“Raising Aspirations”

                                       ASPIRING TIMES
                                                                        “Reaching Dreams”

                           VOLUME 5 - A Year In Review 2003/04
                                                                                              Aspiring Youth
        College for a Day- 5th Annual                                                       Students Spotlight
                                           The 5 th annual “College for a
                                         Day” took place at Texas Southern
                                         University with more than 300
                                         Aspiring Youth students taking
                                         classes including, “How to Win a
                                         Trial,” “Solar Energy,” “Art, Poetry,
                                         and Music with Flair,” “Nutrition
                                         - Looking Good, Feeling Good,”
                                         “Real- Estate Development in the
                                                                                                George Bogany
           Students with                                                                 Age: 13
                                         Hood,” “Hip-Hop English” and
     Professor Sandifer-Walker
                                         “People - Alike but Different.”                 School: Kirby Middle School
                                                                                         Grade: 8th
                                          TSU’s students and faculty members
                                         served as tour guides and instructors.          Nickname: Mr. Cheeks
                                         TSU Professor Serbino Sandifer-                 If you had one wish: I would
                                         Walker was the keynote speaker. Bob             like to be the star of the Year for
                                         Pemberton organized the Aspiring
                                                                                         Aspiring Youth.
                                         Youth students in Austin for a visit
                                         to the University of Texas for their
                                         “College for a Day.”
       Students at Music Class

  Scholarship Essay Contest - 5th Annual
  Five Aspiring Youth of Houston students won the 5th annual Aspiring Youth of                     Fatima Deleon
America essay contest. The winning students were Carles Anders from Oak Village          Age: 14
Middle School, Claudia Turcios from Oak Village Middle School, Daisy Torres from         School: Jackson Middle School
B.C. Elmore Middle School, Shamara Ware from East Houston Intermediate School            Grade: 8th
and Tiffany Jones from Kirby Middle School. The students wrote essays on how the          Nickname: Naty
Aspirng Youth A�er-School Program has helped them succeed in school and in life.         If you had one wish: I would
The students will each receive a $250 college tuition scholarship when they enroll       go to Cancun to see the rest of my
in college.                                                                              family.
                                                                Continued on page 3                   Continued on page 3

                                  “Preparing At-Risk Youth for Success in School and in Life”
   Aspiring Youth Events                                  Update from Aspiring Youth
   College for A Day at TSU
   Morton’s of Chicago Etiquette                            Now that the Aspiring Youth A�er-School Programs
   Luncheon                                               have been operating for more than a decade, we are able
   Arnold Shwarzenneger meets with
                                                          to confirm that Aspiring Youth is preparing at-risk youth
   Aspiring Youth Students
                                                          for success in school and in life. Whether it is Eulalia Mar-
   Trash Bash Public Service and
   Battleship Texas Tour                                  tinez, our first Aspiring Youth College Scholarship recip-
   TAKS Olympics                                          ient a�ending college, or Joshua Hamm a�ending law
   Mad Science Presentations                              school, each of our Aspiring Youth alumni are benefit-
   Championship Games and Awards Cer-                     ing from ge�ing a “helping hand at the right time.” Our
   emony at Univ. of Houston                              focus to work with the middle school years has enabled
   Red Cross First Aid/CPR Training
                                                          Aspiring Youth to have a multiplier benefit in the stu-
   Summer Programs and Summer
                                                          dents’ lives. The decisions made by our Aspiring Youth
   8th annual TASTE Program                               middle school students, and the role models they follow,
   Aspiring Youth Showcases                               have a lifetime impact on the direction for their lives.
                                                          Thanks to the Aspiring Youth volunteers who make this
       Board of Directors                                 investment in our community’s aspiring youth.
              Sharon Murphy, Chairperson
    John Meredith, President and General Counsel                                          John Meredith
                                                                                          President and General Counsel
             Allen Lackey, Vice Chairperson
                Andrew Strong, Secretary
                Fred Williams, Treasurer

