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									   Magazine of the Perth PC Users Group
   VOLUME 20 NUMBER 6                                               JULY 2006                       RRP $2.50

                           Articles                                                         For your diary

President’s Column .................................... 3                               JULY MEETINGS
Foggy Windows Cleared ............................ 4
Enlarging Text on the Screen and in                                     General Meeting                      Wednesday 5th
Programs .................................................... 4         from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the East Perth Rail Terminal,
What Does a Cache do for a Computer ..... 5
                                                                        East Perth. Enter off Lord Street.
Jim’s Computer Tips .................................. 9
Some Questions Answered ...................... 10                             Presentation:     Photo Story 3
Program Review - Registry Booster ........ 11                                                   presented by Sylvia Brace
E-Mail...Overused, Abused and
                                                                                                and Marylou Clark
Invaluable .................................................. 12
Reports from the SIGs ............................. 14
Perth PCUG Einstein@Home Team ........ 18
Who Would Have Thought Tax Could
                                                                        Committee Meeting                    Tuesday 11th
Be Interesting!! ......................................... 24
Members’ Free Advertisements .............. 25
Why Settle, Do It Your Way........................ 26
Training ..................................................... 27
                                                                                     AUGUST MEETINGS
                         Hot Spots:
                                                                        General Meeting                      Wednesday 2nd
Benefits of Membership ............................. 8                  from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the East Perth Rail Terminal,
Reader’s Forum ......................................... 20             East Perth. Enter off Lord Street.
                    Regular Features
                                                                        Committee Meeting                    Tuesday 8th
Membership Application Form .......................... 7
Members’ Help Page ........................................... 2
This Month’s SIG Meetings .............................. 22
This Month’s Calendar ..................................... 23

                Members’ Help Page
                           FREE HELP IS ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY!
               Have your membership number at hand in case you are asked for it

        These members have                ACCESS (Basic VBA)                    MODEMS
    volunteered to give telephone               Ray Lucas                 Trevor Davis 9399 7264
       support, free of charge,
       to club members only.                                                  PHOTOSHOP
                                               ANTI VIRUS                 Abbe Harman 9245 8577
                                         Graham Rogers 9451 3561 
Prepare your telephone calls in           AutoCAD (Auto LISP)              Tom Scott 9274 3775
advance and keep them short.                    Ray Lucas
Where possible please have a                                                   PUBLISHER
telephone close to the computer.                                       Esther Jones        9259 4214
Call during reasonable hours               BEGINNERS HELP         
                                        Connie Shaw       9375 1655    Rita Sputore-Keller 9276 8209
(9.00 a. m. - 9.00 p. m.) unless         Gordon Giles 9276 4218 or
otherwise arranged.                             0417 952 196
▪       Don't expect the helper to                                        (All QUICKEN products)
        call back if not at home              COREL DRAW                   Peter Scarfe 9359 2281
        when you call them.               John Hallam 9293 1017
                                                                                 3SD Max
▪       Don't get upset if the         DIGITAL PHOTO SLIDE SHOW                 Ray Lucas
        helper cannot solve your          Neville Risbey 9304 5236
▪       Don’t call work numbers             DREAMWEAVER                 Robert Boylen      9386 2666
        unless they are specified        Gordon Giles 9276 4218 or
        in the help page.                       0417 952 196           Rita Sputore-Keller 9276 8209
▪       Don’t use this help to
        replace manuals or                      Ray Lucas
        vendors’ support lines or to              —–oooOooo—–
        support illegal copies of
        software.                                 HTML
                                         Gordon Giles 9276 4218 or
If you can assist someone on                    0417 952 196             MODEM HELP BY
any topic, send your details to
the editor for inclusion on this
page.                                           INTERNET               John Browne               City
                                          Joy Watson   9457 5098
If your telephone number has                                                    9328 3328 H
changed, please advise the                LOTUS ORGANIZER              Mary Straiton       Wanneroo
editor, e-mail:                           Peter Mann 9459 8140                   Esther Jones 9259 421                 9405 1820 H
                                                                       Trevor Davis        Armadale
                                                Ray Lucas                       9399 7264 H

           ▬     If you have the knowledge and skill to help members of the Perth PC
                 User Group, please arrange to have your name put on this page.

           ▬     If you can no longer provide this help, please advise the editor so
                 that your name can be removed from the page.
                                             made slide shows with all the                  get from members the better the
                                             bells and whistles.                            meetings and the better the club
  President’s Column                                                                        will be.
                                             I like good news! We have a two
                                             conveners to keep the South of                 Several of you are still not
                                             the River Day SIG up and                       letting the membership secretary
 It’s July again and the time most           running Doreen Brace (yes                      Wendy Jacobs know of email
 of us have to deal with the tax             sisters) and Joe Potter will be                changes and such like. This is
 man.                                        working on that project. Thanks                important to you as things move
 Our June main meeting had an                go to them. I’m assured that the               and problems pop up and we
 interesting subject E-Tax and               members of that group will                     may be able to get you a warning
 from the excellent demonstration            greatly appreciate your efforts.               of an impending virus or
 from Andre and the questions,                                                              something that may cause your
                                             Starting this month we are                     computer to fail. If we have your
 all welcomed it. This is the sort           placing an active Q and A form
 of item most people want to hear                                                           correct email address then we
                                             on the clubs website so if you                 will get the information to you.
 and we encourage people to                  have a problem please go to this
 support the efforts of those who            site and fill in the form and send             Last month we pointed out the
 strive to give you these                    it to Trevor. Also we have one                 label on the back of your
 demonstrations.                             on the Dianella Day SIG site and               magazine. I don’t know about
 I must point out I had two emails           one on the South of the River                  Wendy but I get members asking
 from members who apologised                 website for their Q and A.                     me to find out when their fee is
 for not attending as they were                                                             due. So many in fact I was
                                             The Training website also has an               thinking of just taking the money
 not interested. I felt compelled to         electronic form to apply for the
 reply that this wasn’t really                                                              and taking a holiday. It may
                                             training courses. Keep an eye on               have got me to Rottnest or at
 supporting the club.                        the club site as things are                    least to Barrack St jetty.
 This month we will be                       changing all the time and you
 welcoming Silvia Brace and                  may miss out.                                  I hope to see you all at a meeting
 Marylou Clark From the                                                                     somewhere soon. Good luck and
                                             If you have any information on                 thanks to all our committee and
 Dianella Evening SIG with                   interesting subjects let us know
 Photo story 3. This is something                                                           helpers.
                                             and we may be able to get them
 you must see if you like home               to a meeting. The more input we                Gordon Giles President.

 AXESS is published monthly (11) by the                       POLICY                       All articles, reports, reviews etc. should
 Perth PC Users Group Inc. (PPCUG),                                                        be sent as plain, unformatted (ASCII)
 P.O. Box 1201, Booragoon, WA 6954.          Although it is policy to check all material   text because this ensures that they can
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 Subscription is by membership of the        warranty either expressed or implied is
 group at the prevailing rates. Single       given. No responsibility will be taken for    If you wish to include graphics, please
 copies may be purchased, if available, at   losses or expenses incurred as a result       send them in separate files with your
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 may not be reproduced commercially, in      those of the author and do not represent
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                                             Group.                                        file for each block of code and, in your
 Notwithstanding the above, permission is                                                  article, refer to each as Fig. 1, Fig. 2 etc.
 extended to other User Groups and non-      Contribution of Articles to AXESS             Small code fragments may be used in
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 appearing in AXESS provided
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              DISCLAIMER                                                                   our standards will be rejected.
                                             We require your name for legal reasons
 All comments, editorial or otherwise, are   but you may reserve the right to not have     Rejections: Articles with self-extracting
 those of the writer and don't necessarily   your name published.                          files or virus infection are rejected
 reflect the opinion of the PPCUG.                                                         without notification.

JULY 2006                                        AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                            Page 3
 Foggy Windows Cleared
  Marian Smith

 In the days of Windows ME, and           problem included a web-site              ‘clean-installation’). You need to
 earlier, one could install, or re-       address which was so useful that I       backspace over the changed part
 install, these versions over and over    bookmarked it almost instantly. It is    and restore it to what it was when
 again, without any feeling of                  you first wrote it down.
 anxiety, especially if one found that    activation.mspx There is an
 something had been left out due to       explanatory video-clip which can         The other piece of miss-information
 a ‘read’ error. Then along came          be viewed if you first click on the      I previously believed was that, if
 Windows XP and the grey shadow           link labelled ‘Myths Of Product          one’s Product-Key expired,
 of ‘Activation’. There is no             Activation’. Then click on ‘Product      meaning that one couldn’t ‘activate’
 disputing the fact that, in these days   Activation For Windows XP’ which         via the Internet, and so had to use
 when unsavoury things like               is at the bottom of the list. Finally,   the phone – it automatically
 software piracy happen all too           look at ‘Learn More’, where you’ll       rendered your current CD useless.
 frequently, stringent preventive         see three modem-speeds given,            Not so, said someone who writes
 measures have to be taken. The           300k, 100k and 56k. Clicking the         for this same magazine. One can go
 trouble is, to my knowledge              appropriate link for your modem-         back to using your current CD. If
 anyway, I have never read a              speed will open the video-clip in        only I had known then what I have
 comprehensive article to explain         ‘Windows Media Player’.                  learned so recently. For me the
 “Activation” in any useful detail –                                               ‘fog’ of my utter ignorance has
 let alone explode the myths, until       This video-clip clears up many           been cleared and I am grateful to
 very recently that is.                   myths, not the least of which (and I     the writer of that letter for starting
                                          have heard this one from other           the process.
 Because of my own ignorance in           people) is the notion that one can
 this matter, I have endured two          only ‘activate’ Windows XP a finite      Do. however, be aware that a speck
 unfortunate incidences of my             number of times before your              of dust on the CD could still cause
 Product-Key being rendered               Product Key expires. Not so, says        problems if it obscures an important
 invalid, the first occurring for no      the video-clip which can be viewed       fragment of data during installation.
 apparent reason. Because I assumed       on this web-site. You can re-install     Don’t be hasty to ‘Activate’. Wait a
 that this meant my CD was useless        and ‘activate’ Windows XP using          few days to see that everything is
 I replaced it with another one, on       the same CD an infinite number of        working correctly, before
 both occasions – an expensive            times as long as you install it on the   activating.
 exercise.                                same computer (if you reach the          I hope this article lifts the fog of
                                          point of needing to re-install           ignorance from your mind and
 Barely a week ago I bought a             Windows XP, remember to go to            enhances your Windows XP
 computer-magazine in which (in the       the Control Panel, click on the          experience.
 section where readers can express        ‘System’ icon, then click on the
 their views) a reader was very           ‘computer-name’ tab and note             Marian is a member of the Perth
 annoyed by his experience of the         down the exact ‘name’ given,             PC Users Group
 same problem. His letter won him a       because that part to the right of the
 prize. The answer given to his           hyphen changes each time you do a

 Enlarging Text On The Screen And In Programs
 Gordon Giles
At a recent meeting I was asked           2.     Left click properties in the      look at other settings while you are
“how I had managed to enlarge the         drop down box.                           in this area. It will change the way
text in most programs and made the        3.     Click appearance and then         the text appears on the screen.
text darker”?                             advanced.                                6.     At the bottom click ok then
This will affect most dropdown            4.     When the advanced menu            in the next box click apply then ok.
boxes and popup boxes opened in           opens click on the item bar and          After a few seconds the text settings
programs.                                 click on menu.                           you had set up, will change.
                                          5.     To the right click on the bold
1.    Right click on a clear spot on      button and in the fonts box select       Gordon is a member of the Perth
the desktop.                              “comic sans ms” . You may like to        PC Users Group

