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Scene 1_sb 9


									                                        English Episode 106

1.    Scene 1(SB 9.4)                                                                21.   TOPI:       (DRY) That you were beaten by your husband…
2.    Location:       Int. Topi‟s home, morning
3.    B/G SFX:        Soft music, breakfast-sips and bites                           22.   BLESSING:   (CHIPPING IN) And that‟s what I don‟t want, Topi.
                                                                                     23.   TOPI:       Blessing, why do you decide to keep quiet about your
5.    TOPI:             (LIGHTLY) Eh! Blessing, you are eating breakfast like a                        suffering?
                        young kid!
                                                                                     24.   BLESSING:   (PERPLEXED) What do you mean, Topi?
6.    BLESSING:         (CONCERNED) Like a young kid? How? Have I spilled
                        porridge on the table, Topi?                                 25.   TOPI:       (WITH EMPHASIS) It is very bad that a woman gets
                                                                                                       beaten by her husband.
7.    TOPI:             Not that. You are eating slowly.
                                                                                     26.   BLESSING:   I also know it‟s bad…
8.    BLESSING:         (LIGHTLY) And who tells you young ones eat slowly, Topi?
                                                                                     27.   TOPI:       Then don‟t shy away from speaking out about it…
9.    TOPI:             Ah! You also hurry up, Blessing.
                                                                                     28.   BLESSING:   (SHOCKED) What!
10.   BLESSING:         But why, Topi? Me, I am staying here at home, I am not
                        going to the salon like you.                                 29.   TOPI:       Yes. A problem shared is a problem solved, Blessing.

11.   TOPI:             You again don‟t want to go to the salon to work, Blessing?   30.   BLESSING:   (UNCOMFORTABLE) No way! I couldn‟t face them, Topi!

12.   BLESSING:         (RESPECTFULLY) It‟s not that I don‟t want t work Topi-       31.   TOPI:       Yes, you can and you should.
                        it‟s because the bruises on my face haven‟t healed yet.
                                                                                     32.   BLESSING:   Topi, I can‟t let people know that I was beaten by my
13.   TOPI:             But they can‟t stop you from working, right?                                   husband.

14.   BLESSING:         SILENT                                                       33.   TOPI:       Blessing, you did not do this to yourself. Your husband did
                                                                                                       this to you.
15.   TOPI:             (SHARPLY) Blessing, your life can‟t go on like this!
                                                                                     34.   BLESSING:   Yes. But why should other women know about it, Topi? I
16.   BLESSING:         (BEGGINGLY) It will just be a few days before I heal,                          am ashamed.
                                                                                     35.   TOPI:       STEVEN should be ashamed! The women should know how
17.   TOPI:             You cannot let your life come to a full-stop, Blessing!                        he has treated you…

18.   BLESSING:         I want to work, Topi…                                        36.   BLESSING:   And then? Will it help to humiliate him?

19.   TOPI:             And you CAN work!                                            37.   TOPI:       Blessing, Steven is the one who needs help. No woman who
                                                                                                       comes to my salon thinks it is okay for any husband to do
20.   BLESSING:         But…Women seeing me with all these bruises-what will                           THAT to his wife. Look at you – you are such a beautiful
                        they think?                                                                    young woman – and pregnant too! – It makes me angry just
                                                                                                       to think that Steven did that

                                  English Episode 106

                                                                                                    Look at the facts, Blessing. He borrowed money from you
38.   BLESSING:   (VOICE CRACKING) I know, but…                                                     and lost it? Am I right?

