You Have the Right to Be Safe

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					Checklist                                  You Are Not Alone
These items may be good to have if I
decide to leave:

__Drivers license                          Rose Brooks Center helps people
__Birth certificates & SSN #’s
                                           who have been impacted by domestic
                                           violence. Rose Brooks Center offers                        You Have
__Money/Credit cards
__Bank books/ Checkbooks
                                           free shelter, support, counseling, and
                                           advocacy services.                                          the Right
                                                                                                     to Be Safe
__Social Security benefits/payee info.            24-hr Domestic Violence Hotline:
__Welfare information                                                816.861.6100
LEGAL PAPERS                                                                            Is someone hurting you?
__MY ORDER OF PROTECTION                   MOCSA helps people who have been
__Lease, rental agreement, deed
                                                                                        Do you feel unsafe?
                                           impacted by sexual abuse or assault.
__Car registration & insurance papers      MOCSA offers free support, counseling,       We can help.
__Health & Life insurance papers           advocacy, & education services.
__Medical records                                       MOCSA’s 24-hr Crisis Line:
__School records                                                   816.531.0233
__Work permits/Green card/VISA                                                                          Rose Brooks Center
__Marriage/Divorce/Custody papers          Institute for Human Development                   24-hr Domestic Violence Hotline:
OTHER                                      (IHD) provides support and referrals to                             816.861.6100
__House & car keys                         services for people with disabilities.
__Medication, medical information,             Contact IHD during business hours:               Metropolitan Organization to
  medical supplies/medic alert system                                816.235.1770            Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA)
__Phone numbers of emergency                                    TTY: 800.452.1185            24-hr Sexual Violence Crisis Line:
  medical & support personnel                                                                                   816.531.0233
__Assistive devices (i.e. hearing aids,    This project was supported by Grant No.                              913.642.0233
  oxygen tanks, glasses, batteries, etc)   2006-FW-AX-K014 awarded by the Office on
__Supplies for service animal              Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of
                                                                                                     MO Relay: 800.735.2966
__Address books                            Justice.
__Toiletries & change of clothes                                                           IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CALL: 911
What is a Safety Plan?                    Planning for Safety
It is a plan that you have in your head   Here are some ideas that could help         I can have the locks changed on my
or that you have written down on          me stay safe. I can use the ideas that      doors & windows or ask my landlord
paper that is made to keep you safe       work for me.                                to change them.
or as safe as possible. This plan is a    Remember: I DO NOT DESERVE TO BE
first step. An advocate can help you      HURT OR FEEL AFRAID!                        I can have _____________________
to plan more and find resources. Your                                                 check in on me every ____________.
safety plan can change as things in       During a fight, I will try to be close
your life change.                         to an exit. I will try to stay away from    I can__________________________
                                          anywhere where guns or knives are           ______________________________
                                          kept.                                       to increase my mobility.
When to Use a Safety Plan
• When you feel afraid for your           I can practice how to get out of my         If I have a protection order, I can tell
  safety.                                 home safely.                                family, friends, neighbors, teachers
• When someone is hurting you.                                                        and my doctor or health care provider
• When someone tells you they             I will identify a safe friend I can tell    that the order is in place.
  want to hurt you.                       about the abuse and ask them to call
• When you are being abused.              the police if they hear fighting coming     At work I can decide who I will tell
• When someone who abuses you             from my home.                               about my situation. This may be
  still lives, works or contacts you.                                                 building security. Give a picture of
• For keeping yourself safe after you     I will pre-register with the 911 call       ____________________ if possible.
  have ended your relationship with       center to share disability related
  someone who is abusive.                 information that would be helpful for       If I am feeling down, lonely or
• When someone is stalking you.           first responders.                           confused, I can call _______________
• When someone has forced you to                                                      or I can attend a support group at
  have sex or do something sexual         In case I need to leave I will have a       _____________________________.
  when you did not want to.               packed bag ready and keep it at a safe
                                          person’s home so I can leave quickly.       I can ask a friend that knows about
                                                                                      computers how my abuser may find
                                          I can make a plan for where I will go       information about me.
                                          if I have to leave home. I will tell them
                                          about any needs I may have.

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