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Dry Vacuums                                   BACK-PACK VACUUMS

TUBS VACUUMS                                  (NUMA17) Ruc Sac Vac RSV130 vacuum cleaner

(F031) Henry 230v vacuum cleaner              The versatile RSV (Ruc Sac Vac) has an 1100w
                                              motor, 6L capacity, large filter system and 2-
                                              stage Microflo disposable dust bags.
The Henry Vac has a 1200watt                  Ergonomically designed, comfortable harness
professional two stage motor that             system allows the operator good mobility into
gives outstanding performance.                those awkward to reach locations.. This handy
The 10-metre cable storage and                little vac. allows you access and speedy
rewind system is a work of art,               cleaning of congested environments.
trouble free and spring free.
The Henry is made by Numatic and              Stats..
has a fantastic reputation.
                                              Motor         :         1200watt
                                              Power         :         230volt
Stats..                                       Capacity      :
                                              Weight        :
Motor            :     1200watt               Dimensions    :
Power            :     230volt
Capacity         :     9 litres
Weight           :     6.6kg
Dimensions       :     340x340x370mm

                                              ‘All In One’ Vacuums

(F099) ‘Contractor Vac’ vacuum cleaner        (F033)     George All In One Machine

                                              The George is a true   All in One Machine, capable of doing
A commercial machine with a 10 metre
                                              everything including
cable and a unique caddy top is
                                                                •     dry vacuuming
brilliant and so practical – somewhere
                                                                •     wet vacuuming
for the cable, tools or cleaning
                                                                •     scrubbing
cloths and dusters.
                                                                •     drying hard floors
                                                                •     deep cleaning the carpet
                                                                •     cleaning the upholstery
                                                                •     unblocking the sink
Motor            :     1200watt
Power            :     230volt
                                              Motor                   :         1200watt
Capacity         :     8 litres
                                              Power                   :         230volt
Weight           :     5.8kg
                                              Wet Capacity            :         9 litres
Dimensions       :     340x340x350mm
                                              Dry Capacity            :         15 litres
                                              Extraction Capacity     :         6 litres
                                              Weight                  :         8.8kg
                                              Dimensions              :         355x355x500mm


                                              Wet & Dry Vacuums
(F074) Victor UCS Upright Vacuum
                                              (F029) Provac B270
The UCS upright vacuum has two motors, one
creating a poweful vacuum and a brush motor
                                              Made by Prochem, the Provac B270 has a 35 litre
turing the brush at a constant 3500 rpm
                                              capacity and is stainless steel.
ensure optimum dust and grit removal.
Despite generating twice as many brush
strokes as other upright machine it still
manages to operate more quietly.
                                              Motor                   :         1100watt
The UCS has been designed to ensure easy
                                              Power                   :         230volt
maintence without tools.
                                              Capacity                :         35 litres
                                              Weight                  :         9kg

Motor            :     800watt
Cleaning Width   :     370mm
Capacity         :     4 litres
Power            :     230volt
Cable Length     :     12 litres


     (NUMA08) Numatic WV-570

     Constructed from Structofoam, which is a material formulation
     embodying all strength needed for bigger machines, yet          (NUPA07) Combination Floor
     without weight penalty. It is really rugged. It doesn’t dent,
                                                                              Tool 32mm
     scratch or deteriorate and yet it is light in weight.


     Motor          :       1200watt
     Power                  :      230volt
     Wet Capacity           :      15 litres                         (NUPA70) Airobrush 32mm
     Dry Capacity           :      23 litres
     Weight                 :      13.6kg

                                                                     (NUPA28) All-brush floor tool for
                                                                              hard floors 32mm

     (NUMA13) Numatic WVD-900-2

     The 900 series is constructed, like the
     570 series, from Structofoam and also
     has a unique multipurpose tipper system
     for emptying .
                                                                     (NUPA09) Stainless Steel
                                                                               Bend 32mm

                                                                     (NUPA10) Stainless Steel Extension Tube 32mm
     Motor          :       2400watt
     Power          :       230volt
     Wet Capacity   :       32 litres
     Dry Capacity   :       40 litres
     Weight         :       25kg

                                                                     (NUPA08) 2.4m Threaded
                                                                              hose (32mm)

     Vacuum Accessories
                                                                     (NUPA41) Multi Angle
                                                                              Brush 32mm

     (NUPA01) Crevice
              Tool 32mm                                              VACUUM BAGS

                                                                     (NUBA01) Numatic NVM 1C/2
     (NUPA02) Double Taper                                                    vacuum bags
              Hose Connector                                                  (Pack of 10)

     (NUPA03) Soft Round Dusting
              Brush 32mm                                             (F074/BAG) Replacement Vacuum
                                                                                Bags for Victor UCS
                                                                                (Pack of 10)

     (NUPA04) Filter for
              Henry Vacuum


   Rotary Floor Machines
                                                               (F117SPR) Spraytec Kit

                                                               The Spraytec kit fits neatly on the
   NUMATIC ROTARY MACHINES                                     back of Numatic rotary machine
                                                               ideal for spray cleaning.

