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                               Happy New Year !
                    DeVaney, Pluhowsky Win PBA Scorpion Championships
By Bill Vint, PBA                                          nate to win this tournament and get back on my feet.”      can play that game pretty well. Today the result was
   San Diego’s Mike DeVaney salvaged his bowling             DeVaney’s revelation was surprising based upon his       awesome,” DeVaney said. “To have things go my way
career when he defeated Australia’s Jason Belmonte,        composure under intense pressure during a difficult,       today was a surprise.” DeVaney trailed Rash by 35
189-170, to win the Professional Bowlers Associa-          low-scoring 182-162 victory over Sean Rash of Wich-        pins after six frames, but Rash opened his final four
tion’s Scorpion Championship at Thunderbowl Lanes.         ita, Kan., in the semifinal round before an equally de-    frames while DeVaney threw four strikes and con-
   In the Women’s Scorpion Championship that also          manding title match. But the difficult scoring condi-      verted a pair of seven-count spares to complete his
aired Sunday on ESPN, Shannon Pluhowsky of Phoe-           tions, he said, actually played into his plans.            comeback victory. The title match was similar. Bel-
nix defeated Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, New York,         “Younger bowlers like Sean and Jason aren’t used to        monte had a 16-pin lead after six frames, but opened in
192-177, for back-to-back PBA Women’s Series pre-          bowling at a 190 pace,” DeVaney said. “They’re al-         the eighth and 10th frames while DeVaney filled his
sented by BOWL.COM victo-                                                                                                                final four frames.
ries.                                                                                                               Photo Courtesy PBA      Belmonte won his berth in the
   DeVaney, a 36-year-old jour-                                                                                                          title match with a 222-175 win over
neyman, won his second career                                                                                                            newcomer Thomas Smallwood of
PBA Tour title in a contest that                                                                                                         Saginaw, Mich., in the semifinal
saved him and his family from                                                                                                            round. Belmonte opened in the first
possible financial ruin. Strikes                                                                                                         frame, but then threw six strikes in
in the eighth and ninth frames,                                                                                                          a row to ruin Smallwood’s televi-
followed by a spare and strike                                                                                                           sion debut.
in the 10th, rallied DeVaney to                                                                                                             In the Women’s Scorpion Cham-
victory over Australia’s two-                                                                                                            pionship, Pluhowsky built a 39-pin
handed bowling sensation.                                                                                                                lead after seven frames and sur-
Along with a $25,000 first                                                                                                               vived open frames of her own in the
prize, DeVaney also locked up                                                                                                            ninth and 10th frames to become
an exemption to bowl on the                                                                                                              the first PBA Women’s Series pre-
Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour                                                                                                              sented by BOWL.COM competitor
for the 2010-11 season and he                                                                                                            to win three career titles. She also
earned a spot in the end-of-                                                                                                             joined Michelle Feldman of Au-
season PBA Experience Show-                                                                                                              burn, New York, as the second to
down        presented         by                                                                                                         win back-to-back titles, a feat
BOWL.COM.                                                                                                                                Feldman accomplished during the
   “I came in (to the PBA World                                                                                                          2008-09 season.
Series of Bowling) with all the                                                                                                             “I’m glad there weren’t many
pressure in the world,”                                                                                                                  more frames. I’m not sure what
DeVaney confessed after his                                                                                                              would have happened,” Pluhowsky
win. “I’m looking at going                                                                                            said. “It was a bad ending for the great time I had at
                                                           ways looking for 230s. They’re not used to bowling
back home and living on the streets if I don’t make any
                                                           low games. I was happy shooting a 190, and if they the World Series. I was fortunate to win. “I figured
money here. “Bowling for a living is a difficult thing
                                                           beat me, they beat me. I knew from the first ball I Liz would find a way to win because that’s what great
to do. To be honest, I lived in my car for two weeks
                                                           threw that my scores weren’t going to be very good, so players do. Fortunately, she didn’t.” Johnson, with a
before the World Series started to save enough money
                                                           I just wanted to throw 10 good shots and leave it out strike in the ninth frame, could have won with a dou-
to be able to afford to get here,” he added. “My wife
                                                           there. “I’m not bowling the other guys. I’m bowling ble in the 10th frame, but she left the 3-6 on her first
and two-year-old son stayed with her parents in a re-
                                                           the lanes and the pins for a score. If I get caught up in attempt in the final frame. Because Pluhowsky, John-
tirement community where only one guest is allowed,
                                                           dancing around and all that stuff, then what I’m trying son and Kelly Kulick had previously won titles to
so I lived in my truck so we could afford to get here.
                                                           to do isn’t going to work. The mental ability to not qualify for the end-of-season PBA Women’s Series
“I never had much money as a kid, and what money I
                                                           allow your opponents to affect what you’re doing is Showdown presented by BOWL.COM, Feldman
have made, I’ve spent stupidly. Sometimes you have                                                                    earned the Women’s Scorpion Championship berth
                                                           monumental at this level.
to make a lot of mistakes in your life before you wake
                                                             “I knew I was going to have to grind it out. I think I based upon her fourth-place finish.
up. This is a real blessing for me. I’m extremely fortu-
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                                                                                        Crowd Pleasing Beef Casserole
                                                           Bea Wishes
                                                           You All The                  Gather the following ingredients:
                                                              Best!                     1 lb ground chuck, sirloin, or ground turkey
                                                                                        1 can whole kernel corn, drained
Dear Bea: I have been wanting to break up with my boyfriend. All of                     1 can stewed tomatoes, drained
my friends said that I would be cruel to do it before the holidays. Have                1 can mushroom or golden mushroom soup
I waited long enough? I don’t want to wait until Valentine’s Day rolls                  1/4 cup chopped bell peppers
around because I am sure they will say it is too close and that I need                  1/4 cup chopped onion
to wait. Please advise. Waiting                                                         1 tbsp A-1 sauce
                                                                                        12 slices American cheese
Dear Waiting: Do it!                                                                     Salt & Pepper to Season to taste

                                                                                        Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brown meat, onions, and bell pepper. Strain. Put
Dear Bea: I have two balls with three holes in them but they have dis-
                                                                                       in a pot and add the canned vegetables, the A-1 sauce and mix well. In a baking
appeared. Do you know where I could find them? Lost                                    dish, pour the meat mixture and spread evenly. Next lay cheese slices on top.
                                                                                       Bake about 30 minutes until brown around the edges.
Dear Lost: No, I don’t know where holes go to hide. Sorry.                              Recipe can be frozen before baking or served after baking. Serve with a salad
                                                                                       and your favorite bread.
Dear Bea: I have a 3-ball bag and my mom got me a fourth ball. My                       Serves 4-6 hungry folks.
friend told me to buy a add-a-boy. I have looked on the internet and I
cannot find one. Do you know where I can get one? Expanded                             PBA Returns to Action in Earl Anthony
Dear Expanded: I have never tried to add-a-boy and I am not sure                       Memorial at Dublin Bowl
                                                                                       By Bill Vint, PBA
that it is legal nor that you can get a boy to help carry your balls on a                  The Professional Bowlers Association returns to action with the Earl Anthony Me-
regular basis. You could try buying a “add-a-bag” and attach it to your                 morial at its new home - Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl in Dublin, California. It will
existing ball bag. Good luck either way!                                                be the first PBA national stop in Dublin since 1992, and it will serve as a special
                                                                                        tribute to the player selected as the No. 1 bowler in PBA history during the PBA’s
Dear Bea: Everyone is always asking me for aspirins, band-aids, and 50th anniversary season earlier in 2009. The Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour Earl
stuff like that. Do I have to supply them from my personal stash for Anthony Memorial, and PBA Women’s Series Earl Anthony Memorial, will bring
free or would it be rude to charge them? Supplier                                       the best in men’s and women’s bowling to northern California. The finals of both
                                                                                        events will air live on ESPN at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 17.
Dear Supplier: I’m getting a headache. Can I “have” a couple of as- “Susie Anthony (Earl’s widow) is thrilled to have the tournament return to the
                                                                                        center that bears Earl’s name,” said Ted Hoffman, managing partner of Earl An-
pirins?                                                                                 thony’s Dublin Bowl. “We’ve hosted a PBA West Regional tournament bearing
Bowlers: Please send in your questions for totally useless advice. It probably won’t    Earl’s name for years, but it’s really nice to have the national tour coming back.
solve them—but it could help you (and all of us) to laugh at them. Life is too short to We’re all excited. Our staff is pumped.”
take it all seriously—let us laugh with you.                                              Wes Malott of Pflugerville, Texas, will seek his third consecutive Earl Anthony
                                                                                        Memorial men’s title. Wendy Macpherson of Henderson, Nevada – who launched
                                                                                        her Hall of Fame career as a youth bowler growing up in nearby Walnut Creek, Cali-
                               Start Earning Cash!                                      fornia – will defend the Women’s Earl Anthony Memorial title she won last January.
