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									    Kulia I ka nu`u - Strive for the summit!

                                               President’s Message
                                                       Hello Fellow Aloha Notes Readers,
                                                       Welcome to our Thanksgiving Edition of Aloha
                                                       Notes. Here are a few thoughts from our Presi-
                                                       dent, Lei Timario on the importance of Team
November 2007
                                                       Work. Also in this edition is a Thanksgiving Tale
                                                       that hopefully, will give you a chuckle or two, after
In This Issue:                                         all, we can all use a bit of laughter in our lives.
President’s Message                                    There is also some very important information
Thanksgiving Story                                     about the disease, diabetes. Read up and enjoy!
HAIP Health
Special Announcements
                              Isn’t it wonderful that we are all different? Each one of us has our strengths and skills
                           to share and when we link our individual strengths together, we are invincible. Part of
Lei, on Team Work      1
                           what makes NAIW/HAIP so wonderful is the diversity of our members. The association
A Thanksgiving Tale    2   is comprised of insurance and risk management professionals in all lines of the industry
                           who each bring something unique to the table. It is this diversity that makes NAIW/
American Diabetes      3
Month                      HAIP what it is today.
                             If your day-to-day life is anything like mine, you hear the words Team Work used a lot
Upcoming Events        4   but there is much more to becoming a team than just calling yourself one. In order for
Special Announcements 5    team work to succeed we must all begin to think and act as one. Team work is the ability
                           to direct individual accomplishments toward organized objectives. It is the fuel that al-
Updated Board Roster   6
                           lows common people to attain uncommon results.
Corporate Partners     7     You are the most essential piece. Team work can be a tough responsibility. You need
                           to work with your family towards common goals in order to live a balanced and happy
                           personal life and you need to work with co-workers on a daily basis to ensure your com-
                           pany is a productive one. In addition to that, as members of NAIW/HAIP, we need to
                           work together to ensure that we remain “The Association of Choice”.
                             This is the month for giving thanks and I thank you each and every one, for being a
                           part of our Ohana and for putting in your collective time and team work building efforts
                           to make NAIW/HAIP a great success. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

