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					                                                                 Syllabus CHRM 1210-4A
                                                                 Baking Basics (4.0 Credit Hours)

                                                                 INSTRUCTOR CONTACT INFORMATION
                                                                 INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: Lorraine Howard
                                                                 METHODS OF CONTACTING INSTRUCTOR:
                                                                 Work Telephone (emergency only) 594-4352
IMPORTANT DATES Winter 2010                                      Dean’s Telephone: Jim Trebbien
Date class begins: March 9, 2011                                        457-2527
Date class ends: May 18, 2011                                    MAILBOX LOCATION:
Class meets: Wednesday 8 AM-3 PM                                        Fort Omaha Campus Building # 22
Last day to withdraw: May 3, 2011
Class Location: FOC #22 RM 210, Lab RM123
                                                                 METRO OFFICE HOURS: By Appointment Only

Students learn to apply fundamental baking skills in preparing yeast breads, quick breads, cookies, pies, pastries, cakes,
custards, creams and sauces. A scratch baking class that gives practical experience in preparation of bakery items and
merchandising of them, as well as in the operation of the kitchen from the perspective of a baker or pastry chef. Theory learned
in other courses (i.e. sanitation, safety, nutrition, purchasing) is tied into bakeshop experiences in a practical way so that
students develop and increase their “kitchen sense”.


1.    To identify ingredients and understand their function in baking.
2.    Recognize standards of quality for baked goods.
3.    Expand and reinforce knowledge of weights and measure, recipe conversion, bakeshop equipment, and technical
4.    Develop and reinforce basic organizational skills and procedure.
5.    Apply HACCP standards to bakeshop production
6.    Prepare a variety of bakery items to quality standards.
7.    Present and store a variety of bakery items.
8.   Develop workplace skills to include the following; teamwork, problem solving, professionalism, listening skills, decision
     making and work speed.

Students with improper uniform may be dismissed from class and points deducted
TEXT: ON Baking, S. Labensky, Latest Edition
UNIFORM: Institute for the Culinary Arts Embroidered White Chef’s Jacket – White Chef’s or Baker’s Hat – Black or White
Work Shoes –Black & White Check pants..
SUPPLIES: 3” binder with index tabs (your “Laboratory Workbook”), pen or pencil, and high lighter, pocket calculator.
TOOLS: 10” Chef knife, 12" Serrated knife, 3” Paring Knife, Microplaner, Digital Scale, Digital Thermometer (up to at least 340
degree F), Round cookie cutter set, Small and large offset spatula, Pastry tips-nested set of round and star tips, Pastry bags 10
and 16 inch, Pastry brush, 15-inch metal ruler.

COURSE STRUCTURE: There will be a lecture and lab component to each session. The overall structure of this course is
composed of these activities:
  1. Lectures and videos                  5. Reading assignments
  2. Demonstrations                       6. Written report
  3. Lab work                             7. Quizzes, written and practical final exams
  4. Homework assignments (weekly)         8. Feedback
STUDENT PROGRESS: Attendance demonstrates interest. Participation in discussions demonstrates motivation. Paperwork
demonstrates dedication. Lab work demonstrates organizational skills. Being prepared for class demonstrates

TESTING/ASSESSMENT METHODS: Written work shows mastery of the reading assignments. Lab grades are based on
attendance, participation and completion of kitchen work. The practical and written exams measure how well you can apply
what you have learned.

MAKE-UP PROCEDURES: Students are personally responsible for materials covered in their absence. Midterms may be
made up IF instructor receives prior notice and arrangements. The final practical and written exams may not be made up
no matter the circumstances, and a failing grade (F) will be assigned if you miss any of these exams.

LATE ASSIGNMENTS: Missing written material deadlines will result in 10% deduction of points. Work accepted one week late
will receive only a maximum of 50% of the points. No late work will be accepted after one week.

MAINTENANCE OF STUDENT RECORDS: Graded work will be returned at the next class meeting after it is turned in. Any
paperwork leftover will be returned in the U.S. mail after the last day of classes if requested before the last day of class,
otherwise will be kept for one year then will be destroyed at the Instructors discretion. Final Grades can be accessed via “Web

Learning depends classroom participation and hands on laboratory experiences. Enrollment in the course means commitment
of attending each session. Missing or being late for lecture and/or lab sessions, no matter the circumstances, will result
in point deductions. Non-attendance for two consecutive sessions or an overall of three sessions prior to practical
final will result in instructor withdrawal or a failing grade regardless of how well a students is scoring otherwise and
no matter what the circumstances are for the absences. Please turn off or silence cell phone when entering the class and
do not use cell phones or other electronic devices while class/lab is in session. Disruptive behavior impacts instruction and
learning; it may result in your expulsion from class. Disruptive behaviors include, but are not limited to: Dishonesty, including
cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information or signatures on extra credit work; intentional disruption,
obstruction, or interference with the process of instruction. Expected classroom behavior: participate in class activities; respect
the diversity of cultures, opinions, viewpoints in the classroom and kitchen. Listen to fellow students, instructors with respect,
arrive on time and prepared for class, attend the duration of class. Racist, sexist and other disrespectful comments will not be
tolerated. No eating in classrooms. In Lab we will be allowed to taste our baked product.

