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Current Resume by pengxuebo


									                                                                                 1450 Mattern Ave
                                                                                 Des Moines, Iowa 50316
                                                                                 Home 515.770.9605

Benjamin J. Campbell
                                                                                 Mobile 916.267.7468

I am an Information System professional with 9 years experience in Desktop Support, Help Desk Support, Instruction,
and NT migration. I seek employment with a customer service oriented company. I offer excellent customer service
skills, flexibility, punctuality, and able to complete tasks under pressure.

Technical Expertise
Recent desktop and laptop hardware brand names supported:
Compaq, Toshiba, Dell, and IBM

Recent software supported:
Microsoft Windows NT4 Workstation, 2000, Office (Multiple Versions), Exchange (Client), Internet Explorer
(Multiple Versions), User Manager, Netscape Navigator (Multiple Versions), NetWare Administrator, PC Anywhere,
Lotus Notes 5, Office 2000, Ezsync, Hot Sync User Manager For Palm Pilots, Extra, RMS, and many proprietary

Experience Summary
Company                         Date                   Position Title
Nationwide Insurance            08/99 – Present        NT Migration/Help Desk/Remote Support/Desktop Support
Chase Bank of Texas             04/99 – 08/99          NT Migration Team Lead
Pacific Bell Wireless           06/97 – 03/99          Production Support Analyst/Microcomputer Specialist
CompuVista Business Institute   04/97 – 05-97          Instructor
Intel                           11/96 – 03/97          Help Desk Technician
Elk Grove School District       02/96 – 12/96          Instructor

AAS Degree (Windows 2000), Heald College (2000-2001)
AAS Degree (Electronics), Heald Institute of Technology (1994-1996)

Professional Experience
2002 - Present NATIONWIDE INSURANCE (Farmland Insurance)
Desktop Support Technician
My newest assignment involves 2nd level support of the 400 Farmland Insurance employees at the headquarters in Des
Moines, Iowa. This is a two-member team. If a solution to any PC issue could not be found in a timely fashion, the
PC would be replaced. I also aided in the transition from the “Farmland Way” to the “Allied Way” as the two
companies merged into one building. Assistance was given when remote laptop users were updated to Windows 2000.
Files were backed up, laptops were upgraded as necessary, and files were restored. This was done on approximately
200 laptops in 1, 24 hour, day.

2001- 2002 NATIONWIDE INSURANCE (Allied Insurance)
Remote Support Technician
This assignment requires me to do 2nd level phone support for remote end users. All are employees who are not
attached to the network. Many issues are Virtual Private Network related. I have become acquainted with many
broadband methodologies including DSL, cable, and satellite internet connections. I interact with internet service
providers frequently. The support team is national, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. We use SameTime from Lotus
to keep constant communication for optimal customer support.
                                                                                    1450 Mattern Ave
                                                                                    Des Moines, Iowa 50316
                                                                                    Home 515.770.9605

Benjamin J. Campbell
                                                                                    Mobile 916.267.7468

Professional Experience (Continued)
2000-2001 NATIONWIDE INSURANCE (Allied Insurance)
Help Desk Technician
I was responsible for answering the customer service phone line with support for any employee in the building and in
remote locations as well as independent agents. I also spearheaded outside vendor support when required. Allied used
Windows NT4, Windows 98, and Windows 95(independent agents) for operating systems on a Novell and NT
network. Allied uses Lotus Notes as a mail client and many proprietary software applications along with Passport and
Extra for mainframe emulation. When possible, systems are remote controlled using LanDesk via Netware

1999-2000 NATIONWIDE INSURANCE (Contractor)
Project Team Member
I was involved with a migration of 65 users from Windows 3.1 to Windows NT4. My responsibilities were the final
stage of the migration, training the user. Most users in this environment were not technically inclined and ask frequent
questions. I made sure they were clear on how to use the new Dell PC as deployed. Once that was complete, I changed
the setting on their network connection from standard (also known as half) duplex to full duplex.

1999 CHASE BANK OF TEXAS (Contractor)
Project Team Leader
I was in charge of 7 team members completing a project named Chase Connect 2000. This project is the first phase of
the banks complete migration to NT. My responsibilities included training team members in backup of end users
current files, taking inventory of present system, making needed upgrades to current computer to meet NT/Chase
standards, fdisk present system, installation of NT Workstation 4.0 along with end user needed programs, and restoring
files to correct folders. Peripheral duties included payroll, creation of documents, and interface with the Chase Liaison
and his Vice President. The Chase Connect 2000 procedure was done on approximately 1000 systems between May 1,
1999 and August 20, 1999.

Microcomputer Specialist
My duties included all desktop support for PCs, printers, network support, tape backup support, server support, and all
aspects of year 2000 compliance for hardware and software locally. This company uses Compaq Deskpro computers,
several brands of laptops, Hewlett-Packard printers, Windows NT 4.0 servers, and Windows 95 as an operating
system. I was also responsible for production support locally and all computer related issues including router
connection, purchase of hardware, software and peripherals under $500, continuous setup and tear down of training
and conference room PC configurations, granting needed user rights, organized and secured all software from illegal
use, gave PC related presentations, and PC training for incoming employees as needed. My geographic region was
from Fresno California to Reno Nevada, which is over 400 miles in length.

1997 1998 PACIFIC BELL WIRELESS (Contractor)
Production Support Analyst/Desktop Support
My primary responsibility was answering software-related questions over the phone. Customer service was a primary
concern. I used User Manager to do administrative tasks such as changing a password or adding a new user. When
mobile phone activation fails, I determined what the failure was and then resolved the issue. I worked with a team to
install new software on over 700 PC's on 5 occasions.

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