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					Magnolia Times
 Volume 7 Issue 6

                                                           A Huffines Community

                                                                                                                                       Savannah, TX 76227


A Look Inside... Savannah Schools:
                                        School bells are ringing again!       Ryan is also the
                                   Savannah’s youngsters have returned        home of the Ryan
                                   to the classroom.                          Raiders boys bas-
                                                                              ketball team, 4A dis-
                                   The children of Savannah are for-          trict champions for
                                   tunate to be served by several great       the last two seasons.
                                   Denton ISD schools. Rated from             Go Raiders! Ryan is
National Night Out: page 10        Recognized to Exemplary by the Tex-        proud of their ath-
                                   as Education Agency (TEA), these           letics department,
                                   schools provide the highest quality of     which includes a
                                   education for the young people of our      wide range of sports
                                   community. The Denton ISD is itself        in which students
                                   a TEA Recognized School District.          may       participate,                Savannah Elementary School: Exemplary since 2008
                                                                              depending on interest
                                   Savannah        Elementary      School     and skill. In addition to basketball,      now, full of promise. With the hard
                                   boasts a lot of “Gator Pride” (their       they offer football, cheerleading, ten-    work of teachers and students, as
                                   school mascot... The Gator). They          nis, baseball, softball, soccer, cross     well as the steady involvement of the
                                   have been rated Exemplary since            country, track, golf, volleyball and       parents, we can expect to continue to
Fall Fishing Tournament: page 10
                                   2008! In the school’s mission              swimming- something for everyone.          see great academic results at all three
                                   statement it says that Savannah            The 2010-11 school year is beginning       of our schools.
                                   Elementary is “in partnership with
                                   families and the community...”. As
         Time for                  a part of their continuing effort to
     Association Dues              pursue this partnership with parents,
                 See Page 3        the school will be holding seminars
                                   to reach out and involve them in the
                                   education process. In September they
                                                                                                                              Fall Fest
                                   held their first parent seminar entitled
   Contents this issue             “Developing teamwork in a child’s
                                   educational experience.” The school                                                     Other Fun
                                   also has a very active PTA. The PTA                                                     Trunk or Treat: Bring your bag and get
   2 Homeowners Association                                                                                                ready for trick-or-treat fun right there
                                   sponsors programs and events such
                                   as a Sock Hop, Field Day, Book Fair,                                                    in the Sports Pavilion parking lot.
   3 News & Notes
                                   Reflections Contest, Chess Club, Sci-
                                   ence Fair and a Fall Festival.                                                          Hay Ride: What would a fall festival
   5 Committee News                                                                                                        be without a good old fashioned hay
                                                                                   This year our annual Fall Fest will     ride? Provided by 380 Sports
   6 Clubs & Classes               Navo Middle School serves grades 6
                                                                              be on October 16th from 4pm-7pm
                                   thru 8 and has been rated as Recog-
                                                                              at the Sports Pavilion and parking lot.      Face Painting: Kids can enjoy getting
   7 Scouting News                 nized (the TEA’s second highest rat-
                                   ing) for the past two years. Navo has                                                   their faces painted by the great folks
   8 Home & Garden                 also been recognized by the National
                                                                              Contests                                     from Lifepoint Church.
                                                                              Pumpkin Cooking Contest: Pumpkin
                                   Center for Educational Achievement
   10 Event Highlights                                                        has to be an ingredient. Two catego-         You can also visit the Savannah Pump-
                                   (NCEA) as being a “Texas Higher
                                                                              ries, 1)Baking; 2)Cooking. Entries           kin Patch and pick your own Hallow-
                                   Performing School” based on stu-
   11 Upcoming Events                                                         can be dropped off at the clubhouse          een pumpkin: $2 for the medium and
                                   dent improvement rates and on the
                                                                              any time before 3pm on October 16th.         $1 for the small. If you get hungry,
                                   percentage of students scoring at or
   12 Financial Focus                                                         Winners announced at 6pm.                    Mylestone Barbecue will be there
                                   above NCEA’s College and Career
                                   Readiness Target for reading.                                                           once again. The hot dogs are a great
   13 Savannah Spotlight                                                      Costume Contest: Trophies awarded            deal for $1, but for a real treat we
                                                                              for best costumes. Sign up for con-          recommend the Black Angus Bris-
                                   Ryan High School has achieved
   13 Tech Corner                                                             test at the festival. Contest will be in     ket Sandwich for $5 (also available...
                                   the rating of Recognized this year.
                                                                              Sports Pavilion Parking lot beside DJ        Rib Sandwiches, Turkey Legs, Corn
                                   One great program the students can
   13 Welcome New Neighbors                                                   at 5pm. Winners announced at 6pm.            on the Cob and more).
                                   take advantage of at the Ryan cam-
   14 Church Listings              pus is the Revolution Prep SAT
                                                                              Pumpkin Decorating Contest: Bring            Music will be provided by a DJ spin-
                                   Course that will help them prepare
                                                                              your entry to the festival by 4pm.           ning tunes in the parking lot. So, bring
   15 Sports & Fitness             for the November 6, 2010 SAT. The
                                                                              Registration is under the sports pavil-      the whole family out for an evening of
                                   classes began September 25th. For
                                                                              ion. Winners announced at 6pm.               fall festival fun... See you there!
   16 Family Life                  more information, visit the website,
   17 School News
                                                                  w w w. p re m i e r m g t c o n n e c t . c o m / s a v a n n a h
   18 Savannah Pets
                                                                                                                                         BULK MAIL
   17 DCFWSD News                                                                                                                     US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                                      AUBREY, TX 76227
   20 Calendar                                                                                                                           PERMIT #17
                                                                                   LIONSGATE HOMES ~ 972-782-9125
Savannah                                                                     Community Association

Community                                   Winter Hours:
                                            Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
                                                                                                                Your              HOA Staff
                                                                                                                                 Melanie Dias
Association                                 Closed Sunday
                                                                                                                                 Association Manager 972-346-3020

OFFICE                                      Fitness Center                                                                       scamanager@savannahca.com
                                            4:30am-midnight                                                                      • Oversees all aspects of the management and
                                                                                                                                   maintenance of Savannah Community Assoc.
                                                                                                                                 • Oversees onsite SCA management team
701 Savannah Blvd.                          Questions About Your HOA Account?                                                    • Property inspections
Savannah, TX 76227                          Call Premier Communities:                                                            • Addresses Community Association issues
Phone: 972.346.3020                         877.378.2388                                                                         • Issues access cards
Fax: 972.346.3022                           www.premiermtgconnect.com/                                                           • Orientates homeowners with the Association

                                                                                                                           Kim Dwiggins
                                                                                                    Assistant Manager 972-346-3020
                                                                                                                   • Assists in the SCA offfice
                                                                                                           • Assists with property inspections
                                                                                                                          • Issues access cards
                                                                                                                   • Assists the HOA manager
                                                                                          • Helps orientate homeowners with the Association
  Where is
                                                                                                                                 Candice Roy
                                                                                                                                 Activities Director 972-346-2828
                                             Go to PremierConnectTM for all of your                                              scaactivities@savannahca.com
                                                     HOA information. View CCRs,
                                                                                                                                 • Assists in the SCA offfice
                                                your account information, up to date
 www.premiermtgconnect.com/savannah                                                                                              • Issues access cards
                                              community calendar, HOA forms, past                                                • Coordinates events with Social Committee
    copies of The Magnolia Times, a directory and more. If you haven’t registered yet,                                           • Schedules rentals
                            contact the Communications Director, Deborah Victory:                                                • Coordinates master calendar

                                                                                                                       Deborah Victory
      Do You Have Your                                                                     Communications Director 214.975.8642
                     ACCESS CARDS?
To access the pool and fitness center you will need a valid magnetic access card
                                                                                         • Coordinates newsletter submissions & design with
                                                                                                                Communications Committee
                                                                                                        • Website maintenace & registrations
(SCA dues must be up-to-date in order to be eligible). If you are a new resident, we                                   • Photographs events
encourage you to come by the HOA office at your earliest convenience to get your
access card. You will need to fill out some basic paper work and review governing
documents (CCRs, Bylaws, etc). Please bring either your...
a) current driver’s license and closing papers                                             Jeffrey Landesberg   Senior Manager
     or                                                                                    jeffrey.landesberg@premiercommunities.net
b) your new drivers license with Savannah address

Page 2     The Magnolia Times October / November 2010
                                         into their new homes, they don’t take
                                         the time to read all the fine print.
                                                                                    as possible, so if there’s anything you
                                                                                    don’t understand, please let us know.

                                         Can’t find yours? Visit the Associa-
                                                                                    We’ll be glad to clarify any confusing
                                                                                    language or give you other materials
                                                                                                                                Upcoming Board
                                         tion website:                              that answer your questions.                 Meetings
                                                                                    That old expression—ignorance of                The Board meetings will be
                                         Click on “forms and documents”,            the law is no excuse—isn’t exactly          closed during the months of October
Have You Read                            then look for the “Association Docu-       our motto, but it’s close.                  and November. In the meantime, if
                                                                                                                                you have a matter you wish to have
                                         ments”. Choose “Legal Documents”
Your CCRs Lately?                        from the drop down menu. There                                                         addressed by the board, please con-
                                         they are!                                                                              tact either the General Manager
When you bought a home in                                                                                                       (scamanager@savannahca.com) or
Savannah, at closing you should have                                                                                            your Village Advisor (see page 5 for
                                         It’s very important to have copies of
received copies of all our governing                                                                                            contact information).
                                         the governing documents because
documents, your Covenents, Condi-
                                         you’ll be expected to know and com-
tions & Restrictions (CCRs). These                                                                                              There will be no meeting during
                                         ply with all rules and regulations of
documents include the rules and regu-                                                                                           the month of December due to the
                                         the community. It’s our responsibility
lations. Sometimes these documents                                                                                              holidays. Board meetings are nor-
                                         to make these documents—the by-
get lost among all the other papers                                                                                             mally held on the 4th Wednesday of
                                         laws and the covenants, conditions,
you received at closing. And many                                                                                               the month at 6pm in the Clubhouse
                                         and restrictions—as understandable
homebuyers are so involved moving                                                                                               Theater. The meetings will resume
                                                                                                                                an open format in January 2011.

