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					“What Do I Say?”
 How To Take A New Person
 Through The First Stages Of
       The Business
    How Do I Get Someone Interested
             in AdvoCare?
•   Prepare for Success!
•   Requires Investment
     – Distributor Kits
     – Impact Magazines
     – Solutions For Your Success DVD’s
     – Charlie Ragus Success CD’s
     – Receipts
     – Brochures
     – Business Cards
     – Car Decals
     – T-shirts and other clothing (where your colors!)
Steps to Setting The Appointment

 Three Steps to Introducing the Business of AdvoCare
 1. Make the contact ~ your only purpose here is to create interest and
                           set an appointment.
 Use one of the scripts below as a guideline. When you tell people what
  has happened to you with the products and/or the business, it is
 CRITICAL that you keep it BRIEF (20 seconds or less.) People stop
 listening after that and begin to back away from you if you go on and
 3 parts to your story:
 1) where you were before AdvoCare (physically or financially)
 2) what happened when you started product/business (physically or
 3) where you are going from here (physically or financially)
Steps to Setting The Appointment

 2. Show the DVD or direct them to your website as fast as humanly
     possible ~ preferably in person; over the phone if necessary ~
     direct them to specific stories on the DVD or AdvoCare website
     that will relate to their life. If possible, serve them Spark.
 3. Immediately, set up the next step ~ within 24 to 72 hours after
     they watch the DVD or AdvoCare webiste, set up one of the
     following for them:
     A. 2 on 1 appointment with your leader
     B. 3 way call with your leader
     C. mixer
      D. conference call
      E. large group meeting
Steps to Setting The Appointment

 Whichever Script idea you use, keep this in mind:
 • If they continue to try to ask question over the phone you must try
   to adhere to the principle of “less is better”. If it is not necessary to
   say, it is necessary not to say it. For someone in your sphere of
   influence, you must let them know that if your relationship has any
   substance to it, then they will surely give you 20-30 minutes of
   your time to share with them something that could affect their
   future or their destiny. You are just asking them for an open heart
   and an open mind to investigate something that could very well
   affect the rest of their life. This is the area of conversation that you
   stay within. You are looking for a simple commitment to view a
   short DVD accompanied by some success stories. Do not allow
   someone to get you off track in a conversation which can allow
   them to come up with preconceived notions of what you are really
   sharing with them.
                What Do I Say?
By the way, the reason I called is that I have something powerful to share with
    you. I just came across a business, that…if things go the way I believe they
    are going to go….I’m going to make some incredible income that could pay
    me for the rest of my life. The great thing is….that I’m going to take a few
    people with me. Whether you go my direction or not… I’m perfectly OK
    with. I wouldn’t want you to be a part of anything that you didn’t
    wholeheartedly buy in to. With that said….this may or may not be for you,
    but I want you to see what I’ve got my hands on, because I would be doing
    you a disservice by not sharing this with you.

The thing is ______________, you are going to have to see this with your own
   eyes in order to investigate and validate what I am telling you. It is so
   powerful…and so strong…that I’m not going to compromise it over the
   phone with you. All I need is 30 minutes of your time…..your undivided
   attention…so that you can decide whether or not it is for you. So, is
   tomorrow or _________ best for you? (Answer) Is (insert time) or (insert alt
   time) best for you? (Answer)
                     What Do I Say?

Following the small talk:

