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					       REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL ME-1402


The Dallas County Hospital District dba Parkland Health & Hospital System (hereafter
referred to as the District) is seeking proposals for cabling services for the District.

                                                         Released Date: September 22, 2010
                                                      Response Deadline: October 11, 2010
                                                                 Prepared By: Toni Ashon
                                             Table of Contents

GENERAL INFORMATION …………………………………………………….…....3

1 GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS …………………………………….…...5

 1.1 GENERAL TERMS……… ………………………………………………….… 6
 1.2 PREPARATION OF RESPONSE………………………….…………....                                                            7
 1.3 SUBMISSION OF RESPONSE………………………………………..                                                               8
 1.4 PREPARATION OF THE ELECTRONIC RESPONSE……………                                                           9
 TO SUBMIT FORM............................................................................................10
  2.1 ESTIMATE SCHEDULES……………………………………………              13
  2.3 CONTRACTUAL INFORMATION..………………………………………….. 14
  2.5 EVALUATION PROCESS ………………………………………….………. 17
  2.6 RFP SCORING.. …………………………………………………………….. 19


  3.1 SCOPE OFSERVICES.…………………………………………………….… 20
  3.2 SPECIFICATIONS …………………………………………………………… 21

4 LOCATIONS ………………………...……………………………………….……….22

5 PRICING             …………………………………………………………………………23

6 QUESTIONS           …………………………………………………………………………25



9 RFP SIGNATURE PAGE …………………………………………………..………..43

                         GENERAL INFORMATION

      Dallas County Hospital District d/b/a Parkland Health & Hospital System (hereafter referred to as
      Parkland) is soliciting proposals from expert professional service firms capable of providing Cabling
      SERVICES as specified within this Request for Proposal (RFP).
      All RFP responses must be delivered to the address by the date and time as specified in section 1.3.1
      of this RFP in order to be considered. It is the sole responsibility of the professional service firm to
      ensure that their RFP response is delivered to the proper location on time.
      A proposal to a Request for Proposal is not a bid and does not commit Parkland to accept a proposal
      because a professional service firm may propose the lowest price. The RFP process provides the
      opportunity to have discussions with prospective professional service firms. This Request for
      Proposal (RFP) is not an order and does not commit Parkland to pay for any costs incurred in the
      preparation or submission of any quotation or proposal or to procure the services hereunder. Hours of
      service that may be used herein to estimate responses to this RFP may or may not reflect actual hours
      used or needed, and do not commit Parkland to the estimated hours of service. Any proposals
      accompanied by terms and conditions that are in conflict with this RFP may be considered
      Parkland reserves the right to make or not make an award based solely on the proposals, or to discuss
      any aspect of the proposal further with one or more of the professional service firms. The proposal
      selected will be chosen on the basis of that which is most advantageous to the Dallas County Hospital
      District, taking into consideration price and the other evaluation factors set forth in the RFP.
      Any prospective professional service firm desiring an explanation or interpretation of the RFP
      solicitation and/or specifications, etc., must put their request in writing, allowing time for a reply from
      Parkland to reach all prospective professional service firms before the submission of the RFP
      response. No oral explanations or instructions given before the award for the contract shall be
      binding. Any information given to prospective professional service firms as a result of explanation or
      interpretation of the RFP solicitation concerning the RFP will be furnished in writing and mailed or
      emailed to all prospective professional service firms who have confirmed an intent to bid. Parkland
      reserves the right to amend the RFP.
Background on the Dallas County Hospital District
      Parkland is Dallas County's only public hospital and the primary teaching institution of The
      University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. Often rated among the best hospitals in the
      United States, Parkland provides patients with access to top quality medical care. In the spirit of
      community service and stewardship, Parkland provides services to patients in a manner that is
      consistent with the patient's needs, values and recognized belief systems; provides health care to the
      indigent and medically needy of Dallas County as well as others; and provides services that improve
      the health of the community.
      Parkland serves as the primary teaching and research hospital for the University of Texas
      Southwestern Medical School and participates in programs of graduate medical education for interns,
       residents and fellows. As such, Parkland: participates in training and educational programs dedicated
       to both the art and science of caring for the sick and injured; promotes the wellness and the delivery
       of health services; participates in clinical and health systems research for the purpose of advancement
       of medical knowledge and the improvement of health status.

       As a public hospital, Parkland receives substantial tax revenue and is well supported by the County.
       The recent bond offering required an increase in the local tax levy with voters approving the increase
       by an overwhelming 80% margin

Institutional Profile

       Parkland is generally comprised of Parkland Memorial Hospital, Community Oriented Primary Care
       (COPC) clinics, Parkland Community Health Plan, Inc. (a Medicaid HMO), and the Parkland
       Foundation. COPC currently operates a network of ten (10) community based health centers, 16
       school-based sites located throughout Dallas County, the HOMES (Homeless Outreach Medical
       Services) mobile services program, and several other patient health education programs.

       Key Measures - Fiscal Year 2009:
            Annual net revenues exceed $1 Billion,
            Fiscal Year 2009 operating margin of 93 Million or nearly 10%,
            Approximately 680 staffed beds,
            Approximately 41,000 inpatient discharges,
            Approximately 1 Million outpatient visits,
            Approximately 15,000 deliveries,

Procurement Objectives, Background, and Environment

       Parkland Health & Hospital System (Parkland) strives to be a community-responsive servant
       leader dedicated to providing high quality, low cost services that improves the health, well-
       being and quality of life for persons and communities entrusted to our care. In the spirit of
       community service and stewardship, Parkland continually strives to improve organizational
       effectiveness and efficiency in the most cost-effective manner with a focus on the integration
       of existing and future technology.

      SECTION 1


1 General Terms and Conditions

1.1   General Terms:

      1.1.1 Invoice and Billing Terms: All invoices will correspond in detail to the purchase order
      resulting from this RFP. The normal Parkland term is to pay within 30 days after receipt in Accounts
      Payable of valid invoice. Unless otherwise stated, all invoices should be submitted to: 5201 Harry
      Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX 75235 c/o Accounts Payable.

      1.1.2     State or Federal Taxes: Parkland is a political subdivision of the State of Texas that
      is a tax exempt entity. Parkland is not subject to Federal Excise, State or City Sales Tax, or
      use taxes. A tax exemption certificate can be issued if requested.

      1.1.3 Cancellation of this RFP: Parkland reserves the right to cancel this RFP at any time and for
      any reason in its sole discretion. Such withdrawal is effective upon issuance of written notice.

      1.1.4 Joint Ventures or Subcontracts for Products or Services Requested: No contract shall be
      made by the professional service firm with any other party for furnishing any of the work or services
      herein contracted for without the written approval of Parkland. This provision will not be taken as
      requiring the approval by Parkland for employment between the professional service firm and

      1.1.5    Furnished Property: No material, labor, or facilities will be furnished by Parkland unless
      otherwise provided for in this RFP. Room and telecommunication access will be provided for during
      audit periods and consultative work.

      1.1.6 Texas Public Information Act: Parkland is a political subdivision of the State of
      Texas and as such is subject to the Texas Public Information Act and no disclosure made
      pursuant to such law by Parkland shall be a violation of any obligations of Parkland.
      Information submitted to Parkland in response to this RFI is subject to public disclosure
      under the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, unless a
      Respondent can demonstrate that the identified part or parts of the proposal falls within one
      or more of the exceptions to required public disclosure listed in the Public Information Act.
      If a respondent believes that certain information in their response is exempt from required
      public disclosure under the Public Information Act, the respondent must specifically identify
      the information and the exception(s) that it believes apply, with specific detailed reasons.
      Parkland will disregard blanket statements regarding the confidentiality of proposals and such
      statements will be deemed null and void.
      Parkland will process any request for information comprising all or part of a respondent‟s
      proposal in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Public Information Act.
      Respondents should consult the Attorney General‟s web site ( for
      information concerning the application of the provisions of the Public Information Act to
      proposals and proprietary supplier information.

