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									ID        System ID Parent ID Name   Category Keyword
      1            1         0       BK
      2            1         0       BK
      3            1         1       CR
      4            1         1       CR
      5            1         1       CR
      6            1         1       CR
      7            1         1       CR
      8            1         1       CR
      9            1         1       CR
     10            1         1       CR
     11            1         1       CR
     12            1         2       RS
     13            1         2       RS
     14            1         2       RS
     15            1         2       RS
     16            1         2       RS
     17            1         2       RS
     18            1         2       RS
     19            1         2       RS
     20            1         2       RS
ITEM ToolKit Prediction BOM Template
(a basic BOM template for MIL-217 is shown on the first sheet of this Excel file)

(further columns can be included as required, then mapped to ITEM ToolKit parameters during Import Wizard)

ID         System ID               Parent ID                       Name
Number     Number                  Number                          Text
Sequential Static                  Corresponding ID                 Optional (or Blank)

Note :      Parent/Child Relationship is made by matching Parent ID and ID
            System ID is used when there are more than 1 System in a given Project

Category Keywords:

MIL-217                                                            BellCore
            Category Keyword       Category Description
            OD                     Alpha-numeric Display
            BK                     Block
            BM                     Bubble memory
            CR                     Capacitor
            CN                     Circuit Breaker
            CO                     Coil
            CX                     Connection
            GC                     Connector, General
            IS                     Connector, Socket
            OE                     Detector, Isolator, Emit
            HD                     Diode, High Frequency
            LD                     Diode, Low Frequency
            OL                     Diode, Laser
            EX                     External
            EF                     Filter, Electronic
            FS                     Fuse
            HY                     Hybrid
            HL                     Hybrid Layer
            LP                     Lamp
            LK                     Linked Block
            CS                     Laser, CO2 Sealed
            CF                     Laser, CO2 Flowing
            HA                     Laser, Helium/Argon
            SK                     Laser, NdY/Ruby, Krypton
            SX                     Laser, NdY/Ruby, Xenon
            ET                     Meter, Elapsed Time
            ME                     Meter, Panel
            MS                     Miscellaneous
            DI                     Micro, Digital
            EE                     Micro, EEPROM
            GD                     Micro, GaAs Digital
            AM                     Micro, GaAs MMIC
            LI                     Micro, Linear
            MM                     Micro, Not EEPROM
            PL                     Micro, PLA/PAL
            SA                     Micro, SAW Device
            VH                     Micro, VHSIC/VLSI CMOS
DM   Microprocessor, Digital
MR   Motor
IA   IA, Plated Through Holes
QC   Quartz Crystal
RY   Relay, Mechanical
SS   Relay, Solid State/TD
RS   Resistor
ST   IA, Surface Mount Tech
SW   Switch
SV   Synchro/Resolver
TY   Thyristor, SCR
TF   Transformer
GA   Transistor,HF GaAs FET
HB   Transistor,HF HP Bipolar
SI   Transistor,HF Si FET
LB   Transistor, LF Bipolar
LF   Transistor, LF FET
LN   Transistor,LN HF Bipolar
UT   Transistor, Unijunction
NT   Tube, NOT TWT/Magnetron
MG   Tube, Magnetron
TW   Tube, Travelling Wave
M ToolKit parameters during Import Wizard)

                      Category Keyword
                      See List Below

                      Category Keyword       Category Description            Category Keyword   Category Description
                      OD                     Alpha-Numeric Display           AR                 Accumulator
                      BK                     Block                           SS                 Seal, Static or Gasket
                      CR                     Capacitor                       CE                 Spring, Compression/Ext.
                      CS                     Computer System                 AT                 Actuator
                      CO                     Connector                       PO                 Valve, Poppet
                      DO                     Diode                           WA                 Accumulator Cylinder Wall
                      EX                     External                        AT                 Actuator
                      HY                     Hybrid                          BG                 Bearing
                      LI                     IC, Analog/Linear               BK                 Block
                      DI                     IC, Digital                     FR                 Brake Lining
                      DR                     IC, Dynamic RAM                 CF                 Clutch Lining
                      PL                     IC, Gate Arrays, PAL            CP                 Compressor
                      DM                     IC, Microprocessor              PS                 Pump Shaft
                      ME                     IC, ROM/PROM/EPROM              BG                 Bearing
                      SR                     IC, Static RAM                  PO                 Valve, Poppet
                      IN                     Inductor                        SS                 Seal, Static or Gasket
                      LK                     Linked Block                    CM                 Compressor Diaphragm
                      MS                     Miscellaneous                   CM                 Compressor Diaphragm
                      OE                     Opto-Electronic Device          WA                 Accumulator Cylinder Wall
                      RY                     Relay                           BR                 Electric Motor Brush
                      RF                     Resistor, Fixed                 WI                 Electric Motor Winding
                      RV                     Resistor, Variable              EX                 External
                      RN                     Resistor, Network               FA                 Fastener
                      RD                     Rotating Device                 FI                 Filter
                      SW                     Switch                          GE                 Gear
                      TH                     Thermistor                      HO                 Housing or Casing
                      TR                     Transistor                      LK                 Linked Block
                                                                             MT                 Motor
                                                                             BG                 Bearing
                                                                             WI                 Electric Motor Winding
                                                                             BR                 Electric Motor Brush
                                                                             SH                 Rod or Shaft
                                                                             GE                 Gear
                                                                             PU                 Pump
                                                                             SS                 Seal, Static or Gasket
                                                                             PS                 Pump Shaft
                                                                             BG                 Bearing
HO   Housing or Casing
FD   Pump Fluid Driver
FD   Pump Fluid Driver
PS   Pump Shaft
SH   Rod or Shaft
DS   Seal, Dynamic
SS   Seal, Static or Gasket
SO   Solenoid
SP   Spline
BS   Spring, Beam
CS   Spring, Cantilever
CE   Spring, Compression/Ext.
TS   Spring, Torsion
PO   Valve, Poppet
SV   Valve, Sliding Action
BV   Washer, Belleville
CW   Washer, Curved
WW   Washer, Waved

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