By the way, the reason I called is that I have learned of something people are
using as a vehicle to forever alter their financial situation. This guy/girl named
________ just earned ________ in _________ amount of time (insert any
story or 2). It is so obvious from what I have witnessed that this will happen
for me too…..actually……just from a few things I have already put in
motion…’s setting me up for wild success this year. The best part is I am
going to take a few people along for the ride, but I only have the opportunity
to take a few at a time. I don’t know if this is something for you or not, but I
am letting you in on this info…along with only these other few I am speaking
of. I thought you deserved to know of this from me before your neighbors are
telling you about this. Believe me: they will be soon…unless you get to them
                     What Do I Say?
The thing is though (name of person) you are going to have to see this with
   your own eyes in order to investigate or validate what I am telling you. It is
   so powerful, and so strong, that I’m not going to compromise it over the
   phone with you. All I need is 20 minutes of your time…your undivided
   attention….So that you can decide whether or not it is for you. So, what
   time is best for you? (If it is not a face to face situation for this prospect
   then change the wording of the last 2 sentences to connect them on a 3
   way call or get them on a conference call that is coming up).
                   What Do I Say?
Following the small talk:
Hey listen, I’m calling you for an important reason. I have something to tell
   you that could potentially be life-changing. I have a friend who runs a
   business that’s paying him/her _____________ each month. Now, I
   knew if he/she could do it, we could do it. The awesome thing about
   this is…that we can make money and I’m moving forward and I’m
   taking a couple of people with me. Trust me on this…regardless of
   what you decide to do it will not change my direction. And we’re going
   to be friends, either way…but here is the deal, you and I both know
   people who want and need these products. And because of what these
   products are doing for people, not to mention all of the professional and
   Olympic athletes that use these products, ADVOCARE will be a
   household name.
                  What Do I Say?
So here is what I am going to do. (Insert name of person), in order for
  you to decide if this is for you, you need to see this for yourself.
  Before I talked to ____________.....I had preconceived ideas about
  this. But I am telling you, you have GOT to trust me. You need to
  set aside 30 minutes and hear the message I heard. It might not be
  for you, but what if it is??? ______________ said that he/she would
  be willing to (talk/meet up) and show you what’s in it for YOU. At
  what time tonight or tomorrow would you be available for about 20-
  30 minutes? (This sets you up for a proper 3 way call or a 2-on-1
  presentation. Otherwise you gear your last statement to “What time
  can I come see you?” This will set you up for the DVD
                     What Do I Say?
If you had the most successful person you know tell you he/she was starting a
    new business and they were looking for three people….and you were at the
    top of the list, would you listen or would you just blow it off? Every
    successful person I know is always willing to look at new opportunities, but I
    want you to know that I am doing this and have never been more excited.
    This is how strongly I feel about it: if the roles were reversed, I would be
    offended if you didn’t let me in on it. One of the guys helping me has
    already made __________...and I am going the same way….and I don’t
    know if it is for you or not, but if it is….we have got to move fast. When can
    we talk because I have GOT to give you this information. Is today or
    tomorrow best for you? (Answer) Is (insert alt time) best for you? (Answer)
                    What Do I Say?
Hey__________, this is _________. I’m calling because I have something
  specific I need to talk to you about. Do you have minute? Here is the
  deal…I have come across an incredible way to earn extra income for my
  family and I am doing it right here from home. I am very excited about the
  potential here for me and I think you should take a look at it. I’ve checked it
  out and I believe in the integrity of the company and the reliability of the
  products. I am going to bring you all of the info, some of the samples, and
  have you take a look at it. I need to take some products to a gal tomorrow
  and will be in your area. Can I come by for about 20 minutes?
  ___________ lock in a time the next day, whether it’s before work, at lunch,
  after, or at the house late.
             The Appointment
Always be prepared!
•   Have product to sell
•   Have product samples to put in their body prior to the appointment
•   Impact Magazine & Solutions for Success DVD
•   One Page Playbook / Business & Retail Plan of Action
•   Packaging Your Story Sheet
•   2 Week Bonus sheet
•   Leadership Levels & Income Comparison Sheet
•   Opportunity for becoming an Advisor
•   Business Entry Levels
            The Appointment
1. Connect- Make a Friend
Take on the role of a consultant:
    Get an “impact” product in their body ASAP! Ex. Spark/Slam/Slim
Ask questions & listen
    Where are you from?
    How long have you lived here?
    What are your interest?
    What do you do for a living?
    Ask about family.
Build upon each question
    Don’t just ask questions
    One question may lead to your entire conversation
    The key is to make a real connection
                The Appointment
After you have connected…You have earned the right to ask deeper
   Do you love what you do?
   Can you see yourself doing what you do for the rest of your life?
   What has interested you in meeting today?
   What do you already know about Advocare?
   What interested you from the presentation website?
   What are your health and financial goals?
   Are you earning all the income you want to earn?
   Are you getting paid what you are worth?
   Do you have debt that you are trying to get rid of?
   Where do you plan to be 5 years from now?
   Do you have the free time that you want?
   Do you feel like you have control of your life & schedule?
    One Very Key Question
Do you have any previous or current business experience?
If “No”… show them a very simple version of how we get
     paid and speak in simple terms
     You are going to tell stories from the magazine
     You are going to share stories on the DVD
If “Yes”… find out what kind of experience they do have
     Identify whether they are a “numbers person” or
     someone who is all about the “big picture”
If they are analytical you will always show the complete
     marketing plan
If they are not a “numbers person”, you don’t have to go into
     great detail about overrides and leadership bonuses
     Focus more on stories and incomes that match the vision
     for their life
               The Process
2. Use the DVD
After you connect you will use the DVD to support your
For example, “Before we continue with our meeting, can I
     show you a quick video that will give you a very clear
     picture of what we are going to be talking about today
     and what Advocare is already doing for others.”
Show the “Advocare Opportunity” clip
Show stories that are relevant to your prospect—based on
     all you have learned about them
For example, you might say, “You remind me of this
     couple that I am about to show you. This story could
     become your story”
If no DVD is available use the Impact Magazine or
     Presentation Book
                         The Process
3. The Presentation Book
    You might share the 4 Ways to Engage with Advocare
    Cover any necessary facts or statistics about our
    Cover Charlie Ragus’ vision with strength
    Cover Sci/Med board if necessary
    Cover endorsers as necessary
    Discuss products and highlight stories that might
    connect with them
        Products are the engine that drives the financial
        Tell stories: your story plus 2 others
        Ask them, “What are your top 1 or 2 health goals?”
        Suggest a specific regimen that will help them attain
    their goals
        (You could let them know you will discuss products at the end of the appointment)
          The Marketing Plan
4. 5 Ways to Get Paid
     Use the Presentation Book to take them through the
     I, personally, start with the 2 Week Bonus Structure
     and the current Big Incentive