                                                                                        The Anthony Memorial will be the final PBA Women’s Series presented by
                           To Buy or Sell Avon call 281-821-1588                        BOWL.COM singles event of the 2009-10 season.
                               or email:                              Non-exempt bowlers will bowl seven games to try to qualify for the 64-player
                                     Save Time and Money!                               Exempt Tour and 20-woman PBA Women’s Series fields. Mike Shady of Ripon,
                                                     Wis., was the winner of the last PBA Tour stop at Dublin Bowl, but he is no longer
                                                                                        active on the national tour.
Congratulations Marcus Carpenter!
  Marcus Carpenter is the winner of the 2nd Annual Angleton Bowl Holiday Sin-
gles Tournament. Look for more results of the tournament in February’s issue of                            Who, What, Where, & When
the Bowlers’ Buzz.
  Marcus bowled with the 900 Global Break ball he won in the Bowlers’ Buzz Jubi-
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              Taped PBA Shows…Have They Hurt TV Ratings?
              By John Jowdy
                   I am a die-hard PBA supporter. I sincerely believe the PBA is the most important promotional vehicle in the game. Yet, I have been rather disap-
                 pointed in the first half of the 2009-10 season TV programs. “The World Series of Bowling” that were taped in Detroit.
                   I am fully aware of the financial advantages gained by the PBA office, as well as the PBA players via this method of operation. However, I must con-
                 fess. The first half of the past season was anything but exciting. It may have been a huge financial success for the owners of the PBA; but inasmuch as I
                 already knew the results of the shows, it certainly failed to arouse my interest. What it did accomplish was my concern for the Sunday morning shows.
Surely, there must be a method of the bowling presentations that can provide the anticipation and interest of the bowling audience. I am concerned about the attitudes of
bowling fans and the effects of TV ratings on taped shows. I am aware that results of these tournaments were withheld until they appeared on TV. Nevertheless, there
are various means for learning the outcomes of these contests long before they are shown on television..
   At any rate, some of the greatest stories in PBA bowling history occurred during the seven weeks of the taped events. To begin with, in the Motor City Open, Walter
Ray Williams, the Ageless Wonder, added to his career titles in besting Chris Barnes, 238-230.
   Second, Norm Duke continued his winning ways by capturing the PBA Cheetah Championship. He beat Ryan Ciminelli, one of the hottest players on the tour, 4
games to 1. Ciminelli, qualified for the 2009-10 season through the Tour Trials, and has served notice of his ability to compete with the big boys.
   Third: Rhino Page won the PBA Viper Open denying Ryan Ciminelli his first title,
 268-246. In the Women’s Championship contest, Liz Johnson bested Lynda Barnes 211-196..
   Fourth: Bill O’Neill finally recorded his long-awaited first title on the PBA Chameleon pattern by turning back Ronnie Russell, 205-192. In the ladies finals, Sharon
Pluhowsky beat Carolyn Dorin-Ballard , 268-204.
   Fifth: Mike Devaney put on one of the most courageous performances in recent PBA history on the PBA Scorpion pattern. Devaney, who had to sleep in his truck to
meet expenses, turned back the internationally famous two-handed, no-thumb star, Jason Belmonte, 189-170. Sharon Pluhowsky won her second consecutive women’s
title in beating Liz Johnson, 197-177.
   Sixth: Jack Jurek, won his first title in 14 years by defeating Mike Fagan, 10-8, following a 218-218 tie-game in regulation. In the Women’s Championship final,
Kelly Kulick defeated Carolyn Dorin-Ballard.
   Seventh, but not least, was the incredible fairy-book tale of Tom Smallwood, a heretofore journeyman bowler from Saginaw, Michigan. Smallwood, a General Mo-
tors automobile employee, had been recently laid off due to the stressful economy. Given time to sharpen his game, he qualified for a PBA exemption through the Tour
Trials. His hard work ethic resulted in tremendous improvement, attested by his semi-final loss to Jason Belmonte in the PBA Scorpion Championship. Smallwood not
only won the $60,000 top prize and PBA World Championship title; he toppled hot-handed Bill O’Neill, 211-159, then disposed of reigning Bowler of the Year, Wes
Malott, 244-228; thus gaining a 2-year exemption on the PBA Tour. Smallwood became the media darling with his startling victory and rags-to-riches story. He ap-
peared on numerous national TV and radio shows and became an overnight celebrity.
   The Pepsi Red White and Blue Open Tournament preceded the PBA World Championship event, held at Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kansas. This was, in essence, a
tournament featuring a regular “house condition”. It was designed to display the scoring ability on house conditions, especially by professional bowlers. And boy did
the pros light it up! It took a 235 average to make the cut to the third qualifying round. After the first 16 games, Cassidy Schaub led the field with a 249.average. Wes
Malott, with a 223 average, was back in 39th place. Pete Weber, who averaged 230, was far back in 66th place, and Mike Edwards, averaging 220, was far down the list
in 90th place with a 220 average!
   There were 31-300 games recorded, toppling the previous record of 24.
   The Red, White and Blue Open may have proven one thing. PBA bowlers are far superior to non-professional league bowlers…as any die-hard bowling purist al-
ready knew, but a fact sometimes unfairly judged by less educated bowling fans.

                                                                                      PBA Announces PBA Senior Tour Schedule
                                                                                      Jerry Schneider, PBA
                         _______________________________________                        The PBA has announced its nine-tournament PBA Senior Tour schedule for 2010
                         _______________________________________                      beginning with the PBA Senior Dayton Classic April 17-20 and ending with the
                                                                                      PBA Senior Jackson Open August 21-24.
                                                                                        The schedule will once again include two majors, the PBA Senior U.S. Open pre-
J O I N                          T H E                       F U N !                  sented by the Suncoast and the United States Bowling Congress Senior Masters,
                                                                                      which will be conducted June 6-11 and June 13-18, respectively.

                                                                                        Ron Mohr of Eagle River, Alaska, will be looking to defend his 2009 Senior
                                                                                      Player of the Year honor. Mohr, 53, entering his third year on the Senior Tour, won
                                                                                      the PBA Jackson Senior Open and PBA Dayton Senior Open, kicking off the 2009
♦ January 9 10:00 a.m. Youth League Forming—Ages 3 to 20                              season with his first two titles in back-to-back weeks. He won his third title at the
                                                                                      Senior Dick Weber Open in Lansing, Mich.
♦ January 9 Singles/Rainbow League 6:30 p.m. 4-Member Mixed                             PBA Hall of Famer Wayne Webb will be looking to win his third consecutive Sen-
♦ January 10 Conroe Women’s Doubles 16th Annual Tourna-                               ior U.S. Open title while Dale Traber hopes to defend his United States Bowling
  ment—One Conroe Lady Minimum Per Team 12:30 p.m.                                    Congress Senior Masters win.
♦ January 14 VIP Bigbucks League—Must be CURRENT 300                                    PBA Hall of Famer and all-time Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour winner Walter
  Bowl League Member—5 Member Mixed w/One Opposite Sex                                Ray Williams Jr. is eligible to compete on the 2010 Senior Tour after recently turn-
                                                                                      ing 50.
  6:30 p.m.
♦ January 24 Conroe Men’s Doubles 16th Annual Tournament–                             2010 PBA Senior Tour Schedule
  One Conroe Man Minimum Per Team 12:30 p.m.                                          April 17-20 – PBA Senior Dayton Classic, Capri Lanes, Dayton, Ohio
                                                                                      April 24-27 – PBA Senior Columbus Open, HPL Lanes, Columbus, Ohio
                                                                                      May 2-5 – PBA Senior Mooresville Miller High Life Classic, George Pappas Vic-
                               Birthday Packages                                      tory Lanes, Mooresville, N.C.
                                                                                      May 30-June 2 – PBA Senior Northern California Classic, Harvest Park Bowl,
                           Open Play Specials:                                        Brentwood, Calif.