Page 4                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                              JULY 2006
 What Does A Cache Do For A
  Brian K Lewis
 A cache (pronounced ‘cash’) is a       all the data were written directly     RAM is usually 64 bits or 128 bits
 form of memory storage that            back to memory and then to the         wide. In a system with an 800 MHz
 generally operates faster than RAM     hard drive, the overall process        bus, the real clock rate is 200 MHz
 memory or the time required to         would be quite slow compared to        but transfer occurs in 4 blocks per
 access a hard drive. The cache is      what we normally see. It is the use    clock cycle. This gives an effective
 smaller, faster memory that stores     of caches that greatly speeds up the   transfer rate of 800 MHz or 6.4 GB/
 copies of the data from the most       total process so the processor isn't   second (still considerably slower
 frequently used memory locations.      stalled waiting for either             than the transfer rate within the
 Computer processors (CPUs) utilise     instructions or data. The fastest      CPU).
 both internal and external caches.     cache is the one that is part of the
 You will also find references in the   processor and is referred to as the    The theory of using caches is that
 specifications of hard drives, CD      L1 cache. It can operate at the same   instructions and data in the cache
 drives and DVD drives to caches of     speed as the processor. So if you      will be the next set of information
 various sizes. In order to see how     have a 30-gigahertz (GHz) CPU,         requested by the CPU for
 these caches benefit computer          the L1 cache also operates at 30       processing. If the requested
 operations, we'll look at the          GHz. Thus data can be accessed in      information is in either the L1 or L2
 operation of the internal caches on    one clock cycle. This cache is         cache, it will not be necessary to go
 CPUs.                                  generally 128 kilobytes (KB) in        to RAM. Thus it can be accessed at
                                        size or smaller, although the          the internal clock rate. If it is
 Before looking at the cache            Pentium 4 has an internal cache of     present, it is referred to as a ‘hit’;
 function, you need to have some        16 KB plus an internal Trace cache     otherwise it is a ‘miss’. (Logical,
 understanding of the architecture of   of 150 KB.                             right?) Now, the bigger the memory
 a CPU. Much of the internal                                                   cache, the better the chances of
 structure of a CPU is composed of      The following diagram displays the     finding the data required by the
 registers that hold small bits of      relative relationship of the RAM       CPU. However, there is a catch to
 information and also can be used in    memory and the components of the       this. The bigger the cache, the more
 manipulating information. As one       caches in the CPU body:                time that is required to find the
 example, the Intel Pentium 4                                                  data. This is referred to as the
 processors have 128 registers.         RAM Memory                             ‘latency’ time. In an ideal setup you
 Some registers hold instructions,                                             would have a single cache with a
 others hold data, others have              L2 Memory Cache                    high hit rate and a low latency. This
 memory addresses and others are            L1 Instruction Cache               is very difficult to achieve in
 arithmetic manipulators. The               Fetch Unit                         practice. Consequently, we have
 instructions are found in the              Decode Unit                        two caches, a small one with low
 program code and they tell the             Execution Unit                     latency and lower hit rate combined
 processor what to do with the data.        L1 Memory Cache                    with a large cache with higher hit
 The processor loads instructions                                              rate and high latency.
 from memory and then loads data
 that is manipulated based on the       The components within the box run      Now that we've reviewed the
 instructions. So the registers hold    at the same rate as the internal CPU   architecture, we need to see how all
 data to be processed, the results of   clock. The next cache in distance      this works. Let's start with the Fetch
 calculations or addresses pointing     from the processor is the L2 cache.    unit that is used to load information
 to the location of other data. The     In older CPUs this was totally         from memory on demand from the
 processor can act on data in           external to the processor. In most     processor. It first checks the caches
 registers almost instantaneously.      cases, the L2 cache is now             to see if the required instructions or
 However, the registers are far too     integrated on the CPU chip. The        data are there. If not, it will load the
 small to hold all the data required.   data path in these processors is 256   information from system RAM.
 Instead, instructions and data have    bits wide allowing for the transfer    This information is then passed to
 to be read from or written to RAM.     of more bits per clock cycle than      the Decode unit. Note that when I
                                        the older processors that had 64 or    refer to information it can either be
 If the program code were always        128 bit paths. The data path           instructions or data.
 loaded directly from memory, and       between the CPU and the external                       (Continued on page 6)

JULY 2006                                  AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                  Page 5
 (Continued from page 5)                  just one execution unit. After the       page, it is downloaded to your
                                          processing is over, the result is sent   computer. If you visit that same
 If the information is a program          to the L1 Memory cache. From             page within a few days, your
 instruction, the Decode unit will        there it can be written to RAM or        browser pulls the page from its
 figure out what that particular          sent elsewhere.                          temporary cache, compares it with
 instruction does. It does that by                                                 the current page on the web server
 consulting a ROM memory that             Modern processors have another           and updates only the changed
 exists inside the CPU called             feature called the ‘pipeline’. This is   portions. This speeds up the
 microcode. Each instruction that a       the capability of having several         appearance of the page on your
 given CPU understands has its own        different instructions at different      computer. For example, my home
 microcode. The microcode will            stages of processing in the CPU at       page is The major part
 ‘teach’ the CPU what to do. It is        the same time. On Pentium III            of this page doesn't change from
 like a step-by-step guide to every       processors the pipeline was 11           day to day, so the downloading of
 instruction. If the instruction loaded   stages – each a unit of the CPU.         the page is limited to those parts
 is, for example, add a+b, its            The latest Pentium 4 processors          that have actually changed. This
 microcode will tell the decode unit      have 31 stages. With the greater         allows the page to appear on my
 that it needs two parameters, a and      number of stages, fewer transistors      screen quite rapidly.
 b. The Decode unit will then             are required per stage, resulting in a
 request the Fetch unit to grab the       higher clock rate. OK, so what's the     So in CPU processing, the use of
 data present in the next two             value of stages in the pipeline?         caches has greatly increased the
 memory positions, which fit the          After the Fetch unit sends an            speed of data handling. The same is
 values for a and b. After the Decode     instruction for decoding, it grabs       true of caches used elsewhere in the
 unit has ‘translated’ the instruction    the next instruction. This can be        computer. In all cases they are
 and grabbed all the data required to     sent on as soon as the first             short-time storage of information.
 execute the instruction, it will pass    instruction is sent to the Execution     Luckily, you don't have to have a
 the data and the ‘step-by-step           unit. If an instruction has to be        complete understanding of caches
 cookbook’ on how to execute that         processed by all 11 (or 31) stages, it   to use your computer. Let the
 instruction to the Execute unit.         takes the most time, while other         computer do the work!
 There is an exception to this in the     instructions might require fewer
 newest Pentium 4 processors. In          stages. Only when the first              Brian K. Lewis is a member of the
 these processors the L1 Instruction      instruction is finished processing       Sarasota PCUG, Florida, USA’
 Cache has be relocated to after the      can it be sent out but others that He has been
 Decode unit. It now contains the         required processing by fewer stages      working with personal computers
 translated instructions and is           might immediately follow. The            for more than thirty years. He can
 referred to as the Trace cache.          consequence of this is that multiple     be reached via e-mail: bwsail at
                                          instructions can be processed  
 The Execute unit will finally            simultaneously. This greatly
 execute the instruction. On modern       increases the overall processing         There is no restriction against any
 CPUs you will find more than one         throughput.                              non-profit group using this article
 execution unit working in parallel.                                               as long as it is kept in context with
 This is done in order to increase the    Other caches found in computers          proper credit given to the author.
 processor performance. For               are not associated with the              This article is brought to you by the
 example, a Pentium 4 CPU with six        processor. One such type of cache        Editorial Committee of the
 execution units can execute six          that you use frequently, probably        Association of Personal Computer
 instructions per clock cycle. In         without being aware of it, is the        User Groups (APCUG), an
 theory it could achieve the same         web page cache managed by your           international organisation of which
 performance as six processors with       web browser. When you visit a web        this group is a member.

Welcome to our new members
 Paul and Helene Fenton                                        Jeanette Jones

 Norman Venus                                                  Toni Petts

 Janet and Steven Keatley
If you have any queries regarding non-delivery of magazines, membership cards or other problems with your
membership, please e-mail Wendy Jacobs ( or phone her on 9457 0055.

Page 6                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                             JULY 2006
                                         Perth PC Users Group Inc.
                                                           P.O.Box 1201 Booragoon WA 6954

                                                Membership Application
This is a:
    New Application      Renewal (Mem # ______ )         Change of Details (Mem #______ )
Membership Types: Please tick    One year membership rates below;
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Family      $55 + $5 per extra family member first year, thereafter $45+$5, One magazine + same as Individual
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If you were introduced by a current member please give name …………………………………...
I/We hereby apply for membership New / Renewal of the Perth PC Users Group (Inc.) and agree to abide by its
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 Signed ..............................................................                                                     Date       /   / 2006

 * Note: If your membership is in default you will be required to add a $10 rejoining fee to your subscription.

                                               Payment details/credit card authority
      Forward to “The Treasurer”,Perth PC Users Group, P.O.Box 1201, Booragoon, W.A. 6954

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  Credit Card No.

  Expiry Date___ /___                      Signature                                                                      Date    /         /

 JULY 2006                                                        AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                            Page 7
     Benefits of being a member                                                          Committee
 The Perth PC Users Group provides its members with                   Gordon Giles 9276 4218 (H)
 many benefits including:
                                                                                        Vice President
 ▪    Monthly Meetings with guest speakers and
                                                                      Peter Scales 9446 6461 (H)

      demonstrations.                                                                   Secretary
                                                                     Dan Sampey 9298 8425 (H)

 ▪    Training Workshops: We hope to make training                                         Treasurer
                                                                     Bill Anderton 9277 3929 (H)
      workshops a more regular occurrence where members
      can get a full day’s tuition on a particular subject for a
      very cheap rate.                                                                 Membership
                                                                   Wendy Jacobs 9457 0055 (H)

 ▪    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for special interests or
      locations.                                                       Joy Watson 9457 5098 (H)

 ▪    Training at SIGs and special workshops.                                Axess Magazine Editorial Committee
                                                                        Trisha Moss 9293 2519
                                                                                        Robert Boylen
 ▪    A Free Club Magazine. As part of your membership,
      AXESS, the group’s monthly magazine, is posted out to                            Other Committee
                                                                                     Bob Ivery 9458 3671
      you 11 times a year. AXESS publishes articles written                         Terry Vernon 9354 2939
      by PC users worldwide; all members are welcome and                                    Tom Scott
      encouraged to submit articles on a subject they know
      about to share with others. Members can advertise                                Technical Officer
      goods they wish to sell to or buy from other members.                Trevor Davis 9399 7264 (H) 0411 789 611
      These advertisements are printed in AXESS free of                  
                                                                                      Publisher & Mail
 ▪    Membership with Perth PC Users Group presents you
                                                                                Perth PC Users Group Inc.
                                                                           P.O. Box 1201,Booragoon, WA 6954
      with FREE telephone support from other users with              
      expertise in many types of software and hardware areas.         

