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Senate Agenda ECCFA


									                                      ECCFA Senate Agenda
                                    Alumni Room, SRC 174
                                        3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
                                       October 7, 2009, 2009

Call to Order (at 3:00 PM):       Sarah Dye
Recognition of Visitors & Guests: Sarah Dye
Secretary’s Report:               Cindy Hutman (September 23, 2009 meeting minutes and reopen
                                  September 9, 2009 minutes for a correction)
Treasurer’s Report:               Linda Hefferin
President’s Report:               Sarah Dye
1st Vice President’s Report:      Luis Martinez
2 Vice President’s Report:        Susan Ford
3 Vice President’s Report:        David Lawrence

Committee Reports (written reports at end of agenda)
                   Academic Policy:                    Dawn Munson
                   Academic Computing:                 Mary Peterhans
                   Achieving the Dream:                Linda Hefferin & Sarah Dye
                   Alliance for College Readiness:     Alison Douglas
                   Amendments:                         Dan Kocher
                   Assessment:                         Shawn Mikulay
                   BOT Finance Committee:              Linda Hefferin
                   Communication Liaison               Gary Christenson
                   COPE:                               Ron Kowalczyk
                   Curriculum:                         Maureen Lange
                   Elections:                          Bill Demaree
                   Faculty Development:                Beth Santell
                   FAVs:                               Dan Kernler
                   GIST:                               David Burke
                   Grievance:                          Howard Russo & Sue Ford
                   Humanities Center:                  David Burke
                   Insurance                           Sarah Dye & Howard Russo
                   IT:                                 Tim Kaar & Dan Kocher
                   Learning Communities                Alison Douglas
                   MAGIC:                              Joyce Fountain
                   Membership:                         Tim Anderson
                   Negotiations:                       Luis Martinez
                    Sentinel:                         Bill Demaree
                    Sick Bank:                        Ellie Swanson
                    Strategic Planning:               Phil Garber & Elizabeth McNulty
                    Student Email Rollout:            Tim Kaar & Dan Kocher
                    VP for TLSD Search:               Roger Ramey
                    Webmaster:                        Tim Kaar
                    Other committees

Special Orders

      Consent Agenda: Committee Approvals Requested:

          1. Human Services FT Faculty Search Committee: Dawn Munson (Instructional Coordinator);
             Joe Rosenfeld; Pat O’Brien; Patti Jachowicz; Magic rep and UAF member: Billie Barnett
          2. Library Cataloguing PT Faculty Search Committee: Armando Trejo; Ellie Swanson (non-
             voting, content expert); (Magic rep: Daysi Strong, not faculty) APPROVED BY ELECTRONIC
          3. Wellness Committee: Michele Brynelsen; Chalyce Deterding; Patti Jachowicz; Candy Moore;
             Kim Tarver; Judy Thommes
          4. Assessment Committee: Cathy Tomasik (Fall 2009 semester substitute for Sigrid Wonsil)
          5. IFT ULI Course (FA2009 & SP2010): Mary O’Sullivan (for Intro to Grievance)

Old Business

New Business
            Draft of Academic Calendar 2011-2012 for Senate Comment

Division Issues


                                        Senate Meeting on September 23, 2009

Sarah Dye, President, presiding

          Beverly Augustine                Dan Kocher
          Elizabeth Becker                 Dave Lawrence
          Rick Bonnom                      Marcia Luptak
          Lori Clark                       Luis Martinez
          Bill Demaree                     Shawn Mikulay
          Sumitra Duggirala                Gary Norden
          Sarah Dye                        Mary Peterhans
          Sue Ford                         Howard Russo
          Linda Hefferin                   Manuel Salgado
          Cindy Hutman                     Nicole Scherger
          Tim Kaar                         Scott Vaszily
          Crystal Kerwin
          Clark Hallpike


Meeting called to order by Sarah Dye at: 3:07 p.m.

Sarah Dye announced that we had received a response from Columbia College regarding our letter to them.
She also passed around information on grant writing training at Triton College, a request from the Center for
        Teacher Effectiveness asking for trainers and an invitation from Susan Van Weelden to attend a
        Business After-Hours in October.

Guests: David Burke

Secretary’s Report: Cindy Hutman
       Marcia Luptak said that she mentioned the Faculty Development deadline for group proposals is
               September 30 .
       Howard Russo moved to approve the minutes from September 9, 2009. Luis Martinez seconded.

Treasurer’s Report: Linda Hefferin
       Page 15 in the agenda.
       Linda Hefferin said she received correct dues for September, yesterday.

President’s Report: Sarah Dye
       Page 8 in the agenda.
       Sarah Dye said the retirees’ luncheon was very nice. They recognized past presidents of the college
               and showed highlights of the 60 anniversary video.
               She said she is still working on getting some explanation for the D2L problem we experienced
               last week-end.
1 Vice President’s Report: Luis Martinez
       No report
2     Vice President’s Report: Sue Ford
          Sue Ford said there are continuing questions about load from deans and coordinators and some
                 requests for seniority lists. She sees this as a good sign since they are asking instead of just
                 jumping in. She revised the flow chart to make it more clear. Deans asked for some changes
               on diagram.
3 Vice President’s Report: Dave Lawrence
       No report.

Committee Reports:
      Academic Policy: Dawn Munson
             No report.
      Academic Computing: Mary Peterhans
             See attached.
      Achieving the Dream: Sarah Dye and Linda Hefferin
             See attached.
             Sarah Dye said we had positive reports back from the two national coaches. There is now a
                     place on the college’s website for AtD. Please go and look at it. We now have a huge
                     list of AtD champions. They are getting ready to call on volunteers from that group to
                     do actual tasks that they need help with.
                     Linda Hefferin said that the goal is to get everyone involved and on that list.