39.   TOPI:       (GENTLE) There are no „buts‟, Blessing. Women suffer            54.   BLESSING:   (NERVOUS) Yes.
                  most from this domestic violence, and we need to help
                  ourselves.                                                      55.   TOPI:       That was money that YOU earned By your own labors!
40.   BLESSING:   All the same, I can‟t…
                                                                                  56.   BLESSING:   Yes.
41.   TOPI:       (SERIOUSLY) Blessing, if we hide away and don‟t say
                  anything, it‟s like telling our men: it‟s okay to hit us. You   57.   TOPI:       (GETTING STEAMED UP)And he beat you because HE
                  are right. NO!                                                                    does not trust you. You are big with his child and he thinks
                                                                                                    you are going to go and sleep with one man or ten men… I
42.   BLESSING:   (PLEADING) Please, Topi.                                                          tell you, it beats me what these men think about us that
                                                                                                    they have such a low opinion of us. You are carrying HIS
43.   TOPI:       I have a good mind to tell the salon women that you were                          child! The only man you ever think about is STEVE, right?
                  beaten by your husband and that you prefer to cover up for
                  him…                                                            58.   BLESSING:   Yes.

44.   BLESSING:   (WORRIED) You can‟t do that, Topi!                              59.   TOPI:       And he has the cheek to beat YOU! This is a man who was
                                                                                                    messing around with…
45.   TOPI:       Why not?
                                                                                  60.   BLESSING:   Stop it, Topi!
46.   BLESSING:   What if Steve finds out!
                                                                                  61.   TOPI:       (REALIZING SHE HAS GONE TOO FAR) All right. I am
47.   TOPI:       The better.                                                                       sorry, Blessing. But that does not change the fact that YOU
                                                                                                    have NOTHING to be ashamed about. NOTHING. And I
48.   BLESSING:   (SHOCKED) What!                                                                   don‟t want you hurt by somebody who doesn‟t have the
                                                                                                    confidence to care of you for what you are. That‟s MY
49.   TOPI:       It‟s high time Steve paid for his sins-the world should know                      concern. And I can assure you, I know my customers,
                  that he is a wife beater.                                                         everyone of them ADMIRES you and thinks the world of
50.   BLESSING:   No.
                                                                                  62.   BLESSING:   (CRYING LIGHTLY) I am sorry, Topi. I was just so
51.   TOPI:       Yes. Right now he thinks you are the one who is wrong. He                         worried: What if he decides to get another wife!
                  is probably fuming because of the SHAME of his wife
                  leaving home.                                                   63.   TOPI:       (VERY KIND) You are the best wife and partner any man
                                                                                                    could wish for. Honestly, Blessing, Steve would be a bloody
52.   BLESSING:   Of course, he will be concerned, Topi.                                            fool if he looked anywhere else. You are as GOOD as it gets.
                                                                                                    Believe yourself.
53.   TOPI:       Damn right he should be worried for you! Blessing, the
                  burden is on Steve to wake up and see his own wrong-doing!      64.   BLESSING:   (CRYING NOW) Yes, Topi. Thank you. Thank you for all
                                                                                                    you have helped me with.

                                      English Episode 106

65.   TOPI:            And I am asking you, sincerely: Please come and work. For   78.   MIKE:         (HESITANTLY) Well…
                       your own sake.
                                                                                   79.   GUMA:         Mike, it‟s not like you to slack around.
66.   END.
                                                                                   80.   JESSICA:      Mr. Guma, Mike has a lot on his hands maybe I can…

                                                                                   81.   GUMA:         I am sure you also have other things to do… are you done
                                                                                                       with everything?

                                                                                   82.   MIKE:         (RELENTINGLY) No…

                                                                                   83.   GUMA:         Mike you know this business…when it comes to a schedule
                                                                                                       nothing is a good excuse for doing it in time…

                                                                                   84.   MIKE:         Yes Boss I know…

                                                                                   85.   GUMA:         I have trusted the two of you to steer this ship… and it‟s up
                                                                                                       to the two of you to set standards for this radio station.

                                                                                   86.   BOTH MIKE AND JESSICA AGREE

                                                                                   87.   JESSICA:      Boss we are very sorry… if…
67.   Scene 2 (J 9.4)
68.   Location:       Int. Boardroom-Radio Rock Point-Morning                      88.   GUMA:         I don‟t think we have time for sorries just get on with it.
69.   B/G SFX:        Stillness                                                                        (FADING OFF) Mike I will be in my Office when you are
70.   MIKE, JESSICA, GUMA.                                                                             done with that schedule.