   November 2007                                                                   Page 1
                     The History of Thanksgiving...With a Twist
        Once upon a time there lived the      Indian Chief Massasoit with conver-       Can you guess which one? Yes
     Plymouth Colonists and the Wam-          sation and drink.                         indeed, the good ole turkey. Tur-
     panoag Indians. They lived in a land       I’m not sure what their choice of       key was a no-show at this shin-dig.
     that would one day serve as the          drink was but I am going to guess it      Because of the location, turkeys
     greatest country built on freedom        was the equivalent of our top-shelf       were not a native bird to those ar-
     and justice. There were no drive-in      vodkas and whiskeys. Who knows            eas. They did have swans though.
     eateries or Rock-n-Roll sock hops        what they talked about but I would        That probably made for a very in-
     yet but apparently this joyous group     like to think it had something to do      teresting stuffing although if given
     did know how to have a good time.        with future plans to fix and/or re-       the choice I would have opted for
     For the sake of this tale, let us just   move the Mayflower from their pre-        Stove Top.
     say it was a nice breezy autumn          cious reefs. It could have been that        Oh, and what about the pumpkin
     evening in the year of 1621.             or negotiations in selling it to the      pie? Well, they did not have ovens
        The Colonists and Indians had         Atlantis Submarine Corporation so         yet. Much to my dismay in re-
     been working up an appetite from         they could turn it into an artificial     searching for this dinner, I discov-
     their weekly responsibilities both at    reef. Your guess is as good as mine.      ered that there was no pie but they
     the office and out in the fields. They     The table was set with grandeur         did have bread pudding. Too bad
     all decided that it would be a won-      and the foods were laid out, right        Wolfe and Sub-zero Appliance
     derful idea to cook up a scrumptious     down the middle in a buffet style.        stores were not in operation yet or
     meal in the spirit of celebration and    The finest foods were placed at the       I am sure they would have been
     thanks. Overindulgence of meats,         top of the table where the people         turning out sweet potato and
     sweets and breads were a great ex-       with the highest social standing sat      pumpkin pies by the dozen. Obvi-
     cuse to do so as well, not to mention    and the pecking order (not to be          ously they would have needed
     the post Kanak Attack otherwise          confused with the Chinese delicacy        electricity to use the oven as well
     known as a nap.                          Peking Duck #10 at Golden Palace)         and electricity was not truly har-
        A lot of planning went into this      descended on down the table.              nessed until 1660 or so but that is a
     dinner. Men were sent out to hunt        Spoons and knives were placed             whole other story…perhaps
     fowl and deer and fish for lobsters      alongside large cloth napkins sewn        roasted sweet potatoes and sugar?
     and seals. The women gathered            by the women, not Martha Stewart.         No? Just a thought!
     vegetables from the fields and what      There were no forks because they            All kidding aside folks, because
     little rations that were left on the     were still eating with their fingers at   of this one event in history, we
     Mayflower. This hunting and gath-        this time. I am sure they would have      come together once a year as fami-
     ering went on for days as there were     appreciated a KFC spork.                  lies, sit at the dinner table or couch
     very little people on hand and deliv-      They didn’t have much in terms          or floor at Mom and Dad’s or
     ery by barge from neighboring            of condiments either. Salt was            Aunty and Uncle’s house, talk
     states had not been thought of yet,      placed on the table for taste but that    story about the great ole days,
     much less the fact that the nearest      was it. Pepper was only used for          dream and plan wonderful futures
     Foodland Supermarket was decades         cooking at the time so it was never       and give thanks to each other for
     away from being invented.                paired up with its current-day part-      all the joy and beautiful moments
        The housewives cooked very en-        ner. Ketchup, shoyu and mustard           we have received year round. To-
     thusiastically in their warm, hand       were all created by other civiliza-       day, we call it Thanksgiving.
     crafted kitchens, reminiscing about      tions that missed the trip to America     Warmest wishes to you and your
     the good ole days and fantasizing        on the Mayflower so that was that.        families on this most blessed day.
     about Tupperware while their chil-         Corn and potatoes were the main         Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
     dren ran through the house playing       vegetables, which by today’s stan-
     an early version of chase master.        dards are not so high on the nutri-
       The men gathered outside on luau       tional scale but the abundance of
     style tables and benches although        meat would have made Dr. Atkins
     they had no idea what a luau was.        rise from the dead. They had every
     They entertained the governor, the       type of protein you could think of
     captain of the Mayflower and the         except for one very important meat.