Waters Davis             Gloria Sanderson
                                                          Randall’s Good Neighbor Program
Tom Elsenbrook           Joseph Sykes III
Lavaille Lave�e          Mark Woolfolk                      Aspiring Youth of Houston is a member of the
Debra Mayfield            Dr. Michael Patrick Williams     Randall’s Food Markets’ Good Neighbor Program. By
                                                          having the cashier enter the number 5130 with the
         Advisory Council                                 use of your Randall’s card, Randall’s will donate 1%
Judge Eric Andell              Catherine Mosbacher
Charles Bacarisse                                         of your food bill to Aspiring Youth of Houston. You
                               Rob Mosbacher
Rick Bays                      Kim Ogg                    only need to have the number 5130 entered once.
Michael Berry                  Bill Pickard               Anyone can use the Aspiring Youth of Houston’s
Dwight Boykins                 Gordon Quan                number, so please pass it on to your family and
Doug Dawson                    Dean Nancy Rapaport        friends.
Senator Rodney Ellis           Judson Robinson III
Roland Garcia                  Lynden Rose
Judge Joseph Halbach, Jr.      Gracie Saenz                      Kroger Donation Program
Bill Jones                     Mark Snell
Comm. El Franco Lee                                          Kroger also has a donation program for charities
                               Sheriff Tommy Thomas
Cynthia A. Liveris             Constable Victor Trevino
                                                          that utilizes donation cards. To get a Kroger
Richard Looney                 Justice Dale Wainwright    donation card, call us at (713) 334-3330. A portion of
David Lumpkins                 Jeff Work                   your purchase will be donated directly to Aspiring
Jim McIngvale                                             Youth of Houston.

Page 2
Scholarship Winner starts college                                Morton’s of Chicago Etiquette Luncheon
                                          In    1998     as
                                                                  Students were able to practice the etique�e and fine-
                                          a 7th grade            dining skills taught in the Aspiring Youth A�er-School
                                          Aspiring Youth         Program at one of Houston’s most exclusive restaurant
                                          student, Eulalia       Morton’s of Chicago Steakhouse. Morton’s of Chicago,
                                          Martinez wrote         which is generally not open for lunch, generously
                                          an     inspiring       collaborated with Aspiring Youth to provide, a three-
                                          essay about her        course meal, top-notch service and the dining and etique�e
                                          positive     role      experience of a lifetime to our students.
                                          model -- Caesar
                                          Chavez. She was
           Eulalia Martinez               selected as the
      recieving scholarship check         winner of a $500
scholarship to pay for college tuition. No one in Eulalia’s
family had ever graduated from high school. Eulalia
was inspired by winning the Aspiring Youth scholarship
to complete high school, and in the fall of 2003, she
began college at University of Houston Downtown.
                                                                       Students from                    Students from Keahey
Congratulations to Eulalia on this accomplishment!
                                                                   Marshall Middle School                Intermediate school

  Continued from page 1                                   Scholarship Essay Contest
                                                                              Continued from page 1
    George Bogany                            “Aspiring Youth has helped me to be more successful in school. Whenever, I have
Favorite School Activities: Aspiring         homework that I don’t understand I always get extra help from my teachers at
Youth, basketball, and football              Aspiring Youth. That makes me feel more comfortable and confident when I go to
                                             class each day. As a result, of attending Aspiring Youth, my grades are improving.
Favorite Movie: Bringing Down the            With reading and math skills that I am taught in Aspiring Youth I think I will be
House                                        successful on the TAKS test.”                                      Tiffany Jones
Favorite Book: Holes
                                             “When I first joined Aspiring Youth I thought it was just an ordinary after-school
Favorite Band or Singer:                     program, but I was wrong! It’s not just an after-school program, it’s a home away
Jennifer Lopez                               from home. Everyone in Aspiring Youth can tell you we’re not just students
When you grow up: I want to be a             staying after school, we’re a big family!”                          Daisy Torres
Computer Technologist.
                                             “Aspiring Youth has been an Outstanding and Exciting program. We also have a
                                             lot of fun while learning new things. In Reading we get in groups and read plays
                                             and also role play at times. If it wasn’t for the etiquette class, I wouldn’t know the
      Fatima Deleon                          correct way to eat or how to set the table. The field trips are also fun. This was a
                                             great experience for me.”                                              Carles Anders
Favorite School Activities: Aspiring
Youth and field trips                         “Aspiring Youth needs to keep this program running statewide and allow students,
                                             like myself, to get some extra help and have fun while doing it. So, I can really say
Favorite Movie: Harry Po�er
                                             that Aspiring Youth has made a huge difference in my life, and I know that it will
Favorite Book: Agony of Alice                make a big difference in a lot of people’s life in the future.”   Claudia Turcios
Favorite Band or Singer: Destiny’s
                                             “The Aspiring Youth After-School Program also encouraged me to want to read
Child                                        more. I ask my mother, “can you start taking me to the library so that I can check
When you grow up: I want to be a             some books out to read.” Thanks to Aspiring Youth, my mom now takes my brother
Lawyer or Dancer.                            and me regularly. It’s important for me to read so that I can learn new words and
                                             get a better understanding about what I read.”                    Shamara Ware

