding Program         Sisterhood is Global Institute
Intern - New York, NY                                                  Fall Marketing and Communications Intern - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28147                                                         Job ID#: 28185
9/18/2009                                                              9/24/2009
Oxfam America                                                          The International Women's Tribune Center (IWTC)
Intern - New York, NY                                                  Volunteer Interpreters, English-French-English; English-Indonesian-
Job ID#: 28148                                                         English - New York, NY
9/18/2009                                                              Job ID#: 24414
Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute
Fall Policy Intern - Washington, DC; Boston Greater Area, MA; Bronx,   United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
NY                                                                     1) Summer Intern - External Relations and Government Affairs -
Job ID#: 28159                                                         Washington, DC
9/20/2009                                                              Job ID#: 24430
Peace Corps Response                                                    
Peace Corps Response Volunteer - Various
                                                                       2) Spring Intern - External Relations and Government Affairs - Wash-
Job ID#: 28219
                                                                       ington, DC
                                                                       Job ID#: 24431
Peace Dividend Trust
Meetings Team Intern (off-site)- Washington, DC
                                                                       United Nations NGO Sustainability
Job ID#: 28152
                                                                       Summer Intern - Norwalk, CT and New York, NY
                                                                       Job ID#: 1331
PEN American Center
1) Prison Writing Program Fall Intern - New York, NY
                                                                       World Federalist Movement - Institute for Global Policy
Job ID#: 28210
                                                                       1) Fall Genocide Prevention Project Intern - New York, NY
                                                                       Job ID#: 22232
2) Online Publications Fall Intern - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28211
                                                                       2) Fall Peacebuilding Commission Project Intern - New York, NY
                                                                       Job ID#: 22233
3) Readers and Writers Fall Intern - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28213
                                                                       3) ICRToP Project Intern - New York, NY
                                                                       Job ID#: 28188
4) Membership Fall Intern - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28215
                                                                       4) International Democracy Fall Intern - New York, NY
                                                                       Job ID#: 28192
5) Writers' Fund Fall Intern - New York, NY
Job ID#: 28216
9/25/2009                                                              Witness
                                                                       Fall Outreach Intern - Brooklyn, NY
6) World Voices Festival/Public Programs Fall Intern - New York, NY    Job ID#: 21749
Job ID#: 28217                                                         9/30/2009
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Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria    The September 4, 2009 edition of International Career Employment
Malaria Program Manager – New York, NY                             Weekly is available at             Username:; Password: 2886
November 30, 2009
                                                                   For the September 1, 2009 edition of Women in International
Southern Poverty Law Center                                        Security (WIIS) Jobs Hotline, check
Policy Director – New Orleans, LA                        
November 1, 2009                                                   "WIIS This Week: September 1, 2009" is now available online at:
Success Charter Network
Director of Operations – New York, NY                              The latest issue of City Limits, a free news and resource guide for             New Yorkers, is available at
November 3, 2009                                                   newsletter/newsletter700.cfm

Merrill Lynch Private Wealth Management                            Environmental Career Opportunities has released its September 1,
Financial Advisor Global Wealth Management – Long Island, NY       2009 issue. Please click and             then type in your user ID: columbia, and your password: sipa
October 5, 2009
                                                                   The following 5 job sites can be accessed with the username: Colum-
Leake and Watts Services, Inc.                                     bia and the password: Columbia
Assistant Executive Director – Yonkers, NY                         Ethical Jobs:             Human Rights Jobs:
October 31, 2009                                                   Journalism Jobs:
                                                                   Policy Jobs:
Prudential                                                         Political Jobs:
Financial Advisor - East Hanover, NJ (candidate must be from NJ)              We also encourage you to use these additional resources:
November 1, 2009                                                   Development Executive Group (free membership):
                                                                   Environmental Career Opportunities:
                                                                   Green Dream Jobs:
                                                                   Foreign Policy Association:
                                                                   International Economic Development Council:
                                                                   Media Bistro:
                                                                   Microfinance Gateway:
                                                                   Philanthropy News Digest:

                                                                   If there are other online subscriptions you would like OCS to join,
                                                                   please contact us at
                                                                                                                                 Page 13
                                                                            Are you in the Student Directory and would you be open to talking
                           Featured Student                                 with other students about your background and profes-
                             of the Week:                                   sional experiences?
                          Madonna Kendona,                                  Yes and absolutely.
                             M.P.A. 2010
Concentration: Social Policy

Could you walk us through your background and employment
                                                                                              Student Directory
I was born in Accra, Ghana and raised in Europe and West Africa.            The Office of Career Services urges students to use the Student Direc-
After university, I did my year of National Service at Ghana's Ministry     tory for networking purposes. To update your Student Directory profile
of Finance. I worked on the China-Japan-Korea Desk as Assistant to          and search for other students, please visit:
the Desk Officer. During that time I also worked as a Liaison Officer       current_students/index.html.
during the African Union Summit in Accra. Before coming to SIPA, I
did a brief stint at International Finance Solutions, a Ghanaian non-
bank financial institution as Executive Assistant to the CEO.

What internships and activities have you participated in dur-
ing your time at SIPA and why?

This summer I interned with the New York Women's Foundation here
in the City. I have always been interested in women's issues but it
wasn't until last semester that I realized that I wanted to focus on Gen-
der Policy. My experience at the Foundation was amazing. I got
hands-on experience in terms of their grant-making process, got to
visit some of their remarkable grantee organizations and even met
some of the women and girls who have benefited from the Founda-
tion's grants. I'm a member of the SIPA Pan African Network (SPAN).
I feel it's very important to be a good ambassador for the continent.
I'm also a Program Assistant at the Office of Career Services this
year. I'm coordinating the NYC Career Series.

Moving forward, what are your career aspirations?

I'm keeping my options open. I can work for the government, for an
NGO or in a private company's corporate social responsibility depart-
ment as long as I can work on gender issues. I don't mind where I
work, though ideally I'd like to be back home within 5 years of graduat-
ing from SIPA.

What part of your SIPA experience so far do you consider to be
the most valuable in terms of pursuing your career?

I feel like SIPA has encouraged me to question things more. I find that
I'm able to form opinions on issues better now rather than accept the
norm. My most valuable experience, however, has been the friend-
ships I've made here. Never underestimate your peers. I got my sum-
mer internship because my friend Jie referred me to her professor.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differ-
ently related to your professional or academic experience?

I probably would have worked one more year before coming to gradu-
ate school. I also would have taken more classes I enjoyed rather
than classes that are more "respected".

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