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					                                             Houston Zoo
                               Behind-the-Scenes Tour Registration Form
       At this time we are accepting registrations for tours scheduled on or before September 30, 2011.
Name                                                                                                         Date
Address                                                             Email
City                                                                State                                     Zip
Phone                                                                 Cell
                                                  Tour Registration Information
What date would you like to take a tour?                                                                            First choice
                                                                                                                    Second choice
                                                                                                                    Third choice
Are you a Zoo member or non-member?
Please choose your tour type.
Select the area in which you would like a behind-the-scenes tour.
                    Sneak Peek             Premiere                          Star Treatment             Red Carpet Experience

How many guests will be participating in the tour?
                    Cost per person        $200
TOTAL AMOUNT DUE (includes $5 processing fee)                                                      $5

                                                      Payment Information
Credit card type                                        Credit card number
Expiration date                                         Cardholder name
                      Month       Year

                                              Policies and Submittal Instructions
General Information: Registration form and payment for the African Forest Safari Package must be received 3 weeks prior
to your first date preference. All other tours must submitt registration and payment by midnight the day before your first date
preference. A $5 processing fee is added to every order.
Submittal Instructions: Email your completed registration form as an email attachment to To send go to File, Send To, and select Mail Recipient (as attachment). Your tour is
not guaranteed until the contact person receives a confirmation form via email.

Important Tour Information: Enter through the Zoo's main entrance. Non-members must purchase admission tickets in
order to participate. Admission tickets may be purchased on the day of your visit. All tours meet at Sarofim Court, except
the African Forest Safari which meets at the entrance to The African Forest. Please make note of the following restrictions
for specific tours. Tours will begin promptly at their listed start time even if not all registered participants are in attendance.
It is highly recommended you plan for traffic en route to the Zoo in order to arrive on time. A ratio of 1 adult for every 2
children is required. Children under the age of 8 will not be permitted to attend any tour. Children under the age of 12 will
not be permitted to attend the following: Carnivore Sneak Peek Tour, Primate Premiere Tour, or Cat Training Window Star
Treatment Tour. Children under the age of 18 will not be permitted to attend the Cheetah Walk Star Treatment Tour.

Make note of the following restrictions for specific tours.
Commissary Sneak Peek Tour – For this tour, please wear closed-toe shoes (no high heels) and dress appropriately for a
tour of refrigerated and freezer areas.
Primates Premiere and African Forest Safari Tour – For your health and safety, we will ask that all guests put on a face
mask that we will provide while touring in any primate (monkey and ape) area. This keeps our primates and visitors safe
from any colds and germs or, in the case of the orangutans or chimpanzees, the very remote possibility that they may spit or
throw things. For this reason, it is recommended that casual and easily cleaned clothes be worn for your tour.
Meerkats Star Treatment Tour – For this tour, please wear closed-toe shoes and socks (no sandals or high heels).
Sea Lions Star Treatment Tour – For this tour, please wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals or high heels). Rain boots are
Cancellation Policy: Patrons who provide a written notice of cancellation to on or
before 7 days in advance will receive a full refund. No refund will be issued after this date. Program and date changes are
not available. The Houston Zoo reserves the right to cancel any program due to minimum enrollment, inclement weather or
unforeseen circumstances, in which case a full refund will be issued. Cancellations are official upon receipt of confirmation
from the Houston Zoo.

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