EPISODE 119 by pengxuebo


									                                 English Episode 119

1.    Scene 1 (J10.4)
2.    Location:     Radio Rock Point-Office. Day/Lunch time
3.    B/G SFX:      Fork fetching food off a plate, low volume station music
                    through the scene (Me Love – by Sean Kingston).

5.    SFX:          DOOR OPENS

6.    JESSICA:      There you are Mike. I was looking for you.


8.    JESSICA:      I needed your help. I have a list of songs for tomorrow I wanted
                    you to go through.

9.    MIKE:         Right now?

10.   JESSICA:      Oh I see you are eating your lunch. Maybe I will come back.

11.   MIKE:         Okay.

12.   JESSICA:      (HESTANTLY) Mike… can I join you?

13.   MIKE:         (IN A TIGHT SPOT) Well… will this be enough…

14.   JESSICA:      No I ordered my own food already… I meant if we could eat

15.   MIKE:         It’s up to you…

16.   JESSICA:      If you are not comfortable…

17.   MIKE:         It’s okay…

18.   JESSICA:      Okay let me come…

19.   SFX:          DOOR CLOSES

20.   MIKE:         Why can’t I ever say NO to her?

21.   SFX:          DOOR OPENS

22.   JESSICA:      Thanks

23.   MIKE:         For what?

                             English Episode 119

24.   JESSICA:   Letting me join you.

25.   MIKE:      Everyone eats where they want in this office.

26.   JESSICA:   (HESITANTLY) Mike… I know you are not happy being around
                 me anymore…

27.   MIKE:      Jessica what do you want from me?

28.   JESSICA:   Mike… I am sorry…

29.   MIKE:      Jessica… please don’t start…

30.   JESSICA:   Mike… I don’t know anything any more… please understand…
                 last time… Mike I just didn’t want to break up with you…

31.   MIKE:      (STERN) Wait a minute Jessica… Do you think I am a light you
                 just come and switch on and off any time you feel like?

32.   JESSICA:   No Mike… this is also not a game for me…

33.   MIKE:      (LAUGHING) Don’t make me choke on my food.

34.   JESSICA:   Mike, please give me a chance to explain…

35.   MIKE:      Jessica, I have given you all the chances to explain, even this one I
                 am sure will not be enough…

36.   JESSICA:   No…

37.   MIKE:      And it’s because you don’t know how to say the truth anymore…

38.   JESSICA:   Mike…

39.   MIKE:      And you know what? I don’t care. All I do is look.

40.   JESSICA:   Mike… first listen…

41.   MIKE:      There is nothing to listen to… I can see what is going on. Jessica I
                 am not a fool.

42.   JESSICA:   I didn’t say you are a fool… I…

43.   MIKE:      Jessica… I also have some pride… and what you are doing… is
                 not fair to me. I don’t deserve it.

                            English Episode 119

44.   JESSICA:   Mike I know… I know… but I still have feelings for you … and

45.   MIKE:      (ALMOST DISGUSTED) Jessica… listen to your self! Do you
                 think you are going to have me and him, together? At the same

46.   JESSICA:   What?

47.   MIKE:      What did I do to you? The two of you?

48.   JESSICA:   Mike, who are the two of us?

49.   MIKE:      You and Guma. (PAINFULLY) How could the two of you act this
                 way in front of me? How?

50.   JESSICA:   Eh-eh! Mike… I have told you nothing is going on with me and

51.   MIKE:      Jessica, I have eyes…

52.   JESSICA:   (LAUGHABLY, IMPRESSIBLY) Mike… kale I didn’t know you
                 can be jealous like that!

53.   MIKE:      Jessica one minute you are telling me you love me, the next minute
                 Guma is holding your hand! The two of you should have closed the
                 door of his office yesterday.