71.   GUMA:            And who is supposed to schedule the programming for this    89.   MIKE:         Yes boss…
                                                                                   90.   SHORT PAUSE
72.   MIKE:            Boss it‟s me but…
                                                                                   91.   JESSICA:      Sorry Mike…
73.   GUMA:            But why haven‟t you done it by now? We are already into
                       the second day of the month but…                            92.   MIKE:         First time the boss has had me for lunch…

74.   MIKE:            I am sorry boss… its just…                                  93.   JESSICA:      But you know I am partly to blame so I can assist you if…

75.   GUMA:            You were supposed to do this last weekend…                  94.   MIKE:         No… it‟s okay…

76.   SFX:             PAUSE                                                       95.   JESSICA:      But we spent the weekend together…

77.   GUMA:            What happened, Mike?

                                        English Episode 106

96.    GUMA:             (FADING ON) Did I just hear… is there something I should     114.   M.CAROL:    (CONCERN) Is that so? I told him that he is always
                         know about?                                                                     welcome to see Carol and his daughter when she is back
                                                                                      115.   JUDITH:     Ah, Mama Carol, don‟t worry! Robert will get used to it….
98.    MIKE:             (FADING OFF) We were just heading to our desks…
                                                                                      116.   M.CAROL:    …Do you think that… you know… they should have
99.    JESSICA:          (FADING OFF) Yes boss.                                                          married properly after all?

100.   GUMA:             (TO HIMSELF) What has gotten into both of you?               117.   JUDITH:     They are teenagers! Schoolchildren!

101.   SFX:              DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES                                        118.   M. CAROL:   True. Do they know WHAT they want?

102.   JESSICA:          (FADING ON) Has he left?                                     119.   JUDITH:     Robert understands that he is a father now.

103.   MIKE:             Yes… Look Jessica… I think we have to be careful.            120.   M.CAROL:    Thank God for that. But do you think he might be
                                                                                                         interested in my girl?
104.   JESSICA:          I know… I know…
                                                                                      121.   JUDITH:     Mrs. Eliphaz, Robert and Carol are still           children
105.   MIKE:             Especially with Guma. I have no idea how he would react if                      themselves. Much as they already have a child.
                         knows that you and me are…
                                                                                      122.   M.CAROL:    (RELIEF) Yes Judith you are right. And it is up to us their
106.   JESSICA:          Well right now all I care about is that you finish that                         parents to lead them in the right direction.
                         schedule so am going to help you.
                                                                                      123.   JUDITH:     And I think you know what direction that is…
107.   END.
                                                                                      124.   M.CAROL:    I talked to my husband…

                                                                                      125.   JUDITH:     But I have not seen Mr. Eliphaz in a long time…

                                                                                      126.   M.CAROL:    Oh he is always traveling to the city. Even now!
108.   Scene 3 (J 9.3)
109.   Location:       Exterior: Eliphaz‟s home-Day                                   127.   JUDITH:     (CONCERNED) Mama Carol… is your husband still
110.   B/G SFX:        Hens, cocks crowing, goats etc.                                                   insisting that these children should get married?
                                                                                      128.   M.CAROL:    Judith… you won‟t believe it!
112.   M.CAROL:          (CONCERN) Are you sure Judith?
                                                                                      129.   JUDITH:     What, Mama Carol?
113.   JUDITH:           Also me I was very surprised but the truth is that after
                         running away from Carol for so long, he now misses her and   130.   M.CAROL:    Mr. Eliphaz is the one who is insisting that Carol should go
                         the baby.                                                                       back to school as soon as the baby stops breastfeeding.