                        Monday & Thursday Nights                                      June 6-11 – PBA Senior U.S. Open presented by the Suncoast, Suncoast Bowling
                          Sunday Before 4 p.m.                                        Center, Las Vegas
                                                                                      June 13-18 – United States Bowling Congress Senior Masters, South Point Bowling
                               Conroe 300 Bowl                                        Center, Las Vegas
                               902 Wilson Road                                        Aug. 9-12 – PBA Senior Lake County Indiana Open, Olympia Lanes, Hammond,
                              Conroe, Texas 77301                                     Aug. 14-17 – PBA Senior Decatur Open, Spare Time Lanes, Decatur, Ill.
Phone: 936.756.8866                                         Fax: 936.756.8868         Aug. 21-24 – PBA Senior Jackson Open, Airport Lanes, Jackson, Mich.
      Bowlers ’ Buzz                                                                                                                                                 Page 4

A.W.B.A. and What It Stands For                                                         Girls Just Want to Have Fun
By Doris Chesser, GHUSBC                                                                By Donna Hall, GHUSBC
  Once upon a time there was a man from Huntsville, Alabama. This man, like               The Bowling Belles League at AMF Alpha
many men before him and many men since then, had a dream. He happened to be             Lanes held a bowling pin decorating contest to
luckier than most; his dream came true. Richard Carson dreamed of providing a           kick off their Holiday Party. And the top prize
national bowling tournament for disabled victims that were confined to wheel-           went to “Let's A-Go-Go Bowling a-Go-Go.”
chairs.                                                                                 The team “Outta Control” consisting of team
  Carson was in Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the Southern Bowling Asso-           members Marsha Allen, Nancy Garrison,
ciation tournament in 1962 - from a wheelchair. He took his ideas to the Greater        Carolyn Farlow and Paula Kennedy were pro-
Louisville Bowling Association and with their support and the support of local          claimed the official winners. Paula, the league
businesses, Richard attempted to lure teams for their first tournament, hopefully 10    secretary, was actually the one who took on the
or so. What a pleasant surprise it was to find out the first tournament would draw      decorating task for her team. She gave the pin
30 teams. This was the beginning of the American Wheelchair Bowling Associa-            its name because of the retro 70’s look it had
tion (AWBA) National Tournament with Louisville as the site of the first event in       when she finished. Other winners were Ain’t
June of that same year…1962.                                                            Misbehaving finishing in Second Place with
  The AWBA is a growing organization that is dedicated to providing the individ-        Keli Williams the decorator and in Third Place
ual confined to a wheelchair the opportunity to compete in bowling, one of the few      was Bowling Buddies with Janet Middendorf
sports in which most people can participate. At the present time, this association      having the decorating honor for her team.
claims over 500 members throughout the United States and hosts an average of 10         Honorable Mention went to the team Split De-
tournaments per year. The AWBA host tournaments throughout the year all over            cision for Jolly Old Saint Nick himself.
the United States and has grown to more than 100 teams. It represents every skill          League President Sherry Keimig gave each team a pin and four weeks to come
level within wheelchair bowling. Approximately 60% of their membership is made          up with a decorated pin using any theme of the team’s choice and said “Go for it!”
up of military veterans, both men and women, and is a 100% volunteer organiza-          The results proved to be quite spectacular and posed a tough decision for the
tion. There are no paid members.                                                        judges. The pins will be on display at the center during the holidays and will be
  The AWBA has formed a number of alliances with organizations such as the              raffled off later for a charity.
Veterans Administration, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and youth organizations            It is hard to tell from the picture the amount of detail that went into transforming
to promote and grow the sport of wheelchair bowling. It is a non-profit organiza-       the “old beat up” pin into such a beauty. Paula used polymer clay and baked in
tion and their motto is “Ability not Disability Guides Our Life”.                       an oven at 275 degrees and to cover the pin with individual tiles in various colors.
  The tournament offers a Scratch Division where the highest achievers of wheel-        Plastic usually melts at that temperature, so her first challenge was removing the
chair bowlers bowl against one another. They maintain an average of 170 or better       plastic from the pin. An exact-o knife, pliers and some muscle did the trick. But
and most have won numerous titles throughout their bowling careers. They are the        she didn't realize the result of balls hitting the pin disintegrates the wood under the
“pros” of wheelchair bowling.                                                           plastic; it was like sawdust in a ring around the middle of the pin. She covered
  There are three divisions in this tournament. There is also an Up/Down event          the wood with polymer clay, filling in the low spots, to get it back to the right
that is fun for all and includes one wheelchair bowler and three able bodied bowl-      shape. The "tiles" were made by extruding stacks of various colored clays
ers as a team.                                                                          through a square die, then cutting the extruded "logs" into slices. She covered the
  The 49th Annual AWBA National Tournament will be at Copperfield                       pin with liquid clay, which acts like a glue, and placed the tiles over it. Then
Bowl from June 20 thru June 26, 2010.                                                   smoothed the surface and baked it in a large toaster oven, sanded it smooth and
  Tournament Chairman: Gary Ryan: 713-849-9052.                                         varnished it. Paula reserves Thursdays for bowling, but keeps busy as the Secre-
Bowling Center Coordinator, Carla Crane 281-550-8710.                                   tary of the Houston Polymer Clay Guild and as a member of the Houston Bead
Many committee members and volunteers are needed—call now!                              Society making polymer clay and beaded jewelry. She is also a volunteer for the
                                                                                        Texas City Prairie Preserve.

                                                                                         Congratulations to Shawn Maldonado!
                                                                                           Bowling in the High Rollers League at AMF Humble, Shawn
                                                                                         Maldonado, proved once again that he is a member of elite bowlers
                                                                                         in Houston. Shawn rolled: 300-268-300 for an 868.
                                                                                           Charlie Peoples said Shawn should have had three 300s. He was
                                                                                         locked in and the 8-pin in the middle of the game and the 10-pin in
                                                                                         the 11th frame should have gone down! SALUTE, SHAWN!

                                                                                       She Made It Happen, You Can Too!
                                                                                       By Evelyn Peoples
                                                                                         Debra Turnbull of AMF Diamond had a desire to send her son a BVL bowling
                                                                                       kit in Iraq. She expressed this desire to the staff of the Bowlers’ Buzz and we got
                                                                                       behind her with a short message to our readers.
                                                                                         Debra, one determined mother, went to work! She worked hard and sold brace-
                                                                                       lets to help her raise the funds to pay the BVL for the kit. Debra found out how
                                                                                       much a kit would cost, including shipping, and got busy.
                                                                                         Debra asked everyone she knew, her friends, fellow employees, and league bowl-
                                                                                       ers at AMF Diamond and AMF Humble where she is the computer clerk.
                                                                                         When she realized she had raised enough funds to pay for the kit and shipping
                                                                                       Debra began to smile. She could not wait to send off the money to the BVL. The
                                                                                       kit will be sent sometime in January. She said, “I am so happy! I know he will be
                                                                                       happy too!”
                                                                                         Debra has promised to send in a picture when she receives them. She also would
                                                                                       like to express her gratitude to everyone that made a donation and helped her
                                                                                       achieve her goal.
                                                                                         She made it happen, you can too! Contact the BVL and/or the Bowlers’ Buzz
                                                                                       and find out how to make a difference for OUR troops!
   Bowlers ’ Buzz                                                                                                                                                         Page 5
                                                                                         industry leaders and competitors Fred Florjancic of Brunswick and AMF Presi-
Dressel Mellows                                                                          dent Phil Knisely together. No small feat to get two busy industry moguls to take
By Mary Lynly
                                                                                         the time for an interview but I am sure being interviewed by Dressel meant he
   We all know him as the journalist extraordinaire at Bowlers Journal but who is        would tell it like it was.