      1.1.7 Access to Books and Records – Until the expiration of four (4) years after the completion of
      services under this Agreement, upon written request by the Secretary of the United States Department
      of Health and Human Services, the United States Comptroller General, or any of their duly authorized
      representatives, the parties will make available the contracts, books, documents and records necessary
      to verify the nature and extent of the costs of providing those services. If either party carries out any
      of the duties of this Agreement through a subcontract with a value of $10,000 or more over a 12-
      month period with a related individual or organization, the party agrees to include in any such
      subcontract a clause permitting access by the Secretary, the Comptroller General, and their
      representatives to the related Sub professional service firm‟s books and records. This section is
      included pursuant to and is governed by the requirements of §§1102 and 1871 of the Social Security
      Act (42 U.S.C. §§ 1302 and 1395hh) and the regulations in 42 CFR §§420.300-420.304. Parkland
      reserves to right to audit the Professional service firm‟s contracts, books, documents and records
      necessary to verify the nature and extent of the costs of providing those services at anytime and from
      time to time.

      1.1.8 Force Majeure: Neither Professional service firm nor Parkland shall be responsible or
      deemed to be in default of its obligations to the other to the extent any failure to perform or delay in
      performing its obligations is caused by events or conditions beyond the reasonable control of that
      party, and are not due to the negligence or willful misconduct of such party (hereinafter, “force
      majeure events”). For purposes of this Contract, force majeure events shall include but are not
      limited to, acts of God or public enemy, war, riot or civil commotion, strikes, epidemic, fire,
      earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, explosion, terrorist acts or other catastrophes, or events or
      conditions due to governmental law, regulations, and ordinances, order of a court of competent
      jurisdiction, executive decree or order. However, in the event of such delay(s) or nonperformance,
      the party so delayed shall furnish prompt written notice to the other party (including the date of
      inception of the force majeure event and the extent to which it will affect performance) and shall
      undertake all efforts reasonably possible to cure the delay or nonperformance and mitigate its effects
      or to otherwise perform. Parkland shall not be responsible for payment for any product or service
      delayed or foreclosed by any force majeure event unless and until such delayed or foreclosed product
      has been delivered to Parkland or acceptable alternative products or services have been provided.

      1.1.9 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA): The parties
      understand and agree that this Agreement is subject to the Health Insurance Portability and
      Accountability Act of 1996 and the Privacy and Security Regulations, 45 C.F.R. Parts 160, 162 and
      164 issued under said Act. The Parties agree to strictly comply with HIPAA and the regulations
      issued under HIPAA and to execute any documents that may be required by HIPAA or the HIPAA
      Privacy Security Regulations. Failure of the professional service firm or its employees, agents, and/or
      subcontractors to comply with HIPAA regulations issued under HIPAA or to execute any documents
      concerning compliance when requested by Parkland shall be a material breach of this Agreement and
      shall permit Parkland to immediately terminate this Agreement. Parkland will make the decision
      whether or not documents will be required and Parkland‟s decision shall be final.

1.2   Preparation of RFP Response

      Professional service firms are expected to follow all instructions, failure to do so will be at the
      professional service firm‟s risk.

      1.2.1 Each professional service firm shall furnish all information required by the RFP. The
      professional service firm shall print, type, or stamp the company name on each RFP response sheet
      thereof on which an entry is made. The person signing the RFP will initial erasures or other changes
      made. Failure to sign the RFP can result in disqualification of proposal (Section 7).

      1.2.2 All costs incurred by professional service firms in preparation and presentation of the proposal
      shall be absorbed by the professional service firm. Unless otherwise requested all materials,
      supporting documentation, manuals, etc. submitted with the proposal will become the property of
      Parkland. Costs incurred in returning materials will be at the professional service firm‟s expense.

      1.2.3 The professional service firm understands that no guarantee is made by Parkland to preserve
      the confidentiality of the material submitted in response to the RFP. The professional service firm
      understands that any and all responses submitted will be subject the Public Information Act and will
      be distributed or made available to appropriate Parkland personnel and consultants involved in this
      project. Proprietary information should be marked “Proprietary”, not “Confidential”.

      1.2.4 Parkland reserves the right to amend this RFP one of more times prior to the due date. If it
      becomes necessary to amend any part of the RFP, an amendment will be provided to professional
      service firms.

1.3   Submission of RFP Response

      1.3.1 Responses to RFP and amendments thereof shall be submitted as follows:

      One (1) hard copies and five (5) electronic copy of the RFP response must be enclosed in a sealed
      envelope and properly and clearly marked with the RFP number. E-mailed responses are
      unacceptable. Please mark the original copy as “ORIGINAL".

      1.3.2 RFP response must be addressed to:

             Toni Ashon, Purchasing Department
             Parkland Health & Hospital System
             8435 N. Stemmons, Suite 920
             Dallas, Texas 75247

           Hard copy responses shall be mailed via overnight express carrier or hand delivered to
           the aforementioned address to the receptionist desk only. Upon award vendor must be
           registered with Vendor Credentialing System at (

      1.3.3 RFP response must state the name and address of the professional service firm on the outside
      of the envelope/package.RFP response must state the response deadline date and the RFP Number on
      outside face of the envelope. Failure to follow the above steps could result in rejection of your
      proposal at the discretion of Parkland.

      1.3.4 Proposal responses are due by 10/11/2010 at 2 PM CST. Proposals are not scheduled for
       public opening. No telephone, telephonic, or FAX Proposals will be accepted. Parkland will not be
       responsible for missing, lost, or late deliveries.

      1.3.5 Parkland reserves the right to reject any or all responses to RFP or parts of any responses to
      RFP and to waive minor irregularities between the RFP itself and any response to the RFP.

      1.3.6 Upon award, the contract may be renewed if agreeable with both parties.

      1.3.7 A duly authorized officer from the professional service firm‟s company must sign all proposal

      1.3.8 Professional service firm will complete the form entitled “Professional service firms
      Acknowledgment of Intent to Submit a Proposal” and acceptance of RFP and Award Conditions”
      (Section 1.6) as appropriate, and return to the Purchasing Department by September 29 ,
      2010.(electronically by e-mail)

1.4   Preparation of the Electronic RFP Responses

      Along with the printed copy, you must submit your RFP response in the electronic format supplied.
      The document is in Microsoft Office 2000 - Word format. The file is distributed in RTF format to
      avoid problems with Macro viruses often associated with Word documents containing macros.

1.5   Conditions of RFP Review and Contract Award (Guideline)

      1.5.1   If this RFP results in a contract being awarded, it is the intent of Parkland to award the
              resulting contract to the responsive and responsible offer or whose proposal is determined to
              be most advantageous to Parkland taking into consideration the evaluation factors set forth in
              the RFP.

      1.5.2   Parkland may appoint a committee to perform the evaluation. Each proposal will be analyzed
              to determine overall responsiveness, best qualifications and best value for Parkland. The
              selection committee may select all, some or none of the professional service firms for
              interviews and/or presentations.       If Parkland elects to conduct interviews and/or
              presentations, professional service firms may be interviewed and scored based upon the
              criteria referenced within RFP. Parkland may also request additional information of
              professional service firms at any time prior to award. Parkland reserves the right to select
              one, or more, or none of the professional service firms for award.

