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					                                                     stamp (yes
               There are Flowers                     you heard
               and then there are                    right) and
                                                     stamp with it.
               flowers                               When you
                                                     are finish
By Megan Kapma
Flowers are fun items to use on our                  place the
                                                                                                           Welcome from Better
scrapbooking, whether they are silk flowers, piece back
paper flowers or flower stamps. So many of with your                                                       Scrapbooking Ltd.
us enjoy using flowers on our layouts, but           stamp and you will be able to use it whole
how can we get even more effects and uses again. (just so long as it is with the acrylic                   We have a bumper issue for
from our flowers?                                    stamps – you will have to be a wee bit                you this month. Our design
                                                     careful in future uses of that stamp but it
                                                                                                           team has been working oh so
So glad you asked, I am going to take a look should still peel off whole, if not just add in
at some different ways you can alter your            the piece you had cut)                                very hard this month to bring
flowers.                                                                                                   you some amazing Christmas
                                                     When you
                                                                                                           layouts, projects and cards
Let’s start by looking at some paper flowers. have been
These are really easy to alter as paper takes painting and                                                 this month. They have really
                                   so many           you have                                              out done themselves. A very
                                   different         cleaned your                                          BIG thank you to Karen,
                                   mediums. So brush in                                                    Glenna and Sharon de Vos
                                   first we are      water, before
                                   going to take a throwing away the water dip a couple of
                                                                                                           for all the hard work they
                                   pen, here I am flowers (either paper or silk flowers are good           have put in this month.
                                   using the EK      for this
                                   Success writer technique).                                              I have also put together a fun
                                   and I have just You will have                                           article on altering flowers for
                                   doodle on my to be careful                                              scrapbooking so you can get
                                   flower. How       taking out your
                                   simple is that! paper flower as
                                                                                                           more uses and looks from
                                                     it will be very                                       your flowers. I hope you give
Another great look for your flowers is to use waterlogged                                                  these a go and discover
either a script stamp or a flourish stamp for        and could tear.                                       something new that you love.
this techinique. Ink up your stamp of choice, Leave to dry
here I have used a flourish stamp with               overnight and                                         We also have this months
                                      Stazon ink.    the water will have pooled in places so the
                                      If you are     flower will have dark and light patches of
                                                                                                           class schedule attached.
                                      going to       water paint. This is a nice soft look. For a
                                      spray ink      darker look you can paint straight onto your
                                                                                                           Well until next time …
                                      your flower    flowers.
                                      after                                                                ...Better Scrapbooking
                                      stamping       Another soft                                          everyone!
                                      use the        look using
                                      Stazon ink, if paints is
                                      not and your using water
                                      flower is just colour paints,
going to be stamped you can use whichever gently paint                                                     Check this Out …Our
ink you most like to use.                            your paper                                            ScrapPacks are a monthly
                                                     flowers                                               subscription where you can
For another look try using the Tim Holtz             adding colour                                         receive beautiful scrapbooking
Distress ink on your stamp, then spritz your where you                                                     supplies delivered to you each
flower with just a little bit of water and watch want it. Then                                             month for just $45. Subscribe
the ink bleed into your flower.                      using stickles or other glitters, just a touch of     now by either phoning
                                                     glitter to the edges of your flowers.                 0800-252-000 or order yours
Still using a stamp, just stamp the edge of
                                                                                                           from our online shop.
your flower petals. If a large acrylic stamp is The last one I would like to share with you is
just too big try cutting the piece out of your                                     (Continued on page 2)