 ▪    Software and hardware discounts. From time to time,                                  Printers
                                                                                         Maurice Print,
      discounts are offered to members from companies at                               Alexander Heights
      ‘User Group’ prices on hardware and shareware
      software registrations.                                             Microsoft Publisher was used in the production
                                                                                         of this magazine.

 ▪    PPCUG acts as an agent for If you
      sign up with Westnet using our code C607 we can offer
      you a unique email address eg. for
      free, if you are a member.

      Please remember when sending emails, to the Editor or other PPCUG members, to include PPCUG
      or similar in the subject line otherwise there is a chance the email will be deleted as suspect.

      Check the list of quarantined spam messages from Westnet (or other ISP) before deleting.
      Occasionally an important email has been included as SPAM.

      Here is a link that may interest some people. It is about the new Windows version, Windows Vista,
      due to be available in 2007. It is a beta version at the moment. The site has links to give you an idea
      of the features it incorporates. How you can Get Ready for Vista and the system specifications

Page 8                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG
                                                                         JULY 2006
 Jim’s Computer Tips
   Jim Paton

 Word's Document Map                      the Format button, select Font,          Sending E-mail from Word
 Ever wish you had a map of a Word        make any adjustments to the font,        Since Word has all those great
 document next to the real thing, so      then click OK. Click OK again and        formatting features, why not use it
 you could easily jump from one           your changes will appear on the          for sending e-mail. To do this, just
 section to the next? Meet the            Document Map.                            write your document and choose
 Document Map. From inside any                                                     File|Send To|Mail Recipient. When
 document, click the Document Map         (Tip-in-a-tip: To change the             the e-mail toolbar opens, select a
 button or select View, Document          highlight colour of the Document         recipient from the Address Book, or
 Map. A separate pane opens on the        Map, inside the Modify Styles            type in an e-mail address and then
 left side of the document,               dialog box, click Format, select         click Send a Copy. Word will send
 displaying a list of headings. Click     Border, click the Shading tab, select    the document and close the e-mail
 any one to jump to that location in      a Fill colour, then click OK twice.)     toolbar.
 the document. To close the map,
 right-click anywhere inside and          Add Contacts To Outlook                  Save Partially-Completed
 select Document Map.                     Express Address Book                     Outlook Express Message
                                          Automatically                            Halfway through an Outlook
 Download Woes                            Does your Outlook Express contact        Express message when you get
 You just found that super cool web       list grow continuously—for               called away from your desk? Don't
 site that has that new super cool file   example, in a sales position? Don't      worry—Outlook Express will keep
 to do that super cool thing! The         add all those new contacts to your       it in a safe place until you're ready
 only problem is when you try to          Address Book by hand. You can            to finish.
 download the file, it seems like it is   ask Outlook Express to create a          Select File, Save (or close the
 taking forever, and normally             new contact for any person to            message, then click Yes to confirm
 downloads are really quick. Go to        which you reply.                         that you want to save it). The half-
 System Tools on the Program menu         Select Tools, Options and click the      completed message is automatically
 within Accessories, and load the         Send tab. Select "Automatically put      saved in the Drafts folder.
 System Monitor. Select the Bytes         people I reply to in my Address          When you're ready to get back to
 Received within the Edit menu to         Book" and click OK.                      work, open the Drafts folder and
 see how fast data is coming down                                                  double-click the message. Close
 the pipe. If it is too slow, check to    Block Unwanted Outlook Express           and re-open the message as many
 see if the web site has a mirror site,   Messages                                 times as you want--it stays there
 or alternate download servers. If        Do you receive unwanted Outlook          until you click Send.
 not, you must either just wait, or try   Express mail from a certain
 downloading at a different time.         address? Put a block on it. That         Shortcuts To Cut, Copy, Paste
                                          way, any mail messages that come         And Undo
 Edit Word's Document Map                 in from that address go directly to      Need to cut, copy or paste some
 Click the Document Map button or         the Deleted Items folder.                text or an item in your Office XP
 select View, Document Map. Want          Select Tools, Message Rules,             document? Before reaching for that
 to change the font size of the map       Blocked Senders List and click           application's menu commands, try
 text, to fit more on screen?             Add. Type the address you'd like to      these handy keyboard shortcuts:
 With the Document Map displayed,         block, select the type(s) of
 select Tools, Styles and Formatting      messages you'd like to block—in          Press Ctrl-X to cut the selected text
 to display its task pane. Next to        this case, Mail—and click OK             or item, Ctrl-C to copy it, or Ctrl-V
 Show, click the down arrow and           twice.                                   to paste it. Make a mistake? Press
 select Custom. In the Format                                                      Ctrl-Z to Undo the last action.
 Settings dialog box, under "Styles       (Tip-in-a-tip: To turn the block off
 to be visible," select Document          for that address temporarily,            These tips are provided by our
 Map and click OK.                        deselect its Mail check box on the       members for the interest of our
 Back on the Styles and Formatting        Blocked Senders tab of the Message       members. Original source is not
 task pane, under "Pick formatting to     Rules dialog box. To remove the          known.
 apply," hold your mouse pointer          block altogether, select that address,
 over Document Map and click its          click the Remove button and click        Jim is a member of the Perth PC
 down arrow. Select Modify to open        Yes to confirm.)                         Users Group
 the Modify Styles dialog box. Click

JULY 2006                                    AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                  Page 9
Some Questions Answered
 Nick Peers

Laptop upgrade                          sure you have a Ghost boot disk,         to My Pictures on my USB2 hard
                                        replace the old drive with the new       drive. Since doing this, double-
                                        and then restart with the Ghost boot     clicking an item opens the Search
I have an IBM Thinkpad R30
                                        disk inserted (you should test this      window instead of the picture itself.
laptop with a 10GB hard drive and
                                        before replacing the drive to make       I am able to open the picture by
have been using Nero Ghost to back
                                        sure it works). When you come to         right-clicking it and choosing Open
up my hard drive on a monthly
                                        place the image back on the new          from the menu, but it’s still
basis to an 80GB Iomega External
                                        hard drive, Ghost should give you        annoying! I should be very grateful
hard drive. When I last checked I
                                        the option of extending the size of      therefore if you would kindly
had only 1.41GB of space left, and
                                        the partition to match your new          advise me how to overcome this
as I want to use both Windows
                                        drive.                                   problem.
Media Player and Photo Story 3 in
the near future I envisage this space
                                        Norton’s too slow!                       ANSWER
                                                                                 It sounds like Windows has
I’ve been thinking of replacing the     QUESTION
                                                                                 somehow garbled its default action
internal drive with a 20GB or 30GB      I have Norton AntiVirus 2004, and
                                                                                 when double-clicking files. To fix
model, but some friends have            wish to disable the auto-protect
                                                                                 the problem, you’ll need to edit the
suggested that migrating the            feature as it noticeably slows down
                                                                                 Registry: click Start -> Run, type
contents of my existing drive (I        my PC, despite the fact I have a
                                                                                 regedit and press [Enter].
would be using Norton Ghost 8.0)        1.8GHz CPU - I would keep the
                                                                                 Browse to the following key:
to this new drive would be              email scanner on as I feel that offers
problematic, as the two drive sizes     me adequate protection.
                                                                                 ell. Double-click the (Default) value
don’t match. Could you please           I used to be able to do this in
                                                                                 in the right-hand pane and change
advise if this is the case?             Norton AntiVirus 2002 with no
                                                                                 its value from Find to none. Now
                                        problems, but this version keeps
                                                                                 browse to
ANSWER                                  popping up a reminder every 10-20
Laptop hard drives are typically        seconds, making it impractical to
                                                                                 y\shell and verify that its (Default)
quite straightforward to upgrade -      leave it disabled. Is there any way
                                                                                 value is also set to none (change it
in the case of your Thinkpad R30        round this or should I change
                                                                                 if isn’t). Once done, close Registry
the instructions are provided with      products?
                                                                                 Editor and you should be able to
the electronic user manual that will
                                                                                 access your files normally again.
have been installed with it. All you    ANSWER
need to do is locate the appropriate    Norton has rapidly acquired a
screws, remove them, slide out the      reputation for being a resource hog,     Should I image or back
old hard drive and slide in its         so we’re not surprised you’re            up?
replacement before replacing the        unhappy at its performance - or lack
screws.                                 of it. However, we wouldn’t
                                                                                 I’m running XP Home on an IBM
You’re not restricted to IBM brand      recommend switching off its auto-
                                                                                 laptop - every six weeks or so I run
drives, either. So long as the drive    protect feature simply because
                                                                                 a backup onto an Iomega external
is a 2.5-inch drive - standard fare     you’re compromising your
                                                                                 hard drive using the built-in Iomega
for laptops - you should be okay.       protection, however safe you think
                                                                                 Automatic Backup tool. I recently
We recommend plumping for a             you are.
                                                                                 upgraded my laptop’s hard drive
model with 5,400rpm speed and           If you’re truly unhappy at Norton’s
                                                                                 and used Norton Ghost 2003 for the
8MB or even 16MB cache as this          performance, we suggest switching
                                                                                 process. It states that “while Norton
will improve the drive’s                to an alternative product.
                                                                                 Ghost 2003 lets you clone your
performance as well as provide
                                                                                 entire system (data files, system
additional capacity. As for             Double-clicking opens                    files, Registry, OS and partition
migrating your old drive to your
                                        Search                                   map) Iomega Automatic Backup
new one, you should be fine so long
                                                                                 keeps your everyday working files
as Ghost recognises your USB            QUESTION
drive when you come to image it -       I’m running Windows XP
                                                                                 What is the major difference
if you have problems, make sure         Professional and recently
                                                                                 between cloning and backing up?
you’ve fully updated Ghost through      downloaded a large number of
                                                                                 Isn’t it easier to just clone my hard
LiveUpdate. Once imaged, make           photos from a USB storage device
                                                                                 drive each time, enabling me to

Page 10                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                              JULY 2006
 quickly and easily restore the            you need to restore this image, your     without any difficulty except for
 backup should I need to?                  data won’t be affected and you can       this live audio recording. Can you
                                           soon download any updates                help me out please?
 ANSWER                                    released between the date of the
 The major problem with cloning            cloning and the time you restore it.     ANSWER
 your drive in lieu of backing it up is    While this protects your data from       The problem occurs because you’ve
 that it’s largely superfluous. As we      vagaries or problems with                picked the wrong audio input. Your
 know, Windows degrades slowly             Windows, you should still back it        Line 1 input covers anything that’s
 over time, forcing an eventual            up - and more often than six-weekly      plugged into the Line-in socket on
 reinstall. Restoring Windows using        intervals. Use your Iomega               your soundcard, whereas your TV
 a recently cloned backup could            Automatic Backup tool to back it         card will use the soundcard itself to
 merely give you a system on the           up once a week, or invest in a back-     broadcast the audio. Select the
 brink of collapse rather than one         up tool like Genie Backup Manager        audio input that refers to your
 that’s finally been undone by the         (US$50, that         soundcard (or something similar,
 weight of program and hardware            lets you back up different files at      like ‘stereo mix’) and you should be
 changes over a prolonged period of        different times and frequencies,         able to record audio along with
 time.                                     enabling you to update your email        video.
 We recommend separating your              on a daily basis while only backing
 data from your system files and           up other folders once a week.            Nick Peers has kindly provided
 programs by partitioning your hard                                                 these tips. Nick is a freelance writer
 drive in two using a non-destructive      Can’t record audio                       who contributes to Microsoft
 utility like PartitionMagic                                                        Windows XP Magazine in Australia
 ( This way,                                                    and writes Q&As for PC Answers
                                           I have recently purchased a home
 problems with your system won’t                                                    in the UK and tutorials for the
                                           PC along with a TV card. When I
 affect your data. You can then clone                                               aforementioned two magazines,
                                           try to record a live TV program,
 or image (as it’s also known) your                                                 plus the UK version of Microsoft
                                           video is being captured, but when I
 C drive just after you’ve reinstalled                                              Windows XP Magazine and Roam
                                           replay the file, there is no audio.
 Windows, updated it and installed                                                  for Derwent Howard. Check out his
                                           I’ve set the audio options to Line 1,
 all your key applications. Should                                                  website at
                                           and other audio files are playing