       Alliance for College Readiness: Alison Douglas
               See attached
       Amendments Committee: Dan Kocher
               Work completed.
       Assessment Committee: Shawn Mikulay
               See attached.
       BOT Finance Committee: Linda Hefferin
               No report.
               Meet in October.
       Communication Liaison: Gary Christenson
               No report.
       COPE: Ron Kowalczyk
               No report.
               Will report on COPE donation drive on Opening Day at the next meeting.
       Curriculum Committee: Maureen Lange
               No report.
       Elections: Bill Demaree
               No report.
               Bill Demaree said that CABS and Math/Science need a new Senator. We need to think about
                       how we want to handle that.
               Sue Ford and Dan Kocher said that they believe vacancies can be filled by Presidential
               Sarah Dye said she will find some folks and bring names back to Senate. There is also a
                       vacancy in assessment. Senate will approve someone at the next meeting.

       Faculty Development: Beth Santell
               See attached.
       FAV’s: Dan Kernler
               See attached.
              Sarah Dye said that Dan Kernler wants approval to do two events at Huff Elementary and wants
                      to do the Northern Illinois Food Bank drive, again.
              Howard Russo moved to approve those two activities for this fall. Marcia Luptak seconded.
                      Dan Kocher said that Dan Kernler wanted some guidance on when to hold the food
                               drive. Last year we did it the last couple weeks of the semester.
                      Elizabeth Becker said we should expand to allow more time and so we will get more.
                      Sarah Dye and Luis Martinez suggested starting right after Thanksgiving and going to
                               the end of the semester and finish with EOS party.
GIST: David Burke
       See attached.
       Sarah Dye said that there are several sub-committees that he is reporting on.
       David Burke said that the study abroad and faculty exchange sub-committee have funding
               Marta Walz and Loren Nelson, the Student Services Manager are on that sub-
               committee. The Humanities Center received the application for the visiting faculty
               opportunity in Seville. He will put this out in an e-mail. The application deadline is
               November 1.

Grievance: Howard Russo and Sue Ford
       See attached.
       Howard Russo said that he included links in his report instead of the actual pdf files that are
               huge. He is not sure that what he received from HR satisfies our demands regarding
               the taxation of professional expense and professional development monies.
               They came up with a list that the auditor said would not be taxed. He based the list on
               items that have been reimbursed (kinds of things) in the past. The list will say, ―these
               are probably taxable,‖ ― these are probably not taxable.‖ If we are not sure, we need to
               contact Sue Scott in HR. Generally, anything electronic will be taxed. He asked if Tim
               Kaar could put the list on our website and it should be up in enet eventually.
Humanities Center: David Burke
       See attached.
       David Burke said he wanted to be certain that center serves faculty and students and that the
               faculty voice is the strongest. He wanted to make sure that the deans don’t have a vote
               on the committee, the are ex-officio. Mary Hatch and Irena Delgenio have agreed to
               this. They still have budgetary approval but they seem to understand that we want
               faculty to control this initiative. The Humanities Center has information on grant
               opportunities and foundation support. Now is not too late to be thinking about a
               sabbatical. The Humanities Center may be able to help faculty find sources for
               supplementary funds so we could get full pay for a full year sabbatical. Let the center
               know how it can serve you.

Insurance: Sarah Dye and Howard Russo
       See attached.
       Sarah Dye is very excited. They think they have a health insurance program for part-time
               faculty. It will be very, very helpful. It is to be rolled out later this fall with the sign-up
               period in December. They are still negotiating whether it starts January 1 or not. They
               are pushing for starting January 1. She is hopeful that this will finally satisfy the letter of
               agreement we signed in the last negotiations.

IT: Tim Kaar, Dan Kocher and Sarah Dye
       Committee Status: on hold
Learning Communities (Steering): Alison Douglas
       See attached.
MAGIC: Joyce Fountain
       See attached.
Membership: Tim Anderson
       See attached.
Negotiations: Luis Martinez
       See attached.
       Luis Martinez said he is working on the special needs of UAF1 librarians and counselors. The
               contract language is short on what is needed for evaluation.

Sentinel: Bill Demaree
                       th    th
       See attached. 12 or 13 deadline for next Sentinel

      Strategic Planning Committee: Phil Garber, Elizabeth McNulty and Candy Moore
              See attached.
              Sarah Dye said that we lost Candy Moore on that committee. Phil Garber asked for this
                      position to be filled. Sumitra Duggirala has asked to be considered for that position.
                      We can approve that today or we can send a notice out to the whole faculty to see if
                      anyone else wants to apply for the position.
                      The ensuing discussion resulted in putting Sumitra Duggirala’s name into the consent
                      agenda for a position on the Strategic Planning Committee.

      Student E-mail Rollout: Time Kaar and Dan Kocher
              Work completed.
      VP for TLSD Search: Roger Ramey
              Committee suspended temporarily.
      Webmaster: Tim Kaar
              No report.
      Other Committees

Special Orders
      Consent Agenda: Committee Approvals Requested:
               1. Honors Committee: Johanna Cummings
               2. Humanities Center Steering Committee: Tim Kaar
               3. IFT ULI Applications: pending
               4. Strategic Planning Committee: Sumitra Duggirala

               Elizabeth Becker moved to take 1, 2 and 4 as a consent agenda. Linda Hefferin seconded. Approved.
               Dave Lawrence moved to approve the consent agenda. Howard Russo seconded. Approved.

