SCHOLARSHIP, FINANCIAL AID, & COLLEGE INFORMATION
                                               FEBRUARY - MARCH 2011
   This newsletter is scheduled to be issued periodically according to the amount of information that needs to be distributed.
A copy is given to Senior English teachers to post in their classrooms and additional copies are available for individuals in
the Guidance Office, Room 1007, the cafeteria and Media Center. It will also be available on the DHS website.

It is VERY IMPORTANT as you registrar on-line to keep passwords and Login information!!!
         Put it in your Cell PHONES immediately – for future reference.

   Any senior planning to attend college must take the ACT or the SAT. Online registration is preferred but there are
     a few paper registration forms in the Guidance Office and in Room 1007.
     Register online at:
     ACT – TEST DATE = April 9, 2011; Regular registration ends March 4, 2011.
     We are an ACT test site this year so be sure to select Dunbar as your test center!
     SAT – TEST DATE = May 7; Regular registration ends April 8.
     Our school code is 100594

         Free study sites:

Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch may see Ms. Madigan in 1007 for a waiver to pay for either test. You
may also receive a fee waiver for your college application fee.

     Students must have a minimum 2.5 recalculated GPA on a 4.0 scale
     The required test scores are:
                  SAT                                        ACT
                  Reading 460                                Reading 19
                  Math 460                                   Math 19
                  Writing 440                                English/Writing 18
Please note these are the minimums required and most college and universities use higher standards.

Everyone must start by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at
If you graduate this year 2011 – You should fill this out by May 15, 2011
If you graduate next year 2012 - You should fill this out by May 15, 2012

This newsletter contains general information so be sure to check complete information and note all deadlines before
applying. If the application is not on the web it will be available in room 1007 or see your guidance counselor.
 Scholarship             Eligibility            Amount           Web Address                                       Deadline to
 2011 ICBC               Senior                 $1,000                                June 15, 2011
 Scholarship                                                     scholarships/131/scholarships.php
 AES Engineers           Seniors, Answer        $500                Oct. 7, 2011
                         Essay Question
 Abbott and Fenner       Juniors/Seniors        $1,000/year               June 18, 2011
                         Write Essay                             Business Consultants Scholarship
 Alexander               Class of 2012          $500 plus                           April 15, 2011
 Hamilton Citizen                               paid trip
 Achievement                                                     All expenses Paid Weekend to Academy
 The American            The descendent of      Varies                              Depends on
 Legion                  a member of the                         Eagle Scout/ General /Oratorical/                 scholarship
                         American Legion        Several          JROTC cadet of the year/                          Apply Early
                                                scholarships Junior Shooting Sports/Patriotism Art
 B Davis                 Juniors & Seniors      $1,000                         May 27, 2011
                                                                 (click on left) scholarships
Big Dig              Senior, essay          $3,000                     June 1, 2011
Scholarship          Question on Web                      scholarship/8864/
Big Sun              Athlete on a school    $500.00                          June 23, 2011
Scholarship          or community team
The Blanco           Education /Nursing     Varies                     Seniors/College
Foundation           Short Essay                                                                           2011-2012
Bridgeway College    GPA 3.5                $5,000 and             Mar. 15, 2011
Fund, Inc.                                  up            Bridgeway_College_Fund/About_Bridgeway.html
Buick Achievers      Senior, interested     $25,000/yr    WWW.BUICKACHIEVERS.COM                           Mar. 31, 2011
Scholarship          in Automotive
Program              Related Industries
Cape Coral           Varies                 Varies                              Apr. 1, 2011
Foundation                                                Click on Scholarships, there are many
The Christian        online application     varies                       ongoing
Decorative Artist    Seniors, Sample of     $500                        Apr. 15, 2011
of South West        Art, Application
Dial My Dentist      Senior, attend         $1,000                     May 6, 2011
Scholarship          college in fall 2011                 scholarship/9838/
Eckerd College       Several academic       Full             ongoing
                     based                  Tuitions
Eden Institute       major in Special       $1,000                             April 8, 2011
Foundation           Education
FAPSC                Short Essay            $1,000 -                                    Mar. 11, 2011
Scholarship                                 $5,000
Florida A&M Univ.    Min 3.5 GPA            Varies                                     Apply Early
                     Min. 23 ACT or         Bonus for     Presidential/Life Gets Better /Distinguished
                     Min.1650 SAT           Science/Eng   Scholar /George W. Gore Assistantship
                                            Math Major
Florida Atlantic     Varies                 Varies                           ongoing
College                                                       click on scholarships
FGCU Florida Gulf    Min 3.5 GPA            Varies              Apply Early
Coast Univ. Honors   Min SAT 1200                         or                                               ongoing
Program              Min ACT 22 and              click on scholarships
                     2 Recom./Essay
Fort Myers           Min GPA 2.8,           Varies      April 1, 2011
Alumnae Chapter      African-American       Celebration
of Delta Sigma       Male or Female         5/21/11 at    send email to or
Theta Sorority                              FGCU          call239-278-0540
Healthily            Senior, essay          $5,000                      April 30, 2011
Lifestyles                                                /scholarship/8809/
Scholarship                                               healthy_lifestyles_scholarship_scholarship.php
Hodges University    2 year scholarship     Varies       See web site
                     Also for Females
                     Miss Southwest                       www.facebook/MissSouthwestFlorida                See Application
                     Florida Pageant                      Kimberley Ouimet           on file in AVID
Hooked on            Criteria is based on   $1,000                          Apr. 11, 2011
Education            Pine Island
IAAP                 Enrolled in            $500          See Mrs. Madigan for Application                 Apr. 8, 2011
                     College by                           (International Association of Administrative
                     October 2011                         Professionals)
Johnson & Wales      Co-op, Senior,         $6,000 -                                      ongoing
University           Min 3.5 GPA            $24,000
Keiser University     Senior, Min GPA        Varies                         ongoing
                      2.5, letter of                       Career Academy or Matches Bright Futures
Laymon A. Hicks       Min. 3.0 GPA, first    $750               Mar. 11, 2011
Fund                  in family in college
New College of        Juniors / Seniors      Varies    Ongoing
Florida                                                    Tax Day Scholarship
Scholarships                                             April 15, 2011
O F A Orphan          Senior, Parents        Varies                                   Mar. 31, 2011
Foundation of         Deceased, Foster
America               Care/Adopted
Rasmussen College     Seniors Award          Varies$600-                                ongoing
                      Based on GPA           10,000
SAMMY 2011            Academic &             $7,500                               Mar. 4, 2011
athlete award         Athletic & Milk
                      Experience Essay
Southwest Florida     Seniors                Varies    Mar. 1, 2011
Community                                                  On-line Application Easy to do
S.S. Scholarship      Any Student under      $1,000                     June 1, 2011
                      21, Short Essay                      scholarshipprograms.php
Suncoast Federal      Senior, Must                                             Mar. 31, 2011
Credit Union          attend College in                    3 Scholarships to choose from
                      Florida, renewable                   Application on-line only
SunTrust Off To       Senior, able to        $1,000                 Oct. 29, 2010
College Scholarship   apply online                         drawings every 2 weeks                           through May
Sweepstakes           multiple times                                                                        13, 2011
Syracuse University   Up to 10 African       Full Ride     http://soa.syr/.edu/index.php                     Apply Early
                      American students
                      Studying                             or call
                      Architecture                         (315) 443-2256
Uncommon Friends      Need/Academic          Varies                          April 1, 2011
United Negro          More than 7,000        Varies                         ongoing
College Fund          Scholarships
University of         Student Research       Varies                                  ongoing
Central Florida       Positions
University of         Need Based             Varies        FAFSA and Florida Application must reach UF by   Mar. 15, 2011
Florida Gator AID                                          Deadline
University of         Senior going to UF     $1,500 per                            Mar. 15, 2011
Florida Jimmy                                semester
Traucht                                      Spring/fall
University of         Nomination &           $4,000 -              Pathways of
North Florida         Overcome               $20,000                                                        Success
UNF                   Adversity in your                                   Mar. 1, 2010
Pathways of           life essay
Veterans of the       Must have relative     Varies              Mar. 25, 2011
Glen Joe Reda’s       that is a Veteran
WCI/Mercedes          Golf Achievement,      Varies                                  April 1, 2011
Benz of Fort          GPA 3.0, Need
Myers Jr. Golf        Based                                $10 application Fee
 ROTC                  Must be accepted      2 To 4 year                                  Nov. 1 for
                       to college with       scholarships      Very Competitive Physical Exam                         College App.
                       ROTC program          commitment        Vision Test                                            Jan. for ROTC
                                             to military                                                              application