NEW- Quarterly Billing Schedule
     Your Board of Directors and Pre-    The due dates for quarterly assess-
mier Communities have listened to        ments will now be October 1, 2010;         Pilot Point:                               The Dallas Model A Ford Club of
your feedback over the last several      January 1, 2011; April 1, 2011; and                                                   Dallas will kick off the festivities
months, and have been in discussions     July 1, 2011. As long as your account      Bonnie & Clyde Days                        at 9:30am with a parade starting at
about how to adjust the assessment       is either current or prepaid as of the         During the 1930’s there was no         Lantana Resort & Marina, winding
payment schedule for the owners. The     late date, no additional late or collec-   bigger media personalities than the        through Pilot Point and ending at its
goal has been to provide staggered       tion fees will be assessed.                infamous Bonnie & Clyde. In 1967           historic town square.
billing, yet low administrative costs                                               Bonnie and Clyde came to Pilot Point,
and processing for both the associa-     Please be sure to always include a         Texas once again when Warren Beatty        There will also be a tractor parade,
tion and its members.                    coupon with each dues payment re-          was looking for authentic locations        cotton pickin’ contest, demonstration
                                         gardless of your payment frequency         for his seminal film. To celebrate that     of a peanut shucker, and an old fash-
Previously, dues have been payable       to ensure that your payment is mailed      famous filming and to recognize the         ioned melodrama at the Opera House.
twice per year with payment plans        to the correct remittance address and      history of North Texas during that
available for owners who reached out     is applied correctly to your account.      memorable time of the 1930’s Pilot         Come get a taste for what it was like
and established a plan in writing. We    You may also make payments on-             Point is hosting Bonnie & Clyde Days       to go to the “picture show” in the
know that we have many owners who        line via credit card or direct debit       on October 9th.                            1930’s at the Movie House on the
would like to break their payments up    to your bank account by visiting                                                      square. In addition to clips of famous
into a more frequent schedule, and       www.premiercommunities.net.                The Pilot Point’s town square will be      films you’ll see news reels, cartoons,
therefore have established a QUAR-                                                  turned into a piece of living history      serials and short subjects that enter-
TERLY PAYMENT SCHEDULE for               If you have any questions about a pay-     in the form of re-enactments, events       tained your great grandparents and
all owners.                              ment plan you may already have in          and demonstrations to give visitors        can still amuse and delight audiences
                                         place and how this change in billing       an appreciation for what it was like       of all ages.
By now you should have received          frequency affects you, please call our     to live in North Texas during the
your new coupons that will provide       customer service department at 877-        Great Depression.                          All participants and guests are en-
you a schedule of four times per year    378-2388.                                                                             couraged to dress in costumes of the
beginning in October 2010. You may                                                  The legendary bank robbery scene           era. Dress in your best 1930’s style
still choose to pay your regular as-     We are hopeful that the new approach       from the film will be re-enacted ex-        and get in the spirit of the day.
sessment annually, continue to pay the   will assist you and your family with       actly where it was originally shot, The
dues semi-annually, or pay the dues in   the assessment payments that work to       Merchants & Farmers Bank Building
quarterly installments.                  make our community a success.              on the square.

                                                                                              How Do You Like Our
                                                                                                                                      NEW LOOK?
                                                                                         In the interest of keeping things     Many thanks to Savannah resident,
                                                                                    fresh and new, The Magnolia Times          John Lee Smith, for his continuing
                                                                                    has revamped and updated our look.         input. John is a new member of the
                                                                                    The paper will still have the sections     Communications Committee with
                                                                                    that you’ve come to know and look          many years of experience as a graph-
                                                                                    for: News, Event Highlights, Commit-       ic designer and creative director. His
                                                                                    tee News, The Scouting Page, church        suggestions have played a big part in
                                                                                    listings, backpage calendar, etc. The      the changes you see and will hope-
                                                                                    only difference is a little fresher look   fully see in future issues.
                                                                                    and feel. We hope you like it!

                                                                                                        The Magnolia Times October / November 2010           Page 3
News & Notes
                                                                                 From your Advisors...

Little Elm Lions                         Start training now, but in case you
                                         can’t complete the route, they will
                                                                                 Let Your Voice Be Heard!
Bike Ride                                have trucks and people to pick you      The Savannah Advisors and the            Please RSVP to the email address lo-
                                         up and take you to home base in Lit-    Resident Board Member have got-          cated next to your village before the
On October 17th the Little Elm Lions     tle Elm Park!                           ten together to try to develop a way     date of the meeting. The meetings
Club will sponsor a 50 mile Charity
                                                                                 where we can hear from YOU, the          all will be held in the Savannah The-
Bike Ride! For a $25 entry donation,
                                                                                 resident, on topics that are of inter-   ater at 7pm in the evening.
riders will receive a Commemora-
                                                                                 est to us all. How are we going to
tive Ride T-shirt, goody bags loaded
                                                                                 do this? By inviting everyone to at-     Continental Congress Village
with coupons from local stores, and
                                                                                 tend a special meeting per village on    Monday, 10/11
chances to win gift baskets. Our local   For more information, visit the Lions   the following topics:                    RSVP by 10/10
Walmart store has been very gener-       website at:                                                                      continentalcongressadvisors@sa-
ous in donating all the water, fruit,    www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/              1) What do you like MOST about           vannahca.com
and juice for the water stations.        LittleElmTX/index.php                   your community of Savannah?
                                                                                 2) What do you like LEAST about          Sea Pines Village
                                                                                 your community of Savannah?              Tuesday, 10/12
                                                                                 3) What would you like to hear at the    RSVP by 10/11
                                                                                 annual meeting and/or what would         seapinesadvisors@savannahca.com
                                                                                 you like done differently?
                                                                                 4) How can we make it easier to get      Greenview/Georgia Villages
                                                                                 YOU involved in your community as        Wednesday, 10/13
                                                                                 a volunteer or on a committee?           RSVP by 10/12
                                                                                 5) What ideas do you have on saving      georgiaadvisors@savannahca.com
                                                                                                                          Wisteria Village
                                                                                 We want this to be a a chance to “sit    Monday 10/18
                                                                                 down together and talk as neighbors      RSVP by 10/17
                                                                                 and friends” with no developer or        wisteriaadvisors@savannahca.com
                                                                                 HOA involvement. This will be a
                                                                                 relaxed meeting with no slide shows      Peachtree Village
                                                                                 and no speeches.                         Tuesday 10/19
                                                                                                                          RSVP by 10/18
                                                                                 This is the schedule, per village, so    peachtreeadvisors@savannahca.com
                                                                                 be sure and mark it down so you can
                                                                                 attend and let us hear from you. We
                                                                                 would like to get an RSVP from you if    PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING
                                                                                 you plan on attending in order for us    YOUR COMMENTS WITH YOU
                                                                                 to make sure there is enough seating     FOR THIS MEETING.
                                                                                 available for everyone that is coming.

                                                                                                      For all of you HOA information, visit

Page 4   The Magnolia Times October / November 2010
Dues Pay for All
                                                                      By Druetta Russell
the Good Stuff!                                                  Resident Board Member

     I am so proud to be serving and          ations, trying                                                                                                  Pancake
representing my fellow neighbors and          to make their
friends in our community of Savannah.         payments. All                                                                                                  Breakfast
I hope and pray that I will do a fair job     it takes is one                                                                                Sponsored by the Hospitality Commitee
for everyone concerned because I take         simple phone
this responsibility very seriously. We        call to set these                                                                               Want to get to know your neighbors?
are currently in the process of doing         payment plans                                                                                                       Check this out...
the 2011 budget and several residents         up. If you are
have come to me already this year             one of these residents that aren’t pay-                                                                   What: Pancake Breakfast
wanting their pool season back the            ing, and you moved into this commu-                                                                 When: Sat, October 9th, 9-11am
way it was, wanting to replace all the        nity, please understand your dues are                                                                 Where: Savannah Clubhouse
fences that need maintenance, want-           what pays for the things we all enjoy.
ing to keep our social events and even        So if you need help, call Premier and                  Please come and welcome your new neighbors to the community and get
make them bigger, etc. All of which           they can work with you, but if you                     to know the old ones! RSVP to Candice Roy at scaactivities@savannahca.
are good and valuable ideas, however          don’t call, they can’t help.                           com or call 972-346-2828 by October 2nd to let us know how many from
it takes money to have such amenities                                                                your family will be joining us.
for all of us to enjoy and it also takes      Otherwise I am concerned that every-
everyone paying their dues on time to         one will lose out on the things that we
have this income.                             all enjoy in our great community. Let
                                              us all be good neighbors and meet our
That is why I am writing to you about
a serious topic that cannot be over-
looked. Why you ask? The answer
                                              obligations that we have made to this
                                              community and our neighbors when
                                              we moved in here. If you need help,
                                                                                                                        make it
is a simple one: We have residents
that aren’t keeping the commitment
they made when they moved into the
                                              call Premier at 888-378-2388.

                                              Let’s not get to the point where we
                                                                                                       Look for a committee that suits you, then contact them, attend
neighborhood and that commitment              have to stop the social events or have
was to pay their HOA dues on time             an even shorter pool season. If we                       a meeting... get involved! Whether you are a green thumb
in the months of April and October.           don’t see a change, I am sure our dues                   interested in the Landscape Committee or a friendly soul in-
                                              will be increasing just to meet our cur-                 terested in Social or Hospitality, there is a committee for you.
The Board and Premier have made               rent obligations, never mind the items
every effort to come up with pay-             we want, such as another pool facility.
ment plans for those in difficult situ-

                                                                                                                                                      Chair: Donella Callen
                                                                                                                                                      Meets 2nd Tues of the month,
           Advisory Board Committee                                                                                                                   7pm in the Cafe’
               Meets the 3rd Sat of the month, 8am in the Board Room                                                                      Lanscape Committee
           Wisteria Village                          Peachtree Village                                                                                ca.com
  wisteriaadvisors@savannahca.com           peachtreeadvisors@savannahca.com                                                                          Chair: Veasey Manley
                                                                                           Architectural Standards                                    3rd Tues, 6:30 in Board Room
                                                                       ?                   asc@savannahca.com
                                                                                           Meets on a regular basis to review plans for
                                                                                           exterior home improvements submitted by
                                                                                                                                          Communications Committee
                                                                                                                                                      Co-Chairs: Dave Young & Gary
    Jon TenBroeck Marie Stankus               Lindsey Smith     Need Volunteer
                                                                                           fellow homeowners. Members ensure that                     Hicks
                                                                                           the improvements fall under the guidelines
           Georgia Village                            Sea Pines Village                    stipulated in the CCRs.
                                                                                                                                                      1st Thurs, 7pm in Board Room
            (and Greenview Village)                                                                                                       Sports Committee
  georgiaadvisors@savannahca.com            seapinesadvisors@savannahca.com
                                                                                                        finance@savannahca.com                        hospitality@savannahca.com