               Discussion regarding item #2:
               Manuel Salgado said he can’t make it to the November 7 ULI meeting, so he will wait until
                       summer to take the training.
               The only application we currently have is Luis Martinez to go to grievance administration.
               Sue Ford asked if positive negotiations is in the schedule.
               Sarah Dye said no, the only thing in the schedule is introduction to collective bargaining.
               Howard Russo moved to approve Luis Martinez’ application to attend the ULI in grievance
                       administration. Manuel Salgado seconded. Approved.

Old Business
      Howard Russo passed around a piece of glass with the new ECC insignia that is the start of the gift from
              ECCFA to college.
      Sumitra Duggirala said that she had submitted her application to Sarah Dye to attend the ULI,
              introduction to bargaining.
              Sue Ford moved to approve her application. Dan Kocher seconded. Approved.
      Marcia Luptak reported that the 10 day deadline for submitting syllabi to the dean is not an ICCB rule.
              However, ICCB does require that a syllabus be turned in for every course.

New Business
      Sarah Dye said that Tom Moore had asked us to approve a distance learning survey for online students.
             She asked us to look at it carefully and comment.
             Sumitra Duggirala wondered why he was surveying only the current online students. She felt all
                     students should be surveyed to determine the demand for online instruction.
                     Cindy Hutman explained that the impetus for this survey was the large increase in
                     online students. Distance learning is trying to determine why there was such a big
                     increase. It is not designed to determine overall demand for online instruction. That
                     survey should be done but this isn’t the instrument.

               Sarah Dye said that students often take every course that she offers online. She would like to
                       recommend a question about a certain instructor.
                       Sue Ford and Cindy Hutman objected to any questions that encourage students to
                       discuss specific instructors.
               Clark Hallpike commented that the out of district students pay the same as in district students
                       for online courses.. The survey should include a question about cost or where they live.
               David Lawrence said he had a student last spring who had been given erroneous information
                       about when he would graduate. He went to talk to Beth Santell and was told that if he
                       took one online course in the spring he would be able to graduate. Maybe the survey
                       needs an option ―to help me graduate earlier‖ or ―to speed up graduation.‖
               Shawn Mikulay asked why they are requiring student id’s and demographics within the survey,
               Sumitra Duggirala suggested asking about their prior experience with online instruction.
               Sarah Dye said that would be getting into faculty evaluation. She suggested we send our
                       comments to Tim Moore and ask him to send the revised survey back to us for final

Division Issues
       Sue Ford said that we need to add to the list of presidential appointees for this fall. We need another
              UAF-1 on grievance, another UAF-2 senator, and another UAF-1 senator.
       Sarah Dye asked if we liked meeting in UBC. The comments were that the acoustics are better and we
              don’t have to deal with the noise from the community room. We are seated closer together in
              the UBC. She will see what she can do to get us back in that room. We may have to meet
              sometimes in UBC and sometimes in the Alumni Room.

Elizabeth Becker moved to adjourn. Dave Lawrence seconded. Adjourned at 3:56 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Lucinda Hutman, ECCFA secretary

To be re-opened for correction:

                                       Senate Meeting on September 9, 2009

Sarah Dye, President, presiding

        Beverly Augustine                Dan Kocher
        Elizabeth Becker                 Dave Lawrence
        Rick Bonnom                      Marcia Luptak
        Lori Clark                       Luis Martinez
        Bill Demaree                     Shawn Mikulay
        Sumitra Duggirala                Gary Norden
        Sarah Dye                        Mary Peterhans
        Sue Ford                         Howard Russo
        Linda Hefferin                   Manuel Salgado
        Cindy Hutman                     Nicole Scherger
        Tim Kaar                         Scott Vaszily
        Crystal Kerwin

        Absent: Clark Hallpike

Meeting called to order by Sarah Dye at: 3:03 p.m.

Guest Reports:
Secretary’s Report: Cindy Hutman
       Marcia Luptak moved to approve the minutes from August 26, 2009, with corrections. Rick Bonnom
               seconded. Approved, 1 abstention.

Treasurer’s Report: Linda Hefferin
       See attached. Opening day lunch is the only thing that came out of budget. Paid July and August dues.
               These were paid after the budget was done but it shouldn’t come out of current budget. Budget should
               go September to September. We received another professional development rebate from IFT in the
               summer. She put in her numbers from HR for September so she should be getting the September bill
               reflecting the new membership count. She will have more accurate numbers by the end of the week.
       Sue Ford asked where the money goes if technically the rebate for professional development was from
               last year.
       Linda Hefferin said it just gets deposited into savings, indicated on the report.

President’s Report: Sarah Dye
       See attached and add—
       This afternoon Dr. Sam said we will get an e-mail from Sharon Konny inviting faculty from individual
                departments to the new building steering committee meeting so they can express their
                concerns. Sarah will help get all this set up with meetings and getting people to meetings. She will also
                be attending the meetings.
                They are organizing a parking ―summit‖ with leadership from ECCFA and SECCA and the steering
                committee and parking committee (Dr. Cowles is on that committee) so we can reiterate our concerns
                especially regarding close-in parking for staff and teachers that work at night.