Jim Dressel? In the current August 2009 BJ there was an old picture of him with            Jim Dressel has not been uninvolved. He was president of the Bowling Writers
a group of men and I wondered who the guy with all the hair was.                         Association of America in 1994 and said he was the one and only president who
   Journalist Jim Dressel has been pounding the lanes for bowling for 34-plus            secured a presidential citation for the Hall of Fame inductees – at that time, it was
years and is known for asking the hardball questions in interviews. He is turned         Anne Marie Duggan and Mark Roth. This takes work. He is currently a main-
on by cleverly ferreting out information that no one else could, and when he sees        stay on’s Phantom Radio and the Phantom says, “No one knows more
an angle, he’s like an Alaskan Eagle spotting salmon. His interviews and other           about bowling than Jim Dressel.” He assists Phantom Radio with a quarterly
articles are always revealing and thought-provoking and he says when he spots            review of what’s happening at all levels of the sport.
something that needs to be brought to the bowling public’s attention he considers          He has been much honored for his work with over forty writer awards. He says
it his job to do so.                                                                     he writes for his own enjoyment. Any writer knows how difficult it is to get a
   He was born July 29, 1940 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the second child of John          column out when you are not necessarily motivated so enjoying what you do
and Ada Dressel. This means he’s a Leo in Zodiac terms. A Leo is a regal lion            helps. Dressel is also the recipient of the BPAA Wapinsky award; Mort Luby Sr.
who is self expressive, self confident, dramatic, dominant and a leader. It also         Memorial award (which is the BWAA’s Hall of Fame honor) and most recently
says Leos need to learn a sense of humility and warmth. He attended local                in 2004 the John Davis Award.
schools and said he was somewhat of a whiz in chemistry in high school and                 Like a lot of us, he believes bowling is in trouble and needs a messiah to help it
thought he would pursue that in college but realized the advanced courses were           out of the morass. He believes that revitalizing team bowling is the answer to
not for him so he changed his major to Math with a minor in English when he              reviving bowling. When bowling was most prolific in the glory years, team bowl-
attended Lebanon Valley College. Can you picture Jim behind a saxophone? He              ing was where it was with leagues for every level of bowler and each center had a
played in a regular band and dance band in high school.                                  classic league to aspire to. The classic leagues were always a draw with neatly
   He did a stint in the Military and was an actuarial assistant. He got into the        uniformed teams, good bowling and much competitive enthusiasm. He noted
Insurance business when he was discharged, and having become involved in                 when Pro Bowling came on the scene many of the top bowlers in leagues pursued
bowling he wrote some stories covering bowling events. “There’s not much to              national and regional tours and it gutted a lot of the house classic leagues. We
do in winter in the Midwest or East, so I thought bowling sounded good,” he              agreed that the connection that the local associations provided to membership has
quipped. Jim rose to a 194 bowling average and was no slouch at golf either with         been squandered. He believes we take too many things for granted in this indus-
a five handicap before back problems did him in. I asked about surgery and he            try – perception is not fact. The adhesive that kept things together is missing.
said, “It only hurts when I Golf or Bowl.”                                                 We agreed that BPAA Executive Director John Berglund, a unique personality,
   Norm Edelman, who was Editor of Kegler Publications at the time, had written          had accomplished bringing unity to the industry and that new BPAA president
an article Jim disagreed with. So, Jim wrote Edelman a letter refuting what was          Jim Sturm seems to have a good understanding of what needs to be done to grow
said. While Edelman didn’t necessarily agree with Jim, he liked how he said              the sport. Dressel believes bowling must change to get better. How to accom-
what he said and he asked Jim to write for the Kegler. With more free time,              plish this is the $64 question?
Edelman now deceased, launched the Hi-Roller Tournament.                                   It is time for the Power Poll again and I asked if he thought the top power peo-
   While with the Kegler, Jim took on the task of a poll of veteran bowlers to de-       ple had actually had any significant affect on motivating the membership. We
termine the best women bowlers of all time. Editor of Bowlers Journal Mort               agreed that the circle of people affected by the group as a whole was pretty much
Luby was taking notice of Jim’s work, liked what he saw, and talked to Jim about         tunnel focused on a few - youth bowling, collegiate bowling, the elite bowler and
coming on board with BJ. Jim considered Bowlers Journal the premier publica-             the pros. Dressel moved from 18th to 13th in the last poll – so, people do think he
tion on bowling and was receptive to the offer. It took a year but in 1975 Jim           makes a difference. He thinks the poll depends on one’s position in the Industry.
Dressel began his career with the BJ. Some said he wouldn’t last beyond two                 Although he admits to being the predator when covering stories in earlier
years but one thing they didn’t know was that Jim Dressel does not like to fail.         years, he says he believes he has mellowed. He’s still opinionated because that’s
His passion for Bowlers Journal and his work elevated him to Editor in 1994 and          what people who make a difference are but under that ominous façade and envi-
he is in his 34th year with the publication now serving as executive editor. Guess       able shock of hair is a good sense of humor and a kind heart. He chaired the
he lasted a little more than two years. He also wrote a syndicated columnist for         Flowers for the Living award for 16 years and he is a Founding Member and
10 years but decided he needed a change and gave up the bowling column when              regular supporter of the Bowling Foundation. He is a sports nut, likes good mov-
he switched to baseball (for Tuff Stuff magazine).                                       ies, folk music, walking, reading, a good steak and Italian food and – he loves to
   So, how did Dressel become the journalist he is? He already had an affinity for       write. Oh, and you can throw in a good cigar now and then.
writing and had minored in English in college. He liked to read and went in                I asked if he had ever considered writing a book and he said his one regret is
search of material that could help him be a premier writer. He said when he              when Andy Veripapa, who liked Jim’s style, asked him to write his book. Jim
found an author that didn’t put him to sleep — Rudolf Flesch — he anointed               was busy and couldn’t take it on. In retrospect he said he should have done it.
Flesch as his writing guru and read everything he wrote... and his passion for the         When Jim agreed to this interview he said he would probably regret it and most
written word developed.                                                                  of all he didn’t want me to make him out to be something he isn’t. I hope I made
   He says somewhere along the line it appeared that interviews were his forte and       him out to be something he is.
he enjoys challenging journalistic principles. He says he probably ticked some             He currently resides in Palatine, Illinois – “a hotbed of bowling” he says listing
people off over the years but always tried to “call a spade a shovel” and get the        Tom Kouros and Les and Lyle Zikes as residents. A Dressel fan and regular
point across. He has interviewed every industry leader over the years at least           reader of his articles – I have come to the conclusion that Jim Dressel is the voice
once.                                                                                    of reason. He makes people think.
   He keeps in close touch with his daughter Lindsay, a fifth grade teacher, and he
says with a father’s pride, “She’s beautiful.” Lindsay is recently engaged and I         Mary Lynly is a member of BWAA and has been for over 20 years.
wonder if her fiancé has had his interview yet?
   Jim said he was probably the only one who had the nerve to ask the very pow-          Past President and founder of the Foothill WBA; Past President of the California WBA and the
erful Alberta Crowe when she planned to step down after 21 years as WIBC                 California Bowling Writers. Currently Life Member of all three. In the local and state Hall of
President. Did he actually influence her? Who knows, but she did step down. I            Fame for Meritorious Service and a Member Emerita of the National Women Bowling Writers.
                                                                                         The winner of over 30 writing awards and recipient of two special awards from NWBW and
liked his interview with Jason Thomas and said I thought he liked this fellow a
                                                                                         this year, the 2009 Humanitarian Award sponsored by Columbia 300. A non-professional
lot. He said he likes guys that are “off the wall.” The interview he did with            writer.
“Bowling Guru” Bill Taylor was 12 pages in the BJ - appropriate for a fellow like
Taylor. He reflects on one group interview he did with Dick Weber, Don John-
son, Earl Anthony and Mark Roth, his idea being to show each of these bowlers            Keep your college student, armed services member, or any loved
at a different stage of their careers, and the difficulty in trying to get four A-type   one reading the Bowlers’ Buzz while they are away. Send them
bowlers to settle down for an interview. Jim was the one of the few bowling
                                                                                         a subscription for just $20.00 per year. See Page 2 for an order
journalists who managed to get into former PBA President Steve Miller’s world.
Miller was known for not letting anyone in. He is most proud of having brought           form. Support your paper!
Bowlers ’ Buzz                                                                                                                                      Page 6
                 Emerald Bowl No-Taps                                    ARMSTEAD NAMED USBC DAVID
                         9307 Boone Road                                 DAHMS COACH OF THE YEAR AWARD
                        Houston, Texas 77                                By Terry Bigham, USBC
                           281.933.6180                                    Donald Armstead of Philadelphia, a USBC Silver coach
                   713.253.1582 or 281.744.7712                          who is co-founder and president of the Gehris Junior Bowl-
                                                                         ing League, has been selected to receive the 2010 USBC
                                                                         David Dahms Coach of the Year Award by the USBC Youth
                         $300.00 1st Place                               Committee.
  Strike Pot                                                 Brackets      Named in honor of David Dahms, who was an instrumen-
   Tickets                                                   Available   tal leader in the creation of what is now known as the USBC
                     Saturday, February 13, 2010
                                                                         Junior Gold program, the award annually recognizes a USBC-certified coach who has
                  Call and Reserve Your Spot                             been actively involved in a USBC Youth program and has demonstrated outstanding
                 Sign up 7:30 p.m., Bowl 8:30 p.m.                       commitment to coaching, sportsmanship and knowledge of USBC Youth rules for the
                                                                         last seven or more years.
                                                                           “People frequently receive awards because they have great people around them.
