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									      Mercer Equipment Rentals
       Construction Equipment, Trucks, Trailers,
       Large Quantity of Support Equipment and Attachments.

                                        G                                    SATURDAY, JUNE 11 @ 10:00 AM
                              ACCE MENTS!
                                 IGN                                          SUNDAY, JUNE 12 @ 10:00 AM
                                                                                      DETROIT, MICHIGAN
                                                                               NOTE: Mercer Equipment Rentals- an independent rental store business of
                                                                               over 40 years has decided to retire and pursue other interests.
                                                                            HILITES:                           HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR: Kobelco SK120, 2 CRAWLER TRACTORS: Komatsu D32P, Komatsu D21P, 3
                                                                            TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOES: (2) Case 580L (4x4), Case 580M (4x4), (2) Case 580L (4x4), ASPHALT ROLLER: 2004 Stone WP3100R,

    CAM 1 CART-AWAY                                                         4 SKID STEERS: 2002 Case 70XT, (2) Case 60XT, Case 1840 (parts), 8 TRENCHERS: (4) Ditch Witch 1820, (2) 2005 Ditch Witch 1330, (2)
                                                                            Ditch Witch 1030, 2 CHIPPERS: 2000 Vermeer BC625A, 2000 Vermeer 935, ROUGH TERRAIN FORKLIFTCase 586E, FORKLIFT: Shreck

    CONCRETE                                                                RRH-E, COMMERCIAL MOWERS: JD F935 front 76in. deck, New JD F911front 60in. deck, 9 GENERATORS: Atlas Copco 150kw, (2) Gillette

    PLANT:                                                                  GPN30H 3kw, (6) Gillette GP30H 3000watt, 3 AIR COMPRESSORS: Atlas Copco XATS 7600D 750CFM, (2) Atlas Copco XAS96JD, 9 GEN-
                                                                            ERATORS: Atlas Copco 150kw, (2) Gillette GPN30H 3kw, (6) Gillette GP30H 3000watt, 5 WELDERS: Lincoln Commander 500, Lincoln Stick
    15 cu. Yd. per hour ,                                                   Welder, Miller Big Blue 400D, AutoArc Mig welder, Craftsman 2300amp, Welding Equipment: Blue Point Plasma Cutter, Mini Torch Set,
    powered by 15hp 3 ph.                                                   Oxy/Acetylene Tanks w/ Torches, LIGHT TOWERS: Boss BKK64mh, 23 PUMPS: Tsurumi KRS2-85 8in. Submersible Pump, Tsurumi KTZ45.5-
    Electric motor, (208-230/                                               60 4in. Submersible Pump, Tsurumi KRS2B4 4in. Submersible Pump, 2004 Tsurumi 3in. Trash Pump, Tsurumi NK2-15 3in. Submersible Pump,
    460 volt AC 60/ 30 amps).                                               2008-2003 Tsurumi 2in. Trash Pump, 2008 Tsurumi F13 3/4in. Submersible Pump, (2) Gorman Rupp 8in. Pump, Gorman Rupp CE6A60 6in.
    ¼ to 1 ¼ yard timed mixing                                              Trash Pump, Gorman Rupp 4in. Diaphragm Pump, (2) Gorman Rupp 3in. Trash Pump, Gorman Rupp 2in., (2) Gorman Rupp 80E 3/4in.
    cycles. 15 cubic yards per                                              Centrifugal Pump, Multiquip ST2020B 2in. Submersible Pump, Rice D30-01 Hydrostatic Pressure Pump, Versamatic 3in. Diaphragm Pump,
    hour continous. Volumetric                                              Enerpac Hydr. Pump, Little Giant Submersible Pump, 2005 AMT 3/4in. Utility Pump,SCAFFOLDING: Bil Jax: (35)Top Safety Rails, (16)
    control. Cement: Auger rev-                                             Wheeled Outriggers, (41) Outrigger Legs, (42) Toe Kicks, (12) Uprights, (49) Support Bars, (15) Platforms, (8) Misc. Wheels, (44) Support Cross
    olutions. Aggregate:                                                    Rails, (4) End Frames, CONCRETE EQUIPMENT: 2000 Amida OMPB21 Concrete Buggy, (4) Amida OMPB16 Concrete Buggies, Edco CPU-
    Adjustable                                                              10C Concrete/ Asphalt Plane, 2001 Stone 855PM 8cu. Ft. Mortar Mixer, 2004 Stone 655PMP 6cu. Ft. Mortar Mixer, 2005-2004 Stone 65CM 6