        Sarah Dye said she had received verbal confirmation from Dr. Sam regarding the plan to renovate the
               two buildings they have purchased on Renner Dr. The deal for purchase of FSQ isn’t closed yet.
               Concerns are about the move and having room to move. Those two buildings will be renovated into office
               and classroom space. They will move anyone displaced by construction into those buildings and then
               move them back in when the construction done. THEN FSQ folks will be moved into the already
               renovated buildings. So, FSQ people will have to wait but the buildings will be ready.
        Sue Ford asked about the time line.
        Sarah Dye said they want upper SRC faculty out by summer.
        Sue Ford said the problem is that the library won’t be done until 2012 so upper SRC folks will be
               displaced until 2012.
        Sarah Dye said they will move us back into upper SRC when that is done.
        Sue Ford said not everyone will fit.
        Sarah Dye said that is true.
        Sarah Dye said they aren’t sure about the asbestos issue and how long that will take.
        Sue Ford said it seems like we won’t have upper SRC or the library for two years.

        Sarah Dye said she had received an e-mail from Dr. McClure regarding students ―red flagged‖ for
               possible identity theft issues. These students receive new ID’s which then kicks them out of D2L. The
               solution they thought would work, doesn’t work so they are waiting for Christian to come back. They want
               to give faculty a window of time to copy student material that has been completed so it can be transferred
               over after the new ID is issues.
        Dan Kocher said that 182 students looked like their identities were being tampered with. Got
               new student ID’s and a new registration letter, etc. Thirty-eight students were involved in
               enhanced/online courses, were removed from D2L and material was lost. They couldn’t get into D2L or
               receive any new e-mail. There was no representation of faculty on the red flag committee so they didn’t
               anticipate the problems that would accrue to students on D2L. Waiting until Christian returns is a problem
               because in 8 week course, we are about half way through.
        Sarah Dye asked if two weeks is enough time for faculty to copy the student materials.
        Dave Lawrence asked how we would know if one of our students is affected.
        Sarah Dye said we would hear from registration.
        Luis Martinez said he was only told the student was dropped, no information about red flag.
        Sarah Dye said the information only goes out to faculty using D2L, otherwise there is no issue.
        Linda Hefferin moved to accept the two week time frame (2 weeks from when the notification is
               received). Luis Martinez seconded. Approved.
1 Vice President’s Report: Luis Martinez
       See attached. He met with past Friday, Dr. Sam, Jim Resser, Dr. Pelletier and other last Friday
               regarding issues faculty brought to Senate about new buildings. They were very receptive. Dr. Sam was
               not aware of some of the issues. Dr. Sam will pass those concerns to Sharon Konny and we should hear
               from her.
2 Vice President’s Report: Sue Ford
       See attached. Logged everything accomplished from May 9, through September 7. This will be helpful
               in meeting her meeting Friday with Dr. Pelletier to develop contract clarification meeting with new
               There are 181 new UAF2’s so we need another senator.
3 Vice President’s Report: Dave Lawrence
      See attached. HR sent a letter to all part-timers who taught the required number of hours last year even
              if they were not rehired this year. He was not copied on that letter despite the fact that his name was on
              the letter.
      Sarah Dye said it was good that people contacted him for clarification.
      Dave Lawrence said his e-mail was in the letter from HR. This was touchy for a couple people who were
              told they wouldn’t be hired back and HR is telling them ―welcome back.‖

Committee Reports:
      Academic Policy: Dawn Munson
             See attached.
      Academic Computing: Mary Peterhans
             No report
      Achieving the Dream: Sarah Dye and Linda Hefferin
             See attached
Alliance for College Readiness: Alison Douglas
        See attached
Amendments Committee: Dan Kocher
        See attached
Assessment Committee: Shawn Mikulay
        See attached
BOT Finance Committee: Linda Hefferin
        No report
Communication Liaison: Gary Christenson
        No report
COPE: Ron Kowalczyk
        No report
Curriculum Committee: Maureen Lange
        No report
Elections: Bill Demaree
        No report
Faculty Development: Beth Santell
        Elizabeth Becker said that September 30 is due date for group proposals. They are only
                considering them twice a year.
        Sarah Dye asked when the deadline is for next semester?
        Elizabeth Becker said February.
FAV’s: Dan Kernler
        No report
Grievance: Howard Russo and Sue Ford
        See attached
        Elizabeth Becker said she is glad that the tax issue with professional development/expense
                money is coming to a close. Could we provide the guidelines in writing opening day in
                addition to on Enet?
        Sarah Dye said they are attached.
        Sue Ford said that #6 on the attachment is not correct. That is what they would like us to do,
                however, the settlement says we will get a list published on e-net provided by the
        Elizabeth Becker said we need to have it on e-net and notify faculty that it is there and maybe
                even send it in written form. It is hard to find things on e-net.
        Howard Russo said it is effective almost immediately so we will need to be using the form.
        Sue Ford said that Sue Scott said form will be on e-net next week.
        Sarah Dye asked if we can e-mail this to everyone once it is ready.
        Dave Lawrence suggested putting it up on ECCFA website and send an e-mail out too.
        Sue Ford said that Sharon Konny asked if we would be willing to fill out the form before we buy
                anything to see if it is potentially taxable.
        Howard Russo asked why we would do that since we aren’t asking for approval for the
        Sue Ford said she didn’t think we would approve.
Insurance: Sarah Dye and Howard Russo
        No report
IT: Tim Kaar, Dan Kocher and Sarah Dye
        Committee Status: on hold
Learning Communities (Steering): Alison Douglas
        No report
MAGIC: Joyce Fountain
        No report
Membership: Tim Anderson
        See attached
Negotiations: Luis Martinez
        No report
Sentinel: Bill Demaree
              See attached
      Strategic Planning Committee: Phil Garber, Elizabeth McNulty and Candy Moore
              No report
      Student E-mail Rollout: Time Kaar and Dan Kocher
              Work completed
      VP for TLSD Search: Roger Ramey
              Sarah Dye said that the advertisement goes out towards the end of November. They will start
                      the interview process after the new year. Dr. Pelletier has indicated that he will not put
                      his name forward so presumably he will go back to the dean of business.
                      They are not going to require collective bargaining experience because it eliminates candidates
                      from states that don’t allow collective bargaining. We will need to be very diligent in attending
                      open forums. We need to be very careful about pushing questions on behalf of the ECCFA. We
                      are welcome to emphasize that experience is important.
                      Linda Hefferin said they are shooting for July 1 start date.
                      Sarah Dye they are shooting for summer so they don’t force Dr. Pelletier into a lame
                               duck situation.
                      Sue Ford asked if they are saying collective bargaining is preferred.
                      Sarah Dye said she isn’t sure