                                                                         This is no exception,” said Armstead, 53, a teacher in the Philadelphia school district.
          Simply S&B 4X4—$750 1st Place                                  “During my travels, I have been fortunate to meet many inspirational people who
                                                                         give selflessly of their time and other resources. Winning this award after meeting
When:          February 13, 2009                                         and working with these people leads me to feel a strange exaltation – a combination
                                                                         of pride, elation and humbleness for the personal recognition. “I would like to pub-
Where:         Emerald Bowl                                              licly thank my former bowling students who took the time and effort required to col-
               9307 Boone Road                                           laborate on writing a recommendation for me.”
               Houston, Texas                                              Armstead and his wife, started the Gehris League in 1995. The league, which has
                                                                         16 coaches plus a group of parent volunteers, has been filled for the last 13 seasons –
Info and                                                                 the league has a maximum of about 90 bowlers – and has a waiting list each year.
Reservations: 281-933-6180 or 713-253-1582                               “What made coach Armstead stand out as a great coach was not his bowling skills but
                                                                         his love for people,” Austin Tidwell, who attends Indiana University of Pennsylvania,
Squads:        1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. (both are seeded)                 wrote in his recommendation. “His passion for helping someone made him stand out.
                      Finals to Follow                                   He is always available if a student needs somebody to trust and to talk to.” In addition
Format:        Scratch. Bowl 4 Games Across 4 Pair.                      to his work with the Gehris League, Armstead is in his first year as program director
                                                                         for the Philadelphia Public High School Bowling League after serving as league sec-
Entry Fee:     $55.00 Per Person Per Squad, 1 in 5 to Cash               retary the past few years. There are 40 teams in the varsity high school program and
                     Sign up 30 Minutes Before Squad Times               the league is working on several programs to teach coaches and to help kids who can-
                                                                         not afford bowling equipment. He also serves as the Southeast Pennsylvania USBC
                  Brackets & Eliminator Available                        Association Director and is a Junior Gold tournament coordinator. Armstead will be
           Go to for more information.               presented the David Dahms Coach of the Year Award during the USBC Convention.
Bowlers ’ Buzz                                                                                                                        Page 7

                                                                          Charles Peoples’ Bowling Supply
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                       Humble, Texas 77338                   Ava ackets
                                                            Pro lable &
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Str t                     713.253.1582                             s
                                                               Pot ive
   P o ts                 281.744.7712
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    Bowlers ’ Buzz                                                                                                                                                 Page 8
                                                                                             Fagan, who was trying for his first PBA Tour singles title, defeated Jason Couch
Jack Jurek and Kelly Kulick                                                                of Clermont, Fla., 224-201, to earn his spot in the championship match.
Win Shark Championships                                                                      In the PBA Women’s Series presented by BOWL.COM title match, Kulick was
                                                                                           in a strike-or-bust mode. Three strikes early in the game kept her in the match until
By Bill Vint, PBA
  Jack Jurek of Lackawanna, N.Y., ended a                           Photo Courtesy PBA
                                                                                           she opened in the sixth and seventh frames. Dorin-Ballard, who was seeking her
PBA record 14-year void between titles when                                                third career PBA Women’s Series title, gave her advantage back with splits and
he defeated Mike Fagan of Patchogue, N.Y., in                                              open frames in her eighth and ninth frames.
a one-ball, sudden-death roll-off to win the                                                 A key ball change by Kulick in the ninth frame led to another string of three
PBA Shark Championship at Thunderbowl                                                      strikes and a come-from-behind victory.
Lanes.                                                                                       “I thought I made the right ball choice at the start, but as the game went along,
  In the final PBA “animal pattern” champion-                                              things just got worse,” Kulick said. “I don’t know how I strung three strikes in a
ships of the inaugural PBA World Series of                                                 row early, but in the ninth and 10th, I made a ball change. I knew I had to do some-
Bowling which aired Sunday on ESPN, Kelly                                                  thing. It was a good guess. I had an idea what I wanted to do, and what the ball was
Kulick of Union, N.J., defeated Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of Keller, Texas, 198-182,           supposed to do, and when the first shot went flush, I knew that was the right an-
to win the women’s Shark Championship.                                                     swer.”
  Jurek, at age 46, ended his 14-year, 175-day quest for his second Lumber Liqui-            The title was Kulick’s second during the PBA World Series of Bowling. She also
dators PBA Tour title when he struck in the roll-off after he and Fagan had tied at        won the inaugural PBA Women’s World Championship. Her Shark victory was
218-218, and then watched Fagan miss the headpin. It was a heart-stopping finish           worth $10,000. Because Kulick had previously qualified for the PBA Women’s
after an equally tense final frame that saw Jurek falter when victory was an eyelash       Series Showdown presented by BOWL.COM, Dorin-Ballard earned a spot in the
away.                                                                                      end-of-season event which will be held in the USBC International Training Center
  A pair of doubles early in the game gave Jurek an edge, but he let Fagan back            in Arlington, Texas.
into the match when he left the “Big Four” 4-6-7-10 split in the sixth frame. Jurek
jumped back into command with strikes in the eighth and ninth frames, and on his
first ball in the 10th. Needing only a nine-count/spare to lock up the title, Jurek left
the 3-6-10. He got the spare, and held his breath.
  Fagan, with a strike in the ninth, needed three more in the 10th to win by a pin.
He got the first two, but left a 10 pin on his last shot to send the match into over-
  “I got the first strike and gave myself a chance,” Jurek said, “but then the chills
that went up my spine were indescribable. That was almost 15 years of waiting for
the opportunity, and it was a little too much for me to handle at the moment. I
thought about taking a re-rack, but I didn’t want to give myself too much time to
think about what I was going to do.
  “But it was overwhelming. I took a deep breath and thought I had myself under
control. But three pins? I thought it was another opportunity I let slip away,” he
confessed. “I was fortunate (Mike) left a pin on his third shot.”
                                                                                           USBC Names Youth Ambassadors
                                                                                           By Terry Bigham, USBC
  Jurek had the right to bowl first in the roll-off, so he took a calculated risk.            The award recognizes USBC Youth bowlers for exemplary contributions in the
  “The last four shots (Fagan) threw on the left lane, he struck,” Jurek said. “The        sport of bowling, academic accomplishments and community involvement.
right lane was a little trickier. I was just kind of banking on the fact that I could      Awarded annually to one male and one female bowler, each winner receives a
throw the first strike and he’d leave something, and it worked out.”                       $1,500 scholarship, and one of the winners might be selected to serve as a member
  It was not the result Jurek had grown to expect in his career. In 10 previous tele-      of the USBC Youth Committee for a period of three years.
vision appearances, he had averaged a respectable 223.8, but he had a 3-9 won-lost            Blumenscheid graduated from St. Francis Desales High School in 2009 with a
record because his opponents were averaging nearly 250 against him. In the Shark           3.75 grade-point average. She currently is a freshman at Ohio State and is the an-
Championship, it was Jurek’s turn, racing to a 255-213 victory over reigning PBA           chor for the women’s bowling team. Jo Dimond, Association Manager for the
Player of the Year Wes Malott of Pflugerville, Texas, to advance to the champion-          Central Ohio USBC, said she showed excellent organizational skills while working
ship match.                                                                                in the Youth Leaders program and Youth Committee. She added that Blumen-
  “It was nice to finally not have 250 shot at me,” Jurek grinned. “The odds were          scheid “displayed maturity and patience during her tenure” and that working on the
in my favor.”                                                                              administrative side of bowling gave her new insight into the sport. “This award is
  Jurek knew it had been a long time since his only previous title in the 1995 Tums        important to me because it recognizes me as a leader as well as a bowler,” Blu-
Classic in Windsor Locks, Conn., but “I didn’t keep track. I knew it was a long            menscheid said. “Bowling has given so much to me between friends, outstanding
time. I knew I could go to my grave with my name on a banner for winning at least          coaches, scholarship money to pay for college and a sport that I can play my whole
one title, but as the years went on, it was important to me to feel like I belonged out    life. I always looked up to the coaches and bowling leaders in my youth, and they
here and could win again.                                                                  encouraged me to get more involved. Through their advice and my own desire to
  “I may not have had the career I dreamed of when I was a kid, but bowling on             help, I try to give back to the sport that has given me a better life. “I want to pass
tour is everything I still want to do. I’m sorry I’m getting older because realize my      the advice forward and encourage all other youth bowlers to get involved and do
time is getting shorter. Maybe I’m like wine, getting better as I get older.”              the same. We are the future of bowling, and it is up to us to keep it going.”