                                                                                      131.   JUDITH:     (AMAZED) What?

                                  English Episode 106

                                                                                                     Anything happens to his daughter and he will rush to
132.   M.CAROL:    I was even beginning to think that the two of them might                          protect her.
                   get married, you know, especially as they seem to be getting
                   along together…                                                 145.   JUDITH:    I am so glad Eliphaz looks after Carol like that. I wish all
                                                                                                     fathers were like him.
133.   JUDITH:     Yes. But…
                                                                                   146.   M.CAROL:   I thank God. He may look as fierce as a buffalo, but in truth
134.   M. CAROL:   But my husband! He wouldn‟t hear of it! He says his                               my Eliphaz has a heart as soft as lamb‟s wool. (BOTH
                   daughter is not going to marry a man who doesn‟t know his                         WOMEN LAUGH) And Judith, It‟s thanks to you that you
                   own mind! (HESITATING) No offence to Robert, Judith…                              looked after our Carol so kindly. Nga I have been on my
                   it‟s just that he is young and hasn‟t got experience of life…                     knees!

135.   JUDITH:     I know, Mama Carol. So tell me what your husband said? I        147.   JUDITH:    (CONVICTION) Mama Carol. It was only out of my
                   am keen to know. He was just about ready to throw Carol                           responsibility to take Carol in. But not at one point did I
                   out and force her to marry Robert at one point.                                   support that Carol and Robert should be led into a forced
                                                                                                     marriage just because of the pregnancy.
136.   M. CAROL:   Exactly, Judith. And that is what surprised me. Because
                   the other day – and this is very confidential, Judith, you      148.   M.CAROL:    Yes, in our days; maybe… but things have changed a lot
                   understand…                                                                       these days.

137.   JUDITH:     (EAGER TO HEAR THIS CONFIDENTIALITY) Gosh!                      149.   JUDITH:    (AGREEABLY) Yes Mama Carol the world has changed
                   What..                                                                            indeed!

138.   M. CAROL:   Judith, my husband was the one who said to me… as we            150.   M.CAROL:   The important thing is that as parents… we have to make
                   were preparing for bed the other night… he said: Bring                            sure that our children understand…
                   Carol home!
                                                                                   151.   JUDITH:    Exactly… I want Robert to learn his responsibility as a
139.   JUDITH:     What did he mean?                                                                 father.

140.   M. CAROL:    Exactly that. He says his daughter must come to her            152.   M.CAROL:   Yes! The good thing is that he is proud of his daughter
                   rightful home. His daughter and his grand-daughter.                               already. But you are right there is a lot for him to learn.

141.   JUDITH:     He said that, Mama Carol?                                       153.   JUDITH:    (SUDDENLY EXCITED) You know He told me he already
                                                                                                     had a name for the baby.
142.   M. CAROL:   He said that, Judith! You know, he would never say it loud
                   but he loves his daughter so much. He protects her like a       154.   M.CAROL:   (IMPRESSED, ADMIRINGLY) Oh, that is so nice.
                   lion protects its cubs! (BOTH WOMEN LAUGH)
                                                                                   155.   JUDITH:    (CONTEMPLATINGLY) Mama Carol… much as these
143.   JUDITH:     (LAUGHING) You are lucky to have such a husband!                                  children of ours made a mistake… and I always think about
144.   M.CAROL:    (PROUD) Yes! You know, his sons can get into trouble and
                   he says: (MIMICKING) “They are big enough and ugly              156.   M.CAROL:   What?
                   enough to look after themselves!” But his daughter – Eeeh!

                                  English Episode 106

157.   JUDITH:     Somehow they have brought our families together and I
                   have to thank God for that.

158.   M.CAROL:    Oh Judith that is very kind of you!

159.   JUDITH:     And thanks to this experience, my son even talks to me
                   these days!

160.   M. CAROL:   I am happy.

161.   JUDITH:      I think he wants to be a good father… and sad to say this
                   out loud, but he has had precious little guidance from his
                   own father.                                                     168.   Scene 4 (SC 9.3)
                                                                                   169.   Location:        Int. Guma‟s bedroom. Night
162.   M.CAROL:    I am sorry, Judith.                                             170.   B/G SFX:         Soft music
                                                                                   171.   GUMA, AMELIA, TOM, CONNIE
163.   JUDITH:     Well, who knows… maybe one day Robert and Carol might
                   actually end up together…                                       172.   SFX:             SWEET LAUGHTER

