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									                                                THE CAPTAIN’S LOG
                                                           Long Beach Yacht Club
                                                                 PO Box 97
                                                           Long Beach, MS 39560
DECEMBER 2009                                                                                    VOL. XXVIII, NO. 12

     SUN                   MON                 TUE                WED                    THU            FRI                SAT
2 PM>6 PM               7PM>Half              Closed             Closed          4 PM >9 PM        4 PM >8 PM           4 PM >8PM

                  .                      1                  2                  3                  4                 5
     DECEMBER                                                                   Grill Your Own    Hamburgers &
                                                                               $5.00 Set Up       Hot Dogs
6                     7                  8                  9                  10                 11                12
                      Monday Night                                                                Private Party     Private Party
                      Football 7:00 p.                                          Grill Your Own    Hamburgers &
                                                                               $5.00 Set Up       Hot Dogs
13                    14                 15                 16                 17                 18                19
                      Monday Night                                                                                   Club Christmas
Private Party         Football 7:00 p.                                                            Hamburgers &            Party
                                                                                Grill Your Own    Hot Dogs               6:30 P
                                                                               $5.00 Set Up
20                    21                 22                 23                 24                 25                26
                      Monday Night                                               Club Closed      Merry Christmas
                      Football 7:00 p.                                                            Club Closed

27                    28                 29                 30                 31
                      Monday Night                                             New Year’s Eve
                      Football 7:00 p                                              Party                      2009

                Flag Officers                            Board of Governors                            Ex-Officio
                                                One Year           Two Years
COMMODORE….…………Shelda Jones                     Bill Caraway     Lawrence Simpson         Fleet Surgeon………Dr. David V. Larosa
Vice Commodore…………….Julie Noble                 Dana Burke            Patti Steagall      Fleet Chaplain………… George Leonard
Rear Commodore……………Tom Stokes                   Dick Urban          James Hancock         Auxiliary President…………June Wiggins
Fleet Captain………………...Holly Murray              Freddy Welch          Phillip Whitsitt    Newsletter Editor……….……Joe Fleming
Past Commodore……….….Shelda Jones                                                          Secretary………………….....Shirley Steen
                      Khloe Ohliger, Cameron French, Erin Keefer,
       Maddy Murray   Logan French, and Lida Muray

Ricky Welch
FROM THE BRIDGE                                         SHELDA JONES, COMMODORE
    Congratulations to our newly elected 2010 Board of Governors, Commodore Julie Noble, Vice Commodore Tom
Stokes, Rear Commodore June Wiggins, Fleet Captain Holly Murray and two year board members Ken Price, Glenn
Bohne, Charlie Coleman, and Freddie Welch. Continuing their term on the board are James Hancock, Lawrence
Simpsonn, Phillip Whittsett, and Patti Steagall. I know they are dedicated to serving the Long Beach Yacht Club
and will continue to keep us relevant to our mission. Thank you to the outgoing members; Dana Burke, Dick Urban,
and Bill Caraway. Their devotion and commitment to the success of the club has been exceptional, stupendous,
superior….I could go on and on about them. I know they will continue to be involved and support our endeavors.
Thank you again.
    The 2009 Hurricane season is now over and we are very happy that Ida did not cause any damage along our
beautiful Gulf Coast. Ida was a good trial for our hurricane preparedness and many thanks to Dick Urban, Dick
Marx, David Fayard, Julie Noble, Holly Murray, Ed Keefer, Howard Kapp, and Charlie and Pattie Coleman for their
help and preparation during this time.
    Recently, Ken Price, Shirley Brosette, and Ken’s family served a wonderful brunch to the Board in appreciation
for the success of the club. Thank you!
    The brick project is progressing…the bricks have been installed and look amazing. Thank you to Don, Diane,
and David Evans who have put many hours into making this project successful. What a wonderful way to put our
personal stamp on our club.
    June Wiggins, we continue to thank you for the wonderful, fun, and delicious parties that you host for us. The
Thanksgiving Pot Luck showcased the wonderful “chefs” of the Long Beach Yacht Club. We really have a lot for
which to be thankful.
    We recently lost one of our charter members, Lula Bell. We send our condolences to her family. We continue to
send get well wishes to several of our members (Susan Woodward and Dixie Huch).                                 ⌂

