Sheet1 - City of San Antonio by liuqingyan


									                                                                            Citizen Participation Meetings
                                                                                  Public Comments
                                                                                    Nov-Dec 2009

Category                                District Citizen Participation Comments Nov.-Dec 2009
Infrastructure and Neighborhood Needs      1     improve sidewalks along I-10 and Vance Jackson
                                           5     Lone Star Neighborhood Assoc. - sidewalks between Probant and Bank along Park Road
                                           5     Lone Star Neighborhood - need for senior transportation
                                           5     ADA improvements at Briscoe
                                           5     Collins Garden neighborhood- curbs on north and south bound streets
                                           5     Collins Garden neighborhood - sidewalks that lead to bus routes and community centers
                                           5     Avenida Guadalupe neighborhood - sidewalks along El Paso and Navidad
                                           5     Guadalupe street - increase street lighting
                                           5     Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center needs capital improvement
                                           5     capital improvements needed near Guadalupe Church
                                           5     need for capital improvements in general
                                           8     need for bicycle accessibility to businesses and parks
                                           8     dangerous bus stop and limited disability access at Oakdell Way and Hamilton Wolfe
                                           8     sidewalks and accessibility for people with disabilities, esp. along Prue at Springtime
                                           8     need for a sidewalk or curb at the intersection of Oakdell Way and Danny Kaye Dr.
                                           8     vacant lot at Oakdell Way and Hamilton Wolfe
                                           8     Babcock and Springtime has an apartment complex with no disability access
                                           8     need for walkability, avoid fences which block access to shopping centers
                                           9     dilapidated road infrastructure is a major concern
                                           10    traffic signal needed at the corner of O'Connor and Royal Ridge
                                           10    less project abandonment
Community Services                         5     address vacant commercial buildings
                                           5     avoid code compliance fines and razing of structures
                                           8     vacant apartment complex at Babcock and Springtime
                                         8 &10   need assistance with graffiti clean-up
                                           10    need for after school program at Woodstone Elem.
                                           10    need rape crisis center in Methodist Hospital area
                                           10    landscaping improvements; Crownridge Townhouse Assoc. needs trees and bushes replaced
                                           10    newer homes being tagged along Nacogdoches and Judson (Woodstone area)
                                           10    increase of law enforcement towards gang unit
Special Needs Services                     9     improve support mechanism (HOPWA)
Public/Community Facilities                1     improvements on park on Basse Rd
                                           1     improvement to cement drainage ditch at Wonderland Park
                                           2     maintain & rehab Barbara Jordan Community Center
                                           2     rezoning; how do commercial buildings get built
                                           5     more libraries as well as child care, youth, and senior centers
                                           5     Parish St. Alphonzo senior center needs roof repair
                                           7     curious about how certain areas are considered/evaluation to develop parks
Businesses and Jobs                      1&2     more outreach on economic development programs
                                           2     wanted information on zoning process
                                           2     desired grants for construction of commercial facilities
                                           9     more emphasis on creating jobs and business opportunities
Housing                                    2     more funding for renovation or rehabilitation of homes; pilot programs to preserve historic structures
                                           5     supply more housing for senior citizens
                                           5     improve preservation of structures through housing rehabilitation programs
                                           5     displacement of low income residents/gentrification concerns
                                          9      senior housing in District 9 needs CDBG assistance
Other                                    4&6     desired more and earlier notification about meetings
                                          5      provides supplemental funding to complete projects that are currently underway
                                          5      concentrate funding in poorer districts
                                          5      support Nogalitos/Zarzamora Coalition
                                          9      need for fiscal accountability and responsibility
                                          9       home tax payers not benefiting from federal funds as census tracks are limited to certain areas
                                          10      few areas considered low to moderate income new census for 2010 make-up of area could change

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