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					                                         FRIENDS MISSION
          The preservation and protection of Abaco’s terrestrial and marine environments in
              order to achieve sustainable living for the wildlife and the people of Abaco.

    Allocation of Reef Ball Funds 2009              Your Donations at Work!
Total Reef Ball Profit          $45,390.37
            Community Clean Ups
Supplies                            $275.00
Transportation                      $935.00
Total Community
Clean- Ups                   $1,210.00
         Community Education
Supplies                           $1,808.25
Transportation                     $1,404.02
Total Community
Education                          $3,212.27
               Discovery Club
Supplies                            $105.74
Total Discovery Club                $105.74
          Earth Day Science Fair
Supplies                           $2,425.40
Transportation                     $1,166.00
Total Earth Day Science
Fair                               $3,591.40
Tuition                             $922.25
Travel                             $1,904.45
Total Scholarships                 $2,826.70
            School Programs
Supplies                           $3,956.60
Transportation                     $4,250.00
Education Officer's Time           $5,000.00
Total School Programs           $13,206.60
             Summer Camp
Supplies                           $3,127.50
Transportation                     $2,026.38
Professional Fees                  $5,325.00
Total Summer Camp               $10,478.88
           Pride Campaign
Supplies                           $3,030.83
Travel/ Transportation             $2,727.95
Campaign Manager                 $5,000.00
Total Pride Campaign            $10,758.78

Total Expenses                  $45,390.37
                          Thank you:
               Abaco Beach Resort for hosting FRIENDS tonight
  To the artists who made wave washed buoys amazing pieces of art, we truly
   appreciate your time and talent: Jo Bradley, Marjolein Scott, Chelsea Renn,
  Christine McCully, Claire Nopps, Kim Roberts, Kim Rody, Linda Wiltfang, Beth
     Sweeting, Bob Zwickel, Leanne Russell, Kayleigh Sands, Susan Roberts,
     Mary Balzac, Heather Prosa, Zyandric Jones, Jeep Byers, Attila Feszt,
 Amanda Pennell, Rebecca Higgs, Bruce Johnson, Aubin Haestad, Jessie Haestad
           Thank you to Abaco Petroleum for supplying the Buoy Tent!

           Reef Ball Committee: Cha Boyce, Patti Love, Aubin Haestad,
 Olivia Patterson, Kristin Williams and special thanks to Meagan Carter for all of
                                   her hard work.

 Fabulous Green Bag donors:The Fish House, Ebb Tide, Bahamas Underground,
  Michael Albury, The Chopping Block Salon, The Green Turtle Club, Catherine
     Ketay, Hope Town Harbour Lodge, Disney Cruiselines, Patricia French,
Palm Cottage, Mark and Patti Gonsalves, Mary Balzac, Hope Town Coffee House,
 Kent LeBoutillier, Trish Michie, Bakers Bay Golf and Ocean Club, Pete and Greg
Johnston, The Delphi Lodge at Rolling Harbour, The Abaco Lodge, Above & Below
Abaco, Rhonda Pearce, Tim Higgs, Herman & Ann Schadt, Coko Collections, Hope
Town Hideaways, Lighthouse Liquors, Sea Spray Resort and Marina, Cracker P’s,
  The Abaco Inn, Elbow Cay Properties, The Sugar Shack, Multi Hull Charters,
        Tupp’s, Iggy Biggy, On Da Beach, Brass and Leather, Cha Boyce,
Wild Island Resorts, Marjolein Scott, Island Cart Rentals, Black Fly Lodge, Ruth
 Albury, Oasis Services, Caribbean Mobile Distributors, HG Christie, Damianos
Realty, Abaco T-Shirt and Design, Froggies, Hope Town Wine and Spirits, Light-
                               house Marina

   Much thanks to Forest Heights Academy for the lovely table decorations and
                 Every Child Counts for the reserved signs!

Our ticket sellers: Java Coffee House, Laine’s Kurls and Kuts, Tupp’s, Hope Town
    Coffee House, Elbow Cay Properties, Hope Town Hideaways and Ebb Tide

   Much thanks to Theresa & Lambert Albury who own Froggies Out Island
 Adventures and donated their time and their boat to ferry people to and from
 Hope Town. Also thanks to the Hope Town Harbour Lodge for putting them up
                        in Hope Town for the evening.

    Thanks to all who attended and made tonight such a
                      special evening!

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