Program Review
Gordon Giles

Program Profile                           short time click on repair registry.     seconds to start after a restart. Now
Uniblue, Registry Booster                 This means you can replace the           it’s about 5 seconds. Not much I
US$29-95 from                 items removed if you require but         know but if it is doing that with one
                                          after running this program for the       program it must be, and appears to
This small program can help speed         past month and running it about 10       be doing, the same for other
up your system by cleaning un-            times I haven’t needed to return to a    programs.
necessary items from the registry.        previous state.
Yes that’s right! The holy grail area                                              In the arsenal of protection
- the registry.                           After about eight backups of the         programs and things to help keep
                                          registery it will prompt you and ask     your system running cleanly, I
After installing the program from a       if you would like to delete some of      would recommend Registry Booster
CD or download of 8.24 Mb you             the older backups to save disk           from and I would like
can click on the desktop icon and         space. This appears to work fine.        to thank Kevin J Vella and Johan
the scan will commence.                                                            Malmberg for supplying this
After a few minutes the screen            That’s not all. During a normal          program for testing.
reports the full description of any       defrag the registry is not normally
problems it has found within your         defragged but this program will          Gordon is a member of the Perth
registry. You can select an item and      complete this process for you.           PC Users Group
look at the problem closer but in         When I first ran this program I had
some cases it’s not worth the effort.     39 faults in the registry and my
Just click make backup then after a       MSWord 2003 would take about 35

JULY 2006                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                 Page 11
 E-Mail...Overused, Abused and
 G.A “Andy” Marken (

 "I predict that by 2010, 100 percent    doesn't have an e-mail address I       being received with remarks people
 of network traffic will be              probably don't need to talk to him."   would never say in person.
 packetized. None of it will be voice
 because we will be too mad at each      But like any valuable business tool,   Don't spam. Spamming or sending
 other from sending flame e-mails."      people often don't understand how      an announcement in a shotgun
 Vint Cerf, executive vice president     to use it properly, or quickly find    manner is not only discourteous to
 of MCI and one of the founders of       ways to abuse its use. In fact the     people inside and outside your
 the Internet.                           Electronic Messaging Association       organisation but it is an insult to
                                         estimates that over 184 million        them.
 It's true. Emotions don't travel well   users sent over 35.8 trillion e-mail
 in the written form. A smile, a wink    messages last year.                    We use an active database of about
 of the eye, a smirk, a furled                                                  4,000 e-mail addresses. Some are
 brow...these are fine for face-to-      With the increasing use of push        used only once a month. On the
 face communications but they are        technology, the application of spam    other hand certain individuals
 completely missing when you use         junkmail and the growing use of        addresses (key customers, regular
 the killer application of the           single keystroke e-mail mailing        suppliers, remote office workers)
 Internet...e-mail.                      lists, each of us have to be           are used daily and weekly. When
                                         concerned that we will dull the        we develop a conference or status
 Despite the hype and global             value of this important                report it may go to as few as three-
 business promises of the World          communications tool.                   four people. When it's an
 Wide Web, the most used, most                                                  announcement for a client it may go
 useful and most misused Internet        E-Mail Don'ts                          to 200-300 people around the globe.
 tool is e-mail. E-mail is faster than   Don't use e-mail emotionally.          But each time the specific person is
 conventional postal delivery and as     We've been criticised a few times      individually selected to receive the
 dependable. Shortly after you hit       when a tongue-in-cheek comment         message. I don't read spammed
 the Send button your ‘target            didn't quite come across in an e-      messages so why should I expect
 audience’ usually receives the          mail. Since e-mail lacks the           someone else to read mine just
 information.                            immediate feedback and verbal          because I'm too lazy to
                                         nuances of the spoken word, don't      individualise the mailing?
 US Postmaster General Martin            use it when you are joking or are
 Runyon recently predicted that the      angry. Rather than a flamemail         Besides, if recent legislative interest
 giant quasi-government enterprise       response, talk to the person face to   is any indication there may be stiff
 lost about $1.4 billion in 1998,        face or at least over the phone.       penalties levied for people who
 more than $2.5 billion in 2000 and                                             insist on ‘direct mailing’ their
 nearly $4.5 billion in 2004, due in     E-mail should be avoided in a          announcements to the global
 no small part to the increasing use     supervisor-subordinate or customer/    Internet community.
 of Internet e-mail. According to the    vendor ‘issues’ discussions. Verbal
 USPS nearly 60 percent of business      communications gives the benefit       Use the bullet-proof Internet e-mail
 and personal correspondence             of immediate feedback. Both parties    test. If you aren't willing to have the
 already bypasses the postal service     can understand how the message is      e-mail printed in tomorrow's paper
 over the Internet.                      being received either by the           or you wouldn't make the same
                                         listener's facial expressions or the   comments in public...don't write
 E-mail has taken off so rapidly in      tone of their voice.                   them. That includes off-colour
 business that when an e-mail server,                                           jokes, sexist or racist language or
 network or Internet provider's          Avoid the automobile cocoon            anything that can be construed as
 connection goes down people             syndrome. Just as some people tend     contributing to a hostile
 wonder how they can get in touch        to become more aggressive with         environment.
 with someone. They also wonder          their driving because they are
 how long before they can get to         anonymous and remote behind the        E-mail messages are about as
 their incoming mail. Or as one          wheel, the same can happen with e-     private as if they were posted in
 person commented recently, "If          mail. Increasingly there are news      your favourite restaurant. If you are
 someone I need to get in touch with     items about ‘interesting’ e-mail       sending company private

Page 12                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                             JULY 2006
 information and want to protect          information. Safe computing             information they need. Think of
 your message from accidentally           practice says that whenever you         their e-mail screen as a billboard
 going to the wrong person or being       receive an attachment with              and you have less than five seconds
 intercepted by someone, you can          an .EXE, .BAT or .COM extension         to capture their attention.
 encrypt your e-mail. Encryption          you should run anti-virus software
 makes the message unreadable until       against it before you open the file.    If you're sending an e-mail, format
 the recipient decrypts it. But use       It's great in theory and it             it properly, and even though it is
 encryption sparingly. Unless you         works...unfortunately few of us         somewhat of a relaxed way to
 are only working on top-secret           practice safe computing.                communicate, write using good
 projects and programs there's no                                                 English. There's no excuse for poor
 reason to over-secure everything         Since there are so many different e-    writing.
 you send across the Internet.            mail and word or presentation
                                          packages around it is also difficult    Regardless of which e-mail
 Think before you use the Send            to make certain the recipient has the   program you use or whether it's for
 button. You've seen TV episodes          same software (and version) you do      internal, external or combination
 where people accidentally sent a         so they can open and view the           usage, you should thoroughly train
 love letter meant for a particular       attachment. You're better off simply    your staff in the ins and outs, dos
 person to their entire mailing list.     pasting the message into the body       and don'ts, capabilities and faults,
 There have been news reports of          of your e-mail correspondence as        and the company's general
 department heads sending staff           ASCII text. It won't look as pretty     guidelines, policies and procedures,
 salary data to everyone on the           but both parties can be assured the     before everyone is e-mail enabled.
 organisation’s distribution list.        message is received.                    For security and HR purposes,
 Product launch plans and company                                                 some firms have established a
 business plans have been                 Practice good netiquette and don't      program of monitoring and
 accidentally sent to editors and         send spoof e-mails. Spoofed             reviewing e-mail. If your firm has
 reporters. These are disasters.          messages are those that are sent        such a policy, make certain
                                          with false header information that      everyone clearly understands the
 But to a lesser degree each of us has    disguises the sender. If you're not     policy, the reasons for the policy
 sent an e-mail to someone only to        proud enough of your work or your       and the ramifications of
 discover ‘immediately’ after it left     company perhaps you should find a       inappropriate e-mail conduct.
 that it didn't have the attachments      new career or a new company.
 you mentioned. Or the attachments                                                The Web may get all the glory but
 were sent in a form that couldn't be     E-Mail Dos                              it's e-mail that gets results when it's
 read by the intended recipient. Your     Use e-mail whenever possible.           used properly. The Internet and e-
 only recourse is to apologise and        From a management perspective it's      mail are excellent tools for
 resend the message/attachments.          significantly less expensive than       responding to and working with all
                                          sending the average business letter.    of your organisation’s stakeholders
 Speaking of attachments, the             And as we noted before it is            including customers, dealers,
 general rule should be that unless       faster...almost instantaneous.          employees, investors, security
 the recipient knows what you are                                                 analysts, suppliers and special
 sending don't send it.                   In addition to personalising who is     interest groups.
                                          receiving your announcement, be
 People we interviewed for this           descriptive in the subject area of      As someone recently said, "The
 article hate it when they open a         your e-mail. Putting something          Internet should really be viewed as
 ‘general delivery’ e-mail and the        bland or non-descriptive in the         communications on steroids. It's
 attachment automatically copies to       subject area makes it very easy for     the ultimate one-on-one
 their hard drive. It's a waste of time   the person to quickly hit the delete    communications tool."
 to leave one storage area to open        button or file it for ‘later review.’
 another, open the file and then          Instead, make the subject               There is no restriction against any
 determine the information that was       informative, inviting and sometimes     non-profit group using this article
 sent is a waste of time and should       even intriguing.                        as long as it is kept in context with
 be simply trashed.                                                               proper credit given to the author.
                                          Many people today receive 100 and       This article is brought to you by the
 Worse yet, most are gun-shy about        more e-mail announcements. They         Editorial Committee of the
 receiving ‘strange’ attachments.         don't have the time or desire - and,    Association of Personal Computer
 The reason? It's an easy way to          we would suspect, the inclination -     User Groups (APCUG), an
 transmit viruses that can destroy a      to wade through every e-mail to         international organisation of which
 few files or an entire hard drive of     find the one or two bits of             this group is a member.