54.   JESSICA:   (SYMPATHETICALLY) Mike, you misunderstood…

55.   MIKE:      Jessica, please can we talk about something else…

56.   JESSICA:   (FIRMLY) No Mike, listen to me…

57.   MIKE:      Jessica, don’t bother… the way Guma held your hand… No man
                 touches you like that unless there is something so INTIMATE
                 between you.

58.   JESSICA:   Mike, Guma was just feeling sorry for me…

59.   MIKE:      Jessica I don’t know what to believe any more.

60.   JESSICA:   I wish you could know how difficult it is for me Mike…how I feel
                 for you Mike…

                            English Episode 119

61.   MIKE:      If you choose to play two guys at ago, what do you expect? It has
                 to be difficult for you, Jessica…

                 love you but I am…

63.   MIKE:      You are what? Say it…

64.   JESSICA:   (TEARLY) I am…I have….I…I just can’t…oh, my God! Forgive
                 me, Mike…

65.   END.

                               English Episode 119

66.   Scene 2 (10.1)
67.   Location:      Int. Radio station. Day
68.   Time:          Morning
69.   B/g SFX:       Radio station ambience

71.   GUMA:         (WITH CONCERN) But you are wearing yourself out Mama

72.   M.PEGGY:      Mr. Guma, what do you expect after losing Peggy, my daughter.

73.   GUMA:         I know and I am sorry…I also lost both my wife and daughter in
                    the same accident.

74.   M.PEGGY:      Exactly why I came to you, Mr. Guma.

75.   GUMA:         (EMPATHETICALLY) I understand, Mama Peggy…

76.   M.PEEGY:      (DESPERATE) I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t rest….

77.   GUMA:         It’s been hard for me as well…but I am trying to move

78.   M.PEGGY:      Mr. Guma…

79.   GUMA:         That’s what we need to do, Mama Peggy…it’s now two and a half
                    months since we lost our loved ones.

80.   M.PEGGY:      Your case is different, Guma.

81.   GUMA:         I know the pain you are going through but you need to talk to
                    someone…you need to accept your loss…

82.   M.PEGGY:      That’s why I have come to talk with you, Mr. Guma.

83.   GUMA:         Because we are in the same situation…

84.   M.PEGGY:      Yes, but your case is different, Mr. Guma

85.   GUMA:         It is??

86.   M.PEGGY:      At least you know how your wife and daughter ended up in that
                    accident, Guma.

                               English Episode 119

87.    GUMA:      (ALARMED) What are you talking about! Everyone knows that
                  it’s that Matata who was driving while drunk. He caused the

88.    M.PEGGY:   You knew they were coming from the health center, not so?

89.    GUMA:      Yes…and had it not been for Matata, they could have reached
                  home alive.

90.    M.PEGGY:   Now, for me, I don’t even know where my daughter was coming
                  from or where she was going to.

91.    GUMA:      But they say that Peggy and Matata had been at Monday’s bar that

92.    M.PEGGY:   (GETTING WORKED UP) Exactly what I don’t understand. How
                  did she end up at the bar?

93.    GUMA:      What?

94.    M.PEGGY:   My daughter Peggy never ever stepped in a bar before. How did
                  she end up at Monday’s bar that night? How did she end up in
                  Matata’s car?

95.    GUMA:      I thought…

96.    M.PEGGY:   …Oh, Mr. Guma, maybe it’s my fault…I should have checked for
                  her when I came back!

97.    GUMA:      (CONFUSED) Checked?!

98.    M.PEGGY:   That day, Peggy came from school as usual, did her home chores,
                  and I left her at home to go for choir practice.

99.    GUMA:      And when you returned?

100.   M.PEGGY:   I came back late and knew she was in her bed sleeping, as
                  usual…only to be shocked when the Police came at 3:00am.

101.   GUMA:      (SYMPATHETICALLY) Oh dear.

102.   M.PEGGY:   Peggy couldn’t have taken herself to the bar…someone must have
                  confused her…must have tricked her.