   (F117) MultiDeck BMD450 Machine

   The Multideck 450 rotary machine is sound, well
   engineered basic floor machine. The Multideck can
   be the machine for all rotary requirements; you             (NUPA39) Union Mix Polishing Brush
   can polish, scrub, shampoo or strip! All you’ll need
   is the right pads or brushes and a tank if required.        450mm polishing brush for Numatic
   The Multideck machine comes in either standard              rotary machines.
   speed (150rpm), medium speed (230rpm) or
   high speed (300rpm).

                                                               (NUPA26) Polyscrub Scrubbing Brush
   Motor          :        1000watt
   Deck           :        450mm                               450mm Scrubbing brush for Numatic
   Weight         :        32kg                                rotary machines.
   Size           :        1185x580x450mm

   (NUMA09) NuSpeed NST1530 Machine                            (NUPA30) Nyloscrub Shampoo Brush

   The NST1530 has a hi-range and lo-range drive system        450mm Shampoo brush for Numatic
   allowing an instant selection of speed between 150rpm and   rotary machines.
   300rpm to suit the need of the operator and it has a 40kg
   operating weight as standard.

                                                               (NUPA40) Nuloc Drive Board
   Motor          :        1000watt
   Deck           :        450mm                               400mm drive board for Numatic
   Weight         :        40kg                                rotary machines.
   Size           :        1250x580x460mm

                                                               NUMATIC LoLine Rotary Machine

                                                               (NUMA33) LoLine NLL415
   NUMATIC ROTARY MACHINE ACCESSORIES                                       machine, tank & Drive board

32 (F118) Rotary Machine Solution Tank                         (NUMA87PO)            Polishing Brush
                                                               (NUMA87SH)            Shampoo Brush
   Tank easily fits onto the Numatic rotary machine.           (NUMA87SC)            Scrubbing Brush
   It has a wide opening for quick                             (NUMA87DR)            Drive Board
   and easy filling.
                                                               The LoLine range of low profile floor machineS
                                                               has been developed to be smaller in size,
                                                               lighter in weight, compact and convenient
                                                               in storage whilst, at the same time, being
                                                               quick an easy to use without loss of
   (F117DTK) Dustrol Kit
                                                               The LoLine 415 is the largest of the
   The Dustrol vacuum kit, as shown,                           range, 40cm (16”) brushes and 14”
   collects dust while the rotary                              floor pads, has an operating speed
   machine is being used,                                      of 150rpm and satisfies a whole
   thus saving time.                                           host of floor maintenance needs;
                                                               be it polishing, scrubbing
                                                               or rotary carpet c


                                                                       Floor Sweeper
     Scrubber / Drying Machines
                                                                       (VIMA03) Victor Easysweep

                                                                       The push along sweeper for removing dirt, sand, gravel,
     NUMATIC TWINTEC SCRUBBER DRYERS                                   leaves and litter. Ideal for use indoors and outside.
                                                                       The Easysweep sweeps 930sq m per hour.

     (NUMA10) Twintec TT345 - Mains                                    Operating Width       :         70cm
                                                                       Collecting Capacity   :         32 litres
     The TT345 is medium size scrubber dryer in the Numatic            Size                  :         1320x880x800mm
     range of scrubber dryers. With a wet capacity of 30 litres this   Weight                :         18kg
     is the ideal machines for many different environments.

     Size                    :      1150x1030x740mm
     Brush Motor             :      1000watt
     Capacity Wet            :      30 litres
     Weight                  :      57kg
     Brush Size              :      450mm                              CaddyClean is designed with the user in mind, simple        33
     Vacuum Motor :          1200watt                                  to handle and economical. The extremely low weight
     Cleaning Range :        42m                                       1.5 kilos (3.3 lbs) and practical design makes it ideal
                                                                       for cleaning in areas where manual
                                                                       methods presently are used.

                                                                       CaddyClean has an ergonomically
                                                                       designed handle with many features
                                                                       such as adjustable variable shaft length
                                                                       and angle. The heavy-duty battery
                                                                       lasts up to 2 hours. The brushes are
                                                                       designed for hard to reach corners and
                                                                       niches. CaddyClean has a snap on grip
                                                                       for the scrubber head and attachment
     (NUMA11) Twintec TT345 - Battery
                                                                       for easy replacement.
     The TT345 battery version is perfect for situations where there
     is no on-site power or having cables around is not ideal.


     Brush Motor             :        400watt
     Capacity Wet            :        30 litres
     Weight                  :        122kg
     Brush Size              :        450mm
     Battery                 :        2x12v
     Vacuum Motor            :        400watt
                                                                           Optional extras
     Size                    :        1150x1030x740mm
     Run Time                :        2 ¼ Hours
                                                                       (CAD01) CaddyClean scrubbing machine

                                                                              Includes free holdall, solution tank not included.

                                                                       (CAD02) Solution Tank 2.5 litre

                                                                       (CAD03) Handle for hand held use

                                                                       (CAD04) In-car 12volt charge

                                                                       (CAD05) Microfibre Pads pk 10

                                                                       (CAD06) Abrasive Pad starter kit

                                                                             2 of each black, green, red, white, blue


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