  Jurek’s record span between titles broke the previous record of 14 years, 6 days            Russell, Robert Morris University sophomor and a member of the Eagles bowl-
held by Les Zikes.                                                                         ing team, started bowling when he was four years old. Sandra Hardy, director of
  Along with his victory, Jurek earned $25,000, an exemption for the 2010-11               the Dolton Bowl Full Throttle Junior League Program, said they have been blessed
Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season, a berth in the 2010 PBA Tournament of                  to witness his transformation from a shy teenager to a disciplined and determined
Champions and a spot in the end-of-season PBA Experience Showdown presented                leader.” He remains active in the junior program, currently serving as chair of a
by BOWL.COM.                                                                               committee of coaches, parents and junior bowlers to develop a lesson plan for
                                                                                           bowlers 14 and older who are new to the sport. The idea is to teach teenagers the
UH Update From Las Vegas                                                                   basic skills in an accelerated time frame to minimize their feelings of awkwardness
  The University of Houston Cougar Bowling Club attended the Glenn Carlson                 in front of their peers. “First of all, I would like to thank God, without him nothing
Collegiate Invitational Tournament in Las Vegas. Their coaches, Tommy                      is possible. I would also like to thank my parents; if they weren’t the type of par-
Mohwinkel and Jeff Scott, were proud of their bowlers.                                     ents that they are, this would not be possible,” Russell said. “Since I was four, I
  The team bowled very well, however, they lost to Pikeville in the round of 16,           have worked with some of the best coaches from youth league, through high
two games to zero.                                                                         school, and now in college as well as had some of the best competition. I would
  Good run, Cougars!                                                                       especially like to thank my current youth coaches for teaching me and encouraging
  The team would like to thank all of their supporters that make their attendance at       me to become the young man, athlete, mentor, and leader I am today.”
these competitions possible!
  “GO COUGS!,” says, Bill Schwehr.
    Bowlers ’ Buzz                                                                                                                                                 Page 9

Underdog Tom Smallwood Wins                                                             Pure Swing Pays Off Big
                                                                                        By Steve Szabina, Ebonite
One for America's Unemployed                                                              The new C300 Pure Swing already has it's first title and major! Tom Smallwood
By Bill Vint, PBA                                                                      from Saginaw , MI. used the new Pure Swing to beat Wes Malott 244-228 at the
  Tom Smallwood of Saginaw, Michigan, hit a home run for America’s unem- PBA World Championship in Wichita KS . Malott could have doubled in the tenth
ployed workers Sunday, upsetting reigning Professional Bowlers Association to shut Smallwood out, but left a 10 pin. Smallwood only needing the first strike in
Player of the Year Wes Malott of Pflugerville,                                         the tenth and count on the fill to win, threw the shot about as "Pure" as it gets send-
Texas, 244-228, to win the PBA World Champi-                                           ing ten in the pit.
onship at Northrock Lanes.                                                                The new surface preparation is something a little different. The Pure Swing is
  Smallwood, a 32-year-old former assembly line                                        the newest “best of the best” from Columbia 300. It features our Full Swing Core
worker who was laid off from his job with Gen-                                         surrounded by a new coverstock called Full Tilt 5.0 Pearl. For this release we have
eral Motors nearly a year ago, won his first PBA                                       smoothed out the 5.0 nodules making the shell more responsive to friction and de-
Tour title, his first “major” title, a $50,000 first                                   livering a ball that goes longer but makes a stronger move down lane on more me-
prize, a two-year exemption to continue his PBA                                        dium conditions. This ball is stronger in the backend than any High Performance
Tour career and his first chance to bowl in Janu-                                      ball in our history and will provide bowlers a complementary product to our Full
ary’s PBA Tournament of Champions.                                                     Swing and Bedlam series balls. It’s performance is as pure as anything you have
  The title match was a nail-biter until the 10th                                      ever encountered. The ball has a World Wide release date of January 7, 2010. The
frame. Malott started with four strikes, but then                                      link to the video of the Pure Swing
ran into carry problems on the right lane.                                             pure_swing/.
Smallwood stayed close, striking on five of his
first six shots, but then left a 4-6-7 split in the
seventh frame and the tide turned to Malott’s fa-
vor. Malott wasn’t able to put two strikes together
in the final frames, however, and Smallwood an-
swered with another four strikes in a row – in-                                          Red, White and Blue Open Results
cluding two in the tense-filled 10th frame – to seal
the victory.                                                                             Affirm Equity of New Oil Patterns
                                                                  Photo Courtesy PBA     By Gene Kanak, USBC
  “It’s surreal,” Smallwood said. “It has been a
                                                                                           For the past several months, the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifica-
wild ride.” “I was already so nervous in the 10th
                                                                                         tions team has been testing the new USBC Red, White and Blue patterns, newly
frame, I told myself I couldn’t possibly get any more nervous,” he added. “The
                                                                                         created “house” oil patterns designed to present bowlers with conditions of vary-
right lane was my good lane anyway, so I figured if I threw a decent shot, I’d be
                                                                                         ing difficulty as they progress from beginning bowlers to USBC Sport Bowling
                                                                                         members. To date, the results of all field tests have fallen in line with USBC’s
  Smallwood said he always felt he could compete on the PBA Tour, but with a
                                                                                         intended and predicted ranges regarding scoring pace and equity to bowlers of all
wife and two-year-old daughter, he had no desire to go on the road until he got the
                                                                                         styles; nevertheless, USBC was looking for a higher level of affirmation regarding
bad news from General Motors. He then decided to enter the PBA Tour Trials in
                                                                                         the Red, White and Blue patterns. That’s just what it got during the Pepsi Red,
suburban Detroit, where a finish in the top eight meant a full year’s exemption to
                                                                                         White and Blue Open presented by the USBC, which was held December 7-13 at
bowl. Finishing third meant a new career option.
                                                                                         Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kansas. During that event, USBC analyzed the
  “I wouldn’t be here otherwise,” he said. “Getting an exemption is so hard to do.”
                                                                                         scores of the 24 bowlers that advanced to match play because those players rolled
  Ironically, Smallwood recently got a call from the General Motors jobs bank,
                                                                                         16 games on each of the three oil patterns, Red, White and Blue. This group,
offering him a chance to go back to work.
                                                                                         which featured both right-handed and left-handed bowlers of varying bowling
  “The lady who called asked me if I wanted to come back to work, but I told her
                                                                                         styles, was tracked in order to determine whether the Red, White and Blue pat-
no,” he said. “She asked what I was doing. I told her I’m now a professional
                                                                                         terns displayed the same difficulty typical league bowlers experienced – Red be-
bowler and that I’d be on ESPN this weekend. At first she didn’t believe me, but
                                                                                         ing the least challenging, Blue being the most challenging – and whether or not
the lady sitting next to her was a bowler, so I wound up talking to her for a while.
                                                                                         that difficulty was distributed equitably. “Interestingly, the PBA players scored
Now I think the people at GM are fans.”
                                                                                         higher on the White pattern than on the Red,” said Neil Stremmel, USBC Vice
  Malott defeated Rhino Page of Wesley Chapel, Fla., in the first semifinal round
                                                                                         President – National Governing Body. “This was not a surprise because the ex-
match, 203-191. Malott started the match with four strikes, but gave Page a chance
                                                                                         treme wall on the Red pattern that helps average bowlers can actually hurt elite
when he left the 2-4-8-10 split in the fifth frame and opened, followed by missing a
                                                                                         players by causing their balls to over- and under-react. Still, in a typical league
                                   10 pin. But Page made a fatal error, leaving the 4-
                                                                                         setting, our data shows Red will be the highest scoring of the three patterns. “But
                                   6-10 split in his ninth frame, and Malott closed
                                                                                         what was truly encouraging about this event was the fairness the three patterns
                                   the door with a spare/strike in his 10th frame.
                                                                                         showed to all bowlers. Just look at the TV finalists. You have two lefties (Patrick
                                     Smallwood, who had lost resoundingly in his
                                                                                         Allen and Mike Scroggins) and four righties (Walter Ray Williams Jr., Mike Ma-
                                   first TV appearance earlier in the season, threw a
                                                                                         chuga, Michael Fagan and Wayne Garber) that represent every style – straight
                                   pair of turkeys at Bill O’Neill of Southampton,
                                                                                         players, high-rev players and everything in between. That just goes to show that
                                   Pa., en route to a 211-159 win in the second semi-
                                                                                         nobody is shut out on these patterns. Players of all styles can succeed, and that is
                                   final match. A pair of splits and open frames in
                                                                                         exactly what we expected to see.”