                                                        Better Scrapbooking Ltd
                                153 Solar Road | Glen Eden | Waitakere | New Zealand | Ph 0800 252 000
(Continued from page 1)
using the spray inks. These give a gorgeous                                                      ScrapPack Premium
sparkle to your flowers. You can either spray
                               close up
                               giving a very
                               dark look or                                                      2 sheets Bazzill Harvest
                               move the                                                          cardstock
                               bottle away                                                       2 sheets Bazzill Mystic
                               from the
                               flower giving
                               a droplet look                                                    2 sheets Bazzill Hazard
                               to the ink.                                                       cardstock.
                                                                                                 1 sheets Teresa Collins
                                   With all these
different ways to alter your flowers you will be
                                                                                                 Freestyle Tags
able to get a lot of different looks to your                                                     2 sheets Teresa Collins
flowers. Try layering your flowers from the                                                      Freestyle Starburst pattern
different techniques and you will be creating                                                    paper
beautiful elements for your scrapbooking
                                                                                                 2 sheets Teresa Collins
layouts and other projects.
                                                                                                 Freestyle Damask pattern
Give these different techniques a go on some                                                     paper
of our flowers and show us how you have
used them on your layouts by either emailing                                                     2 sheets Teresa Collins
me your layout                                                                                   Freestyle Clocks Pattern
( or
upload your layout to our online gallery.
                                                                                                 8 assorted peach and
                                                                                                 orange flowers
                                                    Teresa Collins Album Class
Classes and Workshops                               Saturday 13th November —9am-1pm
                                                                                                 1 Stamp
                                                    $45 includes all you need to create a        1 small sheet bling stickers
Adult Classes—Tuesday and Wednesday
                                                    wonderful album that will make a beautiful   2 stems white 3D flowers
                                                    Christmas Gift.
Layouts and technique classes are great fun                                                      1 small Stickers
for all, join us:
Every Tuesday and Wednesday
                                                                                                 3 Teresa Collins Freestyle
7:30pm—9:30pm                                                                                    Chipboard Frames
Cost $25 per week includes most materials
                                                                                                 1 sheet Summer Afternoon
Adult Classes—Tuesday and Thursday
classes are great fun for all, join us:                                                          1 sheet Blue Alpha Stickers
Every Tuesday or Thursday morning                                                                1 Mdf Placemat
Cost $25 per week includes most materials
                                                                                                 Shipping Date:
Monthly Scrapnight Workshop
4th December 2010                                                                                  26th November 2010
from 6pm—midnight.                                  Card making Classes
Cost is $25 and includes Pizza and supper           Morning and evening classes available.       Note: Some packs may vary. The
                                                    Come and learn a new technique for your
                                                                                                 above products are subject to
Kids After School Classes—Monday and                card making.
                                                    Cost $20 includes most materials.            availability and may change
3:30pm-4:40pm Mondays                                                                            without notice.
Cost $10 per week—includes most materials
                                                                    To Book
                                                                  phone Megan
Do Drop In Friday workshop                                         09 818-2045
Come and scrapbook on your own projects              For calendar see the last page of
as a great way to unwind from a busy week.                   this newsletter.
Cost $15

                         Designed By Karen Barlow
Christmas Party
Crop one 4 x 4” photo, one 2 x 5” photo and two 2 x 2” photos. NB
– a single 6 x 4” photo could replace the three smaller photos.
Cut out the circle of the musical collection card and place the main photo
underneath. Cut around leaves so they ‘jut’ out of the circle. Use brown ink to
define the edge of the cut.
Use the packaging from the Wordfetti for the bottom part. Trim to size so it is the
same width as the musical collection card. Glue velvet trim where the two papers
meet and fold ends underneath. Adhere to Snowflake Argyle paper.
Mat the smaller photos on the green side of the Snowflake Argyle paper.
Write journaling on glittered die-cut shape. Add 3D foam
to the back and place partially over the velvet trim.
To make buttons, place Page pebbles over patterned
paper and trim around. Similarly cover circles with
Dimensional Magic and allow to dry. Use Crop-a-Dile or
similar to pierce holes in each pebble. Trim thin strips of
red tulle and thread through each button. Adhere to page.
See close-up photo of buttons.
Trim thin strips of red tulle and thread through holes at the
top of musical collection card. Place Kindy Glitz on berries
of musical collection card and then add Dimensional
Magic on top. Allow 24 hours to dry.

Holy Nite
I absolutely loved this paper as soon as I saw it and knew it would suit my Christmas
in the Park photos with the music pattern. I take way too many photos so my layouts
always have lots of photos, but this would easily suit a
5 x 7” photo with the leaves over the photos at two corners.