164.   M.CAROL:    (BRIGHTENING) Yes they could fall in love, who                  173.   AMELIA:          (SWEET) Come on Don, lets sleep now…
                   knows…God works in mysterious ways.
                                                                                   174.   GUMA:            Why Amelia?
165.   JUDITH:     Perhaps the two of them will fall in love all over again when
                   Carol goes back to school (LAUGHING).                           175.   AMELIA:          We have been talking for the last two hours, its
                                                                                                           approaching midnight, Guma…
166.   M.CAROL:    (ALSO LAUGHING) Only God knows! And next time
                   maybe Carol and Robert will be ready for it!                    176.   GUMA:            (JOKINGLY) But aren‟t you enjoying it, Amelia?

167.   END.                                                                        177.   AMELIA:          Which woman wouldn‟t enjoy having such a good time with
                                                                                                           her husband!

                                                                                   178.   GUMA:            (JOKINGLY) You, Amelia.

                                                                                   179.   AMELIA:          Even if I had a second chance to choose a husband, I would
                                                                                                           still choose you MY DON.

                                                                                   180.   GUMA:            (IMPRESSED) Sure?

                                                                                   181.   AMELIA:          Why not?

                                                                                   182.   GUMA:            (CHEEKY) And why, Amelia?

                                                                                   183.   AMELIA:          (SWEET) You love me-don‟t you?

                                 English Episode 106

                                                                                201.   AMELIA:    They felt that lack of commitment from their husband to be
184.   GUMA:     You don‟t even have to ask that, Amelia-how would I live                        “good” men…
                 without you my dear?
                                                                                202.   GUMA:     Good that I became part of the good men…
185.   AMELIA:   (JOKINGLY) You probably wouldn‟t live (LAUGHS). And
                 your children?                                                 203.   AMELIA:   (MISCHIEVOUSLY) A good man and therefore a great
186.   GUMA:     Oooh! You don‟t know how happy I am to see that my
                 children are now my friends…                                   204.   GUMA:     (SMILING VOICE) Well, that‟s an incentive for many men
                                                                                                 to be good to their wives! (BOTH CHUCKLE)
187.   AMELIA:   They want to be telling you stories all the time…
                                                                                205.   AMELIA:   (SOFTLY) There is nothing stopping you, my sweet
188.   GUMA:     I don‟t even know what magic I used, Amelia…                                    husband.

189.   AMELIA:   You simply made time for them, Guma…                           206.   SFX:      BED CREAKS

190.   GUMA:     And tried to understand them?                                  207.   GUMA:     I love you my darling Amelia.

191.   AMELIA:   Precisely.                                                     208.   AMELIA:   I love you too, Don. (SUDDENLY) Please…Guma…don‟t.
                                                                                                 Keep holding me-it is cold…
192.   GUMA:     I am happy for my family. I wouldn‟t have done a bit of that
                 without your support, Amelia.                                  209.   GUMA:     You are warm…

193.   AMELIA:   And thanks for participating in the men‟s march for us-me      210.   AMELIA:   So are you (THEY LAUGH ROMANTICALLY)
                 and your children.
                                                                                211.   SFX:      SUDDENLY THE KIDS KNOCK ON THE DOOR. THEY
194.   GUMA:     That‟s the least I could have done, Amelia.                                     ARE SCREAMING.

195.   AMELIA:   It really meant a lot to me, Don.                              212.   GUMA:     Tom, Connie what is it?

196.   GUMA:     I am happy that it meant something to you Amelia…              213.   CONNIE:   (SCREAMING) Woooo! Open for us daddy…

197.   AMELIA:   You don‟t know how proud I felt seeing you march-FOR US.       214.   TOM:      Hurry up daddy!
                 It‟s now the talk around Rock Point women…
                                                                                215.   SFX:      COMMOTION AS DOOR OPENS
198.   GUMA:     Are you sure Amelia?
                                                                                216.   AMELIA:   What is it Tom?
199.   AMELIA:   Women whose husbands didn‟t participate in the men‟s
                 March felt cheated…                                            217.   TOM:      A beast.