                                                                                                                           Page 3
 Thanks to our Volunteers!                                    Andrew and Denise Strong Receive
                                                               National Family Volunteer Award
  Volunteers play an important role in the suc-
                                                                The Points of Light
cess of the Aspiring Youth Programs. Volunteers
                                                                Foundation         in
put forth hundreds of hours in the Aspiring Youth
                                                                Washington,      D.C.
Programs to help ensure the current and future
                                                                selected Andrew and
success of the Aspiring Youth students.
                                                                Denise Strong for
This year Aspiring Youth had over 60 new volun-
                                                                the National Family
teers from the University of Houston Law Center                 Volunteer     Award
and Houston Young Lawyers Association. Aspir-                   and named them                Andrew and Denise with
ing Youth volunteers tutor students in the Aspiring             as Daily Points of        Cal Ripken at Awards Ceremony
Youth After-School Programs, teach courses at the               Light. Andrew and
Aspiring Youth College for a Day Program, host                  Denise are long-time volunteers at Aspiring Youth events
students at their workplaces for the TASTE pro-                 including College for a Day, Championship Games and
gram, write weekly e-mails to the students through              Awards Ceremony and the Gala. They have been in black tie
the E-Pals Program, and coordinate events at the                and gown as Co-Chairs of the Silent Auction at the Gala, and
Championship Games and Awards Ceremony.                         in paint-covered work clothes working with Aspiring Youth
                                                                students at public service projects. Cal Ripken presented the
                                                                award to Andrew and Denise in Baltimore.

   Aspiring Youth                         Erin Geordi Served Aspiring Youth as an
   E-Pals Program                               AmeriCorps/VISTA Member
                                          Erin Geordi graduated from Washington
   Aspiring Youth began a new           University in St. Louis in May of 2003 with a major
                                        in Chemistry and business minor. In the fall of
program known as “E-Pals” that          2004, Erin is enrolling at the University of Texas
connects Aspiring Youth students        Medical School in Galveston.
with busy adults. As part of E-Pals       Erin worked with local universities and
Aspiring Youth classes have an e-       organizations, such as the Houston Young
mail correspondence with adult          Lawyers Association, to bring volunteers to the
                                        Aspiring Youth sites.
volunteers who describes their lives
and explain how to be successful.

  Many volunteers cannot spend
                                        Neha Sinha Served Aspiring Youth as an
time driving to and from Aspiring             AmeriCorps/VISTA Member
Youth sites, so the Aspiring Youth      Neha Sinha graduated, along with Erin Geordi,
E-Pals Program provides them the        from Washington University in St. Louis in May
                                        of 2003 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering.
opportunity to interact via e-mail
                                        As an AmeriCorps VISTA member, she served
with the students. Let us know if you   the community by recruiting volunteers through
would like to be an Aspiring Youth      Aspiring Youth of Houston and organizing
                                        events for Aspiring Youth parents.
E-Pal Mentor.

                                                    Thanks to Erin and Neha for your
                                                   teamwork in recruiting volunteers.

Page 4
                                TAKS Olympics - 3rd Annual
 In an effort to prepare our Aspiring Youth students
for the new TAKS Test, Aspiring Youth held the
TAKS Olympics at each Aspiring Youth site. The
TAKS Olympics is a fun, yet competitive way to
remind the students of all the information that they
have been learning all year. Students form teams
to compete against each other in a manner that is
similar to an Academic Challenge or Decathlon.
Teams are eliminated and the team with the most
wins are crowned TAKS Olympics Champions.