RACE AND SAIL COMMITTEE                                                 ROY BURKE
    With the end of the year approaching I think about what has impacted race and sail since the year began. The
biggest event was officially moving into our club building. Now we have a place to gather and socialize that won’t
float away when the water rises a few feet. I think about the great job Holly Murray did with the youth and one
design racing. Thanks Holly! We were quite successful running the GYA 420 championship regatta. Thanks to Tom
Stokes and our fleet, LBYC is putting handicap racing back into the Mississippi Sound on a regular basis. Other
clubs are certainly taking notice that LBYC truly is a sailing club. Thanks to Julie Noble for providing refreshments at
skippers meetings. And last but not least, I would like to thank the commodore, flag officers, board members and all
who participated in making this the best yacht club on the Gulf Coast.                                           ⌂

FLEET CAPTAIN                                                   HOLLY MURRAY
    In the spirit of this holiday season I would like tell everyone how thankful I am for all the years that I have been
able to help with the youth sailing and for the young people who have touched my life by allowing me to be a part of
theirs. I look forward to many more years to come. Thank You.
    We have done some sailing since my last newsletter; we competed in the last Capdeville race in Pensacola. A
job well done to crew and skippers Lyda Murray, Joey Stokes, and Erin Keefer. We got a chance to put the new
boat in the water and see how she sails. Too early to say if she sails better but I will say “we sure looked better
sailing in the new boat!”. The next weekend Joey Stokes, Tami and Jay Klassman sailed in the GYA Fish
Championship. I heard a good time was had by all.
    In Nov we enjoyed a Flying Scot day clinic with Buccaneer YC sailor Karl Kleinschrodt, who is an outstanding
Flying Scot sailor in the GYA. We learned a lot about the tuning, tips and trimming on the FS with the snug rig. I
really believe we will be finishing much better than in past years. I believe the last time LBYC bought a new Flying
Scot was in 1982. It is an awesome feeling sailing on a new boat!
    As I am preparing for the December newsletter and Thanksgiving Day one of our youngest sailors, Ricky Welch,
is preparing to race in the Optimist Mid-Winters. This is his first big race as an opti white fleet sailor! We will keep
everyone posted.                                                                   ⌂

BUY A BRICK CAMPAIGN                                                    DON EVANS
  I am happy to report that all the bricks, both engraved and blank, have been installed on the “V.I.P. patio” on the
deck. If you wish to purchase a brick, do not delay. While we still have bricks for sale, only a limited number of
spaces are available. When the new brick orders are processed, the blank ones will be replaced by the newly
engraved ones.

Bricks cost $100 each. You can participate in this important fund raising event several ways. Order forms will be
available at the bar, and you can purchase your brick from Linda, our bartender, and charge it to your account at the
club. Or if you prefer, you can give me a call me at 228-697-4415 to place an order, which also will be charged to
your account. If you would rather pay by check, you can mail your check along with your inscription, to: “Don Evans,
4262 Beatline Road, Long Beach, MS 39560“. Make the check payable to “Long Beach Yacht Club”. Please do not
send your mail order directly to the club. This will only delay processing.

Former members are welcome to participate, and this is a wonderful opportunity to commemorate a deceased loved
one. His or her name will be “set in stone” at the yacht club.

Your 4” x 8” brick will have space for one, two, or three lines, with 21 characters per line. A space counts as a
character. However, the lettering is less crowded if you limit your characters to 18 per line. Only a limited number
of bricks can be sold, so order yours today.