200.   GUMA:     (EMPATHETIC) I know.                                           218.   AMELIA:   (SHOCKED) A beast! In the house?

                                                                                219.   TOM:      (OUT OF BREATH) I don‟t know-it‟s Connie who saw it.

                                     English Episode 106

220.   GUMA:         Connie, where did you see it?

221.   CONNIE:       I was dreaming-going to the farm and I saw a beast. When I
                     woke up I was scared!

222.   GUMA:         It‟s okay, it was just a dream. Calm down.

223.   CONNIE:       (FRIGHTENED) Daddy, are you sure the beast is not

224.   GUMA:         It was just a dream. Now go back and sleep.

225.   CONNIE:       Me I can‟t go back to the room.

226.   TOM:          I am also scared.

227.   GUMA:         So where do you want to sleep?

228.   CONNIE:       With you, in your bed.

229.   TOM:          Yes, we will sleep here so that when the beast comes, you
                     can kill it.

230.   AMELIA:       But you will disturb your daddy-he wants to sleep…

231.   GUMA:         Amelia, its okay. Let them sleep with us-lets all sleep
                     together as a family.

232.   CONNIE:       (EXCITEDLY) Me I will sleep near daddy because he is
                     strong.                                                       237.   Scene 5(SB 9.3)
                                                                                   238.   Location:       Steve‟s home
233.   TOM:          No way, Connie, it‟s me who will sleep near daddy because I   239.   B/G SFX:        Home sounds
                     am a man…                                                     240.   STEVE, STEVE‟S MOTHER, BETTY.

234.   GUMA:         Okay okay its fine-one will sleep with me on one side and     241.   SFX:          COLLECTING UTENSILS
                     the other on the other side. Fine?
                                                                                   242.   MOTHER:       Slowly, Betty. You will break the plates again.
                                                                                   243.   BETTY:        (NOT AMUSED) I am careful mummy.
236.   END.
                                                                                   244.   STEVE:        That‟s the problem with you Betty! Big headedness! They
                                                                                                        tell you, you don‟t want to listen

                                 English Episode 106

                                                                              262.   MOTHER:   How do you beat your wife and you still have the guts of
245.   BETTY:    (CHEEKY) Have you seen me touching my ears!                                   saying that I have started!

246.   MOTHER:   Just leave the girl, Steve.                                  263.   STEVE:    I didn‟t beat Blessing.

247.   STEVE:    Mummy, it‟s you who is going to spoil Betty. Pampering her   264.   MOTHER:   You think I am stupid? Then why did she leave?
                 all the time.
                                                                              265.   STEVE:    I also don‟t know.
248.   MOTHER:   (JOKINGLY) Leave my little girl alone. Haven‟t you just
                 finished enjoying the food she has cooked?                   266.   MOTHER:   You beat her-people saw you…

249.   BETTY:    And if you don‟t bring Blessing back, I will stop cooking    267.   STEVE:    That must be Betty deceiving you…
                 because its now too much work.
                                                                              268.   MOTHER:   She was there, she saw you fighting with Blessing.
250.   MOTHER:   Okay Betty. Take the plates to the kitchen.
                                                                              269.   STEVE:    Okay then fine if you choose to believe Betty.
                                                                              270.   MOTHER:   What have you said, Steve? Fine? You beat Blessing, she
252.   MOTHER:   Steve, Betty is just a young girl-you should know how to                      runs away and you think that‟s fine?
                 handle her.
                                                                              271.   STEVE:    SILENT.
253.   STEVE:    You are going to spoil her, Mummy. Betty is almost twelve
                 years now and you are still pampering her.                   272.   MOTHER:   Answer me Steve. How could you even think of beating a
                                                                                               pregnant woman, Steve?
254.   MOTHER:   I just know how to handle her, that‟s all. Hasn‟t she now
                 saved the situation?                                         273.   STEVE:    Mummy I have told you I didn‟t…

255.   STEVE:    Which situation, Mummy?                                      274.   MOTHER:   Do you know that she could have gotten a miscarriage
                                                                                               because of you? Who knows-maybe she did.
256.   MOTHER:   …cooking for all of us during this time when Blessing is
                 away?                                                        275.   STEVE:    (CONCERNED) A miscarriage!