1.6 Professional service firm’s Acknowledgement of Intent to Submit Form, due by
   September 29, 2010. (electronically by e-mail) ME-1402 email

         Professional service firm’s Acknowledgement of Intent to Submit a Proposal
                          Acceptance of RFP and Award Conditions
1. If you do not intend to submit a proposal, complete and return this form upon receipt of RFP.
2. If you intend to submit a proposal, complete and return with your proposal to acknowledge and accept
RFP terms and conditions.

Please Type or print:

Name of Business:


Authorized Agent:                                           Title

Telephone:                                                  Fax:

Check the appropriate box:

                Professional service firm                         Professional service firm acknowledges
                acknowledges receipt of request                   receipt of RFP and does not intend to
                for proposal and acceptance of                    propose.
                RFP conditions

Professional service firm Comments:

Signature:                                                Date:


    1.7 Professional service firm Certification Form

                                     Professional service firm Certification Form
 Professional service firms doing business with Dallas County Hospital District (DCHD), dba Parkland Health & Hospital System
 (Parkland), are requested to complete this form in its entirety. If you are a Women/Minority–Owned business enterprise, the
 requested information pertains to the owner(s) of the company. This form must be signed and dated by an authorized representative
 of your company.

 Professional service firm‟s Name:

 Years in business under same name: ________________       Previous Name: __________________________________________

 General E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

 Current Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

 Sales Rep/Customer Service Name: __________________________________________________________________________

 E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

 Sales Rep/Customer Service Phone#: _________________________________________________________________________

 Fax#: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Accounts Receivable Contact Name: __________________________________________________________________________

 Phone #_________________________________________ PHHS Account # __________________________________________
 List your major commodities:

 Supply EQUIPMENT   Service  (List type of service, i.e. temp. agency, surveyor, ect.: _______

 Consultant Distributor     Manufacturer Contractor Subcontractor
 Approximate dollar volume of business with PHHS in past twelve (12) months: $____________


 ASIAN PACIFIC                                    OTHER    ____________               PUBLIC OWN STOCK:
 AFRICAN AMERICAN                                      (SPECIFY)                      YES     NO
 NATIVE AMERICAN                                                                      MAJORITY OWNER :
                                                                                      MALE    FEMALE

Copy of certificate(s) (State of Texas, North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA), Historically Underutilized
Businesses (HUB), or any agency confirming your business as being a women/minority-owned or small business enterprise.

    Signature: ________________________________________ Title: ______________

    Print Name: __________________________________________ Date: __________

      SECTION 2


2 Specific Proposal Requirements

2.1 Estimated Schedule
    Milestone                                                          Date
    Request for Proposal Issued                                        9/22/2010
    Professional service firm‟s Acknowledgement of Intent to Submit    9/29/2010
    Form due (electronically)
    Question submitted by Proposer via e-mail by 12:00 noon            9/29/2010
    Clarification Conference at Parkland                               9/30/2010
    Closing Date and Time for Proposal to be submitted to Parkland     10/11/2010 2 PM CST
    RFP Evaluation Period / Analysis Period                            TBD By Committee
    Finalist(s) Notified                                               TBD By Committee
    Best and Final Offers Due*                                         TBD By Committee
    Final Vendor Selected                                              TBD By Committee

 RFP Clarification on 9/30/2010 at 9 am CST in the Medina Conference Room, located at 8435
North Stemmons, Freeway, Suite 920, Dallas, TX 75247. Due to limited space only 2
representatives from each company may attend.
     Milestone dates are estimated for planning purposes only and are subject to change.

     * Best and Final Offer (BAFO) – Parkland reserves the right to cancel or not issue a request for
     Best and Final Offer.

2.2 Parkland Health & Hospital System Agent

        Questions concerning the requirements for submission of the proposal should be addressed
        during the RFP Clarification Conference. However, under unusual circumstances, professional
        service firms may contact the person(s) listed below for guidance during the proposal
        submission period. All professional service firms‟ questions regarding this RFP must be
        addressed to Toni Ashon and must reference the appropriate RFP page
        and section number. Questions must be in writing and must be received by September 29, 2010,
        (electronically by e-mail) by 12:00 pm noon in order to receive a response. Responses to
        appropriate questions will be issued to all potential professional service firms at the clarification
        conference. Professional service firms are advised that only the Parkland point-of-contact
        identified below can clarify issues regarding this RFP. No other employee of Parkland is
        empowered to make binding statements regarding this RFP. Any clarifications regarding this
        RFP will be issued in writing as amendments to the RFP. No statements, clarifications, or
        opinions regarding this RFP are valid or binding except those issued in writing by the Parkland
      General Terms & Conditions

      Toni Ashon___________________
      Purchasing Department
      Parkland Health & Hospital System
      8435 N. Stemmons, Suite 920
      Dallas, TX 75247
      Phone: (214) 590-4944
      Fax: (214) 590-4155

       The above named individual will maintain a record of all communications, the questions asked and
       the responses given during the proposal due diligence process.

2.3    Contractual Information
       2.3.1   Disqualification of Professional service firms: Professional service firms may be
               disqualified from contract award for these and other comparable situations or conditions: Collusion between a Parkland employee and the Professional service firm. The Company, any Sub-provider or Professional service firm is in litigation with Parkland. Professional service firm in arrears on any existing Contract or having defaulted on previous
               contract. Lack of competency as revealed by pertinent factors, including but not limited to, experience
               and equipment, financial statement and questionnaires. Incomplete work that in the judgment of Parkland will prevent or hinder the prompt
               completion of additional work awarded. Professional service firm has failed to perform in a satisfactory manner on a previous
               contract. Professional service firms communicating with Parkland staff or Management or their
               representative(s) regarding this RFP or proposals, other than the persons listed as exception in
               this RFP. Offerings of gifts and/or gratuities to any Parkland employees. Non-compliance of Parkland rules for professional service firms/visitors. Failure to respond to all or part of the RFP‟s stated requirements, request for
               information, or other data required by Parkland within this RFP. Identified on the Federal Government Health and Human Services (HHS) List of Excluded
               Individual / Entities (LEIE); the General Services Administration (GSA) Excluded Parties
               List; the State of Texas Medicaid Excluded Provider List; or the federal government terrorist

2.3.2   Equal Opportunity: In fulfilling this order, the professional service firm agrees to abide by
        the provisions of Section 202 of Executive Order 11246 in regard to Equal Employment

2.3.3   Multiple Awards: Parkland reserves the right to award contracts based on this RFP to more
        than one professional service firm.

2.3.4   Multiple Offers: Alternate proposals considerably beyond the scope of work may be
        submitted with prior approval from Parkland. If deemed advantageous to Parkland, they may
        be evaluated and considered. Professional service firms shall identify alternates as being
        such and shall document the advantages and differences from the specifications. Parkland is
        under no obligation to consider or accept alternate proposals and reserves the right to reject
        any and all such proposals.