             Sarah Dye said that the IFT ULI courses form is attached, Manuel Salgado, Linda Hefferin and
                    Luis Martinez filled out the forms last year. Need to send them in by October 1. She will send
                    them out to all faculty to remind them they can go, too. Solicit in time so we can bring them back
                    to Senate on 9/23 and we will decide who we will approve to attend this year’s ULI. Some are
                    single week-end courses, others are a mandatory three week-ends. We have money to send
                    more people.
                    Dave Lawrence asked about the TRS session offered.
                    Sarah Dye thought they were going to do a SURS session, too, but they aren’t.
                    Sue Ford said there are some similarities between the two systems.
                    Sarah Dye said she has the contact information for IFT. We can call the woman setting
                            this up to see if there is enough connection between TRS and SURS
                    Dave Lawrence said we should encourage HR to bring SURS back on campus again.
                    Sarah Dye said she will bring it up when she meets with HR about insurance.
      Webmaster: Tim Kaar
             No report
      Other Committees

Special Orders
       Consent Agenda: Committee Approvals Requested:
Tenure Committees: Fall 2009 Hires
Faculty Member Tenure Committee Members
      1.Richard Adams - CRJ Coordinator: Laurel Vietzen
               Faculty choice: Lori Davy
               Dean's choice: Glenn Earl
      2. David Packard - ACC Coordinator: Leticia Starkov
               Faculty choice: Gabriel Serrano
               Dean's choice: Linda Hefferin
      3.Christipher Sikora - CAD/CAM Coordinator: Jesse Bader
               Faculty choice: Tony Schuls
               Dean's choice: Heidi Eaton
      4.Patrick Stewart - CUL Coordinator: Jill Russell
               Faculty choice: Kim Rother
               Dean's choice: Mark Bosanic
      5.Marc Beth - MUSIC Coordinator: John Slawson
               Faculty choice: Dan Maki
               Dean's choice: Tim Kaar

        6.Kevin Hunter – GRAPHIC DESIGN Coordinator: Tim Kaar
                Faculty choice: Tina Leverennzi
                Dean's choice: Joel Peck
        7.Travis Linville -PHOTOGRAPHY Coordinator: Marybeth Koos
                Faculty choice: Howard Russo
                Dean's choice: Joel Peck
        8.Jack Beckham - ENG Coordinator: Jason Kane
                Faculty choice: Rachael Tecza
                Dean's choice: Dennis Lynch
        9.Ruby Sanny - RDG Coordinator: Carol Szabo
                Faculty choice: Michele Noel
                Dean's choice: Dr. Johanna Cummings
        10.Dana Kurpius - BIO Coordinator: Mary O'Sullivan
                Dean's choice: Ed Kroll
                Faculty choice: Luis Martinez
        11. Assessment Committee: Kelly Woyach and Catherine Incapreo
        12. FAV Chairperson (President’s Appointment): Dan Kernler
        13. Grants Director Search Committee: Ted Eltzroth; Kim Tarver (MAGIC Rep)
        14. Reactivation of the Tenure & Evaluation Handbook Negotiation Committee (1. to address
                2. need for evaluation instrument for UAF1 Librarians and 2. insertion of FT tenured
                   Faculty definition/description for service on tenure committees): Luis Martinez; Sarah Dye; Karen
        15.International Film Series Subcommittee of the ECC Humanities Center: Tim Kaar (Chair); Gary
                Christenson; Dave Zacker; Na Li; Armando Trejo; David Burke

        Elizabeth Becker asked if Jason Kane was willing to serve since he is on sabbatical.
                Lori Clark said that Jason Kane is making an exception to come back and participate.
                Bill Demaree said he was there at the first meeting for Jack Beckham.

        Marcia Luptak moved to approve as a consent agenda. Rick Bonnom seconded. Approved
        Howard Russo moved to approve the consent agenda. Sue Ford seconded. Approved.

Old Business
       Dave Lawrence said that as of three weeks ago, the lockers for the new faculty offices were not being
              Sue Ford said that they will be file drawers and they have been ordered, Rose DiGerlando confirmed that
              they had been ordered.

New Business

Division Issues
        Rick Bonnom said that they had been told that their syllabuses were due 10 days after the start of the
               semester. He asked if this was contractual.
               Sarah Dye asked if we can have grievance look at this issue.
               Sue Ford said there is nothing in the contract.
               Dan Kocher said he believed it was an ICCB requirement. The schedules including a
                      contractual issue. The rest of the stuff isn’t as clear that it has to be submitted on the 10 day.
               Sarah Dye said if they need more help with this, let us know.