Additional - Red pearls (or bling), 3D foam, Dimensional Magic

Crop seven photos to 3 x 2”. Mat three of the photos
onto Ruby Slipper cardstock. Adhere all photos onto
Music Note Ledger paper.
Add suitable Wordfetti stickers to photos.
Write journaling directly onto background paper.
Cut out holly leaves from other Music Note Ledger
paper ensuring each one has a long stalk or base by
which you can glue it to the background paper.
Place 3D foam under the holly leaves making sure
some covers parts of photos. Add red pearls over the
holly berries. See close-up photo.
Cut out title using the stripy side of the Music Note Ledger paper. Shadow the title
using the Red Slipper cardstock to make the title stand out from the background
paper. I used Cricut ‘Storybook’ font. Add dimensional magic to the title and musical
notes, giving them a lovely glossy look and bumpy touch. Allow to 24 hours to dry.

Photo Shoot

I love ‘white space’ layouts with a minimalist look. Cardstock is perfect for
such layouts, naturally lending itself to that uncluttered, clean look.
Additional – Dimensional Magic
Crop 10 photos to 2 x 2” squares.
Cut photo strips from the Red Slipper and Ivy cardstock. I used Cricut
Design Studio and ‘George & Basic Shapes’, but this can also be done using
a small square punch and cutting out five 2 x 2” squares.
Round the corners of the London Fog cardstock and adhere the filmstrips,
placing one of them slightly off the page for a more interesting look
Journal at the top right using a silver pen and using Wordfetti stickers
wherever appropriate.
Cut out title using the stripy side of the Music Note Ledger paper. I used
Cricut ‘Sesame Street’ font. Adhere on different angles so the stripy paper is
no longer in a straight line. Apply Dimensional Magic to title so it shines, and
allow to dry for 24 hours.

                                                                                 Designed By Karen Barlow

Holy Nite
I always put off doing Christmas day layouts because I always take too many
photos and then struggle to limit the number of photos. But with this hidden flap
double layout, I managed to use 25 photos!

Additional – 3 green brads, string, Dimensional Magic

Crop twelve photos at 2.5 x 2.5”, one photo at 5 x 7” and the hidden ones; eight
photos at 2 x 2” and four photos at 3 x 2”. Mat the 5 x 7” photo firstly onto the Ivy
cardstock. Then mat onto London Fog cardstock but allow an extra 2”at the top of
the photo. Fold the extra part over for the flap and glue onto crimson side of the
Poinsettia Ledge paper.
Unpick stitching of velvet trim and use as a tab to lift main photo up. Double over
ribbon and glue between the two cardstock photo mats.
On the underside of the main photo, glue the four 3 x 2” photos.
To make the second page flap, mat the crimson/snowflake collection card onto Ivy
cardstock leaving an extra 4” on the right hand side. Fold the extra part over for
the flap. Cut the holly/ledger collection card to fit underneath the main photo so
that the left side and bottom of it can be seen when the top photo covers it. Place
the second page mat underneath the holly/ledger collection card, so that the right
hand side and bottom of it can be seen when the main covers it. Glue it all down.
The hard part is over! See photos of flaps.

                                                     Cut a tab to lift page from
                                                     London Fog cardstock. Slip between Ivy cardstock and crimson/snowflake
                                                     collection card and adhere. Apply suitable Wordfetti stickers to both sides of
                                                     photo tab.
                                                     Adhere remaining photos to front and back of the second flap.
                                                     Cut a word or phrase from Words Noel paper to fill in the gap of the Ivy
                                                     cardstock flap.
                                                     To make the flag banner, select six patterned papers and cut out diamond
                                                     shapes. Crease and fold each diamond in half.
                                                     Fold and glue each flag over a piece of string. Tie string ends around a brad
                                                     and put one brad in the middle as well. Poke brads into paper to secure.
                                                     Select four patterned papers and cut then 2.5 x 2.5”.Sand the edges of the
                                                     twelve square photos so that they appear more defined.
                                                     Adhere square photos and patterned papers in a grid like pattern onto the
                                                     crimson side of the Poinsettia Ledge paper.
                                                     Cut title from London Fog cardstock. I used Cricut ‘Doodle type’ font. Adhere
                                                     to top right of layout. Write journaling on the hidden holly/ledger collection card.
                                                     Using Dimensional Magic, apply blobs to patterned paper of squares and flags
eg. Dots on paper, musical notes, flower centres etc. Allow to 24 hours to dry.