The TAKS Olympics is another method of teaching
the students teamwork and reviewing the TEKS             Students with Marshall Principal Juan Gonzales and
Objectives that have been studied all year (both            Anti-Gang Task Force Director Adrian Garcia
during school and during the Program). In order
to encourage the students on a daily basis, Aspiring
                                                                                           Aspiring Youth
Youth created bulletin boards to inspire the student                                       Bulletin Board
to do their best on the test.                                                          at Keahey Intermediate

 Championship Games and Awards Ceremony - 11th Annual
                                         The exciting finish to the school year took place on May 3rd at the
                                       University of Houston. More than 300 Aspiring Youth students from
                                       Houston and Austin gathered for the 11 th annual Championship Games
                                       and Awards Ceremony at the University of Houston Alumni Athletic
                                       Center. The games included an art contest, academic contest, soccer
                                       and basketball games. Afterward, the students had lunch in Hofheinz
     Aspiring Youth Stars of
     the Year receive awards
                                        The Awards Ceremony took place at the O’Quinn Hall at University of
                                       Houston. Andrew Strong, was the Aspiring Youth Academic Challenge
                                       Contest Host, with assistance from Patsy Yung. Kirby Middle School
                                       was the winner in the finals against Oak Village Middle School. Sharon
                                       Murphy, Aspiring Youth Chairperson of the Board of Directors, served
                                       as the Keynote Speaker. At the end of the Program, the winning teams
                                       received trophies and each of the program participants received a

   Sharon Murphy, Aspiring Youth       certificate of participation.
  Board Chair, giving Keynote Talk

                                                                                                        Page 5
  Trash Bash Public                       MAP to Success Contest - 5th Annual
   Service Project                                                                 The Map to Success Contest helps

More than 200 Aspiring Youth                                                  the students use team-building skills
students gave back to the community                                           as well as creativity. Students work
in our annual public service project
                                                                              in groups to come up with an idea to
by participating in the citywide
“Trash Bash” project. The Aspiring                                            show how they would avoid the pitfalls
Youth students worked on the area                                             of failure and find the roads to success.
around the San Jacinto Monument
and Ba�leship Texas on March                                                  A�er brainstorming with their group,
31st. Aspiring Youth students, and                                            they take all of the groups’ ideas and
hundreds of other volunteers, picked           Students prepare their
up discarded items along the beach.               map to success             come up with one map to display on
A�er their hard work, the students                                           poster board. The winners were: B.
enjoyed a lunch while listening to
                                        C. Elmore Middle – 1 place, Keahey Intermediate and Jackson Middle – 2nd
a live band. A�er the public service
project was completed, the students     place, and 3rd place went to Oak Village Middle.
took a tour of the Ba�leship Texas.

                                                    Speakers Inspire Students
                                                                                   This year Aspiring Youth of
                                                                            Houston     had     several    community
                                                                            leaders and role models provide mo-
                                                                            tivational talks to Aspiring Youth stu-
                                                                            dents at the Aspiring Youth A�er-School
                                                                            Programs. The speakers included local
   Aspiring Youth students from
                                                                            politicians, professional athletes, law-
     Marshall Middle School                Constable Victor Trevino with
          at Trash Bash                                                     yers, educators and business leaders.
                                             Aspiring Youth Students

                                                                             By hearing the succcess stories of these
Students attend Rodeo                                                       role models,Aspiring Youth students can
 More than 400Aspiring Youth students                                       visualize success in their own lives. The
 a�ended the Houston Livestock Show
                                                                            inspiration the talks provide them
 and Rodeo.
                                                                            will    hopefully   motivate     them   to
                                                                            achieve     their   own       lo�y   goals.
                                             Leigh Anne Patterson
                                          explains Travel Information       As examples, the students heard talks
                                                                            from Constable Victor Trevino about
                                                                            his immigration and learning English
                                                                            in America, from Leigh Anne Pa�erson
                                                                            about her travel to China, and from James
                                                                            Odom about how to stay out of gangs.