                                ?                                                                       Chair: Barrett Walch
                                                                                                        Meets 3rd Tues of the month,
                                                                                                        6:30 in the Cafe’
                                                                                                                                                      Chair: Rebecca Akers
                                                                                                                                                      Meets 2nd Thur of the month,
                                                                                                                                                      6:30 in the Cafe’
   Donnie Brewer Need Volunteer                Robert Tague Cindy Tallent                  Finance Committee                              Hospitality Committee
        Continental Congress                                                                            pool@savannahca.com                           safety@savannahca.com
                                                 WHAT IS the
                                                                ABC?                                    Chair: Patrick Etie
                                                                                                        Meets 1st Thur of the month,
                                                                                                                                                      Chair: Rob Adams
                                                                                                                                                      Meets 2nd Wed of the month,
                                              The Advisory Board Committee mem-                                                                       7pm in the Board Room
          @savannahca.com                                                                               7pm in the Cafe’
                                              bers serve as advisors to the Board
                                              of Directors by gathering input from         Pool Committee                                 Safety Committee

                    ?                         the committees and individual hom-
                                              eowners on issues affecting the com-
                                                                                                        Chair: Shelly Brewer
                                                                                                        Meets 1st Fri of the month,
                                                                                                                                                      Chair: Tammy Young
                                                                                                                                                      Meets 1st Tues of the month,
            Need Volunteer
                                                                                                        6:30 in the Board Room                        7pm in the Board Room
                                                                                           Teen Committee                                 Social Committee

                                                                                                                     The Magnolia Times October / November 2010             Page 5
Real Housewives
                          &Classes          We would like to discuss having our
                                            luncheons catered by a local restau-
                                                                                            Story Time!
                                                                                                Savannah Story Time wel-
                                                                                            comes parents to bring kids of all
of Savannah                                 rant. I believe “The Real House-
                                            wives of Savannah” might enjoy a                ages to enjoy fun time together
    “Real Housewives of Savannah”           “once a month” catered lunch at our             in the Clubhouse Theater every
will meet Thursday, October 7th at          beautiful clubhouse.                            Thursday at 11am. The group
1pm in the café. Bring a box lunch.                                                         sings, reads books and does crafts.
We’ll show a movie at 2pm in the            If you would like to be a part of this          Parents that bring their young-
theater room after our lunch.               fun group, give us a call... Barbara            sters are encouraged to make          Please contact the group ahead of
                                            Huddleston phone 972-347-6767                   donations for the crafts that are     time so they can be sure to have
We just showed “Chicago” Septem-            or Connie Geiser phone 972-347-                 planned. Place your small dona-       enough craft materials for all the
ber 2nd to everyone’s enjoyment.            9421. Lets’ hear from you- Won’t                tion in the box available or just     children. Email storytime@savan-
We also would love suggestions from         you join us?                                    ask what materials will be needed.    nahca.com.
you for our next get together and any
video you would like to show in the                              By Barbara Huddleston
theater soon.

                                                                                                                              50 Plus Club - 50plus@savannahca.com
                                                                                                                            Boy Scouts - boyscouts@savannahca.com
                                                                                                                            Cub Scouts - cubscouts@savannahca.com
                                                                                                                   Health & Wellness Club - health@savannahca.com
                                                                                                             Holistic Parenting - holistic_parenting@savannahca.com
                                                                                                                                 Poker Club - poker@savannahca.com
                                                                                                        Real Housewives of Savannah - 972.347.6767 / 972.347.9421
                                                                                                                   Savannah Girls Night Out - girls@savannahca.com
Come join us the 1st Thursday of each month for lunch and a movie!
                                                                                                                    Scrapbooking Club - scrapbook@savannahca.com
                                                                                                                             Story Time - storytime@savannahca.com

                                                                                                                                         The Community Association does not
Feeling Stressed                                                                                                                     recommend or endorse any resident clubs.

By Todd Taylor
Cloudscape Healing Arts                                                                                                                       Classes
    Please, stay calm. And I’ll tell you                                                               Boot Camp Babes/Team Training - bootcamp@savannahca.com
why. Because stress is killing us! I just
heard a statistic that stated as much as                                                                             Excel Performing Arts - sabrefaye@yahoo.com
90% of every illness and disease re-
lated to stress. That’s a lot! But don’t                                                                                     Sunrise Yoga - yoga@savannahca.com
freak out about it. Own it. And do
                                                                                                                                           Classes are independent of the HOA.
something to let it not affect you.                                                                                                   Contact for availability & fee information.

Now, let me back up a bit to the part
where I said, “Own it,” because this
is where it makes a difference. What                                                                   For a full calendar of clubs, classes and events,
I mean is, take control of it instead of    chest, like what Sue Greenwood was
                                                                                                     dates, times & locations...see backpage calendar.
letting control you. Easier said than       saying in the last newsletter. It’s what
done, right? Right. But still do-able.      helps make activity like yoga, Tai Chi
Really.                                     or meditation so effective.

I love how Dr. Herbert Benson ap-           The second part is to remember a time
proaches it. He points out that our         in our life of joy and wellness. When
bodies, under stress, are in continual      we do this, we reprogram ourselves
fight/flight response, unable to think,       to the positive, healthy thoughts and
digest or rest & rebuild properly. Have     feelings our bodies can relate to. It’s a
you any idea how important thinking,        wonderful way to counteract the previ-
digesting, resting and rebuilding tissue    ous muscle memory of panic or pain.
is? VERY! So how do we stop it?             Try it! You’ll like it!

He suggests we do two things. The           Todd lives in Savannah, where he practices
                                            natural therapy (visit www.CloudscapeHealin-
first is to learn how to evoke a relax-      gArts.com) and co-leads the Health & Wellness
ation response. One of the best ways        Club, 1st Wednesdays of the month at 6:30 in
to do this is by abdominal breathing,       the Savannah Café.
instead of breathing with just your

Page 6     The Magnolia Times October / November 2010
                                                                                            Scouting News
Cub Scouts
     pack 372

Star Gazing Party                                                                   Back to Scouting
     In August, members of Cub Scout       powerful telescopes to observe the
                                           night sky and learn more about the
                                                                                    Pool Party
Pack 372 visited University of North
Texas’s Rafes Urban Astronomy Cen-         planets, stars and constellations. The       Cub Scouts wrapped up the sum-
ter in Denton. The Scouts were given       Scouts can apply this towards earning    mer and kicked off a new scouting
an astronomy lesson by UNT students        their Astronomy Belt Loops.              year with the annual “Back to Scout-
and then were able to use the Center’s     - Karin TenBroeck                        ing” Pool Party on August 29th.

                                                                                    The boys enjoyed hot dogs, cupcakes,
                                                                                    and swimming with their fellow scouts
Annual Popcorn Fundraiser                                                           at the Savannah Pool. - Karin TenBroeck         The Pack recruited three new members at the
                                                                                                                                    pool party!

    Cub Scouts kicked off their            place a popcorn order please contact
Annual Popcorn Fundraiser in Sep-          cubscouts@savannahca.com.
tember! This year the popcorn is be-       - Karin TenBroeck
ing sold in redesigned packaging that
is more eco-friendly and allows for
more product in each package.

There are many different product
choices available including caramel
corn and the very popular microwave
popcorn. Customers may also make
a donation to support our military
troops. The Scouts use money from
                                             Upcoming Events
this fundraiser to cover expenses for        October 23: Pack 372 Fall Family
campouts, achievement badges and                  Camp & Raingutter Regatta         Everyone had a great time, including some members of the Wolf Den
other scouting activities. Popcorn           December 11: Caroling
sales will continue through Octo-
                                             January 8: Cub-O
ber 25th. If you would like to sup-
port the Savannah Cub Scouts and             January 21: Pinewood Derby
Scouts Go Digging                                                                   Scouts Presented with Badges &
for Diamonds in Arkansas State Park                                                 Awards at Court of Honor
      Recently we packed our bags and      chances of finding one are still high-
once again headed for Arkansas- not        a 41% chance of finding a diamond             Troop 372 recognized scouts and
just for fun and the great outdoors, but   every hour. Sadly those chances          their achievements at their quarterly
with hopes of striking it rich by min-     weren’t high enough because we left      Court of Honor held in August.
ing for diamonds.                          the park diamondless.
                                                                                    Merit badges and awards earned on
We had a magnificent camping                        To cool down we visited a        their own over the summer and at
spot with a great view of a                            local water park complete    summer camp were presented, in-
good sized lake. Some                                    with slides, water can-    cluding the mile swim badge earned
boys slept in tents, oth-                                nons, and a giant tree     by Tyler Hite, Cody Hemming and
ers made shelters, but                                   house. We all enjoyed      George Hartgrove.                               Tyler Hite, Cody Hemming & George
                                                                                                                                    Hartgrove were presented with badges earned
most slept under the stars.                           the park and the nice cool                                                    over the summer.
A meteor shower called                             water. On Sunday we headed       Rank advancement was also recog-
the Cenntinals passed by and                     home with many tales to share      nized, including Anthony Sparks                 on Clarke, who were awarded with
Ceres passed by at midnight. It is            with our families and friends. If     who was presented with the Scout                their 2nd Class rank badge.
the largest meteor in the solar system.     you would be interested in joining      Badge, and Armand Jackson and Ori-              - Christina Clarke

                                           us on one of our campouts come see
The next day we went to the Crater         us on www.troop-372.org, or visit us
of Diamonds State Park, the 17th           in person at the Savannah clubhouse
largest diamond sight in the world!        from 7:00 to 8:00 on most Mondays.       Surprise Camp
Since 1924 people have been min-           - Braden Arnold, Troop Historian             Scouts from Troop 372 showed up at the normal camp meeting site early in
ing diamonds from the spot and the           Troop 372                              the morning, packed for a weekend adventure… but just not sure where. After
                                                                                    a few hour of travel, they arrived at the USS Lexington.