                                                                                  Designed By Karen Barlow
                                                         A very quick layout to showcase the traditional Santa photo.
                                                         Since the stripes are quite overwhelming, it’s important to keep the layout
                                                         simple –‘ less is more’ in this case.

                                                         Additional – 4 small Pearls (or bling)

                                                         Select a 6 x 4” photo and mat on collection card.

                                                         Wrap red tulle around photo mat and tie at the front.

                                                         Adhere photo mat to Die-cut Postage Stripe paper.

                                                         Adhere three glittered die-cut shapes using 3D foam. Add small pearls to
                                                         centre of poinsettia flower.

                                                         Add Wordfetti stickers around the photo.

                                                         Gift Boxes
                                                         I decided to turn these decorations into gift boxes that can be filled with
                                                         Additional – 2 buttons, transparency

                                                         Window gift box

                                                         Remove perforated triangles from box.
                                                         Cut three triangle shapes from transparency that will cover the triangle cut-
                                                         out. Ensure extra edging so that it can be glued to inside of box.
                                                         Emboss the three triangle windows using a Cuttlebug or similar. I used
                                                         Swiss dots.
                                                         Glue the transparencies to the inside of the box with clear drying glue.
                                                         Glue box together and allow to dry.
                                                         Glue two tags
together and punch hole through.
Cut red tulle in half lengthwise so that there is enough for each box.
Thread red tulle through hole at the top of the box and through a button and
pass back out the hole. The button serves as an attractive anchor
attachment for the ribbon. Tie a bow at the top of box. See photo.
Cut one length of ribbon lengthwise and tie to tag. NB - You may need to
adjust the length of the ribbon that is pulled through, so that there is enough
ribbon to tie the tag on.

Note - You do not need to untie bow to open box.

Long gift box

Glue box together and allow to dry.
Glue two tags together and punch hole through.
Thread red tulle through button and up through first flap. Cut one side of ribbon lengthwise. Tie tag on with one skinny length of
ribbon. Pass remaining ribbon through the hole in top flap (one skinny and one fat). Tie bow.

Note – This box requires you to untie the bow before opening the box.
        Designed By Glenna Taulilo-Makaea
The paper inspired me to make a layout of my father in law who
passed away sudden last year and it captures one of the things
he loved to do - play island music on his guitar. For this one I used up scraps
from the Christmas mini album and 2 other layouts, which is a good way to
make your supplies stretch further. I'm also trying my hand at layering
patterned and plain paper and this is my interpretation.
Supplies -
Noel word, Musical note ledger, Poinsettia ledger, ruby slipper and London
fog bazzill, noel journaling paper.
Other - paper flowers, button, pinecone ink, chipboard, alphas's,
shaped template, wooden flourish.
Techniques -
Ink the edges of patterned and plain paper. Glitter spray the paper flowers.
Cut out mini journaling spot - bottom left. Sand the edges of the chipboard

Pure Joy
I love using shaped templates and this is one my favourites mainly because
the photo subject, my grandniece Aiko
Supplies -
Ruby slipper and Ivy bazzill, Noel word. Lace and glittered dye cut.
Other - buttons, green ribbon, white corded ribbon, paper flowers,
ink, white pearls and green bling
Techniques -

Once you have used the shaped template on the noel word and ivy bazzill.
Cut a further 5cms on the noel word so the ivy paper becomes the border.

Ink edges of both shaped pattern and plain cardstock.

Glitter spray paper flowers. Cut out the centre of the glitter dye cut, back with
cardstock and then use as for journaling or a small title.

Pleat and glue the lace piece as you go, add the corded ribbon, green ribbon,
buttons, green bling and pearls


When the boys were very young they decorated their own Christmas
ornaments with paint and glitter. Both of these, take centre stage on our
Christmas tree every year.

Supplies -

Snow flake argyle but the flipside and journaling paper

Other - green ribbon, white lace, letter stickers, paper flowers, zigzag
rub on and pearls
Techniques -

Sand the edges of the photos. Use pearls as the centre of the flower and use
pearls on the corners of the lace.