Examples:       IN MEMORY OF                                        JOHN & JANE DOE
              JOHN PERCIVAL DOE                               CHARTER MEMBERS
                  1908 – 2009                                                                                ⌂
 MEMBERSHIP                                                           KATHY BURNS
   Welcome aboard to our new members: Kim & Susan Fulton of Long Beach, Barbara Anne & Sunshine Owensby
of Long Beach, Kevin & Suan McLuen of Biloxi, and, Mike Vickery (reinstatement).
   The following people have applied for membership in the Long Beach Yacht Club.
Their applications will be presented to the Board of Governors for their approval at their regular meeting on
December 21, 2009:

Bruce & Kathy Davis (reinstatement)
504 Cypress Drive
Long Beach, MS

    Don't forget to bring friends to our LBYC functions so they can share in the fun and see what we have to offer.
    It's that time of year again. Please complete and return our “Member Information Forms”. Many of you have
changed phone numbers. The forms are available at the Club.
    New Cards will be coming out in January and we want to make sure they get to you properly. Also, we would like
to send last minute updates to remind you about our events. The fastest way to get a message to a large group at
the same time is by email. So it really would be nice to have everyone’s correct email address and phone numbers.
This is also a good time to show your interest in any of our committees. We sure could use your input. Please
complete the form even if your information hasn’t changed. Thanks for your help.                              ⌂

BEACHMASTER                                                           JOE FLEMING
   I have been asked by our Commodore Elect to serve in the position of Beachmaster for the year 2010. I gladly
   I will be laying out parking spaces for boats, mainly along the north fence line. Each parking space will be
assigned a number. Should you desire to park your boat in the yacht club parking lot, I will assign you a parking
spot number. Each boat parked on yacht club property will have a certificate of liability insurance on file and
contact information of the boat owner. The Board of Governors will determine if a fee for boat parking will apply.

VICE COMMODORE                                                        JULIE NOBLE
    The first thing I would like to say is "Thank You" for giving me the honor of being the upcoming Commodore of
our club for the year 2010. I promise to do my best to keep our club the best on the coast - with everyone's help! I
know I have some "big shoes" to fill!!
   November has been busy and it feels good to have a change in the weather. Of course, I'm not really a fan of
cold weather but a little bit is nice. It does put you in the holiday mood. Our Thanksgiving pot luck dinner was
absolutely wonderful. (Remember last year with lights on poles and portable heaters - we still had fun!) Have you
ever had so many delicious dishes to choose and taste? Thank you to all who contributed and worked so hard. A
special thanks to June Wiggins for making this event a success (again & again!). I would also like to thank our
bartender/girl everything, Linda, for ALL she does! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I was so blessed to
have many of my family members here, local and out of town - we had 36 for dinner. It was absolutely fantastic!
We will be having a Christmas Party in December and a New Year's Eve Party. Please remember to check the
calendar for all upcoming events and as always, we look forward to seeing you at your club.                  ⌂

ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE                                              JUNE WIGGINS
     Hi Folks! I can’t believe it is December already. We had a great Thanksgiving get together. What wonderful
food and fellowship. I know we have some of the best cooks on the coast!. We will be having a Christmas pot luck
dinner on December 19th. We will get a chance to sample some more great food. We will also have the "dirty"
santa gift exchange which is always great fun. Keep the gifts somewhat tasteful. Gag gifts are funny, but don’t
make them gross. Also, if you bring children make sure you bring that many kids’ gifts. I dont want anyone to be
left out. Also, don’t forget our wonderful bartender during this holiday season. Have a wonderful Christmas
     There will be a New Year’s Eve party at the club. Freddie and Christy Welch are heading that up. Roy Burke is
leading us with the music that night! Come and join the fun!                          ⌂

                LBYC CHRISTMAS PARTY
                   DECEMBER 19TH, 2009
                            TIME IS 6:30 PM
                       POTLUCK DINNER
                FOLLOWED BY “DIRTY”
                SANTA GIFT EXCHANGE
      The Welch Family
  At Long Beach Yacht Club
    Ring in the NEW YEAR
       December 31, 2009
          Music by Roy
   Fireworks by Freddy!!!!!
We will serve Shrimp Fettuccine
  and Terri's yummy gumbo!
Members bring your favorite dish.
   It's sure to be a BLAST!!
    Hope to see you there!

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