JULY 2006                                    AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                 Page 13
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
 Armadale Daytime SIG                     it into Paint Shop Pro X in its native   Open Zone Alarm; Zones – find the
                                          format of PSP but later ‘save as’ to     address and add the IP address from
 Joy O’Grady                              JPG. After importing the photo he        the other computer. Name it and
                                          enlarged it in increments 25% at a       give it a description. He suggested
                                          time. He also explained how to           it would be good practice to disable
 Malcolm Holmes opened the
                                          colour a black and white image.          the virus checker and screen saver
 meeting by thanking Colin Russell
                                                                                   before starting this process.
 (who was not at today’s meeting)
                                          Bob discovered after purchasing
 for a job well done. He explained
                                          Paint Shop Pro X that it didn’t          Gordon raised the issue of
 his reason for taking on the role of
                                          include Animation - so he asked          Spamfighter telling us that it was
 Convenor – he joined the Club
                                          Corel for assistance and they gave       not recommended as it attacks your
 many years back and has been very
                                          him a scrip to access it from an         email in order to advertise itself.
 appreciative of the help other
                                          earlier program (versions 7 or 8).       Bob also explained how to have
 members gave to him and now that
                                          He could pass on the details if          Spybot Search and Destroy monitor
 he is enjoying retirement is happy
                                          anyone wanted these.                     your PC while on the net. This is
 to assist others.
                                                                                   something AdAware can’t do.
                                          He next demonstrated in
 Our President Gordon Giles came
                                          Powerpoint how to create a               The raffle was held and Malcolm
 to present Bob Hunt with a Lifetime
                                          background which could be used as        won a CD holder which he asked to
 Membership award. Bob has
                                          a template but in this case became       be drawn again and as luck would
 worked for the Club in many roles
                                          the background for the photo he had      have it he won the 2nd time so was
 over the years including running the
                                          enlarged in PSP X. using an ellipse      meant to take it home.
 Bulletin Board. Bob appreciated
                                          shape around the person. There was
 the award and gave his views on
                                          an occasional problem with the           Bob was pleased with a recent
 how the Club benefits from people
                                          photo coming in surrounded by            backup he has purchased called
 volunteering their services.
                                          white but if “Save As” was used it       Acronis True Image (value around
                                          seemed to overcome this. I can’t be      $90) which saves incremental
 We had 15 members and a Guest
                                          too specific on his method as I only     images of his hard drives to both a
 Visitor attending today. Bob Hunt
                                          have PSP8 and X seems to have            partition of his normal drive and
 did the demonstrations and started
                                          more bells and whistles.                 also an external drive. Recovery
 off by scanning a tiny black and
                                                                                   time from the external drive was
 white photo of a man (about 1 ½”
                                          Zone Alarm was our next item.            about 2 1/2 hours but the internal
 high) which he blew up to a 6” x 4”
                                          Bob discussed how to add a firewall      drive was much faster.
 photo size. The method was to scan
                                          using Zone Alarm in networked
 in at the biggest resolution possible
                                          computers. While using the 2nd           Question and Answer.
 – in this case about 600dpi but
                                          laptop go to the desktop and with        Peter Hunt had a photo arrive by
 1200dpi preferable and then enlarge
                                          Flag R (which opens RUN) type in         email showing only ¼ of the scene.
 it. As it was a black and white
                                          Open cmd and press enter. This           Advised to use Save As and rename
 photo he chose grey scale and
                                          takes you to the C Prompt. Next          it then send it to any paint program
 previewed it first then selected the
                                          type ipconfig (all lowercase). When      where it could be resized to 72dpi
 area around the tiny photo bringing
                                          back at the C:/ type ipconfig/all.       to view. For printing purposes

 At this month’s General Meeting the presentation will be:

                                        Microsoft Photo Story 3
                          presented by Silvia Brace and Marylou Clark

             If you have a request for a special presentation or a suggestion for the monthly
                                    General Meetings, please contact
                            Gordon Giles by e-mail:

Page 14                                      AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                             JULY 2006
 Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
 300dpi would fill two A4 pages so      hard drive, files from flash drive or    I described how when you change
 150dpi would fit on one.               camera memory card to hard drive         the rotation of a picture that when
                                        and cd rom to hard drive.                you come back to this folder later it
 Josie had trouble with Password                                                 will still be the way you changed it.
 Keeper which had been                  With an interesting evening running      This is due to a small file added to
 demonstrated last month. It            out of time only two questions were      the folder in the settings. You can
 wouldn’t let her enter the wording     answered.                                also select to keep that information
 for the password. Joy Watson will      Malcolm found himself in a               with the photo instead of with the
 email the answer.                      program called Thunderbird and           file. This way it will ensure the
                                        when he tried to transfer to             photo will stay the way you rotated
 Gordon had a problem with Word –       Microsoft Outlook he couldn’t            it.
 it is set on Insert but each time he   leave the program. Sandra, Joy and       After the tea break I did some photo
 enters words four blank spaces         Connie all discussed the problem.        editing in Photoshop CS2 and
 precede the letters. Considered it     Doreen had a problem moving one          almost all the questions were about
 may be a virus.                        person from one photo to another         Photoshop except one about my
                                        and finding he was the wrong size.       external hard drive. This is a USB 2
          —–oooOooo—–                   Connie gave a demonstration using        duel cable 30gig drive. I acquired
                                        Paintshop Pro.                           the drive but purchased the cover
 Armadale Evening SIG                                                            and cables from Net Plus Hector St
                                        At the next meeting will find out        Osborne Park for $19-95. I have
 Jim Percival                           from Malcolm and Doreen if their         seen others, which are complete,
                                        problem was solved.                      advertised for $240-00 for a 40GIG
                                                                                 2.5” drive case and drive together.
 We had 18 Members and 1 visitor.
                                                  —–oooOooo—–                    If I tried to do this with thumb
 Sandra Vowles had a full evening
                                                                                 drives it would cost about $1800-00
 on her feet lecturing on two
                                        Dianella Day SIG                         and I would have 30 x 1 GIG drives
 subjects and taking her usual place
                                                                                 to sort out. The larger drive is more
 in questions and answers. She          Gordon Giles                             economical in the long run. The
 handed out four pages of typed
                                                                                 drive is actually from a laptop I
 notes for us to follow.                May
                                                                                 scrapped some time back and it
 The first subject was:-                We opened the meeting with a
                                                                                 works well. In June I will be using
 I.E. History Viewer                    small group but had four
                                                                                 Movie Maker 2 to create a slide
 A small program that gives you the     prospective new members, two of
                                                                                 show with sound and text included.
 ability to manage your Internet        which had picked up a magazine
 Explorer history.                      from Harvey Norman’s in Morley.
 You can clean out your history list    I started with the Bridge from
 by getting rid of the undesirables,    Photoshop CS2 and a short
 and then save the URLs your want       description. I moved files around        Dianella Evening SIG
 in a folder or an archive.             and mentioned how in the folder          Sylvia Brace
 You can download the viewer on         they will stay in order also I gave        them a colour bar for easy               June 2006
 The second subject was;-               identification.                          Rick started the evening with Back
 Backing up - is saving a copy of       Question: After identifying the          to Basics tips. How to start a
 your files to another location, such   pictures with a colour bar how           program on boot up. Firstly, make
 as floppy disc, thumb drive, cdr, ed   could you copy just them.                a shortcut to particular program by
 rw, dvdr, dve rw, zip drive, or        Answer: First select the photos you      right-clicking on the desktop | New
 external hard drive connected to a     wish to place the same colour to         | Shortcut | Browse button to locate
 USB port.                              using the ctrl key and left mouse        program .exe file | Select file and
 Particular attention was paid to       button then right click on a             click OK. Open Windows Explorer
 gathering the items in the address     highlighted file and at the bottom       and go to c:\Documents and
 book and placing them in a file for    select label and then select the         Settings\[your name]\Start Menu]
 an easy transfer preferred from the    colour.                                  Programs\Startup then drag–and-
 hard drive.                            Next right click outside the file area   drop your new shortcut to the
 Sandra spent some time on copying      and select ‘sort by colour’ then         Startup folder. Next time you boot
 and pasting files, method of           using the highlight features select      up the program will start
 opening your exploring files,          the block of colours you wish to                       (Continued on page 16)
 copying files from floppy disk to      copy or cut out.

JULY 2006                                  AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                Page 15
 Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
 automatically and an icon will be in    Styles was the final Format feature      What did we learn?
 the System Tray (Notification           for the evening, which gave you the      Computers are dumb
 Area).                                  option of several different areas to     Computers need people such as
                                         change all at once. i.e. date, font      Electronic engineers
 To undo, reverse the above or           colour and create a new style for        Programmers
 Win+R and type ‘mscongig’ in the        you own use.                             Users like us
 drop down window and the MS
 Configuration utility will open. Go     After the break Rod Norwood              Computers are a tool much like a
 to the startup tab and uncheck the      showed use ‘How Computers                shovel or hammer when you have a
 box next to the program you want        Work’                                    need to use them it is there for use.
 to prevent opening.                                                              Why we are smarter! Because we
                                         This was a demonstration on the
                                                                                  belong to the Perth PCUG group
                                         basic principals of a computer.
 Within Word if you wish to move a                                                and we always learn something
                                         What is a computer? It is simply a
 Paragraph without Cut & Paste                                                    new.
                                         box of switches, which are turned
 highlighting the paragraph and
                                         ON and OFF to make the computer                    —–oooOooo—–
 holding down the Alt and Shift
                                         work. Other terms for ON and OFF
 keys and use the up and down
                                         are LOW and HIGH or 0 or 1. A            Guilderton and
 arrow keys at the same time. Place
                                         concept of Boolean algebra was
 your cursor in the word to change                                                Districts SIG
                                         first developed by George Boule in
 or highlight the sentence.                                                       Bev Purcell
                                         the 1830’s. His ‘algebra of logic’
 Ctrl + Shift + A will turn you text
                                         has applications used in the design
 to upper case. CTRL + Shift + K                                                  Where have all our members gone?
                                         of electrical switching circuits used
 will turn your text to small capitals                                            -- North for the winter maybe.
                                         in computers.
 and repeat it, and it will turn your                                             We were low in numbers again but
                                         The three principles of this logic are
 text to lower case..                                                             had an interesting meeting,
                                         AND, OR and NOT, which are
                                         called logic gates. In circuit           although with Anne away we didn't
 Next we continued with our Excel                                                 think about taking notes for the
                                         diagrams these logics are seen as a
 demonstration. This week we                                                      magazine. Here is a quick overview
                                         shape for AND a shape for OR
 covered Custom Formats Date &                                                    of our meeting.
                                         and a for the NOT shape.
 Time where you select your cell/                                                 We continued our word tutorial and
 cells which you need to make a                                                   as most of our small group are
                                         Rod explained this by this example,
 Date or Time. Then select Format,                                                beginners we opened word and
                                         for AND as having a car and petrol
 then Cells or (Ctrl+1). Then in the                                              worked out how to add and subtract
                                         and being able to drive to the
 Number Tab Select Date or Time                                                   and customised our task bar. We
                                         country. OR was explained by
 and then select which type you                                                   changed the font default and one of
                                         having either a car and petrol or a
 want. Then you click the OK                                                      our members had a problem with
                                         bike and still being able to get to
 button and when you type your                                                    tables in Microsoft works. We all
                                         the country. The NOT statement
 time or date in those cell it will                                               learnt something no matter how
                                         by having a car but no petrol as not
 revert to the style you wish.                                                    small.
                                         being able to drive in the country.
 Custom Format Special can be used                                                Is there anyone out there who
 for telephone numbers or social         Rod then gave us some more               would like to share some of their
 security numbers.                       example using flow chart and             knowledge with our group? If so
                                         switch diagrams which I was not          please email either Marcia -
 AutoFormat was next which gives         clever enough to copy down and  or Bev -
 you the option of several different     explain to you in detail. Let’s just
 ways for you spreadsheet to be set      say this means that a switch or a        Ps We hope Russ and his family
 out. This is accessed through           combination of switches is either        had a great holiday, come back
 Format and then select AutoFormat.      ON or OFF and cause something to         soon Russ we missed your input.
 The Option button also changes          take place. This means I am able to
 different aspects of the spreadsheets   type this report for you on my                     —–oooOooo—–
 shown.                                  computer as each letter is a
                                         combination of switches being            Kalamunda SIG
 Next was Conditional Formatting         used. We also were told about the        Wendy Day
 which gives you the option off          Binary Digit (BIT) or 0 or 1 and 8
 highlighting with colour for            bits = 1 Byte and 128 bytes can be       Due to an oversight by the editor
 example any amount over a certain       any value between 0 to 255               this report wasn’t included in
 value in your spreadsheet. Format       characters.