103.   GUMA:      May be the Police can help you…they have been investigating…

                               English Episode 119

104.   M.PEGGY:    (DISGUSTED) Don’t tell me about the Police. They are doing
                   nothing, I was there.

105.   GUMA:       The Police is investigat…

106.   M.PEGGY:    The only thing they are doing is to protect Matata because he is
                   Solomon’s son.

107.   GUMA:       Is that true?

108.   M.PEGGY:    (GRUMBLING) Yes. Because Solomon is rich (SHORT PAUSE)
                   and I am poor. I want to find out..

109.   GUMA:       What?

110.   M. PEGGY:   How my daughter ended up at a bar? Was she forced? What was
                   she doing in that car with Matata?

111.   GUMA:       The Court will deal with Matata.

112.   M.PEGGY:    How when Matata is out there and free? My daughter is dead and
                   people are saying all sorts of bad things about her. I want to clear
                   her name and you have to help me Mr. Guma.

113.   GUMA:       How?

114.   M.PEGGY:    I don’t know how…but I also have no where else to turn …you
                   have to try for me…like you found out about the Askari at
                   Foundation High.

115.   GUMA:       It was not me, Mama Peggy…it was my journalists…

116.   M.PEGGY:    (INSISTING) Let them help me…I am sure they can help me find
                   out the truth, Mr. Guma…otherwise I will never rest!

117.   GUMA:       Maybe Mike can help you…

118.   M.PEGGY:    Mike? Yes Mike. I am sure he will help me…I normally hear him
                   speak very well on Radio.

119.   END.

                                    English Episode 119

120.   Scene: 3 (SB 10.3)
121.   Location:     Int. Topi’s Salon. Day.
122.   B/G. SFX:     Salon sounds

124.   TOPI:          Blessing you are the one going to braid Nana twist!

125.   BLESSING: But Topi, look at the time.

126.   NANA:          Blessing don’t worry I have the whole afternoon until late in the

127.   TOPI:          No Nana, I know Blessing…she is dying to get back home very

128.   BLESSING: (PLEADING) Topi…I am sorry…

129.   TOPI:          Sorry! Blessing, this is a job… you should tell your husband…

130.   BLESSING: I am just trying to find someone to buy my cow, Topi…

131.   NANA:          (SURPRISED) But why are you selling your cow Blessing?

132.   BLESSING: Because I really need the money, Nana.

133.   NANA:          What is the problem?

134.   BLESSING: Steve really needs it.

135.   TOPI:          Is he sick?

136.   BLESSING: No, it’s something else.

137.   TOPI:          Was it his idea to sell the cow?

138.   BLESSING: No Topi.

139.   TOPI:          Me, I know that husband of yours.

140.   BLESSING: No, it’s not like that. His business is in debt. He might go to jail if
                 he does not pay.

141.   TOPI:          What happened?

                                English Episode 119

142.   BLESSING: He got a bad deal but it was not his fault. Now he has to pay
                 quickly because the interest was high and it increases every day.

143.   NANA:         Ha, when will men learn not to use money lenders?

144.   BLESSING: No Nana, Steve’s deal was not like that… they transported fish to
                 the border and by the time they got there it had gone bad.

145.   NANA:         And they had already paid Steve the money for the fish?

146.   BLESSING: Yes, something like that.

147.   NANA:         I see… and those fish dealers at the border don’t like making
                     losses… their money is always making interest.

148.   BLESSING: Topi, you see, I was not lying to you.

149.   NANA:         Blessing, how much are you planning to sell your cow?

150.   BLESSING:     I want 400,000 shillings.

                     What cow is it?