                                                                 Designed By Sharon de Vos

Advent Calendar
Purchase the middle size matches
from your local supermarket. I found
some in packs of three for $1.85 so
24 matchboxes cost $14.80. You
could use the small boxes depending
on how large you want your advent
calendar to be.
The boxes can be filled with lollies.

                                                                                          Empty out all the
                                                                                          matches. Glue all
                                                                                          the boxes together.

                                        Cut MM Poinsettia Ledger Noel into 4 strips 7 cm wide and glue
                                        around the outside of the matchboxes. Ink around all the edges.

                                        Cut 21.5 cm x 23 cm using the London Fog (brown) Bazzill Cardstock
                                        and round the corners. Adhere to the back of the matchboxes. Be
                                        careful when gluing because you need to be able to pull out each little
                                        box. Glue carefully along the edges of the outside edges of the

                                                         Cut 24 front covers for each matchbox – using
                                                         different patterned paper. 5 cm x 2.4 cm. Adhere to
                                                         the front of each box and ink around the edges. You
                                                         can also ink the sides of the box so that when you
                                                         pull it out it looks nice.

Using the crop-o-dile punch two holes fairly close together and then add eyelets to each hole.
                                                               Designed By Sharon de Vos

                                Cut up the tulle and ribbon into 10 cm lengths. The tulle can
                                be cut into 3 strips so that you have enough. Cut the
                                pompoms off some of the green ribbon so that you have a variety of
                                different looks for each box. Thread the ribbon through the eyelets and tie
                                with a knot. This will help to pull out each little box.

                                                                  Cut out the words “naughty or nice” from
                                                                  the MM Words Noel patterned paper.
                                                                  Adhere to a piece of the packaging from
                                                                  the MM Noel Collection Wordfetti Stickers
                                                                  making sure you leave a small border
                                                                  around the edge. Adhere to the top of the
                                                                  brown cardstock that is sticking out.
                                                                  Decorate with 3 x small holly leaves and
                                                                  berries and 3 x large holly leaves and
berries. (See below for instructions on how to make the holly leaves and berries.)

How to make the Holly Leaves and Berries

                                Tear small pieces of Ruby Slipper Red Cardstock and then distress them
                                by scrunching them up and rolling them into little balls. You can add a bit
                                of ink as well. The smaller the berry the smaller the piece of cardstock.

                                Hand draw three or four different sized holly leaves. I have included my
                                hand drawn holly leaves so that you can cut them out and trace around
                                them onto patterned paper. Use MM Snowflake Arqyle Noel patterned

                                Score lengthwise down the middle of the leaf.

                                Fold the leaf together – this is called a mountain fold.

                                Ink around the edges of the leaf and down the middle of the leaf along the
                                score line. This will give the holly leaf some definition. Use a glue dot on
                                the end of the holly leave when sticking them to your advent calendar, card
                                or layout. Adhere the berries to the edges of the holly leaves as shown in
                                the photographs.
                                Above are my holly leaves. Just enlarge them on the printer until they are
                                the right size.             
                                                                             Designed By Sharon de Vos

                                                        St Nick Christmas Card

                                                        Using London Fog (brown) Bazzill Cardstock cut to 15.5 cm x 9.5 cm and
                                                        round the corners.

                                                        Cut 14.5 cm x 8.5 cm from the MM Music Note Ledger patterned paper and
                                                        round the corners. Adhere to the brown cardstock.

                                                        Cut a piece of Ruby Slipper red cardstock – 13 x 2.5 cm and tie a small
                                                        piece of tulle round the right side of the red cardstock. adhere near to the
                                                        patterned paper near the bottom

                                                        Make 3 holly leaves and adhere next to the tulle.

Cut a piece of brown cardstock 7.5 cm x 6 cm and adhere one of the MM Noel Collection glittered die-cuts to the brown cardstock.

Glue this over the red cardstock.

                                                        Christmas Wonderland Card

                                                        Using Ruby Slipper Bazzill Cardstock cut to A5 size. Fold in half.

                                                        Cut a piece of the packaging (14 cm x 9.5cm) from the MM Noel Collection
                                                        Wordfetti Stickers.