Page 16                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                              JULY 2006
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
 the June magazine. Apologies to          presented a 'back to basics' segment   converted some movies for PCUG
 our Kalamunda members.                   on headers and footers. Go to View     club members and then branched
                                          and click on Header and Footer.        out with an advertisement in the
 April                                    You can type maybe your club           Kalamunda Magazine. Well, that
 Kalamunda SIG members and a              name in the header, using different    caused an avalanche of enquiries
 number of visitors were in for a         fonts and font sizes, or you can       and they are still catching up. They
 treat when Roger and Lilian              import a prepared logo. Then you       estimate that they have done
 Jennings presented a genealogy           can go to the footer and maybe         around two to three hundred DVDs
 program, 'Family Tree Maker', at         using a small font type in your        to date.
 the April meeting. Their                 contact details. If you wish you can
 presentation was well prepared and       then save the resulting 'stationery'   Mike does the filming of the
 easy to follow. The program makes        for future use.                        movies and transfer to computer
 compiling a family tree extremely        Then it was on to a Q & A session.     with 400 feet of movies taking
 easy. Simple to follow data fields       The first question was rather          about half an hour. Gina then takes
 allow you to fill in details of family   complicated and involved the use of    over, using Pinnacle Studio Plus
 members, their spouses and               Excel in Front Page. The questioner    Version 10.5. She edits the movie
 children, with tabs leading to           had a problem with the hourglass       in one minute frames. Her work
 further pages for each member            continuing to show when they tried     takes lots of patience and includes
 and where more information about         to save and nothing else would         colour enhancement, brightening,
 a person can be recorded. There are      respond because of this. After         contrast etc. Editing can take up to
 also facilities for the inclusion of     uninstalling, rebooting,               one and a half hours for that length
 photos, with the addition of caption     checking for viruses etc. the          of movie. Then comes the addition
 text, from another file or direct        problem remained and no one at the     of transitions and music. The
 from a scanner/camera, also              SIG could help, other than to          program can generate its own music
 pictures, maps, sound, and movies.       suggest trying to do everything in     but they prefer to use their own
 There are any number of Internet         Excel first and then export it to      gentle background music. Gina can
 connections to search sites and          Front Page. If any reader has come     also put the movie into chapters, so
 research services, for instance          across this problem and found a        that they can be viewed a chapter at
 viewing census sheets, as well as        solution please let the SIG            a time. The final DVD is recorded
 exporting as a PDF file. Under Edit      convenor know.                         at Best Quality and can take
 there is even a To Do clipboard for      Q. A member was unable to access       between 4-6 hours to render, as the
 pending tasks. Other helpful drop        three banking institutions on the      computer does this frame by frame
 downs include a Date Calculator,         Internet.                              and it isn't always a success the first
 which will calculate a birth date        A. You must 'enable' cookies.          time, requiring the entire editing
 from a marriage, death, or other         Q. If you lose bookmarks where do      process to be repeated. A lot of
 event. When the data is entered it       you find them?                         hard drive space is needed and I
 can be displayed and printed in a        A.     If they are deleted they are
 number of different formats, trees              gone but you could try          think they said they have three
 of different shapes and various                 Google Desktop Search.          external hard drives.
 reports. The data can also be made
 into a book which appears as a PDF       May                                    After the tea break Tom Docherty
 file, which can be saved to an           Nineteen members, including two        took us Back to Basics with a
 appropriate folder, and Roger            or three visitors, met in May for      tutorial on Inserting Graphics which
 finished his presentation by             another excellent                      had a few people saying they'd
 showing some of his own family           presentation. Mike and Gina            always wondered how
 research and the book he produced.       Watteau told about their venture       to do that. Then it was on to a
 Family Tree Maker is available on-       into putting old 8mm home movies       Question and Answer session.
 line at A free        onto DVD discs and gave a
 version is available but some            demonstration. Mike spoke first,       Q. How can I put the tenplates I've
 features are locked out. Price about     giving a thumbnail history of their    downloaded into the PowerPoint
 $40 for the version which provides       involvement, initially to preserve     program?
 all features. Free and full versions     their own old family movies. After     A. No one could come up with the
 can import files from other              considerable research they imported    answer but it was suggested to go to
 programs, especially those in            the costly equipment from America      Microsoft problem solving and
 GEDCOM format.                           and it took six months of practice     email the question to them or look
 After a tea break Murray Carrick         before they could get going. After
                                                                                                (Continued on page 18)
                                          mastering the technique they

JULY 2006                                    AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                               Page 17
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
(Continued from page 17)                   and to delegate the work to others.         Startup, right mouse click on the
at the Frequently Asked                    At this point nobody came forward           Paltalk shortcut in the box and click
Questions. Members had used both           so we went on with the meeting.             delete.
with success.                              Gordon spoke briefly about the XP           Close and go back to the desktop.
                                           service pack 3 problems, and how it         Click start and then run. In the box
Q. A member had problems with              is a hoax. He then started with the         enter msconfig and hit enter. When
VOIP dropping out in the middle of         Photoshop Bridge, which he has              the new box opens click on the tab
calls.                                     shown at several other meetings in          on the far right at the top “startup”
A. Try changing speed of                   the past few weeks.                         and look for the Paltalk line of text
connection.                                He showed how you can sort the              and remove the tick.
Q. A member was unhappy with               pictures in folders and they will           At the bottom of that box click
the most recent emails appearing at        stay in that order when you use the         apply then close. The next window
the bottom                                 Photoshop Bridge to look at your            asks if you wish to restart the
of the list in the Inbox.                  photo folders later, also how the           computer. Answer yes.
A. Click on Received in the                rotation of photos works and some           When the computer restarts you
heading and an arrow                       information on the Meta file that’s         will see a box in the middle of the
appears. Click on the                      saved within every photo.                   screen. Place a tick in the small box
arrow to change the order.                 Gordon went on to demonstrate               in the left and click ok and Paltalk
                                           some photos he had changed with             will not start when your computer is
Tom wound up by recommending               the before and after effects, then          restarted.
Google Desktop Search as a very            explained how to take a face from a         This method can work on other
useful tool to                             picture and resize it to match a            items that start when you don’t
download.                                  second picture and paste it in place.       require them to, although some
                                           Also some smudging and sponging.            times you will only find them in the
                                           He finished off before the tea break        msconfig area and not in the startup
South of the River                         with a short explanation of layers          area.
Daytime SIG                                and how to save the layers un               By the end of the meeting Doreen
                                           flattened for later editing.                Brace had offered to take the
Gordon Giles                               After the tea break we went through         convener’s position with help from
June                                       the question and answers.                   the members. This was greatly
                                                                                       appreciated by all.
We started with a short discussion
                                           Q. I want to stop Paltalk from
on the lack of a convener for next
                                           opening when I start my computer.
                                           A. You must do this in this exact                    —–oooOooo—–
Gordon pointed out a convener is
                                           order. Click start/programs and
only required to chair the meeting

Perth PCUG Einstein@Home Team
 Joe Potter

Perth PCUG Einstein@Home                   Einstein@Home is currently searching         Centre again this May, and they
Team                                       the most sensitive 600 hours of data         certainly enjoyed this jam-packed,
                                           from LIGO's fourth science run, S4. For
                                           more information, please see the             cheery educational mecca in the
The welcoming introduction on              "Science information" section on the left    bush. Not bad, away out there
Einstein@Home’s website (http://           of this page.                                between GinGin and the coast, with is                                                               friendly staff, interactive displays,
                                           Bruce Allen, Professor of Physics, U. of
particularly brief and clear, so I feel    Wisconsin - Milwaukee
                                                                                        and great facilities including the
it simplest to quote directly from it:     Einstein@Home Leader for the LIGO            café section.
                                           Scientific Collaboration.”
“Einstein@Home is a program that uses                                                   The Australian International
your computer's idle time to search for
spinning neutron stars (also called        I first read of this project in              Gravitational Observatory (AIGO)
pulsars) using data from the LIGO and      February’s AXESS, even though my             is still under construction on the
GEO gravitational wave detectors.          wife and I first visited Gin Gin             grounds there, well away from
Einstein@Home is a World Year of           Gravitational Centre well over a             heavy road and air traffic. While
Physics 2005 project supported by the
American Physical Society (APS) and by
                                           year ago. A bus-load of PPCUG                there we learned that it is in
a number of international organizations.   members and friends visited the              partnership with five other

Page 18                                        AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                 JULY 2006
 gravitational observatories around     As I understand it, the                members over just a few months
 the world (GEO and VIRGO in            Einstein@Home project is               have contributed 29,500 units of
 Europe, TAMA in Japan, and two         dedicated to helping with the          work, of which 21,730 have so far
 Laser Interferometer                   calculations needed to isolate signs   been integrated and credited to the
 Gravitationalwave Observatories in     of passing gravity waves from the      team.
 U.S.A.). They are all working          never-ending noise from all
 together to perfect gravitational      quarters of outer space.               All are invited to join the Perth
 astronomy.                                                                    PCUG Einstein@Home Team.
                                        Enormous computational work is
 The faint and mysterious               needed simply to sort out the wheat    Those wishing to join simply need
 gravitational signals were predicted   from the chaff, the theorised          to download and install the free
 by Einstein last century, as elusive   gravitational waves from the           “BOINC”programme from http://
 distortions of space-time in General   background static. Einstein@Home AND to
 Relativity Theory. If they are         project harnesses the power of         register their own name via this link
 proved to exist, finding them will     thousands of computers around the
 give the world a “telescope” that      world. Their owners donate idle        create_account_form.php?
 can peer into the far reaches of our   time through installing a 22MB         teamid=5528
 universe. It will be “seeing” very     programme which quietly works
 faint radiation with an extremely      away in the background on snippets     You might prefer to contact me, of
 long wave length. In effect it will    of work for this major task.           course, at,
 be a time-machine that can see an                                             telephone 9457 1717, or at a
 unimaginable distance back             What has our own team achieved so      monthly meeting.
 towards the theorised “Big Bang”.      far? The satisfaction of knowing
 (This link        we are helping in a small way, and     Joe is member of the Perth PC
 pdf_public/cadonati.pdf explains it    some recognition on the internet.      Users Group
 more accurately than I can.)           Our team page shows that three

                  Perth PCUG members and friends who went on a tour of the
                              Gravity Discovery Centre in May

JULY 2006                                  AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                               Page 19
Readers Forum
             Your Questions Answered
     Members can have their questions answered by sending them by e-mail to or by posting them to Readers Forum,
     PO Box 1201, Booragoon, WA 6954. Include your membership details (name and number) and as
     much detail about your computer system as possible. A team of experienced computer users has
     been formed to help members.