2.3.5   Contract Terms and Conditions: The appropriate terms and conditions, laws and
        regulations of the State of Texas will apply to any contract that may arise from this RFP. The
        terms and conditions of the resulting contract shall conform in all materials respects to the
        sample agreement set forth in Section 8 of this RFP. Legal venue is Dallas County, State of

2.3.6   Oral Presentations / Product Demonstrations: Parkland reserves the right to request oral
        presentations / product demonstrations by one or more professional service firms. Oral
        presentations may be made at a time and place to be determined by Parkland. If oral
        presentations are requested by Parkland, a professional service firm‟s proposed key personnel
        must attend and take an active role in presenting the professional service firm‟s proposal. At
        that time, Parkland may elect to interview the professional service firm‟s proposed key
        personnel. Professional service firms may not make any comments or references to other
        professional service firms that may or may not have submitted a proposal in response to this

2.3.7   Acceptance of RFP process: A professional service firm that submits a proposal in response
        to this RFP agrees, on its own behalf and on behalf of any parent or subordinate organization
        and all proposed Sub-professional service firms, to the following: That it accepts without reservation or limitation as lawful and binding the proposal
        submission requirements and rules and the procurement procedures, processes, and
        specifications identified in this RFP, including any RFP amendment and all appendices to this
        RFP. That it accepts without reservation or limitation as lawful and binding Parkland‟s criteria for
        professional service firm evaluation methodology and evaluation process. That it accepts without reservation or limitation as lawful and binding Parkland‟s sole,
        unrestricted right to reject any or all proposals submitted in response to this RFP. That it accepts without reservation or limitation as lawful and binding the substantive,
        professional, legal, procedural, and technical propriety of the scope of work in the RFP.

                                                                                                    15 That, if awarded a contract as the result of this RFP, it accepts without reservation or
              limitation the contractual language found in this RFP, unless professional service firm has
              raised any objections in writing in the proposal.

2.4 Woman/Minority Participation

      2.4.1   Policy and Definition: It is the policy of Parkland to better maximize opportunities for
              Woman/Minority Business Enterprise (W/MBE) to participate in Parkland‟s procurement
              activities. Parkland is committed to identifying; seeking out and assisting W/MBEs to
              become familiar with Parkland‟s requirements for goods, services and construction. When a
              contract award is made, the awardees will be required to demonstrate that good faith efforts
              have been and will be extended to W/MBEs to become its subcontractors. Parkland, its
              contractors and subcontractors, shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,
              national origin, sex, age or physical handicap in the award and/or performance of contracts.
              A Woman/Minority Business Enterprise (W/MBE) is an enterprise that is either a Woman
              Owned Business or a Minority-Owned Business. Woman Owned Business is a concern that is at least 51% owned by one or more woman or,
              in the case of publicly owned concerns, in which at least 51% of the stock is owned by one or
              more woman; whose management of daily operations is controlled by one or more of the
              women who own it; and in which the woman is a U.S. citizens or resident aliens. Minority Owned Business is a concern that is at least 51% owned by one or more minority
              individuals, in the case of publicly owned concerns, in which at least 51% of the stock is
              owned by one or more minority individuals; whose management of daily operations is
              controlled by one or more of minority individuals who own it; and in which the minority
              individuals are U.S. citizens or resident aliens. Minority individuals are persons who are African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native
              Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Asian-Indian Americans, and other minorities as
              interpreted by an appropriate certifying agency (such as DFW Minority Business
              Development Council).

      2.4.2   Good Faith Effort: The following criterion has been established as a Good Faith Effort by
              Parkland for Goods and Services. Goods & Services: As a good faith effort to implement this policy, the District has
              established a criterion of 25% for W/MBE participation for goods and services. The
              achievement of this objective will be measured based on the availability of opportunities with
              W/MBEs. Therefore, a purchase that provides no opportunity to contract with W/MBEs
              (e.g., purchase from group purchasing organizations, large capital equipment purchase,
              pharmaceutical purchases, etc.) will not be included in the calculation of total goods/services
              available for purchases.

      2.4.3   W/MBE Policy Compliance: In engaging sub-professional service firms, Professional
              service firm shall make good efforts to utilize Woman and Minority Business Enterprise in
              accordance with Parkland‟s policies as set forth herein, and shall document those efforts.
              Upon request by Parkland, Professional service firm shall provide such documentation to
              Parkland. Professional service firm will be required to demonstrate that good faith efforts
              have been and will be extended to W/MBEs to become secondary professional service firms.
              Parkland, its primary professional service firms and secondary professional service firms,

                shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or
                physical handicap in the award and/ or performance of contracts. Professional service firms shall complete Forms A (Commitment Agreement) and B
              (Commitment Worksheet), if applicable, specified at Appendix B, and submit with the
              proposal response. Within thirty (30) days following the effective date of the contract or
              agreement, Professional service firm shall submit a monthly report on Form C (Progress
              Assessment Report) specified at Appendix B.

      2.4.4     Establishing a Good Faith Effort: As part of any contract award, Primary tier professional
                service firms must identify a "good faith effort" to secure Woman/Minority Business
                Enterprises (W/MBE) as sub-providers. Documentation of your companies' processes to
                actively pursue the fulfillment of a good faith effort may be required at any time from the
                point of award, through contract completion. Fulfilling a "good faith effort" may be
                accomplished by:   Directly contacting W/MBE owned firms to determine if they can perform the contract as a
                sub-provider;   Subdividing the statement of work proposed so W/MBE concerns may have an improved
                opportunity to become a sub-provider.   Documenting each W/MBE firm contacted the work or subcontract effort offered, the
                conclusion or decision regarding contract inclusion, and the reasons for selection or denial.   Efforts to assist W/MBE firms contacted that need assistance in obtaining bonding, lines of
                credit, or insurance.   Efforts that demonstrate your company effectively used the services of available community
                organizations, contractor groups, local, state, or federal W/MBE assistance offices, and other
                organizations that provide assistance and placement of W/MBE businesses.   Use of W/MBE vendors who have been certified through the North Central Texas Regional
                Certification Agency (NCTRCA), the state of Texas or any other recognized certification
                process.   Adopting innovative approaches to support W/MBE professional service firms, such as
                mentoring, incubating, or joint venture agreements.   Establishing a professional service firm diversity program, with written corporate policies,
                reflecting high-level commitment and dedicated personnel.   Active participation in W/MBE events, conferences, networking activities.

2.5   Evaluation Process

      2.5.1     Parkland will select the successful professional service firm(s) through a formal evaluation
                process. Parkland will consider capabilities or advantages that are clearly described in the
                proposal, confirmed by oral presentations or product demonstrations, if required, and verified
                by information from reference sources contacted by Parkland, if required. Parkland reserves
                the right to contact individuals, entities or organizations that have had recent dealings with
                the professional service firm or staff proposed for this effort, whether or not the professional
                service firm identifies them. Prior to the receipt of proposals, an Evaluation Committee will
                be established.      The committee will include Parkland employees, or professional
                representatives of Parkland.