                                                                                    Scouts enjoyed hours of exploring this historic aircraft carrier, a wide variety of
2010-2011 Calendar                                                                  Navy planes, learning about the battles, why the Lady Lexington is called the
    Scouts have planned out the next       more about Boy Scouts and getting        “Blue Ghost”, and a late night scavenger hunt. Even after eating in the officer’s
scouting year through September of         a glimpse of their activities, more      mess and sleeping in the crew quarters, a few scouts have a new interest to learn
2011 including advancement, their          information can be found online at       more about serving in our U.S. Navy. - Christina Clarke
monthly camps and summer camp.             www.troop-372.org.
If you are interested in learning

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    Home &
Proper Tree                                                                               Are You Taking Your
Pruning: The Facts                                                                        Sink For Granted?
                                                                                              A few precautions and a little pre-
Why is it important to prune your          branches. It also includes selective
                                                                                          ventive maintenance will save you
shade trees on a consistent basis?         thinning to lessen wind resistance.
                                                                                          trouble in the long run.
Proper pruning improves tree health,       This is the most common type of tree
structure, aesthetics and safety           pruning performed.                             * Aerators should be cleaned every
of the tree.                               Hazard Prune (Class III) – we recom-           3-4 months. The aerator is the assem-
                                           mend this when safety considerations           bly and screen through which water         * Flush drains daily with scalding
What are some good examples of             are of concern. It includes the removal        passes as it leaves the spout. If you        water.
shade trees?                               of dead, diseased, decayed, and weak           have hard water, you may want to use
Red Oaks, Post Oaks, Live Oaks,            branches. This type of pruning is of-          a rust or scale remover. Replace aera-     * Never pour grease down a kitchen
Chinese Pistache, Maples, Sweet            ten times performed on commercial              tors if they have deteriorated.              drain.
Gums, Bradford Pears, etc.                 sites, parking lots, and school grounds
                                           where safety is a big concern.                 * Clean your disposal.                     * Be careful not to disturb exposed
How do I prune or what should I                                                             1. Put ice in your disposal              pipes, such as those under your sink,
ask for when hiring someone else           Proper tree pruning is a practice we             2. Turn it on                            knocking things into them. Each time
to prune?                                  recommend homeowners and property                3. Run until ice is gone, and turn off   a pipe is hit increases the likelihood
There are three classes of tree            managers employee every 1 ½ years -              4. Flush water down the disposal         that it will eventually leak.
pruning:                                   2 years. Even dead or decaying wood
Fine Prune (Class I) – this provides       can take nutrients away from living
the highest quality of pruning for the     tissue and stunt the growth of trees.
tree’s health. Fine pruning is done
when aesthetics are equally impor-         Good tree pruning practice is some-
tant to structural integrity. Dead, dy-    thing that can make a big difference.
ing, diseased, decayed, interfering,       When done properly you can help add
obstructing, undesired, and weak           value to your home or property.
branches are pruned here. It also in-
                                                                          By Neil Bales
cludes selective thinning to lessen                                     Lawns of Dallas
wind resistance.
Standard Prune (Class II) – this is         Lawns of Dallas has more than 25 years of
used when aesthetic considerations          experience providing estate-quality design
                                            and maintenance services to the finest resi-
are secondary to the structural integri-    dential and commercial properties in the
ty of the tree. It includes the removal     Dallas area. Visit their website:
of dead, dying, diseased, decaying,                  www.lawnsofdallas.com
interfering, obstructing and weak

Page 8    The Magnolia Times October / November 2010
                                                           of the month
                                                 The Yards of the Month are chosen
                                             by the Landscape Committee. Along
                                             with the recognition and admiration
                                             of their neighbors, Yard of the Month
                                             winners are each awarded a gift card.
1836 Azalea

                                             WISTERIA VILLAGE
                                             1408 Augusta
1132 Appalacian

                                                                                                                        yards of the month
                                                                                                                We just wanted to remind every-
                                                                                                            one that the Holiday Season is almost
                                                                                                            upon us. Your Landscape Commit-
                                                                                                            tee will be picking the best decorated
                                                                                                            yard for Halloween and Christmas.
                                             CONTINENTAL CONGRESS
                                                                                                            The time to have your yard decorat-
                                             1031 Charleston                                                ed by is the 15th of October and the
GEORGIA / GREENVIEW                                                                                         15th of December.
1148 Cotton Exchange
                                                                                                            We had alot of nicely decorated
                                                                                                            homes last year. We hope to see more
                                                                                                            this year. Make our jobs tough! Good
                                                                                                            luck to one and all!

                                                                                                                      Your Landscape Committee
Nature’s Solution to Colds / Flu
    The “common cold” is aptly               conventional medicines are combined
named because nearly everyone en-            and the combined effect of the two.
counters it. The U.S. population en-
counters nearly a billion colds yearly.      Of course avoiding infection in the
The flu is less common with 35-50             first place is much better than the best
million infections annually in the U.S.      cold and flu treatments. Some preven-
There are more than 50,000 deaths a          tion tactics include, washing hands fre-
year from flu infection in the U.S.           quently with soap and water, avoiding
                                             people with colds and flu, using alco-
Some products commonly used to treat         hol based hand gel and by sanitizing
or prevent cold/flu include:                  surfaces.

Conventional Medicines: Tamiflu, Flu-         When combating colds and flu
madine, Relenza, Sudafed, Afrin, Atro-       you need reliable products and
vent, Motrin, Tylenol, Aspirin               reliable information.

Natural Medicines: American Gin-             Nature’s Solutions is a retail herbal, vi-
seng, Echinacea, Elderberry, Golden-         tamin, mineral, homeopathic and natu-
seal, Garlic, Vitamin C, Zinc, Oscillo-      ral products store located in downtown
coccinum, Probiotics                         Frisco Square. We offer consultations
(inclusion in this list does not imply ef-   provided by a licensed pharmacist and
                                             we offer free delivery.
                                             GRAND OPENING: OCT 18th
Lots of natural medicines are tried for
colds and flu. The important thing            NATURE’S SOLUTIONS
to know is that many of these natural        8843 Coleman Blvd; Frisco, Tx. 75034
products have real drug like effects         214-705-1922
and require proper dosing. Of equal          www.NatureSolutions.Net
concern is when natural medicines and        Email: info@NatureSolutions.Net

                                                                                          The Magnolia Times October / November 2010      Page 9

Night Out
On August 3rd, Savannah residents      demonstration and Carter Blood-
came out for an evening of fun and     care was on site accepting blood
a chance to get to know their neigh-   donations. The Safety Committee
bors and local safety personnel.       was there, of course. As always,
For the kids, there was Lazer Tag      they encourage folks interested in
and a giant inflatable water slide.     keeping Savannah safe to join the
For the whole family- snow cones       Neighborhood Crime Watch. In-
and barbeque! The Navo Firefight-       terested volunteers should contact
ers presented a fire extinguisher       them at safety@savannahca.com.

F ll Fishing Tourn ment
The Fall Fishing Tournament in         Most Fish Caught
September was a big success! Sea            1st Place: Jason Collins
Pines Lake was surrounded by an-            2nd Place: Tarra Rozell
glers of all ages. Eighty-one par-      All the other young participants tied
ticipants in all! The winners of       for 3rd most caught: Nickolas Rozell,
the different categories are listed    Garrett Brummett, DJ Minnick, Ariel
below. There was also a drawing        Gallegos, Morgan Young, Christian
                                       Farwell and Ruben Alcantar.
held. The winner of the adult draw-
ing was Gloria DeLeon who took
                                         The Sports Committee worked
home an electric smoker. The win-
                                       hard to make this tournament the
ner of the kids’ drawing was Jason
                                       best ever. A special THANK YOU
Collins. A mountain bike! This
                                       to all the wonderful volunteers
was particularly good news for Ja-
                                       who made it happen.
son, who had recently had his bike
stolen. It’s great when things work
Winners: Adults
   Largest Fish Caught
     1st Place: George Frye
      2nd Place: Larry Gallegos
   Most Fish Caught
      1st Place: Ivory Turner
      2nd Place: George Frye
Winners: Kids
   Largest Fish Caught
      1st Place: Ariel Gallegos
      2nd Place: Jason Collins

Page 10   The Magnolia Times October / November 2010
More HighLights...

                                                                                 Volunteer Appreciation
 Teen Late                                                                       Savannah wouldn’t be what it is
                                                                                 without all the dedicated volunteers
 Night Swim                                                                      who give their time and talents to
                                                                                 this community that they love. In
The Teen Committee has had a busy                                                September the HOA showed their
summer. Late Night Teen Swims                                                    appreciation with a special dinner,
like this one at the beginning of Sep-                                           door prizes included. Once again,
tember were a real blast! For more                                               THANK YOU for all you do!!
information about teen related ac-
tivities planned in the future, contact

                                                                                 Kids’ Field Day
        Christmas Event                                        Mark Your
                                                               Calendars         October 9th kids ages 4 -16 are invited to gather in
That’s right- mark your calen-            Just like the breakfast, purchase      the field next to the Sports Pavilion parking lot for a
dars... December 4th will be the          tickets beginning November 1st.        day of competition.
date for our annual Christmas             Train Rides for the kids. Each         From 2pm-4pm children will compete
Celebration.                              child will recieve a bell (everytime   in relays, baseball and football
                                          a bell rings, remember, an angel       tosses, soccer kick and
The fun begins in the morning             gets his wings!)                       tug-of-war. There will be
with Breakfast with Santa in                                                     ribbons for all who participate
the Clubhouse from 9am-11am.              The Angel Tree will be in the club-    and event winners will be awarded prizes!
Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for         house throughout the holiday

kids. This includes a picture with        season. Please stop by and adopt
Santa and a pancake breakfast             an angel. Make someone’s Christ-
                                                                                                                          Casino Night
seated with good old St. Nick             mas dreams come true!
himself. Purchase tickets starting                                                                                                      November 13th
November 1st. Contact Candice                                                                                                                 7pm-11pm
at scaactivities@savannahca.com.                                                                                                              Clubhouse
                                                                                                                        The theme of the night is the 80’s
In the evening get ready for the
“Polar Express”.. lots of holiday fun
                                                                                                night            Dress appropriately! Breakfast Club, Ma-
                                                                                                                               donna, Flock of Seagulls....
from 5pm-7pm. During the festivi-                                                                                                       $20 homeowner
ties, the movie “The Polar Express”                                                                                                $30 non-homeowner.
will be playing in the theater.                                                                                                             Checks Only

Santa Pictures are $3 for home-                                                                                          Tickets go on sale October 11th.
owners, $5 for non-homeowners.

