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                   DISPATCHER                                                                                       NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010

Protect those you love with a medical alert
The the importance of familyus be the callingfrom a trainedimmediate
      holiday season reminds
loved ones. This year, you might
                                              station to get
                                   The operator speaks to your loved
thinking of the perfect gift that you                                             one through the calling station and
could give to someone that you love                                               will send help if it is needed.
– and what could be more important
than the gift of protection.
There are many seniors across the                                                    Help your loved one’s
nation that could use an extra safety                                               stay safe with a medical
net. Many of them live alone, or are
alone during the day with no one to                                                  alert system from WH
help should they need emergency                                                    Security that can get them
assistance. This year, you can give
them a guardian angel that can help                                                 assistance in emergency                              The wireless wearable button is able to protect your
should they need it, and that gift is a                                                     situations.                                  loved ones, while they retain their independence.

medical alert from WH Security.
                                                                                                                                         This wireless wearable button
The medical alert system consists                                                 If your loved one encounters an                        communicates with the calling
of a two-way calling station and                                                  emergency, but is not close to the                     station, which contacts our
wireless emergency button. The                                                    calling station or can’t reach it,                     monitoring center for help.
base station is often times located in                                            they can simply push the wireless
the bedroom and has a microphone                                                                                                         The freedom of living independently
                                                                                  wearable emergency button that                         has numerous advantages for your
and speaker built into it. Should                                                 is worn at all times (available as a
an emergency occur, all your loved                                                                                                       loved ones, but there is one
                                                                                  necklace, belt clip or wrist band) to
one has to do is press the button on                                              get assistance.                                                Medical Alert cont. on Pg. 2

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  CUSTOMER SERVICE: 763-477-3000                                                                WWW.WH-SECURITY.COM                                  WH SECURITY DISPATCHER
    Medical Alert cont. from Pg. 1      button away and it can be a real life   give the gift of safety to those you
distinct disadvantage of living         saver!                                  love with a WH Security medical
independently: getting help in an                                               alert system. Please call us today for
                                        A WH Security medical alert system      more information on this life saving
emergency. Now, you don’t need          can be used anywhere a telephone
to worry about them because with                                                product at 763-477-3664 or visit us
                                        line is available. There is no          online at wh-security.com.
a medical alert system from WH          equipment to purchase, and it only
Security, help is only a push-of-a-     costs $31.95 per month. This year,

Keep your home safe while you are away this
holiday season with these simple tips
T   he holiday season is one of
    the busiest travel times of the
year. Amidst the scramble to make
                                        exterior door and should also have a
                                        deadbolt lock.

reservations and get directions, the    Tip #3: Illuminate inside and out
plan to keep your home safe while       Motion sensor lighting is a great way
you are away can be forgotten.          to deter criminals. Install motion
Therefore, it is important to think     sensor lighting in the dark areas of
about this well in advance of your      your yard, such as a backyard or
departure. Ways to keep your home       alongside your home. This way, if
safe while you’re away include:         someone is sneaking around your
                                        house at night, the lights will turn
                                                                                Don’t leave your home open for burglars.
Tip #1: Tell few people your plans      on automatically, making them think     Incorporate these security tips to deter a potential
The less people that know your          you are home. This is a nice feature    break in.
home will be vacant during the          to have, whether you are home or
holidays, the better. Tell only those   away.                                   idea to put a hold on your mail and
people you trust. If you are good                                               newspaper service, so your mailbox
friends with your neighbors, let                                                doesn’t get full. This is a dead
them know that you will be out                                                  giveaway that you are gone. If you
                                                                                don’t want to put it on hold, ask a
of town and ask them to keep a               “Test your security
watchful eye over your home while                                               neighbor or friend to pick up the
                                           system. Your security                mail for you.
you are away.
                                            system is one of the
Tip #2: Lock your doors                   best ways to keep your                Other ways to make it seem like you
A majority of burglaries begin with                                             are home are to keep your driveway
                                         home safe while you are                free of snow and have a neighbor
an intruder entering through the
door of a home. Burglars will try to     away, make sure that it is             park in it or hire a housesitter.
find the easiest way possible into        functioning properly.”
a home, so they will first look for                                             Tip #5: Test your security system
doors that have been unlocked. It                                               Your security system is one of the
is extremely important to lock your     Tip #4: Make your home look like        best ways to keep your home safe
doors any time you are not home,        you never left                          while you are away, but please
and even when you are.                  A potential burglar is much less        make sure that it is functioning
                                        likely to try to burglarize a home      properly. To do this, call a WH
If all your doors are locked, a         if they think someone is there.         Security dispatcher at 763-477-4275
burglar will look for a door that       Therefore, it is important to make      to have your system placed in test
looks “weak” to kick-in (meaning:       it seem like you never left. You        mode. Then, set of your alarm in
a door without a deadbolt lock or       can accomplish this by setting up       multiple ways to make sure your
some other type of reinforcement).      various lights inside your home on      different sensors are working. Then,
Ensure that all your exterior doors     automatic timers. This gives the        call us again to make sure that your
have a deadbolt lock on them. If you    illusion that the home is occupied.     emergency signals were received
have an attached garage, the door       If you are going to be gone for an      and to have your system put back
leading from the garage to your         extended period of time, it is a good   into normal operating mode.
home should be as heavy duty as an
 WH SECURITY DISPATCHER                  WWW.WH-SECURITY.COM                       CUSTOMER SERVICE: 763-477-3000

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