                                                                                                             17 Initial Screening: The Evaluation Committee will review all proposals for compliance and
             responsiveness. Non-compliant or incomplete proposals may be returned to the professional
             service firm for clarification and resubmission or rejected entirely. Proposal Evaluation: The Evaluation Committee will conduct an in-depth evaluation of each
             proposal using the criteria set forth below. Once the evaluations are complete, the proposals
             will be reduced to those with the highest probability for award. The Evaluation Committee
             may elect to require oral presentations or product demonstrations from the professional
             service firms concerning the information contained in their proposals. Any invitation for an
             oral presentation / product demonstration will be solely for the purpose of clarifying
             proposals received from the professional service firm, and will not represent any decision on
             the part of the Evaluation Committee as to the selection of a professional service firm. Best and Final Offer (BAFO): After discussions and/or presentations with professional
             service firms, non-compliance with any required response or any provision of the RFP may
             eliminate a professional service firm from further consideration at this time. A Best and Final
             Offer (BAFO) request will be extended to each remaining finalist. The BAFOs will be
             received, evaluated, and a recommendation will be made for approval and award of the

                                EVALUATION CRITERIA

            CRITERIA                            CRITERIA DEFINITION                         MAXIMUM
1   Delivery                         An assessment of the Vendor‟s ability to                  10
                                     deliver the indicated service in accordance
                                     with the specifications set out in this RFP.
2   Proposed solution                The extent to which Vendor‟s proposed                        20
                                     solution fulfills Parkland Hospitals stated
                                     requirements as set out in this RFP.
3   Vendor History                   The Vendor‟s stability, experiences, and record              20
                                     of past performance in delivering such
4   Certifications                   Availability of sufficient high quality Vendor               20
                                     personnel with the required skills and
                                     experience for the specific approach proposed.
5   Cost                             Overall cost of Vendor‟s proposal.                           30
                                     Total Points                                                100

2.6   RFP Scoring
       Grading: All professional service firm responses will be graded using the following criteria and
       weighting. Incomplete responses will be graded with a zero (0) and will count against the overall
       score. Items that non-applicable will be left blank and will not count against the professional service
       firm‟s final score.
               „Blank‟ – Not applicable
               0 – No response provided
               1 – Unacceptable
               2 – Poor
               3 – Satisfactory
               4 – Exceptional
2.7   Other Required Information and Items
      2.7.1 Provide at least 5 references of similar size and capacity (Hospitals) include name of
      facility, contact person and contact information.

      2.7.2   Inoculation records of your on-site personnel.
      2.7.3   Proof of background check of your on-site personnel.
      2.7.4   Required Panduit certification

                                           SECTION 3


Purpose This document establishes minimum guidelines for the implementation of new and replacement
of existing structured cabling (see paragraph I.D.1. for types of cabling covered.) Individual projects may
have specific elements requiring installations that exceed these requirements. PHHS’s Information
Technology Division (IT) may waive these minimum requirements under special circumstances and in
This document does not contain complete design elements and should not be used as a project bid
document. It shall be used as a guideline along with other inputs (IS recommendations, end-user
requests, architect and engineer coordination, etc.) as a component of an engineered cabling system

This document may repeat or modify requirements from other standards to emphasize or to better
associate those standards with specific PHHS’s operations and configurations. Omission, in this
document of additional examples and requirements from the referenced standards does not imply that
only the mentioned portions of the standards should be utilized in developing a cabling project.

Scope of Services and Specifications

3.1 Install one Cat.5e cable per Language line phone location. As indicated in Appendix A and
Appendex B.

                   3.1.1 Cat. 5e shall be white, UTP and plenum cable.

3.2 Test and label each cable as indicated in the “Cabling Systems Standards for Parkland”

                   3.2.2 Send test results and as builds to Todd Plaster for review.

3.3 Install two tie cables (100 pair each).

                   3.3.1 East Dallas the tie cable to be pulled for the 4th floor to the 7th floor TC.
                   3.3.2 South East Dallas pull 100 pair cable for the 1st floor to the 3rd floor TC.
                   3.3.3 Include Systimax 110 style terminal block part #110AB2-100FT at each TC.
                   3.3.4 Include 20 x 110C-4 at each TC.

3.4 Coordinate drop locations with Parkland before installation starts.

3.5 Language line phones to be installed by Parkland.

3.6. Room numbers on Appendex A spread sheet are located on the Appendex B document. The
Appendix B document is in PDF format.

3.7. Install phone back boards for each Language line phone location. Back boards supplied by
Parkland Hospital.

                                  SECTION 4

             Cable-Drop Locations

  Parkland Facility      Cables               Address                   Floor
    Bluitt Flowers        25            303 Overton Rd, Dallas         Floor 1
  Deharo Salvdivar        47       1400 N Westmoreland Rd. Dallas
     East Dallas          20           3320 Live Oak St. Dallas        Floor 6
                          18                                           Floor 7
       Garland            33            802 Hopkins, Garland           Floor 1
                           2                                           Floor 2
      Oak West            19        4201 Brook Springs Dr.. Dallas     Floor 1
  Southeast Dallas        12            9202 Elam Rd. Dallas           Ground
                          10                                           Floor 1
                          11                                           Floor 2
                           6                                           Floor 3
       Vickery             8            8224 Park Lane, Dallas         Floor 1
Amelia Ct. - Main Bldg    10          1936 Amelia Ct. Dallas, TX       Floor 2

       TOTAL              221

     PHHS Main            23           1H-Urology/Urgent Care          1st/clinic
  5201 Harry Hines        23      4H-Med. Specialty/Ophthalmology      4th/clinic
  Dallas, TX 75235        25      5H-ENT/Oral Surgery/Acute Dialysis   5th/clinic
                          47      6H-Derm/Ophth/Kidney Transplant      6th/clinic
                          45         7H-Medicine Specialty/PCIM        7th/clinic

       TOTAL              162


                                    SECTION 5


5.1 Lump-sum price for all cable drops listed in Section 4. Pricing shall include all labor, supplies,
cable and equipment and any other cost to perform the cabling services for the cable-drop locations.

     5.1.1 Cable Drops 383 total $____________

      5.1.2    Price for additional drops within the locations in Section 4   $_________/drop

5.2 Parkland reserves the rights to select/award a contract for cabling services on time & material
basis. Pricing will be firm for a minimum of 24 months. The following rates will apply to this

5.3 Labor Rates:

       5.3.1   Rates- Monday-Friday 8a.m.-5p.m.
                    A. Lead Tech                                  $________ Hour
                    B. Cable Puller                               $_________Hour
                    C. Other ( Specify)                           $_________Hour
                    D. Other (Specify)                            $_________Hour

      5.3.2    Rates-Monday-Friday After Hours
                    A. Lead Tech                                  $_________Hour
                    B. Cable Puller                               $_________ Hour
                    C. Other ( Specify)                           $_________ Hour
                    D. Other (Specify)                            $ _________Hour

      5.3.3    Rates-Weekend & Holidays
                    A. Lead Tech                                  $_________Hour
                    B. Cable Puller                               $_________ Hour
                    C. Other ( Specify)                           $_________ Hour
                    D. Other (Specify)                            $ _________Hour

5.4 Include any language on discounts offered for early invoice payment (2/15 net 30, etc.).

6 Questions

6.1    Questions:

6.1.1 Will a single point of contact handle the PHHS account?

6.1.2 What are your business hours do you have any after hours such as holidays/weekends?

6.1.3 What are your companies and identified staff‟s qualification to perform this service?

6.1.4 What is the largest single project your company has performed this type of service?

6.1.5 Does your company anticipate using any Subcontractors for this project

6.1.6 Is your company in any current litigation with any Government agencies? State,Local or

6.1.7 What is the length of time your company has been in business?

6.1.8 If requested would your company agree to furnish audited Financial Statements?

6.1.9 Is your company up for sale or involved in a current merger/acquisition talks with another

6.1.10 How many other healthcare facilities are your currently providing services for?

 Woman/Minority Business Enterprise Forms

                 APPENDIX A


                                                    FORM A
                                   Parkland Health & Hospital Systems
                                    Sub-provider Monitoring System

                                      COMMITMENT AGREEMENT
                         Complete this form for each W/MBE Sub-provider

        Contract #                                         Assigned Goal %

                Description of Work                                                  Dollar Amount
 (List by category of work. Attach additional pages)                           (For each category of work)