152.   BLESSING: It’s a cross…

153.   NANA:         For 400,000! How big is it?

154.   BLESSING: It is a fat and very healthy… We have been feeding it well.

155.   NANA:         I could buy it…if you reduce for me, Blessing.

156.   BLESSING: Nana, are you sure? (RELIEVED) Oh, you have saved me…

157.   NANA:         Remember you have to reduce the price…

158.   BLESSING: Nana I am sure my cow cannot be sold less than 350.

159.   NANA:         No that is not possible…

160.   BLESSING: But the money you want to give me cannot even solve the problem
                 I have.

161.   NANA:         (FEIGNING RESIGNATION) Well, for me, 300, is what I can

                                English Episode 119

162.   BLESSING: No 350.

163.   NANA:         Blessing, come down! That price is still too high and for a cow I
                     have not yet even seen.

164.   BLESSING: Okay can we agree that you first see the cow… and if it’s bigger
                 than the ones you see loitering around Rock Point…

165.   NANA:         Eh! Blessing you are going to be a very good business woman.

166.   BLESSING: This is important Nana, so please will it be okay for you to come
                 and see my cow?

167.   NANA:         Yes of course… then we shall see. I will come here tomorrow
                     morning and you take me to your place.

168.   BLESSING: Nana thank you very much, you could save me.

169.   TOPI:         You see Blessing you wanted to leave… kumbe you were leaving
                     behind a customer…

170.   BLESSING: In fact now Nana I will braid you twist with one heart. Mine is

171.   TOPI:         I believe you can now settle down and work on people, Blessing

172.   BLESSING: Just wait and see what magic I am going to do on Nana’s head.

173.   NANA:         (JOCULAR) Thanks Blessing, my fellow farmer…just leave Topi
                     who only knows about salons!

174.   TOPI:         Which farming are you talking about? I know those cows are for
                     your MEN.

175.   NANA:         Eh mama… did you see me calling Solomon to come and buy
                     Blessing’s cow for me? (JOCULAR) Topi, instead of finding your
                     own man so that you stop interfering with ours!



                              English Episode 119

177.   Scene 4
178.   Location: Int/Ext. Isaac’s home. Mid morning.
179.   B/G SFX:  Nothing going on


182.   ISAAC:      (STILL SLEEPY. ON MIC) Who is that?

183.   RACHEL:     (EXCITED. OFF MIC) It’s me, Rachel. Isaac, what are you doing?

184.   ISAAC:      (TO HIMSELF IN A WHISPER) Oh my God, its my wife!
                   (SHOUTING) I am coming. I, I must have overslept, Rachel.


186.   SFX:        ANOTHER KNOCK

187.   ISAAC:      I am coming dear. Just a minute.

188.   SFX:        DOOR OPENS

189.   RACHEL:     (EXCITEDLY) Hello Isaac.

190.   ISAAC:      (WELCOMING, HAPPY) Hello my dear wife, you are welcome.
                   And my beautiful daughter, Lina!

191.   LINA:       How are you daddy?

192.   ISAAC:      I am fine sweetie. You have grown!!! How’s my little girl, eh?

193.   LINA:       I am fine. I missed you.

194.   ISAAC:      I missed you too, sweet Lina!


196.   ISAAC:      You are welcome to Rock Point. My goodness, I must have
                   overslept! It’s already 10 o’clock.

197.   RACHEL:     (CONCERNED) What happened darling? You overslept.

198.   ISAAC:      (LIGHTLY) It’s nothing to worry about, Rachel…I have been
                   working so hard all week. Let me help you with those bags…

                              English Episode 119

199.   RACHEL:    (EXCITED) Let’s just leave the bags by the door so I can see the
                  house you keep telling me about!