Sue Ford moved to adjourn. Rick Bonnom seconded. Adjourned at 4:10 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Lucinda Hutman, ECCFA secretary

                               Written Reports for October 7, 2009
                                            Officers’ Reports

Secretary’s Report:                 Cindy Hutman
                                    I inadvertently omitted the summary of our discussion about a 60th
                                    anniversary gift to the college from the September 9, 2009, minutes. I
                                    would ask that you approve this addition to those minutes:
                                            New Business:
                                                    Sue Ford proposed that we designate funding from the
                                            ECCFA budget to design and purchase a 60th anniversary gift
                                            from the ECCFA. It would be presented to Dr. Sam, hopefully, in
                                            November. David Reich, Howard Russo, and Tim Kaar have
                                            volunteered to work on the project. Linda Hefferin moved that we
                                            commission, Howard Russo, Dave Reich, Tim Kaar and any
                                            others to design and produce a gift for $2500. Luis Martinez
                                            seconded. Concern was expressed about spending money on this
                                            since faculty complained about spending money on a retreat last
                                            year. Manuel Salgado suggested that this money could be better
                                            used as scholarship money for students and maybe for the
                                            scholarship established by Dr. Sam
                                            Dan Kocher called the question.
                                            Approved. Two opposed.

Treasurer’s Report:                 Linda Hefferin
                                    See separate handout available at Senate meeting

President’s Report:                 Sarah Dye
                                   ECCFA officers decided not to avail the Senate of any opportunities to
                                    move to UBC 205 (available on a sporadic basis only by the way) after
                                    learning that renovation and construction in that area may begin at any
                                    time. We can revisit the idea for SP2010 if the UBC construction is
                                    completed as planned.
                                   The administration has agreed to revise the leadership of the Academic
                                    Computing Committee to include a faculty member as co-chair along with
                                    current co-chair Karin Stacey.

1st Vice President’s Report:        Luis Martinez
                                    No report

2nd Vice President’s Report:        Susan Ford
                                   Third discipline hearing went well. All involved are satisfied with the
                                   Pending: fourth discipline hearing—meeting yet to be scheduled
                                   I granted ECFA approval for additional load for a librarian and an ABE

                                  Attempts to contact UA2s with MFAs to determine if all credentials have
                                   been reviewed and changes in lane placement, pay and retro pay have
                                   been completed. Most have not responded to my email inquiries.
                                  Another possible lane ―misplacement‖ has come to light. The dean has
                                   agreed to meet with the faculty member to review new credentials and
                                   retro approval for lane movement.
                                  Load Process Chart—I sent Vince a new ―final‖ draft with the revisions the
                                   deans requested. He took it to the deans’ meeting last week. Apparently,
                                   they want more changes—I don’t have the details yet.
                                  Received extensive questions from a new unit member regarding general
                                   info in the contract—qualifications for unit levels, professional expense,
                                   sick days, etc.
                                  Met with 2 long-time UA2s regarding a number of issues—some were
                                   contractual; some were not. (General contract info, job description,
                                   department committee work, chain of command, department supply
                                  As a result of these latest communications with UAFs, I would like to call
                                   a Contract and Other Issue Clarification meeting for all UAFs for a week
                                   night within the next month. So many problems could be avoided if people
                                   understood their rights and obligations.
                                  All of the UAF senators will have to assist in this effort. Please contact
                                   your constituents to gauge interest and best timing for the meeting.

3rd Vice President’s Report:       David Lawrence

                                          Committee Reports

Academic Policy:                   Dawn Munson
                                   No report

Academic Computing:                Mary Peterhans

Achieving the Dream:               Linda Hefferin & Sarah Dye
                                  The AtD Champions list is growing and includes Sharon Konny,
                                   Stephanie Bonvallet, John Brzegowy, Kathy Stover, Wendy Miller,
                                   Sumitra Duggirala, Margaret Parker, John Coffin, Sharon Colby, Jim
                                   Resser, Kim Hinrichs, Annabelle Rhoades, Dan VanTassel, Peggy
                                   Gundrum, Sandi Brown, Susan Timm, Celia Ramos, Susan Scott, Marilyn
                                   Prentice, Julie Hartley, Phil Howard, Elaine Reid, Jacque Sweetman, Bev
                                   Felder, Rich Tamme, Lynn Ducar, Bruce Austin, Jorge Phillips, Catherine
                                   Moushon, Rose DiGerlando, Joyce Fountain, Clark Hallpike, Dawn
                                   Munson, Shawn Mikulay, Tammy Few, Kathleen Callahan, Stephanie
                                   Franco, Heidi Brelsford, Debra Tewolde, This week’s additions include
                                   the following: Micaela Banks, Daysi Diaz-Strong, Erica Romano, Frank
                                   Hernandez, Deborah Wollenberg, Irina DelGenio, Julie Schaid, Michael
                                   Shepherd, Jennifer McClure, Kristin Richmond, Amybeth Maurer, Peggy
                                   Heinrich, Irene Birkholz-Benter, Tony Spahr, Susan Van Weelden, Jeffrey
                                  Arena, Lauren Nehlsen, Tammy Few, and many others who attended the
                                  Focus Group Session with our Data Coach, Luzelma Canales.
                                 Focus Group practices, coordinated by Linda Hefferin with assistance
                                  from Lisa Wiehle, Tanya Ternes, Sharon Baker, Mary Perkins, and Ben
                                  Fischer, were held on two days last week.
                                 Dr. Sam is continuing informal meetings with small groups of FT Faculty
                                  throughout October to talk about AtD.
                                 The AtD initiative is now live on the ECC website. Please navigate to
                                  nk . AtD will have a presence on the new eNet when it goes live too.
                                 For more information about AtD, please take a look at the AtD website,
                        , for some parts
                                  of which you will need our institutional access code. Contact Linda
                                  Hefferin, Sarah Dye, Mary Perkins, or Phil Garber for the code.