Total Commitment Amount:                                        $
IMPORTANT: The signatures of the Prime Provider and W/MBE and second tier sub-provider, if any (both W/MBE and
Non-W/MBE), and the total commitment amount must always be on the same page.
Primary Provider Name, Address, Phone




Sub-Provider Name, Address, Phone



                                    FORM B
                         Parkland Health & Hospital Systems
                          Sub-provider Monitoring System

                               COMMITMENT WORKSHEET

      Contract #:

      Assigned Goal %:

      Prime Provider:

      Total Contract Amount:

  Sub-provider(s)        W/MBE          Type        Expiration Date   $ Amount or
     (List All)                        Of Work                         % of Work

 Sub-provider(s) contract or % of Work Totals

Total W/MBE Commitment Dollars of Contract:

Total W/MBE Commitment Percentage of Contract:
                                          FORM C
                            Parkland Health & Hospital Systems
                             Sub-provider Monitoring System

                                 PROGRESS ASSESSMENT REPORT

Prime Provider Original Contract Amount: $_______________Contract #: RFP

Approved Supplemental Agreements:             $_________________________

Date of Execution:__________________                     Total Contract Amount:

 Type    Sub-provider   Category of   Total Sub-   % Total     Amount Paid     Amount             Subcontract
W/MBE                     Work         provider    Contract    This Period   Paid To Date      Balance Remaining
                                       Amount      Amount

Fill out Progress Assessment Report with each estimate submitted, for all subcontracts,
sub-providers, and forward as follows:
Purchasing Dept., 8435 N. Stemmons Frwy. Suite 920, Dallas, Texas 75247
Submission of this report for periods of W/MBE inactivity is required. This report is
required throughout the term of the contract unless Supplier has certified that no work
would be subcontracted.

I hereby certify that the above is a true and correct statement of the amounts paid to the
firms listed above.

Print Name-Company Official W/MBE Liaison                     Office Signature              Phone

Date                                      Email address:

                           SERVICES AGREEMENT

        This Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into to be
effective the ___ day of _____, 20__, by and between the Dallas County Hospital
District, a political subdivision of the State of Texas, doing business as Parkland
Health & Hospital System ("Parkland") and ___________ (“Contractor”).


       WHEREAS, Contractor is engaged in the business of _____________.

       WHEREAS, Contractor desires to provide to Parkland and Parkland
desires to obtain from Contractor, those services described in Exhibit A hereto.

        WHEREAS, the parties intend that Contractor shall be an independent
contractor with Parkland under this Agreement and not an employee of or partner
or joint venturer with Parkland.

        NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and
sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Parkland and Contractor (referred
to herein as the “Parties”) enter into this Agreement on the following terms and

1.     Contractor Responsibilities

        1.1   Contractor shall provide the various services, information, reports
and other deliverables (collectively, “Services”) described in Exhibit A, pursuant
to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Contractor shall perform all
Services in a professional and workmanlike manner using only qualified

       1.2     Except as otherwise provided by Exhibit A, Contractor shall
provide all equipment and other resources necessary for the timely performance
of Services hereunder, and Contractor shall provide and supervise all personnel
necessary for the timely performance of Services hereunder.

       1.3     Contractor shall report directly to _______, __________________.

       1.4    Contractor shall provide its Services hereunder in accordance with
the schedule set forth at Exhibit A hereto. With respect to Contractor’s duties to
perform services in accordance with such schedule, time is of the essence.

       1.5      Contractor warrants and represents that there are no agreements
to which it is a party which would prevent its timely and complete performance of
the terms and conditions of the Agreement, and Contractor agrees not to enter
into any such agreement during the pendency of this Agreement. Contractor
shall devote its best efforts to performing the Services required by and in
accordance with this Agreement.

       1.6    Contractor, as well as its agents, representatives, and employees
shall comply with all Parkland rules, regulations, and guidelines then in effect
when on-site at Parkland.

2.     Compensation

      2.1    The full compensation payable to Contractor for all Services
hereunder shall be calculated in accordance with Exhibit A.

         2.2     Contractor shall pay all applicable taxes related to the
compensation payable hereunder, and Parkland will not withhold taxes for
Contractor or Contractor’s employees. Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold
harmless Parkland as provided in section 7 hereof from and against any and all
liability arising from any failure of Contractor to pay or withhold any applicable tax
when due.

        2.3    Contractor shall pay all wages, insurance, and related employment
costs and benefits for Contractor’s employees who render Services related to this
Agreement. Contractor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Parkland as
provided in section 7 hereof from and against any and all liability arising from any
failure of Contractor to pay any wages or other employee benefits when due.

3.     Termination

       2.1    The term of this Agreement and/or the dates required for the
provision of Contractor’s Services hereunder shall be as set forth in Exhibit A
hereto; provided that Parkland shall have the right and privilege of terminating
this Agreement on thirty (30) calendar days prior written notice to Contractor.
The exercise of such right of termination shall be in Parkland’s sole and absolute

discretion without stating cause therefore and without further liability to
Contractor, except payment for services rendered. During the thirty (30) day
notice period, Contractor may perform services previously scheduled for
performance during the period, but it may not accelerate performance.

4.    Proprietary Information and Non-Disclosure

       4.1     Contractor acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement creates a
relationship of confidence and trust on the part of Contractor for the benefit of
Parkland. During the term of this Agreement, Contractor may acquire certain
“Confidential Information” (as defined under section 4.2 hereof) from or regarding
Parkland employees, agents and representatives or documents, or otherwise as
a result of performing the Services of Contractor hereunder.

       4.2         “Confidential Information” as used herein, shall mean and
include, without limitation:

             4.2.1 Any information concerning Parkland which is provided by
                   Parkland to Contractor, such as accounting and financial
                   data, product, marketing, development, pricing and related
                   business plans and budgets, and all of the information and
                   plans of Parkland which are not published.

             4.2.2 All information of every kind and nature whatsoever
                   concerning patients including, without limiting the generality
                   of the foregoing, medical records.

       4.3    Contractor acknowledges and agrees that all such Confidential
Information is and shall be deemed the sole, exclusive, confidential and
proprietary property and trade secrets of Parkland at all times during the term of
this Agreement and following any expiration of termination hereof. Contractor
agrees to hold in confidence without disclosing or otherwise using any
Confidential Information, except as such disclosure or use may be required in
connection with and limited to the Services of Contractor hereunder.

       4.4    Contractor acknowledges and agrees that Parkland would not have
entered into this Agreement unless Parkland were assured that all such
Confidential Information would be held in confidence by Contractor, in trust for
the sole benefit of Parkland.

        4.5    During the term of this Agreement, Contractor shall not improperly
use or disclose any proprietary information or trade secrets of any third party and
will not bring on to the premises of Parkland any unpublished documents or any

property belonging to any third party unless consented to in writing by the third

        4.6    Contractor’s obligation of confidentiality hereunder shall not apply
to information that (a) is already in Contractor’s possession without an obligation
of confidentiality, (b) is rightfully disclosed to Contractor by a third party with no
obligation of confidentiality, or (c) is required to be disclosed by court or
regulatory order, provided Contractor gives Parkland prompt notice of any such

       4.7   Parkland shall have the perpetual and unrestricted right to use,
copy, and incorporate into other works all reports, materials, presentations and
other work product prepared by Contractor and delivered to Parkland.

      4.8     Upon any termination or expiration of this Agreement, Contractor
agrees to deliver to Parkland any and all Confidential Information.