                                                                                                 The Magnolia Times October / November 2010        Page 11
                                                                                                             Financial Focus
                                                                                        Helping Parents                              falling behind on bills. If this has hap-
                                                                                                                                     pened in your family, it might be time
                                                                                        Control Their                                to suggest that you step in and help
                                                                                                                                     them make sure their bills are paid on
                                                                                        Money                                        time. In today’s world, this is easier
                                                                                                                                     than ever, since online bill payment
                                                                                             Among the many issues that can          can be used for nearly every regular
                                                                                        arise in dealing with parents who are        bill that comes due. You can have
                                                                                        growing older is when and if they            your parents arrange to have financial
                                                                                        need someone to help them man-               institutions send you copies of bills
                                                                                        age their money. The ability to make         and statements to help track transac-
                                                                                        sound financial decisions is often one        tions and possibly spot any errors that
                                                                                        of the casualties of old age, but it also    could occur.
                                                                                        can be one of the most sensitive top-
                                                                                        ics facing elderly parents and their         Consider establishing a power of
                                                                                        adult children. When is the right time       attorney
                                                                                        to step in and offer help, and what is       A durable power of attorney allows a
                                                                                        the best way to approach an elderly          responsible adult to step in and take
                                                                                        parent about it?                             care of personal and financial affairs.
                                                                                                                                     This can include the authority to make
                                                                                        The challenge of handling money              all decisions related to financial, real
                                                                                        appropriately can be significant, in          estate and legal affairs for the parent.
                                                                                        part because an                                                   This is a major
                                                                                        increasingly com-                                                 step, and some
                                                                                        plex      financial                                                parents may ob-
                                                                                        world can lead                                                    ject to it. But it is
                                                                                        anybody to make                                                   important to have
Tips for Increasing                                                                     mistakes. In addi-                                                a discussion about
                                                                                        tion, elderly peo-                                                setting up a “pow-
Your Property’s                                                                         ple with limited                                                  er of attorney”
                                                                                        financial experi-                                                  arrangement be-
Value                                                                                   ence can be par-                                                  fore issues of an
     Whether you’re thinking about                                                      ticularly vulner-                                                 elderly person’s
selling your home or not, I encourage                                                   able to scams and                                                 capacity to make
you to consider taking the following                                                    sales pitches, cre-                                               decisions become
actions to improve the exterior of your                                                 ating the potential                                               more serious. If a
home. For example, if you do a nice                                                     for losses that could total thousands        parent were to become incapacitated
job of landscaping your home, you’ll        maintained vehicle will make a much         of dollars. In some cases, a parent,         before power of attorney was estab-
certainly help it’s value, but, if every-   different statement about you and           such as a widowed spouse, may not            lished, court action would be required
one on your street does the same, then      your property than an unattractive,         have been the one who handled fam-           to name someone as legal guardian
your value will be multiplied – it’s the    poorly cared for vehicle.                   ily finances, and therefore lacks expe-       for the elderly parent.
neighborly thing to do.                     • Paint – a fresh coat of paint can be      rience in dealing with money. In other
                                            one of the best investments you can         cases, traits of old age may begin to        Even with a legally binding durable
EXTERIOR - The 15 Second First              make to increase the value of your          impair their financial savvy.                 power of attorney in place, not all
Impression                                  home. If you don’t want to spend the                                                     financial institutions will recognize
You’ve probably heard how important         money to paint the whole house, con-        Adult children of aging parents              it. Check with any institution where
first impressions can be. But did you        sider just the shutters and trim, or just   should watch for signs that help may         an account is in place to determine if
know that within 15 seconds a buyer         the front of the house.                     be needed and begin to talk about            they require that the parties involved
has developed an opinion of your            • Windows – Attractive windows              it with them. Better yet, have this          sign additional paperwork to give
property? .                                 can increase the value of your home.        discussion early enough so that par-         another individual access to a par-
                                            Replace any cracked or broken glass,        ents are in a position to provide the        ent’s account.
• Landscaping – Neatly trimmed              keep your windows clean and apply           information you need to know about
shrubs are essential. Taking time to        touch-up paint where needed.                their finances.                               A sensitive responsibility
do this costs little, but has a big im-     • Roof – the roof may be the single                                                      In situations where one sibling takes
pact. Besides being freshly mowed           most important aspect of your home.         Identify all accounts and locate             control of parents’ finances, it is im-
and trimmed, a lawn should look             A well-maintained roof will say a           pertinent documents                          portant to be sensitive to concerns of
healthy. If there are spots that look       lot about the overall condition of          A good starting point is to compile a        brothers and sisters. All actions taken
beyond help, a little sod goes a long       the property. Replace any broken or         list of all of their financial accounts,      on behalf of the parents should be
way to restoring the look of a well-        missing shingles or tiles, repair flash-     regular bills that must be paid (rent,       transparent and appropriate for their
maintained lawn.                            ing where needed, and paint eaves and       utilities, car payments, taxes, etc.), in-   needs. It is a good idea to document
• Front walkway and sidewalks –             fascia boards.                              surance policies, and even safety de-        all activity to help assure that every
Landscaping is not limited to the lawn      • Gutters/Downspouts – Neat and             posit box or safes used to store valu-       action has been done in the parents’
and shrubs, but encompasses every-          trim-looking gutters and downspouts         ables and documents. It is also vital to     best interests.
thing from the street to your doorstep.     make a house look shipshape. Make           assure that their will is current and in-
This is referred to as “curb appeal.”       sure run-off areas aren’t eroded, and       cludes medical directives, living wills      It may also make sense to involve a fi-
Make sure your sidewalks and front          that you have concrete “spillways” on       and health-care proxies.                     nancial advisor to help in the process.
walkway are clean and free of weeds.        every downspout.                                                                         If parents already work with an advi-
If sections are badly cracked, consider     • And, finally, THE FRONT                    If your parents don’t want to reveal         sor, consider setting up a meeting with
having them repaired.                       DOOR. Your doorway is the focal             much information now about their fi-          that advisor and the parents. Have an
• Driveways – whether front or              point of your house. Repaint it. Ap-        nances, you might want to ask them           open and frank discussion about con-
rear, there are two elements of the         ply new hardware. Install a brass kick      to at least provide clear direction          cerns and discuss plans for the best
driveway with which you should              plate. Install a new front light fixture.    on where it can be found if the time         way to manage their money going
be concerned. The first is its surface       Remove the kids’ bikes and toys, and        comes that children need to step in.         forward. A trusted advisor should be
condition. Power wash oil or other          thoroughly clean the front porch                                                         able to support you in the process and
stains. If it’s badly cracked, consider                                                 Help or take over bill payment               help assure that the parents’ interests
having it repaired. The second is the
                                            By Wayne Taylor, Realtor                    Even elderly people who have more            remain the top priority.
appearance of the vehicle parked in
                                            Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage       than enough money can be prone to
                                            Office: 972-731-1238 ~ Cell: 214-562-7106
the driveway. A newly waxed, well-

Page 12     The Magnolia Times October / November 2010
 Veasey Manley,
                                                                             Savannah                              Spotlight
 Communications Chair                                                                                                           By Karin TenBroeck

    Veasey Manley and his family         Veasey worked for Countrywide at             friends in Savannah”, says Veasey.        Currently Veasey is serving as the
moved to Savannah in November of         the time of the attacks of 9/11. Af-         To Veasey, his friends and neighbors      Chairman of the Communications
2005, on the day after Thanksgiving.     ter that date, Countrywide decided           are the most important part of Savan-     Committee. He knows that Savan-
He was attracted to Savannah by the      to spread out critical roles to mul-         nah. Many of his neighbors are from       nah, like many local communities, is
warm architecture of the houses. His     tiple locations                                                 other states and       feeling the effects of a down econ-
wife, Gail, loved the clubhouse and      as part of their                                                they are all able to   omy. “Our community is the sum
pool area as well as the amenities for   disaster recov-                                                 serve as extended      of its individuals, and as such we
their children.                          ery plan. Veasey                                                family for each        should spend more time fixing issues
                                         was asked to re-                                                other and give         than complaining about them”, says
Veasey was raised in Oxnard, Cali-       locate to Plano,                                                each other sup-        Veasey. He asks residents to help
fornia and his wife and children         Texas and then                                                  port. He really en-    make Savannah an even better place
were all born in Santa Barbara. His      they eventually                                                 joys the neighbor-     to live by “keeping an open heart,
profession is in computer systems,       ended up in Sa-                                                 hood yard sales.       embracing their neighbors, and vol-
specifically high availability internet   vannah. “After                                                  He sees it as a        unteering in the HOA committees
web farms. He enjoys this as his ca-     the fall of Countrywide my wife and          time when he can meet neighbors that      and events.”
reer and his personal hobby.             I decided not to return to California        he might not otherwise see very often.
                                         because we loved our home and our

     TECH                                                                                                                       Welcome
                                                                                                                                New Neighbors
      Corner                                                                                                                    JEFF PIERCE
     Now that school is back in ses-
sion I have the challenge of helping
                                                                                                                                CHRIS FAVORS
with homework. So what do you do                                                                                                RACHEL FALLWELL
when your child asks you to help
them construct an anti-derivative? I                                                                                            MAGGIE MAHAN
have the fortune of working in the       on the same graphing calculator that         books. The most incredible calculator
Education Technology division of         you will be using in the testing center.     I have come across is the TI-Nspire™
Texas Instruments. For those of you      Visit collegeboard.com and ets.org to        . It can be used for algebra, geometry,
who can’t simply walk across the of-     see the calculator policies.                 calculus, statistics and physics. Check
fice and get help from someone with                                                    out its interchangeable keyboard,
a doctorate in mathematics, don’t        I am continually amazed at the ad-           mouse like movement via a touch pad
despair. The good folks in Ed Tech       vanced technology that goes into the         and rechargeable battery pack. Like
have put numerous tools online for       TI calculators as well as the world          all advanced electronics, learning
parents, students and teachers (edu-     wide following of graphing calcula-          how to use it can be a challenge. To
cation.ti.com). Some other good          tor enthusiasts. There are accessories       view video tutorials on how to do spe-
sites for parents and students include   from other companies that extend             cific tasks go to AtomiClearning.com/
Hotmath.com, Tudor.com, CoolMath.        the functionality. You can get data          k12/en/ti_nspire.
com and Aleks.com.                       probes from Vernier.com that mea-
                                         sures things like the moisture content       In all fairness I should mention that
When the time comes to buy a graph-      of soil, blood pressure and the amount       there are other manufactures of graph-    www.premiermgtconnect.com/savannah
ing calculator, the idea of getting      of oxygen in the room. When I was            ing calculators: HP, Sharp and Casio.
an app for a mobile phone comes          in school the TI-84 seemed to be the         The most important factor in decid-                New to Savannah?
to mind. The problem with doing          most popular. Decades later, the TI-84       ing what calculator to buy is what is        Make sure you are registered on
that is your mobile phone will not       Plus is still going strong.                  the teacher using to teach the class or            PremierConnectTM!
be allowed in high stakes testing.                                                                                                            Contact
                                                                                      what is in the course text book.
Assessment testing like PSAT, AP,                                                                                                  magnoliatimes@savannahca.com
                                         Check out ZoomMath.com for some                                    By Veasey Manley,
ACT and PRAXIS have strict rules         apps to make homework easier by                       Communications Committee Chair
on what technologies are allowed to      making the math problem on the cal-                   communications@savannahca.com
be used. It just makes sense to learn    culator look just like it does in the text

