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Job Description Job Title Head of Digital Marketing Directorate or


									                                                                                          Role Profile

    Job Description

    Job Title                  Head of Digital Marketing

                               Pakistan, South                                Marketing and Communications
    Directorate or Region                              Department/Country
                               Asia                                           (Marcomms)
                               Islamabad, Lahore
    Location of post                                   Pay Band               F: Starting from PKR 112,000
                               or Karachi
                               Head of Marketing
    Reports to                 & Communications,       Duration of job        One year fixed term contract
    Purpose of job
       • Ensure successful development of the British Council Pakistan’s digital presence and products in
          markets across the country
       • Work in collaboration with internal stakeholders (Heads of Programmes, Regional Digital Team,
          Programme Advisors and Pakistan BC Marketing Team) and external stakeholders (partner
          organisations)to evolve digital strategies and activities that support Pakistan’s reach and revenue

    Context and environment
      • Digital team works closely with Marketing and Communications to lead and develop the British
           Council's online presence. It provides advice and support for online research, communications,
           evaluation, and editorial.
      • Digital team is currently working towards the BC’s Digital vision for 2015 to:
        i.  develop a digital product suite, generating user interactions which approach the quality and exceed
            the impact of face to face interaction in building international opportunities with, and trust for, the UK
       ii.  develop a world-class English and Exams digital offer which creates opportunity, builds trust,
            delivers development benefit and generates revenue

    Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties
       •   Promote new British Council digital products within the appropriate market segments and engage with
           larger Pakistani audiences through digital.
       •   Work with programme teams and Marcomms to establish and evolve appropriate and effective digital
           marketing strategies. Also facilitate and guide implementation of these strategies in consultation with
           Marcomms and Programme Advisors (and as a priority, English Language Products)
       •   Oversee editorial standards of digital content production in Pakistan
       •   Work with the Regional Digital Content Editor in order to ensure correct synergies between local
           needs and regional activities

    Key relationships
     The post holder will be working to manage the following key relationships:
       • Work in close coordination with programme and exam teams for digital strategy development
       • Liaise with Regional Content Editor to align and synergize regional and local digital strategies
       • Support local Marcomms and Programme Advisors (English Language Advisor as a priority) for
           strategy development and implementation
       • Involve and engage British Council relevant audience through use of digital products and strategies

    Other important requirements of the job
    Availability to travel within Pakistan
    Passport/visa and/or nationality requirement.                         Right to work in Pakistan
    Security or legal checks required for this role.                      Security checks applicable to all staff

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Person Specification

                               Essential                      Desirable        Assessment stage

Behaviours         • Connecting with others            • Shaping the future   Interview only
                   • Working together
See The British
Council            • Making it happen
Behaviours Guide
                   All at more demanding level         At more demanding
for details

                   Excellent written and spoken        Knowledge of mobile    Short listing
                   communication skills; both in       marketing and          and/or Interview
                   English and Urdu                    marketing on other
                                                       interactive media
                   Knowledge of essential digital
Skills and         media elements including social
Knowledge          media, SEO and email marketing

                   Familiarity with tools, and best
                   practices for engagement,
                   including community building

                                                                              Short listing
                   At least 2 years of relevant                               and/or Interview
Experience         experience

                   Bachelors’ Degree                   Masters Degree         Short listing
                   Marketing Majors/ Marketing         IT Qualification
                   Qualification (CIM Award, Diploma
                   in Marketing)

                   Fasi Zaka, Head of Marketing &
Submitted by                                           Date      July 2011
                   Communications, Pakistan

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