       1.    Reading and studying the textbook
       2.    Asking questions and taking notes in lecture
       3     Using lab time effectively
       4.    Contributing to discussions

Metro's Learning, Math, and Writing Centers can help you achieve educational success. The staff in these centers provides
drop-in assistance with basic math, reading, writing and computer skills. We offer a friendly, supportive learning environment.
Self-paced computer-assisted instructional support in reading, vocabulary, typing, English as a Second Language, and online
course orientation is also available.
Detailed information about these services are in the Student Handbook, College Catalog, and online. Links to these resources
are located at

College policies on student rights and responsibilities, academic standards, plagiarism, and etc. are outlined in the College
Catalog and Student Handbook. It can be accessed online catalog
STUDENT WITHDRAWAL: If you cannot attend and complete this course, you should officially withdraw by calling Central
Registration, 457-5231. Failure to officially withdraw will result in either an instructor withdraw (IW) or failing (F) grade. The last
date to withdraw is identified on the second page of this syllabus handout.STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT: The college has a
standard code of conduct that involves consequences for specific academic and non-academic behavior that may result in a
failing grade, probation, or suspension from the college. More complete information about the code of conduct is located in the
Student Services portion of the online catalog (
ACCOMMODATIONS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: If you have a disability that may substantially limit your ability to
participate in this class, please contact a Vocational Special Needs Counselor, located in the Student Services Office on each
campus. Metropolitan Community College will provide reasonable accommodations for persons with documented qualifying
disabilities. However, it is the student’s responsibility to request accommodations. For further information, please contact the
Student Services Office at your campus.

                                         Assignments and Final Course Grade*
 Your attendance in lectures and labs is an expectation. Missing either
                                                                      Deductions                       Earnable Points
 will result in severe point deductions from your overall point score .
 Attendance (10 ea x 5 points)                                                                                     50 points
                                                                             Absent -10
                                                                             Late LX -10
 Quizzes (7 ea x 10 points)                                                                                         70 points
 Worksheet assignments (points)                                                                                    126 points
 Session Product Evaluation* (7 ea x 10 points)                                                                     70 points
 Written Midterm                                                                                                    50 points
 Baker’s Math Homework                                                                                              50 points
 Midterm Practical *                                                                                               150 points
 Final Practical *                                                                                                 150 points
 Written Final *                                                                                                    50 points
 Total Points Possible                                                                                            766 points

A > 91%                       B = 81% - 90%           C = 71% - 80%            D = 61% - 70%           F= 60% or less
Overall letter grade for the course will not exceed the letter grade earned on any one of these (*) assessment tools.
For Example, if you earn 85% on the Midterm Practical Exam, you will receive a grade no higher than “B” for the
                                                      Course Schedule
    Day & Date              Class Topic and readings              Readings         Homework/Quiz              Lab
Wednesday 3/9/11      Introduction; Professionalism, Baking    Ch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,                     Intro
                      Tools & Equipment, Ingredients           7                                     Demo: muffins
Wednesday   3/16/11   Quick Breads/Cookies                     Ch 6,10               Work sheet      Muffins/cookies
                                                                                      Quiz 1
Wednesday   3/23/11   Pies/Tarts                                Ch 11                Work sheet      Pies/tarts
                                                                                      Quiz 2
Wednesday   3/30/11   Creams, custards, pudding, sauces         Ch 14, 15, 16        Work sheet      Creams
                      and frozen deserts                                              Quiz 3
Wednesday   4/6/11    MIDTERM: Written and practical                                 Work sheet      3hrs practical: muffin,
                      (formula provided)                                                             cookies, and tart
Wednesday   4/13/11   Butter/high ratio cakes                   Ch 13-14             Work sheet      Butter and hi-ratio
                      Read before class. Quiz given on this                           Quiz 4         cakes, icings
Wednesday   4/20/11   Lean Cakes                                Ch 13-14             Work sheet      Foam cakes
                      Read before class. Quiz given on this                           Quiz 5
Wednesday   4/27/11   Breads                                    Ch 3,5,7             Work sheet      Straight dough breads
                      Read before class. Quiz given on this                           Quiz 6
Wednesday   5/4/11    Pastries                                  Ch 11-12             Work sheet      Choux and Puff Pastry
                      Read before class. Quiz given on this                           Quiz 7
Wednesday   5/11/11   Written Exam                                                 Final Practical   5 hrs: bread,
                                                                                    and Written      decorated, filled
Wednesday                                                                              Exam          cake, pate a choux
            5/18/11   Practical Exam (formula provided)

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