     Answers to your questions will be sent to you, and the questions and answers will be published
     in the Readers’ Forum section in AXESS magazine. Your name will not be published unless
     you request it.

Question                                 It allows you to flip or rotate the      Question
We have ME on our PC at home but         screen, useful when using overhead       I have received a suspect email, the
don't use it very much. Someone told     home movie projectors that are           details are:
me that when they brought out            mounted upside down on the roof.
Windows ME and found all the             I don't know why but when these          From:
problems with it they quickly            graphic drivers are installed the        Date: 31 May 2006
brought out Windows 2000 which           default setting to have "Hot Keys"       Subject:Majordomo results:
has fewer problems. Is this true?        was enabled. This is a combination       Message could not be
                                         of two keys to rotate the screen.        Size 113k
                                         To disable hot keys, you should see
Windows ME came after windows
                                         an icon in the taskbar for display       I have not opened it.
98 second edition. It was very much
                                         properties and look for Hot Key          I have not recently sent any
the same but with a few more
                                         options.                                 messages which, I know or suspect,
features but less support for older
                                         You can then see what the hot keys       were not received.
                                         are and/or disable the hot keys.         The reason for the query is that I
Windows 2000 came after Windows
                                                                                  seem to remember that 'majordomo'
NT. It is a completely different
                                         Question                                 had some sort of official status.
program from Win98-ME.
                                         I was chatting to a neighbour who        Is this true, or is it suspect?
Windows XP came after windows
                                         introduced me to her friend, who has
                                         a worrying little problem with her e-    The size (113k) looked suspicious.
Both windows 2000 and windows
                                         mail. When she sends an e-mail to a      It should not take more than about
ME had their problems. Windows
                                         friend in the eastern states, they get   2k to give header details of a
2000 is designed to run on a more
                                         multiple copies of it. She doesn't       message which bounced.
powerful machine than windows
                                         know why. She has a broadband            Or did they send the whole message
                                         connection with AAPT. Would her          back?
Question                                 problem be due to an incorrect
My son and great grandson were           setting in her e-mail program, or a      Answer
playing Sudoku on the computer           virus?                                   Your right in thinking majordomo
when the young lad accidentally                                                   may be of importance as it is usually
pressed on the keyboard and the          Answer                                   the system message from some
screen inverted itself. I have solved    First your friend needs to check that    newsletter list.
the problem by going through the         it is only her emails to that friend     i.e., sent from an automatic system
restore procedure. I would like to       that are duplicated.                     to advise you if an error of
know however, if you know what           If it is only your friend’s email that   subscription to or from a mailing list.
key combination caused this and if it    is duplicated, and that any emails
could have been corrected by using       from your friend to other people are     But having said that, it may also be
the keyboard.                            not duplicated, then there may be a      SPAM.
I am using XP pro.                       slight setup problem at the server.
                                         What email program is your friend        Ss your mail is hosted with us at
Answer                                   using to collect mail?                   Westnet, it is filtered for both viruses
Yes this is a feature of your graphics   Your friend may have the "check for      and SPAM.
card or on-board graphics.               new messages" set too low.               Although the odd SPAM email

Page 20                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                              JULY 2006
sneaks past the filter, I can't       Well I am getting something             All my software is
remember the last Virus my            similar; in addition to above it says   Genuine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
antivirus program found.              "you may be a victim of software        I'm peeved about this and hope I
So I would see no harm in looking     counterfeiting".                        can find something simple to get rid
at the email.                                                                 of this pop up.
                                      I did a Google search on the last
Query                                 part of that statement and found        Answer
At bagging Jim told us about          heaps of people having problems.        If you have the genuine product,
someone who had a flashing pop-       It appears to be with Microsoft         call Microsoft on 132058 between
up at the right side of the taskbar   Validation update                       8am - 8pm Aus EST for free.
which indicated "copy of windows      Go to Microsoft http://                 They blocked some product
not genuine" and click here to buy        numbers by mistake.
something.                            en-us for more info.

                                            Bob Hunt receiving Life Membership from our
                                            President, Gordon Giles. Bob has put in many
                                            years of work for the club including Convenor
                                             for the Armadale Daytime SIG and inclusion
                                              on the Help Page. Thank you Bob. It is very
                                                          much appreciated.

                  This picture was taken at the Southlands Shopping Centre
                                  at our last Demonstration.
          Joy Watson, Connie Aarnoudse and Fred Muenchow manned the tables.
We do this in an attempt to get more members. Our next display will be the Have-A-Go-Day at
 Burswood on the 25th October 2006 and in the same week the Friday 27th October 2006 at
 the Bassendean Shopping Centre, Guildford Road, for the Senior's Week Demonstration.
           These events are a great way to get new members and your assistance
                     at these venues is greatly needed and appreciated.
      Please contact Gordon on 92764218 or any committee member for more details.

JULY 2006                                  AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                              Page 21
                     This Month’s SIG Meetings
         A note to all SIG members: If a member of your SIG sends notification of the next month’s
         topics to the editor of AXESS, these topics will be entered on this page (see below). This will
         attract more people to your meetings.
         See the calendar on page 23 for the date of SIG meetings.
         Advise all changes (convenor, cost, date and venue of meeting etc.) to the editor as soon as
         possible so that the entry may be updated.

  ARMADALE DAYTIME SIG                                         ARMADALE EVENING SIG
  Meets fourth Tuesday of the month; for members and non-      Meets third Tuesday of the month; for members and non-
  members, covering all computer topics.                       members, covering all computer topics.

  Cost        $3 for members, $4 for visitors                  Cost      $3 for members, $4 for visitors
  Convenor Malcolm Holmes, Phone 9495 4179                     Level     Beginners to intermediate
                             Convenors Jim Percival: phone 9453 6115 or
  Venue       CWA rooms, corner of Anton and                   
              Avonlea Streets, Armadale                        Venue     CWA rooms, corner of Anton and
  Topic       To Be Advised                                              Avonlea Streets, Armadale
  Date        See calendar on page 23                          Date      See calendar on page 23
  Time        9:30 am - 12:30 pm                               Time      6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

  GUILDERTON & DISTRICTS SIG                                   DIANELLA EVENING SIG
  Meets second Wednesday of the month. Everyone welcome.       Meets second Monday of the month; for members and non-
                                                               members, covering all computer topics.
  Cost        $2 for members, $3 for visitors
  Level       Beginners to Intermediate                        Cost       $2 members, visitors $3
  Convenors   Gloria Carlisle, Marcia Ornsby and Bev Purcell   Level      Beginners to Intermediate.
  Topic       Members advised by email prior to meeting.       Convenor   Rick Short: phone 9444 7113 or
  Venue       Woodridge Hall, Woodridge                         
  Date        See calendar on page 23                          Topic      To be advised
  Time        1pm - 3pm                                        Venue      Jim Satchell Hall, Light St, Dianella
                                                               Date       See calendar on page 23
  KALAMUNDA SIG                                                Time       6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
  Meets third Thursday of the month; for members and non-
  members, covering all computer topics.                       DIANELLA DAYTIME SIG
                                                               Meets third Wednesday of the month; for members and
  Cost        $2 members, $3 for visitors                      non-members, covering all computer topics.
  Level       Beginners to intermediate
  Convenor    Tom Docherty, phone 9293 3445                    Cost       $3 members, visitors $4
     or                         Level      Beginners to Intermediate.
              Ted Fletcher 6293 1581                           Convenor   Gordon Giles: phone 9276 4218
  Venue       Staff Room, St Brigid's College, Lesmurdie.      Topic      To be advised
  Date        See calendar on page 23                          Venue      Jim Satchell Hall, Light St, Dianella
  Time        7:00 pm - 9:00 pm                                Date       See calendar on page 23
                                                               Time       1.00 pm - 4:00 pm
 Meets on the last Thursday of the month; for members          Meets on the Thursday following the monthly meeting of
 and non-members, covering all computer topics.                the PPCUG; for members and non-members, covering all
                                                               computer topics.
 Cost         $2 for members, $3 for visitors
 Level        Intermediate                                     Cost      $2 members, $3 visitors
 Convenor     Peter Scales, phone 9446 6461 or                 Level     Beginners to intermediate.
              e-mail              Convenors Doreen Brace phone 9399 2053
 Venue        E V Nicholls Room, Aust. Air Force Assoc.        
              Bullcreek Rd, Bullcreek                                    and Joe Potter
 Date         See Calendar on page 23                          Venue     E V Nicholls Room, Air Force Assocn.,
 Time         7:00 pm (after bagging of AXESS magazine                   Bullcreek Road, Bullcreek
              from 6:00 pm)                                    Date      See calendar on page 23
                                                               Time      1:00pm – 3:30 pm

Page 22                                         AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                JULY 2006
           An Invitation To Men Who Like To Sing
                                                                                     MOBILE PHONE TIP.
        One of Perth's most popular men's choruses,
       the Westcoast Chordsmen is currently holding                   Worth knowing. Wonder why Telstra, Optus have not
        'open nights'. These Friday evenings provide                  let this one out of the bag... wouldn't mean that they
      an opportunity for interested men to have a go                  would lose profit would it?? To check your Mobile
 at this unique singing style called barbershop harmony.              phone's serial number, key in the following on your
      So, if are you interested, why not come along ?                 phone:

                                                                      STAR HASH ZERO SIX HASH as (*#06#)
     The evenings are held at the music auditorium
         of the Churchlands Senior High School,                       A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This
      Lucca Street, Churchlands, and will run from                    number is unique to your handset. Write it down and
       7.30 p.m. to 10 p.m .You will be able to see                   keep it somewhere safe. Should your phone get
    and hear just what goes into singing in the style                 stolen, you can phone your service provider and give
                                                                      them this code. They will then be able to block your
    called barbershop and you will meet some of the
                                                                      handset so even if the thief changes the Sim card
                 friendliest guys on earth!                           your phone will be totally useless. You probably won't
 The only pre-requisite is the basic ability to hold a tune.          get your phone back, but at least you know that
                                                                      whoever stole it, can't use/sell it either.
        A light supper will be part of the evening.
                Need further information?                             If everybody did this, there would be no point in
    Please Contact Gordon Richards on 93495751                        stealing mobile phones.

                                                  JULY 2006
  Sunday          Monday              Tuesday          Wednesday            Thursday            Friday          Saturday

     30               31                                                                                            1

      2                3                  4                   5                  6                  7               8

                                                            Main           South of River
                                                           Meeting          Daytime SIG

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                Dianella Evening       PPCUG              GAD SIG                             ** Deadline for
                      SIG          Committee Meeting                                           next month’s
                                                                                             issue of AXESS

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                                       Armadale        Dianella Daytime    Kalamunda SIG
                                      Evening SIG             SIG

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                                       Armadale                           Magazine Bagging

 To ensure that the correct information is shown on these pages, please advise details of SIG meetings
       - such as times, dates and topics - to Gordon Giles ( or 9276 4218).
                Also send a copy to the editor ( or 9386 2666).