    Aspiring Youth staff member
     Angela Aguilar (left), with           James Odom from Mayor’s
      Aspiring Youth students.                 Anti-Gang office

 Page 6
    Afterschool Alliance Gives                                             Roland Garcia receives
     National Recognition to                                                    SAVVY Award
    Aspiring Youth of Houston                                      The Houston Chronicle and
                                                                 Foley’s awarded Roland Garcia the
                                                                 SAVVY Award for 2003. Roland
 The A�erschool Alliance awarded Aspiring Youth of
Houston a “Home Run” Award for our sustainability
                                                                 Lord Wedgewood at a dinner at
model in a�er-school programming. The A�erschool
                                                                 the Intercontinental Hotel. Roland
Alliance also named the Aspiring Youth A�er-School
                                                                 was selected because of his long-
Program as one of its national Promising Practices. For          time volunteer service to Aspiring
a complete listing of Aspiring Youth’s local and national        Youth and for his many other civic
recognition, see              and community activities.              Lord Wedgewood,
html.                                                                                                  Roland Garcia and
                                                                                                         John Meredith

                                                      Aspiring Youth Catamount Summer Camp
   Sci-Fi Summer Camp                                   The summer camp at

   for North Forest ISD                              Marshall Middle School
                                                     provided        high-quality
         at Keahey                                   math, reading, computer,
                                                     art, athletics, drama, and
 Aspiring Youth Sci-Fi Summer Camp for               dance. In addition, the
the North Forest ISD took place on on the            students in the camp
                                                     learned about career          Aspiring Youth students with their
campus of Keahey Intermediate School.
                                                     opportunities     through         Catamount Camp Mural
The camp focused on two wonderful
                                                     special Aspiring Youth
subjects - Science and Fitness. The students         classes that were taught using the Junior Achievement curriculum
were also given exposure to various careers          about the importance of staying in school. The students also visited
through the Aspiring Youth partnership               museums, an Astros game and Space Center Houston on field trips.
with Junior Achievement.

 The partnership with Junior Achievement                    Red Cross First Aid CPR Class
allowed Aspiring Youth to include in its
                                                       In May, twenty Aspiring Youth Students at Jackson Middle School
Summer Camp, The Economics of Staying
                                                     participated in a pilot CPR/Standard First Aid course coordinated by
in School Program. The Students a�ended
                                                     The Red Cross and Aspiring Youth of Houston. The program was
fieldtrips to the Museum of Health and
                                                     part of a national Homeland Security movement addressing recent
Medical Science and Life Gi� Organ                   concerns regarding emergency situations in schools. The course
Donation Center to reinforce the importance          took place a�erschool at Jackson Middle School for an hour a day
of science and fitness. A special thanks to           for eight days. Red Cross CPR/SFA instructors certified the Aspiring
Everyones Internet for sponsoring our                Youth Students in infant, child, and adult standard first aid, Heimlich
Sci-Fi Summer Camp.                                  maneuver, and CPR. The Aspiring Youth students were enthusiastic
                                                     about being part of the program and now feel confident about
                                                     handling    emergency situations.

                           2003                                                 7th Annual
                                                                            Take A Student To
                                                                            your Employment

  More than 500 Aspiring Youth students from eight
intermediate and middle schools were encouraged to
“stay in school” and pursue their dreams as part of
Aspiring Youth of Houston’s 7th annual Take A Student To
Your Employment (TASTE) Program Day on November 5
and 12, and December 2. During the lunchtime program,
Aspiring Youth students were treated to workplace
tours, presentations including mock trials, simulated
workdays, computer demonstrations and delectable
                                                                  Aspiring Youth Students at
                                                                      King & Spalding
Students qualified for Aspiring Youth’s TASTE Program
by participating each afternoon in the Aspiring Youth
After-School Programs. For the student, this was likely
their first visit to an office environment and also their
first “business lunch.” Expanding the horizons of the
students helps them understand why they should finish
school and allows them to envision themselves finding
a good job someday.

Juanita Mantz and Kay Lee Weakley from Vinson &
                                                            Aspiring Youth Students at McConnell,
Elkins law firm were the Co-Chairs of the Houston Young            Jones, Lanier & Murphy
Lawyers Association TASTE Program Committee that
recruited law firms to participate in TASTE. More than
6,000 students have participated in the Aspiring Youth
TASTE Program since it began in 1997. The American
Bar Association named the Aspiring Youth TASTE
Program the top public service program nationwide in
1998. Leadership Houston named the Aspiring Youth
TASTE Program the top education public service project
in Houston for 2002.