                                   the second and third, and the absence of a double
                                                                                         The USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications team also expected high
                                   the rest of the way, ended O’Neill’s title hopes.
                                                                                         scores, which it got as the five-day tournament featured several bowlers averaging
                                     The PBA World Championship was the first
                                                                                         in excess of 240 as well as a Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour-record 31 perfect
                                   live ESPN telecast of the 2009-10 Lumber Liqui-
                                   dators PBA Tour season. The Lumber Liquidators
                                                                                           “The scores were very high, but people need to realize the Red, White and Blue
                                   PBA Tour’s next televised event will be the finals
           Photo Courtesy PBA                                                            patterns are house patterns, not USBC Sport Bowling or PBA patterns,” USBC
                                   of the Pepsi Red, White and Blue Open presented
                                                                                         Technical Director Steve Kloempken said. “Even the USBC Blue pattern, which
                                   by BOWL.COM on Sunday, January 10, at 2 p.m.
                                                                                         is the hardest of the three, is a great deal less challenging than what the PBA pros
                                                                                         bowl on week in and week out. Remember, these are the best bowlers in the
                                                                                         world. They routinely average 220 or better on most of their patterns, so it really
                                                                                         isn’t surprising to see them average 10-20 pins higher on the Red, White and Blue
                 Enjoy the Bowlers Buzz? Your customers house patterns.”
                                                                                           If the results of current tests continue to fall in line, USBC will finalize the ini-
                  notice when you support their Bowlers’                                 tial testing process and move forward by gathering data at select city and state
                   Buzz. Put your ad HERE! For contact                                   tournaments this spring. Currently, USBC is still on track for a Fall 2010 roll out
                                      info see Page 2.                                   of these new patterns.
    Bowlers ’ Buzz                                                                                                                                                    Page 10
                                                                                         the door for the past two seasons. He advanced from Tour Qualifying Rounds to
Zebehazy Selected to Receive                                                             make two television appearances during the PBA World Series of Bowling in Detroit
USBC Kerm Helmer Horizon Award                                                           in August. “My career is set,” Ciminelli beamed after his third-place finish.
                                                                                           Beres, a 31-year-old office manager, will make his PBA Tour debut next season. “I
By Terry Bigham, USBC
  Jim Zebehazy, the former Executive Director of the                                     finally came through after a lot of hard work and close calls,” he said.
                                                                                           Boresch, a 47-year-old pro shop operator, will test the tour again after a lengthy
Young American Bowling Alliance who has worked in
                                                                                         absence. “I did (the Tour) 25 years ago,” he said. “This is my second chance at it.”
the bowling industry for more than 26 years, has been
                                                                                            Warren, a 46-year-old pro shop operator, is a five-time PBA Tour titlist who has
selected by the USBC Youth Committee to receive the
                                                                                         bowled on Tour on-and-off over the past two decades. “It’s another opportunity,” he
2010 USBC Kerm Helmer Horizon Award. “I had the
good fortune to get to know and work with Kerm Hel-                                        Zaffino, the oldest qualifier at age 50, also has bowled on Tour in years past, but is
mer,” said Zebehazy, 56, of Leesburg, Florida. “He was                                   still looking for his first national title. “Now my decision is whether or not to quit my
someone who dedicated his life to the betterment of                                      job (as a garage door installer),” he said.
youth bowling. He became a good friend and mentor                                          The PBA Regional Players Invitational was open only to players who finished
who helped me fully understand the meaning of the                                        among the top 25 in competition points in their respective regions.
phrase, ‘The youth are our future.’ To win an award
named in his honor is something that I never dreamed of, but humbly accept.”
   Named for the team founder and longtime bowling coach at Erie Community
College, the Kerm Helmer Horizon Award recognizes leaders in the youth bowling
community who have displayed the courage, determination and ability to develop
far-reaching programs of national scope that provide fun and exciting opportuni-
ties. Helmer was selected posthumously for the inaugural award in 2003.
   Zebehazy started his career in the bowling industry in the early 1980s as a field
representative for the American Bowling Congress before taking over as ABC’s
Group Executive for Field Service in 1990. In 1998, he was named Executive
Director of YABA, a position he held until the merger of the sport’s major organi-
zations to form USBC in 2005. During his tenure with YABA, several new pro-
grams, including what is known today as the USBC Junior Gold program, were
developed to provide more competitive and scholarship opportunities for youth
bowlers. He currently works as a field representative for USBC.
   “Jim Zebehazy has dedicated his life to the sport of bowling, and in doing so, Jim
                                                                                                      Photo Courtesy PBA. The top seven finishers in the Sands Re-
has helped countless people, especially kids,” Michael Nyitray, a USBC Gold                           gency Regional Players Invitational who earned Lumber Liquidators
coach and the 2009 USBC Kerm Helmer Horizon Award winner, said in nominat-                            PBA Tour exemptions for 2010-10 are, from left: Chris Warren,
ing Zebehazy. Zebehazy will be presented the award during the USBC Conven-                            Lennie Boresch Jr., Bobby Hall II, Dave Beres (seated), winner
tion, April 28-May 1 in Reno, Nevada.                                                                 Scott Norton, Jeff Zaffino and Ryan Ciminelli (kneeling).

California's Norton Wins PBA                                                             Janawicz, Edwards Win Team USA Trials
Regional Players Invitational                                                            By Lucas Wiseman, USBC
By Bill Vint, PBA                                                                          John Janawicz of Winter Haven, Florida, held on for a slim victory, while
Scott Norton of San Francisco overtook Bobby Hall II of                                  Brenda Edwards of Mansfield, Texas, pulled away from the field to win the 2010
Landover, Maryland, in the final round to win the Sands                                  USBC Team USA Trials.
Regency PBA Regional Players Invitational at the National                                  Janawicz topped the men's field with a 36-game total of 8,168, an average of
Bowling Stadium.                                                                         226.8, while Edwards finished with 7,890, an average of 219.1, at Sunset Station's
  Norton, a 27-year-old former Team USA member and the                                   Strike Zone Bowling Center in suburban Las Vegas.
son of USBC Hall of Famer Virginia Norton, averaged 216                                    The men's championship came down to the final frame as Janawicz watched Pro-
over 30 games – six games on each on the Professional                                    fessional Bowlers Association exempt player Mike Fagan of Patchogue, N.Y.,
Bowlers Association’s Cheetah, Chameleon, Viper, Scor-                                   leave the 1-2-10 on his final shot in which he needed a strike to tie.
pion and Shark lane conditioning patterns – for a total of                                 Janawicz, who led Fagan by more than 100 pins heading into the final two
6,482 pins and a 65-pin cushion over Hall, who had led the                               games, allowed Fagan to have a shot at catching him by shooting 159 and 183 to
previous three rounds.                                                                   close out the tournament.
  “I grew up watching my mother bowl on the women’s tour,” said Norton, who re-            “I feel like I was very fortunate to come
cently passed his California bar exam, but may now combine a new career as a law-        away with the win," said Janawicz, a Team
yer with an opportunity to bowl full-time on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour.            USA member in 2007 and 2008. "It's a good
“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he said.                                     thing I had a four-run lead going into the
  As Sands Regency PBA Regional Players Invitational champion, Norton earned a           bottom of the ninth because I definitely gave
$7,500 prize and a berth in the 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas in
                                                                                         up three runs down the stretch."
addition to an exemption to bowl on tour during the 2010-11 season. Also earning
                                                                                           Fagan could have won the title outright had
PBA Tour exemptions for 2010-11 were Hall; Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y.;
                                                                                         he struck on his first shot in the 10th frame,
Dave Beres, Waukesha, Wis.; Lennie Boresch Jr., Kenosha, Wis.; Chris Warren,
                                                                                         but a stubborn 7 pin made it necessary for
Grants Pass, Ore., and Jeff Zaffino, Warren, Pennysylvania.