                                                                                                        The Magnolia Times October / November 2010          Page 13
Is your church having a special event? A new youth pro-
gram, marriage seminar or special celebration to which
                                                                                           Neighbors Helping Neighbors
                                                                                                                                                 Ministry of Frisco Bible Church
you would like to invite the communities of Savannah &
Providence? Notify The Magnolia Times and we’ll help      Are you in need of some help around      that you can’t reach, need help in        Sunday afternoon of every month.
you get the word out at NO CHARGE! Our paper is pub-      the house? We would like to assist       the yard, help putting together a bi-     Please contact Michael and Paige
lished every other month with deadlines a month in ad-
vance of publication... so contact us ASAP!
                                                          you. Our small group of friends is       cycle for your children or have any       Mercer by phone (214-801-1531)
                                                          looking for opportunities to serve our   other labor based need, please let us     or email (mxmerce@gmail.com) to
                                                          community and meet our neighbors.        know. Best of all, there are no strings   schedule a time.
                                                          So, if you need a light bulb changed     attached! We are available the first

Page 14        The Magnolia Times October / November 2010
                                                                                                                        Sports &
  Dear Kristi,
                                                                                                 Discount Tickets for
  The Holiday’s are coming up and I always seem to gain weight! What can I
  do to avoid gaining those extra pounds this Holiday season?                                    Savannah Stars Fans
  Thanks,                                                                                            We have partnered with the
  Holiday Blues                                                                                  Dallas Stars this season to provide
                                                                                                 special discounts to all Savannah
Dear Holiday Blues,                       will keep you fit. Yes, I know it’s                     Homeowners Association members
                                          cold. Yes, I know it’s busy this time                  throughout the year. They created an
Here are a few ways to keep you on        of year, but if you want to stay fit,                   online link specifically for us, with
track this Holiday season.                you have to have the NO EXCUSES                        the discount already included in the
                                          mind set. Aim for 30-60 minutes of                     prices you’ll see.
1.) Drink a glass of water before you     daily exercise.
eat. Did you know that sometimes                                                                 Choose from several different seating     The Stars have a terrific schedule this
people could mistake being hungry         5.) Use a smaller plate, and take                      and pricing options, including seats      year, with plenty of weekend games,
for really being thirsty? Research        smaller bites. Use a salad plate in-                   for select games discounted as much       great opponents and a great young
has proven that if you drink a glass      stead of a dinner plate and fill up on                  as 54% off the gate price!                team hitting the ice!
of water before and during your meal      salad, fruits, and veggies first. When
that you will eat less.                   you take a bite chew slowly and en-                    To take advantage of this special of-     If you need something customized
                                          joy your food. Before you get up for                   fer visit http://stars.nhl.com/savannah   (family outing of 10 or more people,
2.) Eat small portions throughout the     seconds think to yourself “Am I re-                    and follow these steps:                   suite outing, team building, customer
day. This will help to keep your blood    ally hungry?” wait a few minutes get                   1) Enter the password: stars              appreciation, etc.) – please call Me-
sugar level so you never get to that      up walk             around and then                    2) Select the game you want               gan Walker at 214.387.5514 or email
“I’m Starving” phase. Portion con-        make                  your decision.                   3) Select the seats you want              mwalker@dallasstars.com for options
trol is the key to keeping your weight                                                           4) Pay for your tickets                   and details.
down. Instead of starving yourself                                                               5) Print your tickets (or choose to
all day for that big night event, eat                                                            have them mailed or left at Will Call)    Enjoy the season, and GO STARS!
smaller portions, and try eating a
healthy snack 30-60 minutes before
you arrive.                                                                                       380 Youth Sports:
3.) Be a picky eater. Try and avoid                                                               Sign Up for Basketball
processed foods and extra carbs such
as cheese, crackers, pasta and creamy                                                             Basketball season is right around the corner. Practice will begin November
sauces. Instead, stick with lean                                                                  15th and the games will begin December 4th. The cost: $115.00. For infor-
meats, fresh foods and those specialty                                                            mation: basketball@380sports.org.
foods that you only eat once a year.
To avoid dessert overload try this tip:                                                           Anyone who wants to coach basketball please call the Basketball Commis-
Cut a ¼ a piece from a few of the des-     Kristi Dear is a Certified Personal Trainer and
                                                                                                  sioner at 940-300-4276. Please feel free to join our meetings the second
sert’s to sample, instead of having a      Owner of Boot Camp Babes here in Savannah. For         Tuesday of every month in the Savannah Theater.
                                           more information, visit her website:
whole slice of each one.                   www.kristidear.com

4.) Exercise. Keeping up your fitness       E-mail Kristi_dear@cebridge.net and your fitness

routine during the Holiday season          question could be featured in the next issue of the
                                           Magnolia Times!!

                                                                                                                   The Magnolia Times October / November 2010           Page 15
                                                                                             Are Your Children Getting
                                                                                             Enough Sleep?
                                                                                             In order to grow and develop prop-             So how much sleep do you and your
                                                                                             erly, children need a good amount              children really need? Below is a chart
                                                                                             of sleep. When they are very young             of the recommended amount.
                                                                                             – babies and toddlers – parents usu-
                                                                                             ally adjust their schedules to ensure          0-6 months: 16-20 hours (with many
                                                                                             that their children are getting enough         naps during the day)
                                                                                             sleep. However, by the time children           6-12 months: 14-16 hours (with mul-
                                                                                             start school, the busy schedules set           tiple naps during the day)
                                                                                             in and school-aged children (from el-          1-3 years: 10-14 hours (including one
                                                                                             ementary through high school) are av-          or two naps)
                                                                                             eraging one hour less sleep per night          3-6 years: 10-12 hours
                                                                                             compared to 30 years ago.                      7-12 years: 10-11 hours
                                                                                                                                            12-18 years: 9 hours
                                                                                             Some of the reasons for the lost hour          Adult: 8 hours
                                                                                             of sleep are overburdened schedules
                                                                                             (too many extracurricular activities),         Look at the chart above and evaluate
                                                                                             extra homework, bedroom access                 whether you and your children are
                                                                                             to television, video games, texting,           getting enough sleep. If not, it may be
                                                                                             computers and an earlier start to the          a good idea to consider some schedule
                                                                                             school day.                                    adjustments. While you can’t change
                                                                                                                                            the start time of your children’s school
                                                                                             Sleep is important for many reasons.           or your work, you can adjust bedtime
                                                                                             During sleep, children’s brains are            schedules and activities before bed. It
                                                                                             working diligently – releasing growth          is recommended that children do not
                                                                                             hormones and appetite control hor-             have media access for an hour before
                                                                                             mones, growing brain cell connec-              bedtime (including television, video
                                                                                             tions, consolidating newly learned             games, and computer), because these
                                                                                             material and organizing memories.              activities arouse the brain and make it
                                                                                             When children and adolescents don’t            more difficult to go to sleep. Similarly,
                                                                                             get enough sleep, these processes are
By Carolina Vidaurre                 Culinary Sense                                          disturbed and the consequences can
                                                                                             be long lasting. Lack of sleep can
                                                                                                                                            young children often have nightmares
                                                                                                                                            or awakening dreams when they
                                                                                                                                            watch television right before bed-
     The Holidays are coming! The                                                            lead to moodiness, depression, poor            time. Reading books, telling stories,
Holidays are coming! Visions of                                                              school performance, memory and                 coloring, listening to soothing music,
family dinners and animated conver-                                                          concentration problems, low impulse            or other quiet activities can be part of
sation by the fireplace come to mind.                                                         control, poor problem solving skills           a calming bedtime routine that helps
Well…. Maybe not; but one thing                                                              and even weight gain (because sleep            your child get a more restful sleep.
surely needs to be in our mind when                                                          deprivation leads to increases in a
preparing for the holidays: food safe-                                                       hormone that causes us to feel hun-            - Bridget Vittrup, Ph.D.
ty. Here are a few tips to practice to                                                       gry and decreases the hormone that
help us get through the holidays safe-                                                       makes us feel full).
ly in the kitchen:
                                                                                              Brigitte Vittrup Simpson is a professor and researcher in Early Childhood Development &
                                                                                              Education at Texas Woman’s University. If you have questions about parenting and child
 Wash your hands with soap and                                                               guidance, e-mail bvsimpson@gmail.com, and your question could be featured in the next iss
water before handling the turkey or        The proper way to thaw a tur-                     ue of this paper.
any food.                                 key is to store it in the refrigerator at
                                          40o F or below. Allow 24 hours for
 Use separate cutting boards for         every 4-5 pounds of turkey.
meats and vegetables. Do not place
cooked foods on the same cutting           Stuffing the turkey is not recom-                       Quick & Easy Snack for Kids...
board used for raw meats.                 mended. Cook the stuffing separately
                                          and ensure that the turkey and stuff-                    Cinnamon Toast of Love
 Avoid wiping hands on towels            ing reach an internal temperature of
after touching raw foods. Use pa-         165o F. Use your thermometer and                         Prepare a snack with your kids on a cold afternoon or a rainy morning.
                                          check the inner thigh or the thickest                    It is easy and smells wonderful.
per towels to wipe off surfaces and
hands after washing to avoid cross        part of the breast.
contamination.                                                                                     Ingredients
 Wash knives and utensils with            Remember to refrigerate leftovers                      4 slices white bread
warm water and soap and use a sani-       within 2 hours after cooking. Cut the                    2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
tizing solution of bleach and water       turkey into small pieces and store in                    3 ½ tablespoons sugar
for sanitizing utensils and surfaces.     shallow containers.                                      1 ½ teaspoons ground cinnamon
Prepare solution using ¼ teaspoon of                                                               Instructions
bleach to 1 quart of water, mix, and      For more tips on Thanksgiving food                       Place the bread on a cutting board or large plate
store in spray bottle for easy use. Do    safety, go to....                                        Spread butter on the bread slices
not forget to label the bottle!           www.fooddomain.msu.edu/docs/
                                                                                                       (about 1 ½ teaspoon of butter per slice)
                                                                                                   Pour the sugar and cinnamon into a small bowl and stir.
 Store fresh turkey in the refrigera-
                                                                                                   Place the prepared bread slices directly on the rack of a toaster
tor at 40o F or below if cooking within
                                                                                                       oven or regular oven and toast until golden brown and bubbly.
24-48 hours.
                                          Carolina Vidaurre has a Bachelor’s degree in                 (About 2-3 minutes).
                                          Biology is a registered Environmental Health
 Store turkey inside a pan to catch      Specialist who has worked in the public
any juices from falling on other foods    health field as a health inspector for ten years.
                                                                                                   Yields: 2-4 servings.
or produce.                               She is currently pursuing a master’s degree              Serve warm with a cup of hot cocoa… and enjoy.
                                          in Education

Page 16    The Magnolia Times October / November 2010
Letter from Principal McWilliams of Savannah Elementary...
Another Great Year Begins
Dear Students & Parents of Savannah        with families and the community, our
Elementary,                                staff will foster academic achieve-
                                           ment, personal character, and social
We are looking forward to another          responsibility to develop independent
great year at Savannah Elementa-           life-long problem solvers. I hope to
ry. We have tons of great activities       meet each one of you. If you have any
planned this year; from our Fall Fest      questions or concerns feel free to send
coming up October 22nd to our Sock         me an email or join me on facebook
Hop in the spring. I appreciate the        for the latest school information.
opportunity to care for your children
each and every day. I am committed         Sincerely,
to providing a safe learning environ-      Mr. Michael McWilliams
ment for all students. In partnership      Savannah Elementary Principal