                                                              Aspiring Youth Students at Weycer,
                                                                  Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber

Page 8
 Continued For Page 8
                                  TASTE Program thanks to:
    Houston Young Lawyers Association Co-Chairs:       Juanita Martz and Kay Lee Weakley of Vinson & Elkins
                        Television Taping and Editing Firm: Perry Video Production Company

     Abrams, Sco� & Bickley                                    LifeGi� Organ Donation Center
     Art Institute of Houston                                  Locke, Liddell & Sapp
     Baker Bo�s                                                McConnell, Jones, Lanier & Murphy
     Baker & Hostetler                                         The Methodist Hospital
     Baylor College of Medicine                                129th District Court (Judge Grant Dorfman)
     Chamberlain Hrdlicka White Williams & Martin              151st District Court (Judge Caroline Baker)
     City Council Member Michael Berry                         190th District Court (Judge Jennifer Elrod)
     City Council Member Gordon Quan                           215th District Court (Judge Levi Benton)
     Fibich, Hampton, Leebron & Garth                          Port of Houston Authority
     Fulbright & Jaworski                                      Shell Oil Company
     Hewle�-Packard Company                                    Strasburger & Price
     Houston Bar Association                                   Thompson & Knight
     Houston Chronicle                                         Tindall & Foster
     Houston Community College                                 Vinson & Elkins
     Hughes, Waters & Askanase                                 Weil, Gotshal & Manges
     King & Spalding                                           Weycer Kaplan Pulaski & Zuber

Aspiring Youth Students particpate in Rebuilding Together Public Service Projects

                                             On several Saturdays in the fall, Aspiring Youth students from Marshall
                                           and Jackson Middle schools and Gregory - Lincoln Education Center re-
                                           paired and painted three houses for disabled, elderly persons. The students
                                           learned about the importance of public service through lessons from Aspir-
                                           ing Youth’s SUCCESS Curriculum

                                          The students applied those lessons by working with Aspiring Youth
                                          volunteers and staff to repair houses selected by Rebuilding Together. Thanks
                                          to Andrew and Denise Strong, Sharon Murphy, and the Georgia Tech Alum-
                                          ni Association of Houston for serving as volunteer role models to work with
     Aspiring Youth Students
                                          the Aspiring Youth students.
      working on the House

                                                                                        Aspiring Youth Students
    House before the work begins         House after the work is completed             after completing the work

                                                                                                              Page 9
                                    “Reaching For The Stars” GALA - 5th Annual
                                       On November 23, 2003, Aspiring Youth of Houston held it’s 5th annual
                                    “Reaching for the Star’s” Gala at Houston Country Club. Special Thanks to
                                    Janice and Allen Lackey who graciously served as our Honorary Co-Chairs,
                                    Sharon Murphy as the Gala Chair, and Catherine Lamboley who served as
                                    our Gala Corporate Chair. Texas Supreme Court Justice Dale Wainwright,
                                    one of the founders of the Aspiring Youth A�er-School Program, served as
                                    the Master of Ceremonies. Rocky Franzen served as the Gala Consultant.

  Justice Dale Wainwright with      Aspiring Youth is pleased to report that we received more than
    Allen and Janice Lackey         $140,000 in proceeds due to generous donations from this year ’s
                                    sponsors and friends. Your gifts help us continue preparing under-
                                    priviledged middle school youth for success in school and in life.
                                    Thanks to all who participated for making this a memorable evening!

                                    For information on the 6th annual “Reaching For The Stars Gala” on Sun-
                                    day evening December 12, 2004 at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Galleria
                                    area, contact Rocky Franzen at (713) 529-7800 or Lauren Price at (713)
                                    334-3330 ex. 309.

Sharon Murphy, Justice Dale Wain-
   wright, Catherine Lamboley
                                                  2003 Gala Sponsors
                                                          Major Underwriter
                                                               CRC Foundation
                                                           Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.
                                               Locke Liddell & Sapp LLP/The Kayser Foundation
                                                             Dr. John P. McGovern

    Jeff Love, John Meredith,
    Carrie and Ron Woliver                                 Karen and Waters Davis
                                                              Everyones Internet
                                                             Misericordia Pitcock
                                                          Rose Ann and John Shelton
                                                           Thompson & Knight LLP
                                                     Budweiser/Silver Eagle Distributors
                                                           Janice and Allen Lackey
                                                    McConnell Jones Lanier & Murphy LLP
   Michelle and Robert Marsh                                  Shell Oil Company
  receive Star for Youth Award                              Vinson & Elkins L.L.P.