    striker plate.                                                          cu. Ft. Cement Mixer, 2001 Stone 2CM Elec. Concrete Mixer, Target PAC IV Concrete/ Asphalt Saw, Wacker CT36AGT Power Trowels, Amida
                                                                            OBD 032D 4x4 Artic. Concrete Carts, Amida OBD031D 4400lb. Concrete Dump Bucket, Oztec Concrete Vibrators, Hosetec BP50 Backpack
    9in. x 13ft.
                                                                            Concrete Vibrator, (2) Interlocking Cement Bin Blocks, (24) Interlocking Cement Bin Blocks, Aluminum Concrete Screed Bars, (15) Misc.
    mixing auger.
                                                                            Finishing Hand Tools, (10) Concrete Bullfloats- asst., (8) Concrete Tool Extension Poles, COMPACT TRACTORS: NH (diesel), LANDSCAPE &
                                                                            SNOW EQUIPMENT: (2) 2001 Snapper SNQMR 21in. Mulcher Lawn Mower, Snapper 17in. Snowblowers, 21in. Mower w/Bagger, Giant Vac
    ny-hard wear
                                                                            Leaf Blowers, (3) Bluebird 720B Lawn Seeder, (4) Merry Tiller Suburban Rototillers, Post Hole Diggers, Bluebird Aerators, Stihl Cultivator, Stihl
    shoes. Rubber mixing trough. Dual pump hydraulic sys-                   Hedge Trimmer, Bluebird Sod Cutters, Stihl 24in.-21in. - 20in. Chainsaws, Stihl Sickle Bar Trimmers, 2 DUMP TRUCKS: Peterbilt (tri.), 1999
    tem. Solenoid valve belt & auger controls. Manual valve                 GMC (s/a), 2 STAKE TRUCKS: GMC C6500 (s/a), 1995 Ford F350 (s/a), COLLECTIBLE CAR: 1993 Jaguar XJ6, 4 GRAVEL TRAINS: 1995
    mix auger controls. 5-7 cubic yard agg. Storage hopper.                 Dorsey Tri. w/ 5 axle aluminum pup, 1999 Hilbilt w/ 4 axle steel lead – 5 axle steel pup, 1996 Hilbilt w/ 4 axle steel lead- 5 axle steel pup,1975
    30 bag or 200 barrel cement silo. Sight water flow meter.               Fruehauf w/ 3 axle lead and 5 axle aluminum pup, DUMP TRAILERS: 2002 East 24ft. (quad.), 3 TAGALONGS: (2) Redi Haul FS14HS-102
    150 sq. ft. plant footprint. 10ft. diameter silo, 20 ft. high.          14ft. (t/a), Cronkite Skid Steer (t/a), 9 UTILITY TRAILERS: (2) 2002 RediHaul RHIOUTS 5ft. x 10ft. (s/a), (2) RediHaul R5713HH (s/a), (4) Ditch
    Length: 20ft. (with auger down). Width: 7ft. Height:                    Witch D1A 6ft. (s/a), 10ft. x 40in. (s/a), 7 CAR HAULERS: (7) s/a, 6 CONCRETE TRAILERS: (6) Cartaway 1 1/4yd., Trailer Haul, Cartaway
    10ft. (with auger up.) Shipping weight: 6,000lbs.                       (box only), Cartaway (Parts only), ATTACHMENTS: Skid Steers: Atlas Copco TEX180H Hydr. Breaker, 60in. Case Bucket, Shibeci Power
    Loading height at agg. Hopper: 7ft. 6in.                                Profiler, Hammer, Pallet Forks, HEATING EQUIPMENT: Sureflame 1,500,000 btu Propane/Natral Gas Heater, (4) Sureflame 5405 400,000btu
                                                                            Propane/Natural Gas Heaters, (10) Dayton 600,000btu kerosene heaters, (2) Dayton 65,000-85,000btu Propane heaters, (6) Burner Inc.
                                                                            300,000btu Propane Heaters, (2) Burner Inc. 250,000btu Propane heaters, Koehring NDB1500 150,000btu Heater, Master 150,000btu
Kerosene heater, Master 100,000btu Kerosene Heater, 1999 Master Heater B150GT Kerosene Heater, (2) Master Torpedo Heaters, (3) 2008 Enerco Heat Star HS600KT Heaters, (3) LB White CV250 250,000btu Propane
Heaters, (2) LB White 155MBH Natural Gas Heater, LB White 150,000btu Heater, Uniflame Blue Rhino 1500 Series 40,000 btu Outdoor Patio Heater, Universal 3500 175,000-350,000btu natural gas heaters, S300
300,000btu Salamander heater, (2) 6400btu Radiant Propane Heaters, SURVEY EQUIPMENT: David White LS20 Dumpy Level, Michigan Laser LB-1 Laser Level, (2) Michigan Laser RL25, SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Stihl