                                                                                                                            Savannah PTA Upcoming Events
 Savannah                                  We are increasing membership and           The PTA wants to thank all parents
                                           working on a school agenda de-             who have joined the PTA and would     October

 PTA Update                                signed to support teachers, parents
                                           and community. Our goal is to make
                                                                                      like to extend the welcome to all
                                                                                      members of the community to help
                                                                                                                            17 Savannah Grill Night 5-9pm – proceeds
                                                                                                                                benefit our school
                                                                                                                            22 Fall Festival
 The Savannah PTA wants to welcome         strong ties between teachers, par-         make this school year a success!!!    November
 all the parents and the community to      ents, students and the community to        Please check out the full details     2 PTA Meeting 7pm, Cafeteria
 the 2010-11 school year. This year        create a great learning environment        about our PTA on the PTA tab within   3 Double Dave’s Pizza Night (Teel Pkwy)
                                                                                                                                5-8pm – proceeds benefit our school
 the PTA has started with a bang!!!        for our children.                          the Savannah Elementary website.
                                                                                                                            21 Savannah Grill Night 5pm-9pm –
                                                                                                                                proceeds benefit our school

Boosting Your
Child’s Natural Immunity
    Have you ever wondered why             a week will also add much needed
some children are always getting sick      nutrients to the diet.
while others seem to fly through the
school year immune to the germs that       Highly salted snacks like chips can be
are rampant in our schools today?          changed to include high water content
Since school days have just begun,         vegetables with nut or vegetable dips
you can start now to boost your chil-      that are much more satisfying and
dren’s immune system.                      nourishing to the body. Make sure to
                                           add some garlic and onions to those
To prevent the onslaught of illness-       soups, sauces and dips because garlic
es that runs through the classrooms        especially, has a natural antibiotic and
each fall, follow some simple steps        onions are high in vitamin C.
now that will strengthen your little
ones and yourself. Take action today      Offer foods that are lower in sugar
and avoid the rounds of medications       and salt, higher in water content and
that actually de-                                                  nutrients. Make
stroy part of the     Take action today & avoid eating fun again
immune system.        the rounds of medications by making each
                      that actually destroy part plate a rainbow
Less sugar con-                                                    and involve ev-
sumption        will of the immune system.                         eryone in the
boost the immune system. This             selection, shopping and preparing of
means cutting down on sodas, and          food. They will be much more likely
highly concentrated fruit juices and      to adopt change if they have a say in
offering high water content fruits like   the process.
watermelon, home-made lemonade,
berries and other juicy fruits. They      Lastly, add some immune strengthen-
are in abundance now and in season,       ing herbs that will give the greatest
so the cost is low. Teaching your chil-   benefit. Uńa de Gato® or cat’s claw is
dren to drink plenty of pure water too    a great choice. A brand that is mixed
is paramount, because dehydration is      with honey and vinegar tastes good
a major cause of lowered immunity.        and is great before and during any ill-
                                          ness to quickly restore your health.
Replacing sugary cereals, with alter-
natives like homemade waffles, pan-
cakes and English muffins are great
                                          Carol Crampton, ND,                                                                     advertise
choices. By spreading them with or-
                                          CNHP, CH, CDM
                                          Natural Health Center                                               In Savannah & Providence!
                                          of Texas
ganic nut butters and just a little fruit                                                                                     Contact Deborah Victory
juice sweetened jams and jellies, you     For a complimentary                                                          magnoliatimes@savannahca.com
                                          consultation,   contact:
lower the sugar and add some pro-         214-529-9050 or info@
tein. Eating eggs a couple of times       naturalhealthtexas.com

                                                                                                      The Magnolia Times October / November 2010           Page 17
Savannah Pets
Why Are My Dog’s Ears Smelly?                                                               How to Clean That Pet Stain
By Teresa Koehlar                          ture promotes                                    Oops! So your furry friend has had        6) Walk over the wet area several
The Pet Nanny                              the growth of                                    a little “accident”. What do you do?      times to absorb excess moisture.
                                           bacterial and
     Do you often see your dog scratch-    fungal infec-                                    1) Remove any excrement and blot          7) Place a stack of magazines, books
ing its ears or shaking its head? If so,   tion. Owners                                     the entire wet area immediately with      or other heavy objects over the area.
it could be suffering from an ear infec-   should never                                     a cloth or towel.
tion. Ear infections in dogs could be      put a Q-tip                                                                                8) Allow everything to stand for 4
due to ear mites, bacterial infections,    in the dogs ear because when a dog               2) Pour a small amount of liquid de-      to 6 hours.
food allergies, unhealthy environment      shakes its head, it’s easy to a push too         tergent onto the cloth or towel and
or improper dog hygiene.                                                                    rub stained area with just enough         9) Remove the towels.
                                           deep. Simple cotton tissue or balls
                                           work the best.                                   firmness to remove the stain.
When a dog’s ears are smelly, it is                                                                                                   10) Use a soft-
usually an indicator that they have a                                                       3) Mix together 1 quart warm water        bristled hairbrush
                                           For dogs with chronic ear infections
bacterial or fungal infection. Another                                                      and 1/2 cup white vinegar.                to raise the nap
                                           with reddish brown discharge I rec-
indicator is constantly shaking it’s                                                                                                  of the carpet.
                                           ommend ADL (Animal Dermatology
head. Certain breeds, due to the anat-     Laboratories) Foaming Ear Cleanser               4) Pour mixture onto the stain, soak-
omy of their ears, are also more prone     This cleanser is soapy and loosens               ing the area.
to ear infections.                         dirt, hair and wax in the ear canal
                                                                                            5) Place several clean, dry towels
                                           prior to ear flushing procedure. Be
Food allergies are another source.                                                          over the stained area.
                                           sure to follow with Ear Flushing
Avoid products with wheat and corn
                                           Drying Lotion.
fillers. They contain gluten. All pet
foods need a binding agent, so select
rice products; they are gluten free.
Eliminate processed pet treats and
                                           Ear infections should not go untreat-
                                           ed. Constant shaking of the head and
                                           ears can cause blood vessels in the               Lost Pet?                                You can post lost/found pets on the
                                                                                                                                      HOA website’s free classifieds:
“people food” from your dogs diet.
Great healthy treats for dogs: carrots,
apples, berries, melons, celery, green
                                           ear flap to burst and fill with blood
                                           and fluids this requires medical treat-
                                           ment and possible surgery.
                                                                                             Found Pet?                               www.savannahca.com
                                                                                                                                      We’ve had many lost pets reunited with
beans and asparagus. Of course,                                                                                                       their families this way!
never feed your dog chocolate, on-         Making home ear examinations and
ions, grapes/raisins, macadamia nuts       cleaning a monthly routine protects                                                              Two local shelters to check:
or avocados.                               your dog from serious medical ill-
                                           nesses, hearing loss and pain. You can                                                       City of Denton Animal Shelter
Prevention is key! Routinely clean the     reduce your veterinarian expenses and
dog’s ears. You can purchase an ear                                                                                                    300 South Woodrow Lane in Denton
                                           ensure the health, quality of life and
cleaning solution with drying agent        happiness of your dog.                                                                            Phone: (940) 349-7594
from your veterinarian. Have your vet
show you the proper way to clean the                                                                                                       Little Elm Animal Shelter
                                           Teresa Koehlar, the Savannah Pet Nanny, of-
dog’s ears. Always put cotton balls        fers in-home low-cost pet microchipping (see                                               1104 W. Eldorado Parkway in Little Elm
in your dogs ears during baths and         ad on this page). She also offers a variety of                                                     Phone: (214) 975-0460
avoid water getting inside ears. Mois-     pet-sitting services.

                                                                                                           Check for microchip at either below. Both keep a lost & found list.
                                                                                                                                       Twin Lakes Pet Clinic @ 972-347-9799
                                                                                                                                       Savannah Pet Nanny @ 214-789-2004

                                                                                            In Savannah & Providence
                                                                                                              Contact Deborah Victory
                                                                                                  Special rates available for Savannah homeowners.

Page 18    The Magnolia Times October / November 2010
Law Enforcement Update                                                                                      Water District
In an effort to continually improve
law enforcement services for the
                                        in October. The Little Elm Town
                                        Council voted on July 20 to official-
residents of Savannah and Artesia,      ly dissolve the contract. Officials     New Phases of Development
Denton County Freshwater Sup-           from the District and Little Elm       With a goal of spurring additional home sales and community growth, the Dis-
ply District #10 and the Little Elm     are now moving forward with dis-       trict recently approved the construction of new development phases in both Ar-
Police Department have been in          cussions that could result in a new    tesia and Savannah.
discussions to redefine the contract     contract designed to provide for an
between the two entities.               even greater concentration of pa-      Proposed Brazos Electric Cooperative Transmission Lines
                                        trols and services for the residents   The Board of Directors unanimously passed a measure opposing the installation
The District joined several other       of Savannah and Artesia.               of Brazos Electric Cooperative transmissions lines that would align with Savan-
communities along the U.S. 380                                                 nah’s western border.
Corridor last spring in contract-       Savannah and Artesia residents
ing with Little Elm to provide law      who have concerns, questions, or       DCFWSD #10 Fiscal Year 2001-2011 Budget
enforcement services. One of the        suggestions regarding law en-          With a focus on maintaining quality streets, water facilities, and common areas,
Districts involved in the contract      forcement services are requested       providing high-quality law enforcement and fire protection services, and main-
recently expressed a desire to seek     to contact Rob Adams, District         taining the tax rate, the District recently adopted the FY2010 – 2011 budget.
services elsewhere, providing the       #10 Board of Director and Law
remaining parties with an opportu-      Enforcement Committee Chair, at        Artesia - Stage II Water Management Plan
nity to redefine the contract to pro-    rob.adams@380districts.com.            Work to install a permanent water line continues and is on schedule to be com-
vide enhanced service levels.                                                  plete in Winter 2010. Due to high demand during peak periods, the District is
                                        In the event of an emergency, as       asking all Artesia residents adhere to the Stage II water restrictions that allows
As a legal formality, the Little Elm    always, please call 9-1-1.             landscape watering on Sundays and Thursdays for customers with a street ad-
Police Department notified all par-                                             dress ending in an even number and Saturdays and Wednesdays for customers
ties on July 12 of their intent to                                             with a street address ending in an odd numbers.
cancel the current contract effective   From DCFWSD #10 Board of Directors
                                                                               Town Hall Meetings
                                                                               District #10 officials are scheduling Town Hall meetings in Savannah and Ar-
                                                                               tesia in the near future. The meetings will be held to provide residents with in-
                                                                               formation about district responsibilities, projects, funding, and priorities. A brief
                                                                               presentation will be followed by a question and answer session with the board
                                                                               of directors.