Page 10
           Sponsors Continued...
                      Jan and Rick Bays
           Bracewell & Pa�erson, LLP/Ralph McBride
                        Rocky Franzen
                   Carmela and Kelly Frels
                   Haynes and Boone, LLP
             Houston Young Lawyers Association                       Kathy and Roy Marsh receive
                    King & Spalding, LLP                                 Star for Youth Award
            Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom LLP
                 Rodriguez Academy of Dance
                  Shirley and John Meredith
     Gordon Quan, Mayor Pro Tempe, City Council Member
                  Denise and Andrew Strong
                  Texas Southern University
                  Tracey and David Wegner
Kellye and Fred Williams/Vaughan Nelson Investment Management

              Individual Underwriters                             Rick Bays receives Corp. Star for
                Nabors Corporate Services, Inc.                 Youth Award for Locke Liddell & Sapp
                     Richard W. Weekley

               Individual Benefactors
                  Joan and Stanford Alexander                        Lauren Price joins
                      Downey Bridgwater                                Aspiring Youth
                  Elizabeth and George Farish
                  Hewle�-Packard Company
                    Belle and Dick Johnson
                    Mosbacher Foundation
                   Tracy and David Wegner
                   Kathy and Mark Woolfolk

                 Individual Sponsors
                        Be�y C. Bellamy
                 Lesha and Thomas Elsenbrook                    Lauren Price joined Aspiring Youth
                   Zinn Petroleum Company                       in April 2004 as the Vice President of
                                                                Development and Volunteers. Lauren

                 Star for Youth Awards                          brings to Aspiring Youth over a decade of
                                                                experience in the non-profit community
                   Michelle and Robert Marsh
                     Kathy and Roy Marsh                        working with volunteers, special events,
                                                                and fundraising in Houston.      We are
          Corporate Star For Youth Awards                       pleased to welcome Lauren to our team!
                   Locke Liddell & Sapp LLP
                                                                                                Page 11
  Watch Aspiring Youth on TV!                                         Aspiring Youth Staff
Each month, Aspiring Youth shows videos of our Pro-          President and General Counsel: John Meredith
grams on Houston’s Public Access TV Channel pro-
                                                             Vice President of After-School Programs:
duced by Houston Media Source.
                                                             LaShawnda Harris
                                                             Vice President of Development and Volunteers:
                                                             Lauren Price
                                                             Office Director/Accountant:
                                                             Mark Davis
                                                             Assistant Programs Director/AH Intern:
                                                             Chalen Jackson
                                                             Volunteer Coordinator/VISTA:
                                                             Shaun Weekly
    Aspiring Youth students with David Chaumette,
                                                             Alumni/Development Coordinator:
   Houston Young Lawyers Association Past President
                                                             Rashad Skinner and Elliott Gould II
                                                             Multimedia Director: Jeff Crowder
 Join the Aspiring Youth Team                                Graphic Manager/Editor in Chief: Will Ivey
     If you would like to get involved with Aspiring         Programs/Graphic Assistant: Chris Ramirez
Youth of Houston’s programs for our community’s              Assistant Office Manager/Graphics Assistant:
at-risk youth, please call (713) 334-3330 or send an e-      Mariam Shamshiri
mail from our web site at By
volunteering or joining the Aspiring Youth staff, you
help us fulfill our mission, “to prepare at-risk youth
for success in school and in life.”
                                                                         Thanks to
  Why Aspiring Youth has an
                                                                The Art Institute of Houston
 Upside Down Pyramid Logo?                                   We greatly appreciate The Art Institute of Houston
   Most people think of success as a pyramid with
                                                             for printing the Aspiring Youth “Aspiring Times”
only a few people making it to the top of the pyramid.
Aspiring Youth works to turn the pyramid of success          newsletter.
“upside down,” so that many at-risk youth can suc-
ceed in school and in life. Each of Aspiring Youth’s
logos is an upside down pyramid as a reminder that
we are working for the success of many at-risk youth.
                                 “Preparing At-Risk Youth for Success in School and in Life”

                           Aspiring Youth of Houston
                           6250 Westpark Dr., Suite 217
                           Houston, TX 77057
                           Phone: (713) 334-3330
                           Fax: (713) 334-3366

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