Leadership Bonuses—2 Key questions before proceeding
   “How much do you really believe you are worth per
   year, in your heart?”

   “What salary would get you excited, and would allow
   you to feel like you are getting paid what you are worth
   in the market place?”
         Leadership Bonuses
Responding to their answers
   Match their answer to the leadership level that applies
   Explain in simple terms how you can help get them
   For example…for a $40, 000 per year answer, here’s
   what you might do…
   Show them the 3 Star Gold Level and income
   Explain to them that all we have to do is find 3 people
   who are going to see this business the way that you
   see it… and you will be on your way to achieving that
        Ask For a Decision
The Biggest Mistake Distributors Make

Here are some ways that may lead you to
  this point:
  “So Kristen, let me ask you this… On a
  scale of 1 to 10 in interests…with 1
  being “I am not interested at all” and 10
  being “I am ready start earning money
  right now!”…How would you rate your
  interest level?”
                Close the Deal!
If it is a 1 or a 2… thank them for their time and move on!
      If it is a 3, 4, or 5…get them on products- make the sale!
      The fortune will be in the follow up
      If it is a 6 or a 7… you should have a new distributor…
      start with the Advisor presentation and ask them if it is
      something they can do…be silent…wait for the answer
      If it is an 8, 9, or 10…Get them to Advisor…Who do they

    Some other questions or comments that may help…
    “Well…Are you as excited about what you just saw as we
    “Sounds like you would like to be in business with us!”
    “How soon would you like to start earning money with
              Close the Deal!
Investment Levels
    Use the Entry Levels for New Distributors
    Use the Franchise Comparison Chart
    This shows how viable the Advocare Opportunity is
    Use the Business Opportunity of becoming an Advisor

Opportunity Costs!
   Nothing worth having in life is free
   It takes money to make money
   There is no such thing as a free lunch
   As you sow so shall you reap
   What are you willing to invest in order to succeed?
   “We invested all that we had into this business to get
   started once we saw the vision…that was $130…If we
   would have had $13,000 we would have invested it…my
   question to you is…“How much do you have? And, how
   much are you willing to invest?”

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