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The official currency in Serbia is the Serbian Dinar -. The exchange rate is
around 60 dinars for 1 dollar. One dinar contains 100 paras (a para to a dinar
is like a cent to a dollar)
Unlike the dollar bills, which are all same in size regardless of their value,
Serbian dinar bills differ in size - the greater the value of the bill, the greater
its size.
The Serbian currency comes in the following denominations:

      •   Bills: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 dinars
      •   Coins: 50 paras, 1 dinar, 2 dinars, 5 dinars, 10 dinars, and 20 dinars

                    10 dinar bill features a portrait of Vuk Stefanovic Karadžic, a
                    Serbian linguist, major reformer of the Serbian language and
                    the creator of contemporary Serbian alphabet

                    20 dinar bill features a portrait of Petar Petrovic Njegoš, a
                    statesman and a poet, and bishop of the Serbian Orthodox

                    50 dinar bill features a portrait of Stevan Stojanovic
                    Mokranjac, one of the most famous Serbian composers and
                    music educators of the 19th century

                    100 dinar bill features a portrait of Nikola Tesla, prominent
                    scientist and inventor in the field of electric energy, who
                    worked and died in the US

                    200 dinar bill features a portrait of Nadežda Petrovic, the most
                    important Serbian female painter from the late 19th and early
                    20th century
500 dinar bill contains a portrait of Jovan Cvijic, a famous
Serbian geographer and a founder of Serbian Geographic

1000 dinar bill holds a portrait of Ðorde Vajfert, the first
Governor of the Serbian National Bank, an industrialist and a
beer brewer

5000 dinar bill features a portrait of Slobodan Jovanovic, a
jurist and historian,    Prime Minister of the Yugoslav
government in exile during World War II

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