November 2007                                                                 Page 2
                HAIP HEALTH-American Diabetes Month
  November is American Diabetes           in individuals who’s bodies are either       Manapua and Malasada Trucks.
Month and with more than 50 mil-          resistant to insulin or have an insulin      That being said, it is no surprise that
lion people at-risk for the disease       deficiency. As with Type 1, this dis-        our state has one of the highest rates
each year, it is reassuring to know       ease is also genetic but other factors       of diabetes per capita. Is this a rec-
that organizations like the Juvenile      such as excess weight, high blood pres-      ipe for disaster? Sure it is but don’t
Diabetes Research Foundation, the         sure and a poor diet play a major role       be discouraged, keep reading.
American Diabetes Association, the        in its development. In most cases of           Hawaii has some of the most
Hawaii Diabetes Prevention and            Type 2 diabetes, sufferers do not need       beautiful landscapes in the world
Control Program and many others           to inject themselves with insulin            and nearly perfect weather to go
like them designate a huge portion        (although it could be required at a later    with it. We as Hawaii residents
of their time creating awareness in       time) but need to follow strict dietary/     have a wonderful opportunity every
our communities.                          healthy living guidelines to control the     day, to indulge in a healthy lifestyle
  Nearly 20 million children and          amount of insulin in their bodies and        much like we do our eating life-
adults in the United States live with     overall well-being.                          styles. Our fitness community here
diabetes. While this is just a fraction      It is also important to note that the     is one of the biggest in the nation
of the US population which at last        symptoms of diabetes are not always          and it is because they take advan-
count was more than 301 million           obvious ones. Some of the symptoms           tage of some or all of our resources.
(July 2007,) it is still alarming con-    are frequent urination, excessive thirst,    Whether it is a 30 minute run
sidering there are an estimated 75        extreme hunger, unusual weight loss,         through Ala Moana Park or up Dia-
thousand new cases per year. This         increased fatigue, irritability and blurry   mond Head, a brisk walk or bike
does not include unreported cases.        vision. While these signs can seem           ride in the neighborhood, doing pull
Nearly half of all diabetics do not       harmless and many of us suffer from          -ups at Kapiolani Park, kayaking at
know they have the disease. Diabe-        some of them due to other circum-            Lanikai, a weekend hike at one of
tes is the nation's fourth-largest kil-   stances, these symptoms as a whole are       many hiking sites, surfing, swim-
ler. There were more than 160,000         serious. Go to the link below which          ming, the possibilities are endless.
deaths last year alone.                   will bring you to the American Diabe-        For you shop-aholics, malls are a
  There are two types of diabetes,        tes Association web-site and take the        great place for walking; just leave
Type 1(insulin-dependent diabetes)        Online Diabetes Risk Test. As always,        your wallet at home. Runners and
and Type 2 (non-insulin dependent         this test does not replace the expertise     walkers can join one of the many
diabetes.) With Type 1 diabetes the       of a health professional so if there is      clubs that meet at local parks, espe-
body's immune system destroys             any doubt, go see your doctor. http://       cially those of us who need a little
beta cells which produce insulin in                   push. Best yet, you can do it all with
the pancreas. This type of diabetes       symptoms.jsp                                 no or very little money.
accounts for 10-15% of all people            Diabetes in Hawaii is on the rise and       We can all find some time during
with the disease. While it can ap-        it is estimated that 100,000 Hawaii          the week to participate in any of
pear at any age, most cases com-          residents have it, 25,000 do not know        these activities and cut down a bit
monly occur under the age of 40.          they have it and approximately 900           on such rich foods as I have men-
Environmental factors such as vi-         people state wide, die every year. This      tioned above. When we do, we will
ruses, diet or chemicals in people        disease is on the rise and there is no       be on our way to decreasing our
genetically prone to the disease are      sign of relief anytime soon.                 diabetes epidemic. It begins with
the cause of most Type 1 cases.           Hawaii is a melting pot of ethnic            each and every one of us and the
People with Type 1 diabetes must          groups, along with this national and         more knowledge and encourage-
inject themselves with insulin sev-       international diversity comes a wealth       ment we share with one another, the
eral times a day and follow a careful     of foods and goodies readily available       better off we will be in the future.
diet and exercise plan.                   for all of us to enjoy. Asian Cuisine,       Happy Exercising and Happy Eat-
  Type 2 diabetes is the most com-        Italian Restaurants, Gourmet Hotdog          ing.
mon form of diabetes. It affects          Stands, European Bakeries, Box Lunch
about 85-90% of all people with the       Favorites and that is not even taking
disease. This type of diabetes occurs     into consideration the small things like

November 2007                                                                    Page 3
                                UPCOMING EVENTS

                            December 2007 Luncheon
                                Mele Kalikimaka
With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas on the horizon, we hope that you will join
us for a lovely lunch at the Plaza Club. We have a great agenda planned. Hope to see you there.
Bring a friend too.
                                           Join Us!!!
                                    Thursday, December 13th 2007
                                          11:30am to 1:00pm
                                         Buffet Lunch: $30.00
                            The Plaza Club, 900 Fort Street Mall, 20th Floor

                     1) Ken Ng, LTCF, CHIC-Principal, Consultant & Coach,
                        LifeQuest Hawaii. “Move From Possibility to Reality.”
                     2) Connie Abrams-Mothers Against Drunk Driving. An-
                        nouncement of Safety Essay Winners.
                     3) Shriners Hospital for Children-HAIP’s “Holiday Gift Giv-
                             *Purchase ticket(s) at $5 each or 6 for $20. Winner re-
                     ceives a $100 dining certificate at any Starwoods Hotels
                     (Sheraton Waikiki, The Royal Hawaiian, Moana Surf Rider,
                     Sheraton Princess Kaiulani) in Waikiki. Proceeds will be do-
                     nated to Shriner’s Hospital for Children to buy Christmas gifts.

Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for November 27th, 2007 at the Bank of Hawaii Building, 2nd floor,
from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. Don’t forget to bring your lunch =)

November 2007                                                      Page 4
                               SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS
Thank you to those who have shared their Halloween photos
and special announcements for this edition of Aloha Notes.
It is a great way to create camaraderie within our association.
We hope to have more submissions in the future. Thank you.

Count Martha (BOH, Vice President-Insurance
Division)—ONE, TWO….THREE Peanut But-
ter and Jelly Sandwiches….AH AH AH AH!!!

                                                           The Grecian Goddess Maile (RLI-Underwriter) has
                                                           important issues to discuss with Cuban leader Fidel

                     Congratulations To...
Leila Tamashiro, HAIP President Elect for 2007-2008 . Thank you for stepping up to the challenge. Good luck in your
upcoming term for 2008-2009.
Julie Kirk and Margo Makanani, HAIP Membership Chairwomen for 2007-2008. Thank you for your dedication to
our association.
Lauren Souza, daughter of Mark and Lisa Kelliher. She is a Freshman of Eastern Oregon University and has just become a
member of the EOH Soccer Team. Best wishes to you in the upcoming season.
Maile Fuchshuber, 2007 Communicate with Confidence Winner. Best of luck at Regional in 2008.

November 2007                                                               Page 5
                                    UPDATED BOARD MEMBER ROSTER
        Board                  Position           Voting               EMAIL                     Designations
Edna (Lei) K. Timario President               Yes
Leila Tamashiro       Vice President          Yes
Jennifer Shiraki      Secretary               Yes
                                                            CPCU, CIC AFSB,
David Doehm           Treasurer               Yes                                          AMIM, AIS, AU
Katharine Nohr        Past President          Yes              ESQ
Katharine Nohr        Long Range Planning     Yes              ESQ
Valerie Katz          Public Relations        Yes       CPCU, MBA, CBCP
Julie Kirk            Membership              Yes
Margo Makanani        Membership              Yes
Linda Ipsen &         Education (1 vote)      Yes      CIC, CPIW
Martha Loezius        Education               Yes               AIM, CPIW, CPCU
                      Total Voting Position   9

                      Quorum Needed           5

Marian Nakashima      Awards/Jewelry          No    CPIW, CIC, LUTCF
Charlene Mizumoto     Awards/Jewelry          No    CISR, CPIW, DAE
Leila Tamashiro       By-Laws                 No 
Ann Stephen           Community Relations     No 
Julie Kirk            Golf                    No 
Margo Makanani        Golf                    No 
Julie Kirk            Historian               No 
Sonia Leong           Legislative             No 
Katharine Nohr        Nominating              No               ESQ
Marian Nakashima      Parliamentarian         No    CPIW, CIC, LUTCF
Wendy W. Humphrey     Programs                No 
Maile Fuchshuber      Publications            No 
Dora Kahauolopua      Publications            No 
Dawn Young            Reservations            No             CIC, CISR
Diane Taulau          Reservations            No 
Ellen Mimori          Reservations            No 
Charlene Mizumoto     Safety                  No    CISR, CPIW, DAE
Charla Wong           Social                  No 
Martha Nobriga        Social                  No                                           CPSR, CPIW
Tracy Adams           Website                 No                LTCIS, CPIW
Jan Reischel          Ride the Swell 2012     No      CIC, CPIW
Tracy Adams           Ride the Swell 2012     No                LTCIS, CPIW

 November 2007                                                          Page 6
                        Corporate Partners

      P.O. Box 91
   Honolulu HI 96810

Networking, Mentoring

                b at
           e we
     eon th
 We’r .HAIPr

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