257.   STEVE:    (DIVERSIONARY) I think I am going to bed, Mummy.             276.   MOTHER:   Now don‟t give that look, Steve. I gave you time-I thought
                                                                                               that you are a responsible man…
258.   MOTHER:   Just because I have talked about Blessing, Steve-you now
                 want to go to bed!                                           277.   STEVE:    What?

259.   STEVE:    If sleep comes, I should go to bed.                          278.   MOTHER:   Look at what you have done to your wife-some one‟s
                                                                                               daughter. Have you forgotten the promises you made to
260.   MOTHER:   I am very bitter with you, Steve!                                             Blessing parents?

261.   STEVE:    Ah! Now you have started, Mummy!                             279.   STEVE:    SILENT.

                                    English Episode 106

280.   MOTHER:   I need you to do one thing.
                                                                                 296.   Scene 6(SB 9.5)
281.   STEVE:    What?                                                           297.   Location:       Topi‟s salon
                                                                                 298.   B/G SFX:        Salon ambience
282.   MOTHER:   Go look for Blessing and bring her back. I thought you          299.   STEVE, TOPI, BLESSING, NANA.
                 would do that as soon as possible. My son!
                                                                                 300.   TOPI:           Blessing, do you still have enough hair food in there?
283.   STEVE:    Mummy you don‟t know the Blessing you are so much
                 defending…                                                      301.   BLESSING:       Yes, Topi.

284.   MOTHER:   Me? As if I don‟t stay with her-Blessing is a good woman        302.   TOPI:           Enough for Nana‟s hair?
                 and if my son can‟t see that, then he has a problem.
                                                                                 303.   BLESSING:       It‟s enough, Nana.
285.   STEVE:    The Blessing you claim to know is bad mannered,
                 disrespectful and rebellious. Now, what kind of wife is that,   304.   NANA:           Good.
                                                                                 305.   TOPI:           Nana, here in my salon we don‟t do sub standard work…
286.   MOTHER:   Is she – really?
                                                                                 306.   NANA:           That‟s why I come here, Topi.
287.   STEVE:    What am I supposed to do when my own wife doesn‟t listen
                 to me?                                                          307.   TOPI:           You see even Blessing who came as a braider is now a star
                                                                                                        at treating hair…
288.   MOTHER:   You decide to beat her like you beat cows?!
                                                                                 308.   NANA:           Blessing has really mastered many things around here.
289.   STEVE:    I don‟t want a wife who defies my authority.
                                                                                 309.   TOPI:           She really has…
290.   MOTHER:   (CHALLENGINGLY) And you think beating is the best
                 solution?!                                                      310.   NANA:           You are lucky to have her…but what‟s up with Blessing.
                                                                                                        She is not as cheerful…
291.   STEVE:    She should know I am the head of the family, and at least
                 obey me.                                                        311.   BLESSING:       (QUICKLY CHIPS IN) There is nothing wrong…I am fine,
292.   MOTHER:   (SERIOUSLY) Okay, I have heard all your concerns and
                 this is what I say to you…                                      312.   NANA:           Really? You are quiet today.

293.   STEVE:    Hm.                                                             313.   TOPI:           Blessing, why don‟t you tell Nana, if you have any
294.   MOTHER:   Steve, unless you want to see my dead body, go look for
                 Blessing and bring her back.                                    314.   BLESSING:       Come on Topi, I don‟t have any problem…
295.   END.
                                                                                 315.   NANA:           I saw the mark on your face, Blessing. Are you okay?