200.   ISAAC:     (EMBARRASSED) Yes…the house…I haven’t had much time to
                  fix things up…

201.   RACHEL:    (LAUGHING) Well, the sitting room certainly is a bit empty!

202.   ISAAC:     There’s really been no time to buy furniture, Rachel. And, when it
                  is just me here, I didn’t have much use for it…

203.   RACHEL:    It’s okay, darling. We can go out and buy some things…


205.   RACHEL:    But, Isaac, where do you eat? There is even no dining table…

206.   ISAAC:     (TRYING TO MAKE LIGHT OF IT) I wanted to wait until you
                  got here so you can help to select a table and chairs…

207.   RACHEL:    But, Isaac, is this where you live?

208.   ISAAC:     (HESITANT) Yeees.

209.   RACHEL:    (JOKING) Was this house been robbed?

210.   ISAAC:     Not exactly. It’s just that I have not yet bought furniture…

211.   RACHEL:    You have been having no furniture in here for all these months that
                  you have worked in Rock Point?

212.   ISAAC:     But I am rarely at home, Rachel.

213.   RACHEL:    Still, we can’t live like this, Isaac…as you can see we didn’t carry
                  a lot of stuff…I knew everything was fine…you promised us

214.   ISAAC:     (EXPLAINING) I know, I am sorry…but the thing is I couldn’t
                  buy any furniture that you would not like, so I decided to wait for

215.   RACHEL:    Really?

216.   ISAAC:     (PAINFULLY) Yes.

                             English Episode 119

217.   RACHEL:   (CONCERNED) Are you well, Isaac? You look…

218.   ISAAC:    It’s nothing, just a headache…

219.   RACHEL:   Sorry. (MORE CHEERFULLY) So, we need to buy some
                 furniture. But, show us the refrigerator you talked about! And
                 the cooker! I have been so excited to have a modern kitchen

220.   ISAAC:    (EMBARRASSED) Um…well…the thing is that they haven’t
                 hooked those things up yet.

221.   RACHEL:   (DISAPPOINTED) You mean….Isaac; you said the Bank would
                 provide modern appliances…

222.   ISAAC:    I know, Rachel, but when I got here, they didn’t bring
                 anything…and you know I don’t cook so…

223.   RACHEL:   So….does that mean they will not provide a cooker and fridge?

224.   ISAAC:    (MORE CONFIDENTLY) I’m sure they will, darling.

225.   LINA:     (FROM KITCHEN) Daddy, daddy!! I want water.

226.   ISAAC:    (REMEMBERING) Oh, no!! Lina, Rachel, I am so sorry. I
                 meant to pay the water bill yesterday but it completely slipped my

227.   RACHEL:   (SCARED ABOUT THE TRUTH) Do you mean to say we don’t
                 even have water in this house, Isaac?

228.   LINA:     But daddy, me I am thirsty…

229.   ISAAC:    Don’t mind Lina…I will buy you mineral water

230.   RACHEL:   I can’t believe this, Isaac.

231.   ISAAC:    I am sorry, Rachel… It has been so hectic here lately…

232.   RACHEL:   (DISSAPPOINTED) It’s as if you didn’t know that we were
                 coming to Rock Point…

233.   ISAAC:    Of course, I knew, Rachel.

234.   RACHEL:   Then where is the home you promised us on phone, Isaac…where
                 is the fridge, cooker, furniture…

                             English Episode 119

235.   ISAAC:    I wanted to get all of them, Rachel…

236.   RACHEL:   And then?

237.   ISAAC:    You know…I work so hard…I hardly find time for myself…

238.   RACHEL:   But, how will we cook??? Where will Lina sleep??

239.   ISAAC:    Its going to be fine my dear.

240.   RACHEL:   (DISAPPOINTED) Oh, Isaac….I was so excited about our
                 wonderful new house! This is not at all what I expected …

241.   END.

                               English Episode 119

242.   Scene: 5 (10.2)
243.   Location:     Int. Radio station. Day
244.   B/C SFX:      Radio station ambience

246.   M.PEGGY:     (STERNLY) I need to know the real truth, Mike...how my
                    daughter ended up at Monday’s bar.