                                                        Cut a small strip (16 cm long) from the MM Music Note Ledger patterned
                                                        paper to use in place of ribbon. Adhere this to the packaging paper
                                                        approximately in the centre and fold the edges over.

                                                        Adhere the packaging paper to the red cardstock.

                                                    Cut a piece of Ruby Slipper Cardstock 8 cm x 4.5 cm and round the edges.
                                                    Glue one of the MM Noel Collection glittered die-cuts to the cardstock and
add some words from the MM Noel Collection Wordfetti Stickers.

Make 6 small holly leaves and berries and adhere on opposite corners.

                                                     Joy Christmas Card

                                                     Using London Fog (brown) Bazzill Cardstock cut to A5 size. Fold in half and
                                                     round the corners.

                                                     Cut a piece of Ruby Slipper Bazzill Cardstock 13 cm x 8.5 cm) and the round
                                                     the corners.

                                                     Cut a strip (16 cm long) from the MM Music Note Ledger patterned paper to
                                                     use in place of ribbon. Adhere this to the red cardstock near the bottom.

                                                     Adhere the red cardstock to the brown cardstock.

                                                     Make 3 large holly leaves and 2 berries and adhere to the left side of the card.

Glue one of the MM Noel Collection glittered die-cuts with the word “JOY” just beneath the holly berries.

                                                       Designed By Glenna Taulilo-Makaea

Mini Gift Album
Christmas Mini Album:
Materials used - Scrap pack kit
Other supplies - chipboard, ink, ribbon, pearl strips - red,
white, gold, paper flowers, buttons, charms,

chipboard embellishments/letters, metal charms/
embellishments, eyelets, paper clips, bling and homemade
glitter spray

Work out how many pages you want, then cut chipboard into desired shape, cover each page with patterned
paper or plain cardstock, sand and ink the edges. *If the chipboard being used is not very firm, glue 2
pieces together and place under a couple of heavy books to minimize bending, which is what I did for this

Binding: I used 2 med/large book rings decorated with red tulle, , a mini xmas tree, ribbons with bells and
metal charms.

Note - All the journaling spots, tags etc have been inked. Even though the album is small measuring 4.5" by
4.5" there is plenty of space for journaling or photo's. I've also added envelope pockets for a bit of variety
and a large chipboard piece at the back which will be a good place for a large family photo.

Album pages:
                               Front Cover - decorate with paper flowers (sprayed with glitter spray),
                               chipboard words and strips of pearls (white, gold and red).

                                                                         Page 2 - Photo mat or journaling
                                                                         Page 3 - Decorated mini flip album.
                                                                         Inside had a corner pocket with a
                                                                         journaling spot. Add charms to the
                                                                         top right hand corner for some added
Designed By Glenna Taulilo-Makaea

Page 4 - Mini xmas cracker that opens with
mini tags inside.
Page 5 - Top note shaped pocket with right corner
folded back, with tags.

Page 6 - Chipboard embellishment with tag insert
Page 7 - Envelope pocket with Tag

Page 8 - Decorated pocket for either tags or photos
Embellishment insert - Chipboard C, painted with
metallic paint decorated with chipboard letters on both
side and metal charms attached
                                Page 9 - pocket with
                                boarder punched top
                                edge with decorated

Page 10 - decorated chipboard used to hold 2 top note
shaped tags
Page 11 - larger envelope pocket with 2 tag inserts,
                              both of which have
                              metal charms attached.
                          Designed By Glenna Taulilo-Makaea

                           Page 12 - another flip up held down with a
                           paperclip ageing for photo's or journaling.
                           page 13 - large chipboard pieces, glass beads
                           attached to the bottom.

                                    Designed By Sharon de Vos
Paper Ornaments
Press out the paper ornaments from K&C Christmas Paper

Ink all the edges.

Cut out various sized holly leaves and make up some berries.

Start assembling the ornament by gluing each side together. Glue them all
        together except for the last one. Cut a very thin strip of patterned paper.
        Punch 2 small holes in the left over side and thread the thin strip of paper
        through the holes. Glue them down on the wrong side (this is the side
        that will be facing the inside and then adhere the last side of the
        decoration to the rest of the sides. This will allow the decoration to be
        hung on the tree.

        Decorate with holly leaves and berries.
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