  Hall, a long-time PBA East Regional competitor, will realize his dream of becom-
                                                                                         him to strike on the fill shot to tie. He fin-
ing a full-time member of the PBA Tour next season, but he realizes it’s a big leap      ished second with 8,165, three pins behind Janawicz.
from regional competition to the national tour.                                            "I thought the first one was a very good shot," said Fagan, who earned an auto-
  “This is bowling,” Hall said. “You’re pretty much competing against your-              matic spot on Team USA by being among the top three finishers. "On that last
self. What I’ve learned from bowling at the regional level is I have to post my score    shot, I lost it off my hand. The lanes got very touchy and you had to keep your
and hope it is higher than anyone else’s. The same principle is going to apply when I    speed soft. Whatever little bit of adrenaline I had didn't help on that shot."
bowl on the national tour against those guys.                                              On the women's side, Edwards outdistanced the field in the final block and fin-
  “I’ve been part-time on and off the tour for the past several years,” he added, “and   ished ahead of second-place finisher Kendra Gaines of Orlando, Florida, by 169
I’ve found my enemy is myself. When I’ve stepped out of my own way, things have          pins.
been good for me.”                                                                         "This is my first big singles win ever, and I don't know what to feel yet," said
  Hall is the second African-American bowler to earn a PBA Tour exemption, fol-          Edwards, who like Janawicz was a member of Team USA in 2007 and 2008. "You
lowing in the footsteps of Chicago native Billy Oatman, who went on to earn PBA          dream about this. You write it down and convince yourself you can do it, and then
Rookie of the Year honors during the 2006-07 season.                                     to come out and actually make it happen feels amazing. I've been after this for a
  Ciminelli, 23, is the youngest of the newly-exempt group and has been knocking on      long time."
    Bowlers ’ Buzz                                                                                                                                               Page 11

Amy Polley Named International Bowling                                                   Entry Deadline Extended for 2010
Museum and Hall of Fame Curator                                                          USBC Open Championships
By Jason Overstreet, USBC                                                                By Matt Cannizzaro
  Amy Polley has been named curator of the International Bowling Museum and                Although there are more than 13,000 teams already signed up for the 2010 USBC
Hall of Fame by IBMHOF Executive Director Bill Supper. Polley will be responsi-          Open Championships in Reno, Nevada, the entry deadline now has been extended
ble for managing the collection, programs and exhibits at the new museum located         until January 15, 2010. The 136-day event begins February 20 at the National
in the International Bowling Campus in Arlington.                                        Bowling Stadium and is scheduled to conclude on July 5. This will mark the first
  Polley brings significant leadership experience in sports museum administration        of two consecutive years the tournament will be held at the NBS. It will be the
to the bowling industry. She comes to IBM/HF from the Texas Rangers baseball             event’s record ninth visit to Reno and the sixth time it will be held at the one-of-a-
club where she was assistant vice president and director of Legends of the Game          kind, 78-lane Stadium.
Baseball Museum at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. During her nine-year tenure              More than 65,000 competitors will make their way to “The Biggest Little City in
with the Rangers, Polley served as lead curator as well as overseeing daily opera-       the World” to compete for more than $6 million in prize money.
tions of the 24,000 square-foot interactive museum including administration, mar-          “While we reached our original entry deadline with good numbers, we decided to
keting and financial management.                                                         add some more time to give more of our members a chance to come and enjoy
  “Landing Amy Polley as part of our team is great news not only for the Hall of         what Reno and the Open Championships have to offer,” said Brian Lewis, USBC
Fame, but the entire bowling industry,” Supper said. “Amy brings the perfect skill       Championships Director. “Entries have been coming in at a steady pace, which
set and experience we need looking ahead to the grand opening on Jan. 25 and be-         proves the interest is still there, and we don’t want anyone to miss out.”
yond.”                                                                                     There are plenty of prime spots available for 2010, and it’s never too early to
  Prior to her work with the Texas Rangers, Polley served as special projects coor-      start planning for 2011.
dinator for the Museum of Texas Tech University. Polley holds a bachelors degree           And since having the event in Reno in back-to-back years is unprecedented,
in political science from the University of Houston and master’s degree in museum        USBC is challenging bowlers to help break the participation record. To entice
science from Texas Tech University.                                                      them, the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority has teamed with USBC
  “I am honored to be a part of this exciting time for the Museum and Hall of Fame       to form the USBC Eagle's Nest, a special club for team captains who field teams in
and join the dedicated, professional staff of the IBC,” Polley said. “The over-          both 2010 and 2011.
whelming support for the Hall from the bowling industry is truly amazing and I             Upon reserving spots for both years, captains will receive a monthly e-mail
know it will be a great addition to the Arlington entertainment district.”               newsletter featuring tournament tips, the latest bowling trends and special offers.
                                                                                         Eagle’s Nest members also will be eligible for special giveaways, including a
                                                                                         brand new car or truck, round-trip airfare compliments of USBC Travel, VIP up-
                                                                                         grades on accommodations for the 2011 Open Championships and high-
International Bowling Museum and Hall of                                                 performance bowling balls.
                                                                                           To be eligible, team captains must register teams for both the 2010 and 2011
Fame Surpasses $1 Million Goal                                                           tournaments, and the 2011 reservation and deposit must be received by July 5,
By Bill Supper                                                                           2010.
  International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame Chairman Pat Ciniello has an-
nounced that the not-for-profit organization has eclipsed its capital fundraising goal
of $1 million from the bowling community.                                                USBC Announces Standard High Series,
  “We are lucky to serve in an industry that has so many generous individuals and
organizations,” Ciniello said. “The bowling industry should take a bow as it really      Average Awards For 2008-2009
                                                                                         By Mark Miller, USBC
came through during this economic downturn by generating $1.1 million in donations
                                                                                           Bowlers from eight states have earned USBC national awards for high three-game
and commitments. But we aren’t done yet.”
                                                                                         series and averages bowled in standard competition during the 2008-09 season.
  Ciniello expects to see additional contributions over the next few months. “There
                                                                                           Rich Jerome Jr. led the way in high series by rolling the 13th approved 900 series
are other people and groups who would like to contribute to the building of the new
                                                                                         December 22, 2008 in the Monday Night 7:00 Mixed League at Brunswick Perry
IBM/HF,” he said. “Those who donate in excess of $5,000 will be permanently dis-
                                                                                         Hall Lanes in Baltimore. Jennifer Elicker took the high series for women with an 868
played in Arlington.” Ciniello added he hopes the Arlington community and local
                                                                                         on March 18, 2009 in the Ladies Apollo League at Lincolnway Bowling in York, Pa.
businesses will match the funds raised by the bowling industry.
                                                                                         Elicker tied for the fifth-best adult female series in history.
  A recent surge in donations by state Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America
                                                                                           The top youth series was the 869 rolled by 14-year-old Dwight Adams on April 13,
and United States Bowling Congress associations has complemented the $50,000
                                                                                         2009 in the Bowl Ex League at AMF All-Star Lanes in Greensboro, N.C. Kimberly
Diamond Level contributors. Those Diamond Level contributors are (in alphabetical
                                                                                         Brown, 20, shot 842 on December 20, 2008 in the Spares & Strike Force League at
                                                                                         Bowl America Woodbridge in Woodbridge, Virginia Brown’s score was the sixth-
                                                                                         highest for youth females.
•   BPAA
                                                                                           Ryan Oldham of Portland, Orego, turned in the highest standard season average at
•   Brunswick Billiard and Bowling
                                                                                         253.7 for 87 games in the Guys and Dolls League at Rose Bowl. It was the fifth-
•   Bill and Barbara Chrisman, Storm Bowling Products
                                                                                         highest overall league average and No. 1 for teams with four players. Teri Haefke had
•   Pat and Lisa Ciniello, Bowland Centers
                                                                                         the best women’s average with 239.1 for 103 games in the Wedgewood Lanes Ladies
•   John and Linda Davis, Kegel Company
                                                                                         Trio League in Youngstown, Ohio, the fifth-highest overall average and second-best
•   Daroll Frewing and Family, US Bowling Corp
                                                                                         for three-player women’s teams.
•   Hans Krol and Nick Keppe, BowlTech
                                                                                           For youth, Jeremiah Keltner was best with 243 for 75 games in the Coca-Cola
•   Pepsi
                                                                                         Scholarship League at Plaza Lanes in Des Moines, Iowa. The No. 1 girl was Lizabeth
•   QubicaAMF
                                                                                         Kuhlkin with 225 for 69 games in the JSCDPSL League at Uncle Sam Lanes in
•   Jack Reichert Foundation
                                                                                         Schenectady, N.Y.
•   USBC
                                                                                           USBC earlier announced Skip Pavone of San Jose, Calif. (229), Shannon Plu-
                                                                                         howsky of Kettering, Ohio (215), Adam Jablonski of Sterling Heights, Mich. (218),
                                                                                         and Ashly Galante of Palm Harbor, Fla. (216) as the 2008-09 USBC Sport Bowling
                                                                                         National High Average Award winners. USBC Sport Bowling oil patterns represent
                                                                                         the most challenging playing conditions the sport of bowling has to offer.

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