247.   MIKE:        You believe the Police won’t find out the real truth, Mama Peggy?

248.   M.PEGGY:     No.

249.   MIKE:        Really?

250.   M.PEGGY:     Mike, people are talking. Calling my late daughter a drunkard,
                    loose, spoilt all sorts of names

251.   MIKE:        I have heard the rumours too, Mama Peggy.

252.   M.PEGGY:     And you believe them, Mike?

253.   MIKE:        I think that people are very cruel sometimes. They gossip and say
                    things about others without bothering to get to know the facts.

254.   M.PEGGY:     Ah you see! I need to find the real answers. My daughter was not
                    that kind of person.

255.   MIKE:        Are you sure?

256.   M.PEGGY:     Yes, I’m sure! Peggy was a good girl, performing well in school,
                    well behaved at home and could never have gone to the bar by

257.   MIKE:        So what do you think happened that night?

258.   M.PEGGY:     I don’t know….but, I know my daughter, Mike. She never tried
                    alcohol. And she never went out without telling me where she was

259.   MIKE:        I know how difficult this is for you Mama Peggy. But teenagers
                    like to get out and meet other teenagers.

260.   M. PEGGY:    She wouldn’t go against me. She understands respect!

261.   MIKE:        I am sure, Mama Peggy. I don’t doubt….

                               English Episode 119

262.   M.PEGGY:   You have to help me Mike. You are my only hope.

263.   MIKE:      (CONFUSED) Your only hope!

264.   M.PEGGY:   Yes. I think the Police were lenient with Matata because he is
                  Solomon’s son. Solomon is rich and I am a poor widow.

265.   MIKE:      I know how you feel, Mama Peggy. It’s just that the law is difficult
                  to understand.

266.   M.PEGGY:   It’s killing me….

267.   MIKE:      But Matata was apprehended by Police and even taken to courts of

268.   M.PEGGY:   And what happened? Isn’t Matata now out there enjoying himself?

269.   MIKE:      No, Matata is simply on bail. He has also been suspended from

270.   M.PEGGY:   He killed my daughter!

271.   MIKE:      Mama Peggy, I know it hurts but leave the courts to assess that.

272.   M.PEGGY:   But nothing is happening and in the meantime my daughter’s name
                  is being dragged through the mud. Do you understand what it feels
                  like to be called names, to hear other women saying things about
                  your daughter (HER VOICE CRACKS)

273.   MIKE:      I am sure it is very hurtful. I will try to find out the truth, but I
                  can’t promise…

274.   M.PEGGY:   I know you can find the truth.

275.   MIKE:      The truth may not be what you want to hear, Mama Peggy.

276.   M.PEGGY:   I long to have the truth.

277.   MIKE:      Okay, then, tell me about your daughter…

278.   MPEGGY:    My daughter? What do you mean?

279.   MIKE:      What kind of girl she was. Everything. Everything you need to tell
                  me so that I can find out the truth about her that night.

                              English Episode 119

280.   M.PEGGY:   (QUIETLY) She was a lovely girl. My first born…taking care of
                  the young ones. She was always so responsible, especially after her
                  father died…

281.   MIKE:      How did her father die?

282.   M.PEGGY:   He died in a bus accident six years ago. Peggy was around eleven
                  years then.

283.   MIKE:      I am sorry, Mama Peggy.

284.   M.PEGGY:   I have lost two of my family in accidents…(SOBS)

285.   MIKE:      Mama Peggy, I am sorry. I will try to find out all I can. I promise.

286.   END.

                               English Episode 119

287.   Scene 6 (SB 10.4)
288.   Location:     Int. Steve’s home, Evening
289.   B/G SFX:      Booming music

291.   SFX:         (OFF MIC) DOOR OPENING

292.   STEVE:        (CALLING OUT) My dear wife, is that you?

293.   BLESSING:     (OFF MIC) Yes…

294.   STEVE:       Come I am in the bedroom… I have good news for you.

295.   BLESSING: Just a minute Steve, let me come… let me first put these bananas
                 in the kitchen.

296.   STEVE:       (BEGINING TO COUNT MONEY) Ten, twenty, thirty (GOES

297.   BLESSING: (FADING ON) Yes my Steven, you seem to be in a good mood
                 today. (ON MIC) Eh, Steve where did you get all that money?