Alliance for College Readiness:   Alison Douglas
                                 On Wednesday, Sept. 30, high school and ECC faculty, administration,
                                  and staff attended the Fall Meeting of the Alliance for College Readiness.
                                  Attendees and presenters (89 total) included representatives from ECC
                                  and all four high school districts as well as Highland, Harper, and
                                  Waubonsee Community Colleges, and ICCB.
                                 Alliance team meetings will begin this month with focus on professional
                                  development, communication and outreach to parents and middle
                                  schools, and increased involvement from all District 509 high schools.
                                 Dr. Julie Schaid, the new Assistant Dean of College Readiness started at
                                  ECC on September 28th. Alison Douglas will continue in her role as
                                  Director of College Readiness, and in that capacity will report to Dr.

Amendments Committee:             Dan Kocher
                                  Tasks completed: Revised and approved Constitution currently posted on
                                  opening page of the ECCFA website as a .pdf file.

Assessment Committee:             Shawn Mikulay
                                  Eric Long was elected vice-chair of the Assessment Committee

BOT Finance Committee:            Linda Hefferin

Branding Committee:               Tim Kaar
                                  Tasks completed

Communication Liaison:            Gary Christenson
                                  No report

COPE:                      Ron Kowalczyk
                           Thank you to all those who submitted a COPE payroll charge-off. The
                           most current deductions count is 51. The deductions are all for $2 except
                           one individual who has $5 deducted. The total is $105 per payroll period.
                           We are working on revising our charge-off form, and upon completion, it
                           will be placed on the COPE page. A follow-up email will then be sent out
                           to everyone asking them again to contribute. Our goal is to reach a total
                           deduction of $150 per payroll period.

Curriculum:                Maureen Lange
                          The Curriculum Committee met on October 2. The following were
                           approved for 2nd reading: 5 minor course revisions in Culinary Arts and
                           Hospitality major course revision is Hospitality Law.
                          The following received first reading: PAR103, PAR204, PAR235, pre-req
                           changes AD109 Pre-req change.
                          The committee decided to require that those faculty who submit proposals
                           be present at both first and second readings. If faculty cannot attend then
                           they may designate someone to represent them at these meetings. This
                           is being done to facilitate understanding and approvals by the Curriculum
                           Committee members and to expedite the process of proposals.
                          We will meet again on October 16.

Elections:                 Bill Demaree

Faculty Development:       Beth Santell

FAVs                       Dan Kernler
                           No report

GIST                       David Burke

Grievance:                 Howard Russo & Sue Ford
                          Grievance resolved a UAF2 lane placement issue this past week.
                          Load Assignment protocol/process; the Grievance is filed; settlement is
                           not yet reached.
                          All the element of the settlement on the Taxation of Professional Expense
                           Grievance are now in place. The new form and directions as well as some
                           tax info and possible item lists are on eNet under HR forms. Everyone
                           may start submitting reimbursement forms under the new system.
                           Contact Grievance Committee members or Susan Scott if more info or
                           help is needed.
                          To ALL Senators:
                                   Please stress to all of your constituents that most
                           problems can be addressed fairly quickly and easily and can be
                           resolved amicably and satisfactorily, long before the need to file

                                a grievance becomes a consideration, if they are brought to the
                                attention of the "right" people as soon as possible.
                                       Often, when the appropriate senator and/or vice-
                                president is alerted immediately if something seems to be going
                                wrong, the faculty member can handle the "leg-work" him or
                                herself with a little advice and guidance.

Humanities Center:              David Burke
                                The next Humanities Center Steering Committee meeting has been
                                scheduled for Oct. 8th from 2 – 3 P.M. in VPA 153A. We will have three
                                student workers in place by Oct. 5th; so, starting from Oct. 5th on, the
                                Humanities Center will be able to remain open from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. on
                                Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. On Wednesdays, the Center will be
                                open from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. This should be most useful for faculty looking
                                to find outside funding for sabbatical and other research projects, and for
                                students seeking assistance in writing their humanities research papers,
                                as well as exploring career opportunities in the humanities.

Insurance                       Sarah Dye & Howard Russo
                                College-wide Insurance Committee will meet next on Friday, October 16,
                                2009. ECCFA is represented by Lynn Ducar, Sarah Dye, Luis Martinez,
                                and Howard Russo on that committee.

IT:                             Tim Kaar, Dan Kocher & Sarah Dye
                                Committee status on hold

Learning Communities (Steering) Alison Douglas
                                No report

MAGIC:                          Joyce Fountain

Membership:                     Tim Anderson

Negotiations:                   Luis Martinez.
                               On October 12, Karen Friedberg, Sarah Dye and Luis Martinez will be
                                meeting with member of the administration for discussions (negotiations)
                                of the Unit Adjunct Librarian I Evaluation Forms.
                               On October 14, Luis Martinez, Sue Ford, David Lawrence, Sarah Dye will
                                be meeting with members of HR to revise the Substitute Pay (Article
                                6:Section 6.10 Letter of Agreement) that was negotiated last spring. We
                                need only minor changes to clarify the procedure. Hopefully, we will have
                                the proposed amended language by the October 21 Senate meeting.

Sentinel:                       Bill Demaree
                                Sentinel deadline for submissions for the October issue is Friday, October
                                9, 2009.