JULY 2006                                      AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                 Page 23
 Who Would Have Thought Tax Could
 Be Interesting!!
 Trisha Moss

 The presentation for our June Main Meeting was E-Tax
 and other Tax matters. As Gordon alluded to, in his
 President’s Column, some members had decided not to
 attend, as they were not interested in the topic. What a
 shame as it was an extremely engaging and entertaining
 presentation and we really do need members to support
 these meetings. We just won’t be able to attract good
 speakers if our numbers drop too far.
 Andre Zaugg, Client Service Manager ATO, managed
 to keep everyone interested and amused with his
 knowledge and lively personality. He explained that E-
 Tax is a method of filling in your tax return ‘online’.
 Simply go to the ATO website at Click
 on ‘For Individuals’ and ‘E-Tax’. E-Tax is available for
 the new financial year
 from 1st July. From here download and install the
 program. You will need your Tax File Number and
 records of income and expenses.

                                                                 When you get to the end E-Tax will summarize the
                                                                 details you have input, showing your expected refund or
 Andre took us through many of the screens in E-Tax              tax bill.
 explaining that there are various ‘Tags’ to navigate            E-Tax is secure and your return is only submitted at
 through to fill in your return. It is possible to either skip   your instigation and will not allow you to submit if you
 to the ‘tags’ relevant to your own situation or to go           have made an obvious mistake or missed something that
 through each section and just keep clicking ‘next’.             E-Tax considers essential. You could therefore go
 There are sections covering, for example:                       through the whole process and save and submit at a later
                                                                 date. You could even print out a copy and check
        Tax Offsets including Seniors Australians and            through it in paper form.
        Pensioners                                               If you save your E-Tax return on your computer the
        Capital Gains Tax                                        following year your details such as name, address etc
        HECS                                                     can be carried over, if you choose, which saves you
        Medicare Items                                           having to type them in again.

                                                                 Andre concluded a very interesting and enlightening

Page 24                                         AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                            JULY 2006
 evening by brushing over such things as:

       Capital Gains, which is not as in widely believed,
       a separate tax;
       some of the items covered by the Medical
       Expenses Offset if you have medical expenses
       over $1500 for a family;
       the fact that Offsets reduce your tax whereas
       Deductions reduce your income
       and the difference between Pensioner Offset and
       Seniors Australian’s Offset.

 For further information on any of these items and much
 more please refer to the ATO website or any of the
 numbers listed to the right:

                   Members’ Free Advertisements
 • Members’ advertisements for Wanted, For Sale, Free, Swap etc are printed free of charge.

 • Members’ advertisements must include the member’s name and at least one phone number.

 • These advertisements will be included in the first available issue of AXESS magazine.

 • The advertisements may be sent by e-mail or supplied as an ASCII (.txt) file on a virus free disc.

 • Infected discs will be thrown out with no attempt to disinfect or recover data.

                                                   For Sale

                                                            Compaq 17" monitor Model MV740 and a
                                                            Compaq keyboard.
                                                            Both are in excellent condition which
                                                            I would like to sell for $50 the pair, or
                                                            Also a "Windows ME Millennium for
                                                            Dummies" book to give away.

                                                            Phone Peter on 9359 5261

JULY 2006                                    AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                    Page 25
 Why Settle, Do It Your Way
  Lee Alexander

 Icons                                    Toggle the toolbars with F8.             hand. Typically, unless you have
 You can make your PC more                Use the right/left arrow keys to         set file associations otherwise,
 colourful and distinguish folders by     advance/go back a page.                  double clicking on a photo will
 using icons other then the                                                        open it in the Viewer.
 ubiquitous manila folder. Right-         Adobe Photoshop, Etc.
 click a folder and select properties;    You can hide the floating palettes in    The toolbar at the bottom has some
 under the Customise tab, click the       Adobe products (such as Elements),       handy features that are not
 Change icon button and you will          by hitting the <Tab> key. It is a        immediately intuitive. The Previous
 see more than 250 icons to choose        toggle; hit it again to bring them       and Next buttons allow you to view
 from. Actually, the file, Shell32.dll,   back.                                    all the images in the folder of the
 contains 1484 icons on my system.                                                 first photo you selected. The Screen
 A good many of these are                 Word Toolbars                            icon will start an automatic slide
 duplicates in different sizes and        You can create a toolbar button for      show; the Zoom, Rotation and
 colour depths. Sizes range from 16       easily inserting a symbol into a         Delete are self explanatory.
 x 16 pixels through 96 x 96 pixels;      document. Right-click a toolbar and      However, the Print icon can
 colour depths can be 16, 256, or         select Customise and the                 surprise you – it opens the Photo
 True colours (24-bit for a range of      Commands tab. In the categories          Printing Wizard. As you step
 16,777,216 hues).                        pane scroll down and click on All        through the Wizard, the Layout
                                          Commands . In the right pane,            Selection provides a variety of print
 Using one of my favourite free           Commands, click on Symbol: and           configurations from 8.5 X 11 to a
 utilities, IrfanView, you can view       drag it to a toolbar. This will open     35 print ‘contact sheet.’
 and do minor editing such as             the Symbol dialogue box. Click the
 changing size, colour depth and          symbol to be attached to the button      If you have set a file association to
 rotating the image.                      and click OK.                            open your photos in an editor, you
                                                                                   can create a shortcut to the Picture
 TIP: Open an IrfanView window            The toolbar button now displays the      and Fax Viewer on your Desktop or
 and Drag the file Shell32.dll into it.   font name (Symbol) followed by           in the Quick Launch Tray. Right-
 You can then see previews of the         the symbol number. Since this is         click in the area you want the
 icons, one by one. If you want to do     not very friendly information, we        shortcut and choose New | Shortcut.
 extensive editing of folder icons,       can change the button's appearance.      In the Shortcut wizard, enter
 create a shortcut to shell32.dll on      With the Customise dialogue box          C:\Windows\system32\shimgvw.dll
 your desktop. Then right-click on it     opened, right-click the button and       (assuming your Operating System
 and choose ‘Open With’ -                 choose Name: . To make the button        is on the C: drive). Name the
 IrfanView.                               resemble the symbol it's attached to,    shortcut and click Finish. On the
                                          use the <Alt> key and the four           first use you will have to choose the
 I have created an Excel spreadsheet      digits on the number pad for that        program, Picture and Fax Viewer,
 with a brief description of about        symbol. You can add a graphic to         and check the box to ‘Always use
 100 selected icons –                     the button by clicking on Edit           selected program …’
 Shell32Icons.xls.                        Button Image. You're then
                                          presented with a simple grid and         Note that if you right-click and
 Acrobat Reader                           colour palette upon which you can        choose Edit, you will open the Paint
 This free utility is much in demand      draw simple shapes.                      program. The next-to-last button
 of late as many program manuals                                                   closes the viewer and opens the
 are now written in the .pdf              TIPS ON DIGITAL                          photo editing program associated
 (Portable Document Format)               PHOTOGRAPHY                              with the file type.
 A few handy keyboard shortcuts           A PC Windows Picture and Fax             Harry’s Filters
 are:                                     Viewer                                   Harry's Filters 3.0 is a Photoshop-
                                          This versatile (for photos) utility is   compatible plug-in which can be
 Adobe uses <Ctrl> L (instead of          often overlooked in the availability     used in dozens of different image
 F11 as in Microsoft products) to         of photo editors. As it is included      editing applications e.g. Photoshop,
 toggle full screen view.                 with the Windows Operating               Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint
                                          System it is a ‘freebie’ readily at      and many other. It includes 69

Page 26                                      AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                             JULY 2006
effect filters, an Animation feature,      shutter speed and aperture after such a    transmission over the internet. Select
options for saving and opening presets     shot. When flash is forced, digital        the photo(s) and right-click on one.
and an instant preview feature.            cameras typically compensate by            From the pop-up menu, choose Send to
                                           lowering the shutter speed and/or          and Mail Recipient. This will bring up
Harry's Filters 3.0 is freeware. You can increasing the aperture.                     a dialogue box, Send Pictures via E-
use them for whatever you like but you                                                Mail. The radio button Make all my
aren't allowed to distribute them          White Balance.                             pictures smaller is selected by default.
without the author's permission.           If your photos have an overall cast of     Click on Show more options to see
                                           colour it could be a function of the       three degrees of reduction.
Be sure to read the instructions about     White Balance. In a photo editor, find a
extracting the zipped file to the folder patch of near-neutral grey and check         Although it creates a message with the
containing your photo editor.              the RGB colour levels. They should be      reduced file size photos as attachments,
                                           nearly equal in value. A free utility,     you do not have to send the message.
At this point, the website link I had      Pixie, can check this for you. You can     You can right-click on an attachment
entered is no longer valid. This brings download the program from                     and from the pop-up menu select Save
up a salient point – rather than hold on                           as or Copy to put it on the Clipboard.
to old links (the dynamic nature of the                                               You then simply delete the message
World Wide Web is in constant flux,        Colour Management Schemes                  without sending it.
always changing) it is better to Google Colour schemes can conflict if you use
the topic or subject to get the latest     more than one of them. Select the          Lee Alexander is a member of the
information.                               colour profile of either the printer or    Macon Users Group, Franklin, NC,
                                           the photo editing software, not both.      USA; http://
LCD Usage with a Digital Camera            With inkjets, a greenish tone could;
The disadvantage of using the LCD, as indicate that no colour scheme has              sawdust21(at)
opposed to the optical viewfinder, the been applied; a reddish hue may
camera is not braced against a body        indicate two colour schemes have been      There is no restriction against any non-
part (your head). It is difficult to avoid applied.                                   profit group using this article as long
camera shake when the camera is held                                                  as it is kept in context with proper
at arms length. Try tucking your           See More Thumbnails in Win                 credit given to the author. This article
elbows into your sides and exhale          Explorer                                   is brought to you by the Editorial
before pressing the shutter release -      Hold down the <Shift> key when             Committee of the Association of
don't punch it.                            selecting the Thumbnail view to            Personal Computer User Groups
                                           eliminate file labels = more pics per      (APCUG), an international
Flash as a fill-in.                        screen.                                    organisation of which this group is a
Using flash as a fill-in in outdoor shots,                                            member.
such as when the subject is backlit, can Auto-reduce Photo File Sizes
reduce the shutter speed. If your          Windows XP has a neat feature to
camera has the ability, check the          adjust the file size of photos for


Paint Shop Pro 8 for the beginner.

Venue:       CWA Hall Corner of Anton and Avonlea Streets Armadale.
Date:        Tuesday 1st August.
Time:        Starts at 9-30am completing about 3-30pm.
             Be on site no later than about 9-15am.
Cost:        $20-00. Paid in advance, sorry no refunds.
Trainer: Bob Hunt.
Please bring a plate (containing food) to share for lunch.
We will supply tea, coffee and biscuits.
Go to the Perth PC User’s web page and click on Training.
Then read the instructions.

JULY 2006                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                  Page 27
                                                                                                                                       JULY 2006
                                                                                                                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG
      This month’s meeting of the Perth PC Users Group       How to get to the meeting: Enter from Lord Street. Park at the front of
                                                             the complex. The meeting will be held on the second floor.
will be held on Wednesday 5th July from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
                at the East Perth Rail Terminal,             ▪    6:00-6:30 p.m.        Refreshments, talk with new members
                                                             ▪    6:30-7:30 p.m.        Presentation
                          East Perth                         ▪    7:30-8:15 p.m.        Question & Answer Session
                                                             ▪    8:15-8:30 p.m.        Chat and tidy up
         $3 entry fee       Visitors are welcome

                                                                                                                                       Page 28                     PERTH PC USERS GROUP             

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