                                                                               Street Repairs
                                                                               The District #10 Board of Directors is adamant about maintaining quality infra-
                                                                               structure for the residents of Savannah and Artesia to secure property values and
                                                                               safety and aesthetic standards for both communities. Street and curb repairs are
                                                                               currently underway in both communities.

                                                                               Water Pressure Analysis
                                                                               The District’s Engineer is currently conducting a system-wide water pressure
                                                                               study to identify any issues and ensure all residents are receiving the maximum
                                                                               water pressure allowable with the current facilities.

                                                                               Logo & Website
                                                                               The District is currently working on a logo, and exploring all options regarding
                                                                               a dedicated web site. Goals include increasing transparency of district business
                                                                               and branding the District to provide a recognizable identity for all present and
                                                                               futures communities within DCFWSD #10.

                                                                                                  The Magnolia Times October / November 2010               Page 19
              October                Monday                            Tuesday                        Wednesday                             Thursday                     Friday
                                                                                                                                                                                           1                            2
                                                 Library = L
         Board Room = BR
                                              Theater = TH
       Sports Pavilion = SP
                                         Pool Pavilion = PP                                                                                                                                           Sunrise Yoga 7:30 MPR
   Cool Down Room = CDR
                                         Tennis Courts = TC
Multi-Purpose Room = MPR
                                          Soccer Field = SF

                        3                                 4                                 5                                   6                                 7                        8                            9
                                    BootCamp Babes 5:30am                                                BootCamp Babes 5:30am             Beg. Jazz/HipHop 3:30 MPR
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sunrise Yoga 7:30 MPR
                                  Team Training 6:45am MPR                                            Team Training 6:45am MPR        Intermed. Jazz/HipHop 4:40 MPR
                                    BootCamp Babes 8:30am               Beginning Tap 3:30 MPR           BootCamp Babes 8:30am          “Real Housewives of Savannah”
                                                                                                                                                Lunch Club 1pm Cafe’        Poker Club 7pm- BR
                              Creative Movement 10am MPR             Intermediate Tap 4:40 MPR    Health & Wellness Club 6:30 Cafe’
                                   Beginning Ballet 3:30 MPR
                                                                                                                                              POOL COMMITTEE                                     Kid’s Field Day
                                                                                                                                                6:30pm Cafe’
                                                                                                      SAFETY COMMITTEE                                                                                  2 - 4pm
                                Intermediate Ballet 4:40 MPR         SOCIAL COMMITTEE                                                       SPORTS COMMITTEE
                                                                                                  7pm Board Room (date change)                7pm Board Room
                              Boy Scout Troop #372 7pm BR                 7pm BR                                                                                                                      See Page 11

                      10                               11                                12                                  13                                14                        15                           16
                              BootCamp Babes 5:30 & 8:30am                Girl Scouts 6:30pm BR                                                                                                       Sunrise Yoga 7:30 MPR
                                   Team Training 6:45am MPR           380 Youth Sports 7pm TH
                                                                                                        BootCamp Babes 5:30am                                                                     ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                               Creative Movement 10am MPR               Beginning Tap 3:30 MPR
                                    Beginning Ballet 3:30 MPR                                         Team Training 6:45am MPR             Beg. Jazz/HipHop 3:30 MPR                                8am Board Room
                                                                     Intermediate Tap 4:40 MPR                                                                          Scrapbook Club 7pm BR
                                 Intermediate Ballet 4:40 MPR                                           BootCamp Babes 8:30am         Intermed. Jazz/HipHop 4:40 MPR
                               Boy Scout Troop #372 7pm BR
                                  Continental Congress
                                                                  LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE
                                                                       7pm Board Room
                                                                           Sea Pines                   Georgia/Greenview                 HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Fall Fest
                                                                                                                                                                                                        4 - 7pm
                                Village Meeting 7pm TH            Village Meeting 7pm TH            Village Meeting 7pm TH                    6:30pm Cafe’
                                         see page 4                        see page 4                       see page 4                                                                                 See Page 1

                      17                               18                                19                                  20                                21                        22                           23
                              BootCamp Babes 5:30 & 8:30am              Beginning Tap 3:30 MPR
                                   Team Training 6:45am MPR          Intermediate Tap 4:40 MPR
                                                                                                        BootCamp Babes 5:30am              Beg. Jazz/HipHop 3:30 MPR
                               Creative Movement 10am MPR       COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE
                                    Beginning Ballet 3:30 MPR        6:30pm Board Room                Team Training 6:45am MPR        Intermed. Jazz/HipHop 4:40 MPR                                  Sunrise Yoga 7:30 MPR
                                 Intermediate Ballet 4:40 MPR       FINANCE COMMITTEE                   BootCamp Babes 8:30am
                               Boy Scout Troop #372 7pm BR                7pm Cafe’                        Boy Scouts 7pm Cafe’          Water District Meeting
                                         Wisteria                         Peachtree                                                      6pm Artesia Clubhouse
                                Village Meeting 7pm TH            Village Meeting 7pm TH
                                         see page 4                       see page 4

                      24                               25                                26                                  27                                28                        29                           30
                                    BootCamp Babes 5:30am
                                  Team Training 6:45am MPR              Beginning Tap 3:30 MPR          BootCamp Babes 5:30am
                                    BootCamp Babes 8:30am            Intermediate Tap 4:40 MPR        Team Training 6:45am MPR             Beg. Jazz/HipHop 3:30 MPR                                  Sunrise Yoga 7:30 MPR
                              Creative Movement 10am MPR                  Girl Scouts 6:30pm BR         BootCamp Babes 8:30am
                      31           Beginning Ballet 3:30 MPR
                                                                                                                                      Intermed. Jazz/HipHop 4:40 MPR

                                                                                                        BOARD MEETING
                                Intermediate Ballet 4:40 MPR
                                                                                                      6pm TH: Closed Meeting
                              Boy Scout Troop #372 7pm BR

              November               Monday                            Tuesday                        Wednesday                             Thursday                     Friday
                                                          1                                 2                                   3                                 4                        5                            6
                                    BootCamp Babes 5:30am               Beginning Tap 3:30 MPR
                                  Team Training 6:45am MPR           Intermediate Tap 4:40 MPR           BootCamp Babes 5:30am             Beg. Jazz/HipHop 3:30 MPR
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sunrise Yoga 7:30 MPR
                                    BootCamp Babes 8:30am                                             Team Training 6:45am MPR        Intermed. Jazz/HipHop 4:40 MPR
                                                                                                                                        “Real Housewives of Savannah”
                              Creative Movement 10am MPR             SOCIAL COMMITTEE                    BootCamp Babes 8:30am
                                                                                                                                                Lunch Club 1pm Cafe’
                                   Beginning Ballet 3:30 MPR              7pm BR                  Health & Wellness Club 6:30 Cafe’           POOL COMMITTEE
                                Intermediate Ballet 4:40 MPR                                                                                    6:30pm Cafe’
                              Boy Scout Troop #372 7pm BR            ELECTION DAY                                                           SPORTS COMMITTEE
                                                                                                                                              7pm Board Room

                        7                                 8                                 9                                10                                11                        12                           13
                                    BootCamp Babes 5:30am               Beginning Tap 3:30 MPR                                                                                                        Sunrise Yoga 7:30 MPR
                                  Team Training 6:45am MPR           Intermediate Tap 4:40 MPR          BootCamp Babes 5:30am                                                                     ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                                    BootCamp Babes 8:30am                 Girl Scouts 6:30pm BR       Team Training 6:45am MPR             Beg. Jazz/HipHop 3:30 MPR                                8am Board Room
                              Creative Movement 10am MPR              380 Youth Sports 7pm TH           BootCamp Babes 8:30am         Intermed. Jazz/HipHop 4:40 MPR        Poker Club 7pm- BR
                                   Beginning Ballet 3:30 MPR
                                Intermediate Ballet 4:40 MPR
                                                                                                       SAFETY COMMITTEE
                                                                                                                                         HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Casino Night
                                                                                                        7pm Board Room                                                                                  7 - 11pm
                                                                   LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE
                              Boy Scout Troop #372 7pm BR                                                                                     6:30pm Cafe’
                                                                      7pm Board Room                                                                                                                  See Page 11

                      14                               15                                16                                  17                                18                        19                           20
                                    BootCamp Babes 5:30am
                                  Team Training 6:45am MPR              Beginning Tap 3:30 MPR          BootCamp Babes 5:30am              Beg. Jazz/HipHop 3:30 MPR                                  Sunrise Yoga 7:30 MPR
                                    BootCamp Babes 8:30am
                                                                     Intermediate Tap 4:40 MPR        Team Training 6:45am MPR        Intermed. Jazz/HipHop 4:40 MPR
                              Creative Movement 10am MPR
                                   Beginning Ballet 3:30 MPR                                            BootCamp Babes 8:30am
                                                                COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE
                                Intermediate Ballet 4:40 MPR                                               Boy Scouts 7pm Cafe’          Water District Meeting
                                                                    6:30pm Board Room                                                                                   Scrapbook Club 7pm BR
                              Boy Scout Troop #372 7pm BR
                                                                                                                                        6pm Savannah Clubhouse
                                    BOARD MEETING
                                                                    FINANCE COMMITTEE
                                 6pm TH: Closed Meeting
                                                                         7pm Cafe’

                      21                               22                                23                                  24                                25                        26                           27
                                    BootCamp Babes 5:30am
                                  Team Training 6:45am MPR              Beginning Tap 3:30 MPR          BootCamp Babes 5:30am
                                    BootCamp Babes 8:30am            Intermediate Tap 4:40 MPR        Team Training 6:45am MPR                                                                        Sunrise Yoga 7:30 MPR
                              Creative Movement 10am MPR                  Girl Scouts 6:30pm BR         BootCamp Babes 8:30am
                                   Beginning Ballet 3:30 MPR
                                Intermediate Ballet 4:40 MPR
                              Boy Scout Troop #372 7pm BR                                                                             Thanksgiving
                      28                               29                                30
                                    BootCamp Babes 5:30am
                                  Team Training 6:45am MPR
                                    BootCamp Babes 8:30am               Beginning Tap 3:30 MPR
                              Creative Movement 10am MPR             Intermediate Tap 4:40 MPR
                                   Beginning Ballet 3:30 MPR
                                Intermediate Ballet 4:40 MPR
                              Boy Scout Troop #372 7pm BR

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