                    MENTAL NOTE). That is two hundred thousand… (GOES ON
                    COUNTING) Ten, twenty… (UPTO FIFTY) Two fifty…
                    Blessing, (PROUDLY) Two hundred fifty thousand shillings!

299.   BLESSING: I can see, Steve how many minutes… and your problem will be

300.   STEVE:       Well I wish I could get more so that I can clear my debt… with
                    this I will only be able to clear half around half of this debt.

301.   BLESSING: At least it’s a start…

302.   STEVE:       (SATISFACTORILY) My dear, I totally agree.

303.   BLESSING: And guess what… we can get more than you need!

304.   STEVE:       What do you mean?

305.   BLESSING: I might also get 300 or 350, depending!

306.   STEVE:       What do you mean depending?

                                English Episode 119

307.   BLESSING: When Nana comes to see the cow… but I am sure she is going to
                 buy it.

308.   STEVE:        What?

309.   BLESSING: Yes… she has agreed to come tomorrow morning…

310.   STEVE:        (DISSAPPOINTEDLY) You mean Nana, Solomon’s wife? The
                     ones with the big farm?

311.   BLESSING: That very one, she came to the Salon and I told her… Steve what is

312.   STEVE:        Ah…

313.   BLESSING: But I thought we had agreed that I could sell one of the cows and
                 we shall replace it when we are doing fine…

314.   STEVE:        Yes but… I already sold it… just now in fact.

315.   BLESSING: So that is where this money came from?

316.   STEVE:        Yes…

317.   BLESSING: 250?

318.   STEVE:        Yes… it’s the best deal I could get…

319.   BLESSING: (DISSAPPOINTED) Oh no Steve… why did you do that?

320.   STEVE:        I did not know you were going to sell the cow. Why didn’t you tell

321.   BLESSING: You told me I would be the one to find someone to buy it…

322.   STEVE:        But I had to do it… I saw an opportunity and took it…

323.   BLESSING: Well then we have made a loss…

324.   STEVE:        (GETTING ANGRY) How can you say that?

325.   BLESSING: Steven you are shouting at me… yet you are the one who has sold
                 my cow. I could have got 350 – not 250.

326.   STEVE:        YOUR cow? Who bought those two cows? Who?

                                English Episode 119

327.   BLESSING: You gave them to me… and now its just one…

328.   STEVE:        (STERN, WARNING) Blessing…

329.   BLESSING: Steve, maybe we can just refund whoever you sold it to and we
                 take it to Nana…

330.   STEVE:        Blessing, what do you think I am? What do you call me?

331.   BLESSING: Steven what is it? Why are you getting angry for nothing?

332.   STEVE:        Blessing, this house you are in, whose house is it?

333.   BLESSING: Steven, I know you are the man in this home but that…

334.   STEVE:        Stop there! Every thing in this house… belongs to who? To me…
                     you don’t tell me what to do!

335.   BLESSING: So why did you give me the cows?

336.   STEVE:        When I give you something in this home… It means I am just
                     putting it in your hands to take care of it… is that okay?

337.   BLESSING: Steve I don’t like the way you are taking this… I just wished you
                 had not sold the cow without telling me what you were going to

338.   STEVE:        Blessing, blessing, do not put me out of my system! Keep quiet…

339.   BLESSING: (CYNICALLY) You are the boss… you talk…

340.   STEVE:        Blessing you have started despising me… Blessing be careful…

341.   BLESSING: Steve the truth is that… you could have told… you would have
                 gotten more than that for that cow…

342.   STEVE:        (FIRM AND STERN) That is none of your business now… Okay?
                     Now… Keep quiet!

343.   END.


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