SHORING WORK (DOCK BUILDERS)


Agreement between the Dockbuilders and Foundation Contractors Group of The General Contractor
Association, New York City, New York and Dock Builders, Pier Carpenters, Shorers, House Movers Pile
Drivers and Foundation Workers Local Union No. 1456 of the District Council of Carpenters.

Article VIII. Section I. This agreement shall apply to and regulate the employment of Dock Builders by
Members of the Dock Building and Foundation Contractors Group of The General Contractors
Association, employed on:

Timber Trestles, Bridges, Waterfront Boardwalks, Caissons, Cofferdams, Coal Pockets,
Underpinning, Shoring and Lagging, Wood, Steel or Concrete Jetties, All Pile Driving, including Wood,
Steel and Concrete Sheet Piling and Bracing of Same (NOT to apply on Subway, Sewer or Other
Engineering Construction, BUT to apply only to Dock Building and Foundation Work), AND all work
including Concrete Forms, and from the top of the Backing Log Down on ALL Docks, Piers, Wharves,
Bulkheads, Waterfront Structures, and from the Column Base Down on Hand Foundation Work.

Section 2. This Agreement shall also apply to- ALL Labor employed in House Moving, Sheath Piling
of Embankments, Sheath Piling of Pier Holes and Trenches for the Foundations of Buildings, Whether
Vertical or Horizontal Sheathing is Used: Bracing of Old and New Walls: Raising and Lowering of
Floors and Roofs when same is done as ONE (1) unit or section units: Building Overhead Bridges,
ALSO, All Gangways and Platforms, Putting Buildings on Posts’ Wedging Walls with Wedges, House
Moving, Underpinning of Wags and Columns with Tubes Driven by Hydraulic, Air or Screw Jacks,
Steam Hammers or any other Machinery which may be necessary to drive same, ALL Wood, Steel
and Concrete Sheath Piles in Larld Foundations for Buildings and Bridge Abutments, AND the
Handling, of ALL Materials on Jobs that have been OR are to be used to accomplish any of the work
stipulated in this Section. in accordance with Past and Present Customs and Practices.


-Shoring work, Sheath piling, driving Of steel, in connection with pile and foundation work.

House Shorers and Sheath Pilers vs. John I. Downey, Inc., and Carpenters (Dock Builders). -Broad
and South William Sts.

The complaint is dismissed. -Decision Of Executive Committee, September 5, 1918.


-Sidewalk bridges, using steel columns and braces, building of.

Ironworkers, Local No.40 vs. Carpenters’ District Council (Dock Builders and Shorers, Local No.
1456) -Job, Sixth Avenue between 52nd and 53rd Streets, New York, N.Y.

The Complaint is dismissed. -Decision of Executive Committee, November 16, 1939.

-Sheath Piling and boxing pier holes and trenches.

House Shorers vs. Bricklayers’ Laborers -64th St. and Central Park West

The Committee finds that the Laborers’ Protective Association is performing house shorers and
sheath pilers work on the job in question and orders that they cease at once the violation Of the house
shorers and sheath Pilers’ agreement. -Decision Of Executive Committee, August 18, 1909.

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