                                                                                 316.   BLESSING:       (UNCOMFORTABLE) Just a…a bit…feverish…it‟s nothing.

                                   English Episode 106

317.   NANA:       Sorry…and the bruise?                                     337.   TOPI:       (WITH ATTITUDE) To see Blessing!

318.   BLESSING:   SILENT                                                    338.   BLESSING:   (PLEADINGLY) Please Topi!

319.   TOPI:       Blessing they are asking you about the bruise!            339.   TOPI:       Blessing, leave me to assure this man.

320.   BLESSING:   Topi!                                                     340.   STEVE:      To assure me? (STERNLY) Actually, I have come to collect
                                                                                                my wife-to take her home.
321.   TOPI:       Nana, Blessing is lying to you…
                                                                             341.   TOPI:       Don‟t you know that your wife is working at this time,
322.   NANA:       What?                                                                        Steve?

323.   TOPI:       She was beaten by her husband, Steve.                     342.   STEVE:      Some thing important has come up…

324.   BLESSING:   Topi!                                                     343.   TOPI:       You think you will lie to me again like you lied to me when
                                                                                                you beat your wife…
325.   NANA:       (NOT AMUSED) Steve beats you…?
                                                                             344.   STEVE:      What?
326.   BLESSING:   It was a mistake.
                                                                             345.   TOPI:       What did you tell me when I came to your home looking for
327.   TOPI:       She is just covering up for him-he didn‟t beat her only                      Blessing?
                                                                             346.   STEVE:      Topi, I didn‟t come here to quarrel with you-I came to take
328.   NANA:       Sshh! Quiet, speak of the DEVIL! There is Steve coming…                      my wife home.

329.   BLESSING:   (PANICKY) Are you sure its Steve, Nana?                   347.   TOPI:       If you really knew that she is your wife, then you wouldn‟t
                                                                                                be beating her like you do!
330.   NANA:       Yes. It seems he is coming here to the salon.
                                                                             348.   STEVE:      You woman, that‟s not what brought me here…besides who
331.   TOPI:       Leave him for me. I will give him a piece of my mind                         are you to talk to me like that?
                                                                             349.   TOPI:       I am your wife‟s employer and friend. I am concerned about
332.   BLESSING:   (PANICKED, AFRAID) Please Topi. He heard me! You see!                        her.

333.   TOPI:       Of course he did not, Blessing!                           350.   STEVE:      Will I have my wife, please?

334.   STEVE:      (MOOD CHANGING, SOMBRE) Good morning, Topi.               351.   TOPI:       Which wife? What kind of man are you who…

335.   TOPI:       Good morning, Steve. What brings you to the salon this    352.   STEVE:      What do you know about marriage, Topi-you who failed to
                   early morning?                                                               get married?

336.   STEVE:      I have come to see my wife, Blessing.

                                   English Episode 106

353.   TOPI:       (FIERCE) I know that a man who beats his wife destroys
                   his family with each beating.. If you don‟t mind we have
                   work to do.

354.   STEVE:      I am warning you, Topi. Don‟t think that you will keep
                   spoiling people‟s wives like that and get away with it.

355.   TOPI:       (CALLING AFTERHIM) The only one spoiling a wife is you,

356.   BLESSING:   Topi, what have you done?

357.   TOPI:       Haven‟t you seen, Blessing-I have told Steve the truth.

358.   BLESING:    (WORRIED) You will bring for me more problems Topi…

359.   TOPI:       No, Blessing, this time I am happy I interfered. Enough
                   silence! If he IS a man he will reflect and realize that what
                   he is done is not acceptable – not for you, Blessing, or for
                   any woman!

360.   BLESSING:   But, Topi…/

361.   NANA:       Topi is right, Blessing. It is no marriage when a woman
                   puts up with abuse? Steve must realize that he is doing a
                   wrong thing!

362.   TOPI:       And realize also that he will not do it again – EVER again!

363.   END.


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