Sick Bank:                         Ellie Swanson
                                   The Sick Leave Bank Committee granted 20 days to the most recent

Strategic Planning Committee:      Phil Garber & Elizabeth McNulty
                                   No report

Student Email Rollout:             Tim Kaar & Dan Kocher
                                   Committee’s charge has been completed.

VP for TLSD Search:                Roger Ramey
                                   Committee temporarily suspended

Webmaster     :                    Tim Kaar
                                   No report

Attachments to the electronic copy of Senate agenda or handouts available at the Senate meeting on
                               1. Treasurer’s Report
                               2. Draft of Academic Calendar 2011-2012 for Senate Comment
                                  From Rose DiGerlando:
                                  For your review attached is a draft of the 2011-2012 Academic Calendar.
                                  It reflects the following changes:
                                        a later start and end date for the summer semester (Tuesday, May
                                           31, 2011 to Thursday, August 4, 2011)
                                        for all semesters all grades will be due on the Monday following
                                           the last day of class
                                  Please get back to me with any concerns, questions, or feedback no later
                                  than Friday, October 30th.

Visitor(s) to future Senate meetings:
                             10/21 Jan Kloks (Luis Martinez’s exchange guest)

                                                    ELGIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                                  ACADEMIC CALENDAR 2011-2012

                                                         SUMMER SESSION 2011
Beginning Fri., June 3 and ending Sun., Aug. 7 all general use facilities will be closed Fridays through Sundays.
The Fox Valley University & Business Center, Child Care Center, Events Center and Visual & Performing Arts Center will be open as
Sat., May 28 – Mon., May 30................. All Facilities Closed: Memorial Day Weekend
Tues., May 31 .......................................... Summer Session I Begins○
Mon., June 6 ............................................ Summer Session II Begins○
Mon., June 20 .......................................... Summer Session III Begins○
Mon., July 4 ............................................. All Facilities Closed
Tues., July 5 ............................................ Deadline to File for August Graduation
Tues., July 5 ............................................ Summer Session IV Begins ○
Mon., July 18 ........................................... Summer Session V Begins○
Thurs., Aug. 4 ......................................... End of Summer Session Classes●
Note: Summer session grades due at 4:00 p.m. the Monday following the last day of class.
                                                                          FALL SEMESTER 2011
Tues., Aug. 16 – Wed., Aug. 17.................... New Full-Time Faculty Orientation
Thurs., Aug. 18 ............................................. College Convocation- College Offices Closed until Noon and Fountain Square Offices
                                                                 Closed until 12:30p.m.
Fri., Aug. 19 .................................................. Student Convocation
Mon., Aug. 22 ............................................... Fall Semester Begins (16-Week and 1st 8-Week Session): Main Campus & Fountain
Sat., Sept. 3 – Mon., Sept. 5 .................. All Facilities Closed: Labor Day (No Classes Labor Day Weekend)
Mon., Sept. 19 ......................................... 12-Week Fall Session Begins
Mon., Oct. 3 ............................................. Deadline to File for December Graduation
Tues., Oct. 4 ............................................ College Night: Main Campus Classes End at 5:00p.m. Offices Open until
                                                                 5:00p.m., Classes Will Be Held at Other Facilities
Mon., Oct. 10 .......................................... Columbus Day: Main Campus and Fountain Square are Open- No Classes
                                                                 at Public School Sites
Mon., Oct. 17 ........................................... 2nd 8-Week Fall Session Begins
5:00p.m. Wed., Nov. 23 – Sun., Nov. 27                                   All Facilities Closed: Thanksgiving Recess
Thurs., Dec. 15 ....................................... Fall Semester Classes End●
Fri., Dec. 16 ............................................. Grading Day/Semester Ends
Fri. Dec. 16 .............................................. Graduation
Mon., Dec. 19 .......................................... Grades Due at 8:00a.m.
5:00p.m. Wed., Dec. 21 – Mon., Jan. 2 All Facilities Closed: Holiday Recess
                                                                         SPRING SEMESTER 2012
Tues., Jan. 3 ............................................ Offices Reopen
Tues., Jan. 10 – Wed., Jan. 11 .............. New Full-Time Faculty Orientation
Thurs., Jan. 12 ........................................ College Convocation – College Offices Closed until Noon and Fountain
                                                                 Square Offices Closed until 12:30p.m.
Mon., Jan. 16 ........................................... All Facilities Closed: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Tues., Jan. 17 .......................................... Spring Semester Begins (16-Week and 1st 8-week Session): Main Campus &
                                                                 Fountain Square
Wed., Feb. 1 ............................................. Deadline to File for May Graduation
Mon., Feb. 13 ........................................... 12-Week Spring Session Begins
Mon., Feb. 20 ........................................... All Facilities Closed: Presidents’ Day
Mon., Mar. 12 .......................................... 2nd 8-Week Spring Session Begins
Mon., Mar. 26 – Sun. Apr. 1 ................. All Facilities Closed: Spring Recess
Thurs., May 10 ........................................ GED Graduation
Wed., May 16 ........................................... Spring Semester Classes End●
Thurs. May 17 ......................................... Grading Day/Semester Ends
Fri., May 18 .............................................. Graduation
Mon., May 21 ........................................... Grades Due at 8:00a.m.

Students who plan to withdraw from a class without academic penalty should consult the college catalog.
●Final examinations or other appropriate final evaluation activities will be held within regularly scheduled class hours.
 ○ The number of weeks classes are offered may vary.
Please check the College Website for information regarding Registration, Financial Aid and Payment


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