        4.9    Contractor is providing these services solely for Parkland’s use and
benefit. Parkland will own all tangible written material or products delivered to it
under this Agreement, except as follows: Contractor will own its working papers
and pre-existing materials and any general skills, know-how, processes, or other
intellectual property (including a non-client specific version of any deliverables)
which may have been discovered or created by Contractor as a result of its
provision of the services contemplated by this Agreement. Parkland will have a
nonexclusive, non-transferable license to use such materials included in the
deliverables for its own use as part of such deliverables.

       4.10 Contractor agrees not to make any written use of or reference to
Parkland’s name for any marketing, public relation, advertising, display or other
business purpose or make any use of Parkland’s facilities for any activity
unrelated to the express business purposes and interests of Parkland under this
Agreement, without the prior written consent of Parkland, which consent may be
withheld or granted in Parkland’s sole and absolute discretion.

       4.11 Contractor acknowledges and agrees that the remedy at law for the
breach of provisions of this section 4 may be inadequate and that Parkland may
be entitled to injunctive relief without bond, in addition to any other rights or
remedies which Parkland may have for such breach.

       4.12 Contractor agrees that the obligations, covenants and agreements
of Contractor and the rights of Parkland as set forth in this section 4 shall survive
any termination or expiration of this Agreement.

5.    Record Access and Disclosure

      5.1    Contractor’s reports will be as described in Exhibit A.

       5.2     Contractor shall maintain all necessary financial books and records
according to standard accounting principles in order to provide a full accounting
of Contractor’s activities under this Agreement. Contractor shall make such
books and records available upon reasonable notice to Parkland or its agents for
inspection and shall provide copies of such information to Parkland upon receipt
of a written request therefore.

      5.3     Contractor shall comply with all laws, regulations and ordinances
now in effect or hereafter adopted regarding the retention and availability of its
books and records. Such compliance shall include, without limitation,
compliance with the provisions of Section 1861 (v)(1)(I) of the Social Security Act
as more particularly provided under section 5.4 hereof.

       5.4    For the purpose of implementing Section 1861 (v)(1)(I) of the
Social Security Act, as amended and any written regulations thereto, Contractor
shall comply with the following statutory requirement concerning the maintenance
of documentation to verify the cost of Services performed under this Agreement.

             5.4.1 Until the expiration of four (4) years after the furnishing of all
                   Services pursuant to this Agreement, Contractor will make
                   available, upon written request of the Secretary of Health
                   and Human Services, or upon request of the Comptroller
                   General of the United States, or any of their duly authorized
                   representatives, the Agreement, and books, documents and
                   records of such Contractor that are necessary to certify the
                   nature and extent of such costs, and

             5.4.2 If Contractor carries out any of the duties under this
                   Agreement through a subcontract, with a value or cost of
                   $10,000 or more over a twelve-month period, with a related
                   organization (as that term is defined by regulation), such
                   subcontract shall contain a clause to the effect that until the
                   expiration of four years after the furnishing of such services
                   pursuant to such subcontract, the related organization shall
                   make available, upon written request to any of their duly
                   authorized representatives, the subcontract, and books,
                   documents and records of such organization that are
                   necessary to verify the nature and extent of such costs.

       5.5     Parkland and/or any third party contracted by Parkland shall have
the unrestricted right to audit all data, documents, services, and deliverables
related to this Agreement. Such information shall be furnished to Parkland at a
mutually convenient time within a reasonable time. Should Parkland determine it
reasonably necessary, Contractor shall make all of its records, books and
documents reasonably related to this Agreement available to authorized
Parkland personnel or its designees, at reasonable times and within reasonable
periods, for inspection or auditing purposes or to substantiate the provisions of
services under this Agreement. This provision shall survive the termination of this

6.     Independent Contractor

      6.1    It is mutually understood and agreed that Contractor and its
employees at all times shall be acting as independent contractors and shall not
be deemed employees of Parkland and that this Agreement shall not be
construed as creating a partnership or joint venture between Contractor and

        6.2     Contractor agrees to enter into agreements with its employees and
independent contractors by which Contractor’s employees and independent
contractors acknowledge that they are employees or independent contractors
solely of Contractor and not Parkland and as such Contractor shall bear full
responsibility for performing all duties and making all payments to and for the
benefit of such employees and independent contractors, including, without
limitation, withholding taxes and the provision of Workers’ Compensation

7.     Indemnification

         7.1   Contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless Parkland and its
affiliates and their trustees, directors, officers, employees, and agents from and
against any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses,
damages and liabilities arising out of the wrongful or negligent acts or omissions
of Contractor, its employees, and agents during the term hereof. In particular,
Contractor acknowledges that Contractor's obligation to indemnify Parkland
extends to any liability arising out of any actual or alleged negligence by Contractor
in the delivery of any services under this Agreement. Contractor further agrees to
hold Parkland harmless for all claims of injury to Contractor’s employees
including but not limited to medical and legal expenses. Should Parkland be
required to expend any monies in connection with the above, Contractor hereby

agrees to reimburse and/or indemnify Parkland for any expenses associated with
on-the-job injuries of Contractor’s employees. This provision shall survive
termination or expiration of this Agreement.

8.     Insurance

         8.1     During the term of this Agreement, Contractor shall, at its sole cost
and expense, procure and maintain such policies of comprehensive general
liability, professional liability, and workers compensation insurance to insure it
and its employees against liability for damages directly or indirectly related to the
performance or non-performance of any services provided hereunder, and the
use of any Parkland property and facilities provided by Parkland in connection
with this Agreement. Proof of such coverage shall be provided by Contractor to
Parkland upon Contractor's receipt of written notice requesting such information.

9.     Incorporation of RFP

        9.1      The terms of Parkland’s Request for Proposal (“RFP ”) for RFP
MS- _____ _______ Services and any amendments thereto, if any,
(collectively, “RFP”), and the terms of Contractor's response to the RFP and
amendments thereto, if any, (collectively, “Proposal”), are incorporated into this
Agreement by this reference as if fully set forth in this Agreement except that any
legal terms or conditions supplied by Contractor, as well as any assumption or
reservations made by Contractor shall be of no effect. The parties are obligated
to perform as set forth in the RFP and the Proposal to the same extent that they
are obligated to perform the specific duties set forth in this Agreement.

        9.2     In the event of any conflict between the specific provisions of this
Agreement, the RFP, or the Proposal, the conflict shall be resolved as follows:
first, by giving priority to the specific provisions of this Agreement; second, by
giving priority to the specific provisions of the RFP; and third, by giving priority to
the specific provisions of the Proposal.

10.    Miscellaneous Provisions

       10.1      Except as otherwise provided by Exhibit A, all meetings and
conferences, the provision of all required information to Contractor by Parkland
and the interface of Parkland’s and Contractor’s personnel, shall take place at
Parkland’s offices. Services performed at any of Parkland’s facilities by
Contractor shall be performed in accordance with all applicable Parkland policies,
rules and regulations, it being understood and agreed that the sole interest of

Parkland is to assure that the Services required by this Agreement shall be
performed and rendered in a competent, efficient and satisfactory manner.

       10.2 Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed to permit
assignment by either party of any right or obligation under this Agreement without
the other party’s written consent and such assignment is expressly prohibited
and will be void.