2 cycle Power Unit, Target Tile Saws, Stihl Telescopic Pruner, Target Core Drill, Edco Masonry Saw, Shark Steam Cleaner, Crain 500 Junior Carpet Stretcher, WAP Shop Vacuum, Felker Hydrostatic Highway Saw, Edco
Floor Stripper, Van Mark 10ft. Aluminum Break, Qty. MBW Plate Compactors, Steam Master & Colonial Wallpaper Steamers, General SP8GH Surface Planer, Telpro Drywall Lift, Michigan Pneumatic 7,000lb. Air Tugger,
Landa Preswsure Washer, DriEaz Dehumidifier, Clemco Sandblast Pot, Thomas T30 Pancake Air Compressors, Elliott Grinder, Enerpac 150 ton Jacks, Greenlee Hole Punch Ram, Mopeco and Simplex Rams, Dayton
Hydr. Jacks, 2002 Reimann Georger 28ft. Ladder Hoist, Little Wonder Hedge Trimmer, General Super Vee Sewer Snakes, Bosch Sawzall, Bosch Elec. Hammer w/ case, Delta Miter Saw, Bosch Routers & Reciprocating
Saws, Orbital Sander, DeWaltCirc. Saw, Milwaukee Palm Sander, WAP turbo vacuum, Atsco Air Grinder, Edco Planer, 8in. Lift Work Winch, Power Rake, Fans, Tanks, Sanitary Floor Buffer, Pipe Threader, Job Boxes,
Moving Dollies, Burton Power Snakes: 1/2in. – 3/4in. x 100ft., Porta Crane Cherry Picker, Tow Behind Engine Hoist, Carpet Stapler, Air Tackers, Carpet Stretchers, Shingle Strippers, Chalk Reels, Misc. Hand Tools, Jesco
self Dumping Hopper, (14) Wooden Road Construction Signs, Aluminum Extension ladders, Aluminum Step Ladders, 8ft. Elec. Iluminating Signs w/ Letters, (6) Propane Tanks for Forklifts, (8) BBQ Grill Propane Tanks,
(14) 68lb. Propane Tanks, Asphalt Lutes, Engine Stand, Concrete Tampers, Kraft Magnesium 10ft. 2in. x 4in. Screed, Pry Bars, Qty. 1 ton – 10 ton Chain falls, Bluebird 1200lb. Porto Crane, Carolina 5000 3 ton Porta
Crane, Intec Insulation Blower, Avtron GenSet tester, Jack Stands, Steel Sawhorses, Drill Press, New Bobcat Rubber Tracks, Steel Work Tables, Band Saw, Dewalt Impact Wrenches, Torque Multipliers, 3/4in. Torque
Wrench, (7) 5 ton House/ Post Jacks, Bostitch Nailers, Bostitch Finish Nailer, Porter Cable Wood and Quick Drive Screw Guns, Electric Shears, Astro Air Scaler, Paver Breakers,Tubing Benders, Dent Puller sets, Bearing
remover & Installer, Bearing Separator Kit, 4x4 Ball Joint Service Set, Valve Cover Kit, Gear Pullers, (2) 100gal. Oil Tanks, Parts Washer, Grease Gun, Jamerco Nail gun, Honda 13hp Motor, Boxes of Safety Harnesses,
                                                       Hard Hats, Bundles of Misc. Axe, Pick, Shovel & Broom Handles, Floor Scrapers, Lindsay Sandblast Pots, Rigid Pipe machines, Paving Breakers, Qty. of Rolls of
                                                       PVC Discharge Hose, Rolls of Milled/ Fire Hose, Misc. Strainers, Puddlesucker, Hose Menders, Hose Couplings, Air Hose Fittings & Quick Couplers, Quick Release
                                                       Cams & Locks, Hose Clamps, (13) New Igloo Industrial Water Coolers, 5 Shelf Rolling Rack- misc. Wood & Fiberglass Ax Handles, (10) Boxes of New 16 ga. PVC
                                                       coated rebar, Misc. Parts, Filters, Fuel Filters, Flagging Supplies, Boxes of Rubber Boots, HP C4280 All in One Printer-Scanner-Copier, HP J6480 All in One Printer-
                                                       Scanner-Copier, (2) Compaq Presario Desktop Computers w/ HP W1907 20in., Samsung Cash register,
                                                       File Cabinets, Steel racks, Microwave Ovens, Multi Line Telephone system, Squeegees, Steel rakes, Steel
                                                       Hoes, Qty. Square & Pointed Shovels, Hand Cart, Air Horn,Boxes of Disposable Coveralls, Measuring
                                                       Tapes, Ropes, Lumber Crayons, Drinking Fountain, Wood
                                                       Splitting Heads, Vermeer Cutting Blades.

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                                                                                                                                                          in the content of this adv.

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