       10.3     All notices required to be served hereunder shall be in writing,
postage prepaid, addressed to the Party to whom service is to be given, as
hereinafter provided, and shall be served upon the other either personally or by
registered or certified mail. Service by registered or certified mail, return receipt
requested, shall be conclusively deemed made seventy-two (72) hours after
deposit thereof in the United States mail as shown on the addressee’s certificate
or registry receipt. All notices or demands shall be given at the following
addresses or such other addresses as either Parkland of Contractor may from
time to time designate by written notice given to the other Party as hereinafter

       If to Contractor:           ____________________
            Attention:             _________________________

       If to Parkland:      Parkland Health & Hospital System
                            5201 Harry Hines Blvd.
                            Dallas, Texas 75235
            Attention:      Vice President, _______________

       Copy to:              Parkland Health & Hospital System
                            5201 Harry Hines Boulevard
                            Dallas, Texas 75235
            Attention:      General Counsel, Legal Affairs

       10.4       Parkland and Contractor shall abide by all federal and state
laws, regulations, rules and ordinances relating to the subject matter hereof.

       10.5       Contractor shall not discriminate against any person because of
race, creed, color, national origin, religion, gender, veteran status, or handicap or
as otherwise may be prohibited by law.

        10.6       This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in
accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. Venue for any lawsuit to enforce
or interpret this Agreement shall be in an appropriate court located in Dallas
County, Texas.

      10.7        No provision of this Agreement may be waived, changed,
amended, modified, or the termination or discharge thereof agreed to except by
the mutual written agreement of Parkland and Contractor.

      10.8       This Agreement and the Exhibits hereto constitute and are
intended to constitute the final, entire, complete and exclusive agreement
between the Parties hereto pertaining to the subject matter hereof. This
Agreement and the Exhibits hereto expressly supersede any and all prior written
and oral agreements and understandings between the Parties hereto with
respect to the subject matter hereof.

        10.9       Contractor agrees to respect and maintain the confidentiality of
all medical information and any patient information which it may receive pursuant
to the Agreement. Contractor agrees that any such information received shall
not be disclosed to any third party without the written authorization of the patient
and Parkland except as otherwise required by law. Further, the Parties
understand and agree that this Agreement may be subject to the Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and the Privacy and Security
Regulations, 45 C.F.R. Parts 160, 162 and 164 issued under said Act (“HIPAA”).
The Parties agree to strictly comply with HIPAA and to execute any documents
that may be required by HIPAA. Failure of Contractor to execute any documents
concerning compliance with HIPAA and/or any other applicable state or federal
confidentiality laws, rules, regulations or administrative guidance when requested
by Parkland shall be a material breach of this Agreement and will, at the option of
Parkland, permit Parkland to immediately terminate this Agreement. Parkland
will determine, in its sole discretion, whether the execution of such documents is
necessary to comply with applicable law.

       10.10      Contractor represents and warrants that all services provided
comply with applicable laws. Contractor represents and warrants to Parkland that
(a) Contractor is not excluded from any federal health care program, as defined
under 42 USC Section 1320a-7b(f), for the provision of items or services for
which payment may be made under a federal health care program; (b) no basis
for exclusion from any health care program exists; (c) Contractor has not
arranged or contracted (by employment or otherwise) with any employee,

contractor, or agent that Contractor knows or should know are excluded from
participation in any federal health care program; and (d) no final adverse action,
as such term is defined under 42 USC Section 1320a-7e(g), has occurred or is
pending or threatened against Contractor or to Contractor's knowledge against
any employee, contractor or agent engaged to provide items or services under
this Agreement (collectively "Exclusions/Adverse Actions"). Contractor, during
the term of the Agreement, shall notify Parkland of any Exclusions/Adverse
Actions or any basis thereof within fifteen (15) days of its learning of any such
Exclusions/Adverse Actions or any basis thereof.

        10.11      In accordance with the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, (Pub. Law
No. 109-171), Parkland has adopted written policies and procedures on the False
Claims Act, whistle-blower provisions and the detection and prevention of fraud.
Contractor represents and warrants that Contractor’s business activities with
Parkland and its employees will be conducted in accordance with these policies.
Contractor agrees to review the Parkland policy on the False Claims Act and the
Parkland Code of Conduct & Ethics on Questions should be directed to
Parkland’s Compliance Department at (214) 590-1171. Contractor
acknowledges it has an affirmative duty to report any suspected or known
fraudulent activity to the Parkland Compliance Department.

       10.12      Parkland is a political subdivision of the State of Texas.
Parkland shall have the right, upon the failure of the governing body of Parkland
and/or the Dallas County Commissioners Court to appropriate finances to meet
the terms and obligations herein, to terminate this Agreement as of the effective
date of such lack of fiscal funding.

       10.13     All cases, the language and all parts of this Agreement shall be
construed simply, according to their fair meaning and not strictly for or against
either Party.

       10.14      This Agreement shall be binding on and inure to the benefit of
the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns.

       IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have caused this Agreement
to be executed by their respective duly authorized representatives.


By:                     ______           By: ____________________

Its:_________________________            Its: ____________________

Date:_______________________             Date: __________________

                                    EXHIBIT A
                               Services Agreement
                       Dallas County Hospital District d/b/a
                       Parkland Health & Hospital System

1.    Contractor shall


2.    Parkland shall

       2.1    Provide sufficient workspace for Contractor staff to perform their
duties, and provide necessary desk, chairs, telephones, and storage necessary
for Contractor staff to perform duties when Contractor is required by Parkland to
be onsite at Parkland facilities when performing the Services.

3.    Additional Terms and Conditions

      3.1    This Agreement will be effective as of _______, and, unless sooner
terminated, will continue in full force and effect until _________.

      3.2     The Contractor agrees to instruct its personnel that salaries and
payment arrangements between Contractor and its personnel are confidential
and not to be discussed with Parkland personnel.

       3.3  Parkland shall have no liability except as specifically provided in
this Agreement.

4.    Fees

       4.1    In consideration of Contractor’s performance of the Services
required herein, Parkland shall pay to Contractor $______ per hour for approved
Services. As a requirement to receive such monies, Contractor will provide to
Parkland at the end of each month, a detailed invoice of all amounts due to
Contractor, plus a report identifying all services performed by Contractor during
such month all as more specifically set forth below. Parkland shall also
reimburse Contractor for reasonable, actual travel-related out-of-pocket
expenses subject to all Parkland pre-approval requirements and expense
guidelines for contractors. Contractor shall comply with all Parkland expense

        4.2   Contractor agrees to submit complete, fully documented and
accurate itemized invoices, which shall include dates of service, a brief
description of the services provided, and respective time (in hours and quarter
hours) charged per date for Services. If Contractor has incurred travel-related
out-of-pocket expenses in rendering services under this Agreement, Contractor
shall include such travel-related out-of-pocket expenses incurred, in the monthly
invoice, noting dates of expenditure, and a listing of the item(s) and the expenses
incurred for each.

       4.3    Within thirty (30) days of receipt and approval of invoice, Parkland
will pay Contractor the agreed upon fee.

       4.4   Contractor understands and agrees that all billings must be
submitted to Parkland within thirty (30) days of expiration or termination of the
Agreement and any invoices and/or expenses reports submitted thereafter will
not be honored or paid. Parkland must approve any exceptions to this billing
procedure in writing.

      4.5   The maximum fee payable under this Agreement, inclusive of fees
and expenses, shall be $_____________.

RFP Signature Form

                    RFP Signature Page

VENDOR SIGNATURE: Signify acceptance and compliance to the
requirements, terms, and conditions of RFP ME-1402 by signing
Bidder warrants that Bidder has examined and is familiar with the RFP
and its terms and conditions.
Bidder warrants that it has the necessary experience, knowledge,
abilities, skills, and resources to satisfactorily finance and complete this
Bidder certifies that the individual signing this document made part of
the RFP is authorized to sign such documents on behalf of the company
and to bind the company in this project.

                               RFP ME-1402


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