After December 1 students must apply and complete Florida Financial Aid Form on website.
   -3 programs sponsored by the State of Florida
   -All GPA’s are based only on courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language
   -Weighting for GPA is figured differently than it is for the Lee County School District
   -Florida Academic Scholars; min. 3.5 weighted academic GPA; min. 1270 SAT(R+M)/28 ACT
   -Florida Medallion Scholarship; min. 3.0 weighted academic GPA; min. 970 SAT(R+M)/20 ACT
   -Vocational Gold Seal Scholarship; min. 3.0 weighted academic GPA; complete 3 credit vocational program
    (3.5GPA); min. 440 Reading/440 Math SAT or 17 English/18 Reading/19 Math ACT
   -Final decision on award rests solely with the Department of Education in Tallahassee
   -Registration and certification through the NCAA Clearinghouse required for any athlete who hopes to earn a
    scholarship at a Division I, Division I-A, or Division II NCAA university or college
   -Minimum GPA, ACT or SAT test scores, and a set of specific courses required for certification
   -No specific deadline, but early approval essential for college athletic scholarship consideration
   -For more information go to or
Universities FAMU    FAU    FGCU            FIU      FSU         NCF        UCF      UF        UNF       USF       USFSP      UWF
Location     Talla-  Boca   Ft.             Miami    Talla-      Sarasota   Orland   Gaines-   Jackso    Tampa     St. Pete   Pensa
             hassee  Raton  Myers                    hassee                 o        ville     n-ville                        cola
Time to      Rolling Fall   Sept 1          Dec. 1   Oct. 15     Feb 15     Fall     Nov 1     Nov 19    Rolling   Rolling    Feb 1
Apply        Sept.          Nov 15                                                                       Jan. 2
Total        12,274  27,707 11,105          40,455   39,785      825        53,644   50,691    16,719    40,267    6,058      11,184
Fall 2008
Mid range    2.7-    3.2-   3.07-           3.4-     3.6-        3.73-      3.5-     4.1-      3.4-      3.5-      3.21-      3.1-
GPA          3.4     3.8    3.73            4.1      4.2         4.28       4.2      4.4       4.1       4.12      3.85       4.0
Mid range    1300-   1510-  1450-           1630-    1750-       1220-      1700-    1870-     1140-     1090-     1020-      1000-
SAT          1540    1720   1680            1810     1970        1390       1890     2100      1270      1290      1180       1180
                     R/M/W  R/M/W           R/M/W    R/M/W       R/M        R/M/W    R/M/W     R/M       W530-     R/M        R/M
             R/M                                                                                         620
Mid Range    18-22   22-26  20-24           24-27    26-30       27-31      25-28    28-32     23-26     24-28     21-26      21-26
TuitionFees  $3,993  $4,794 $4,945          $4,580   $5,238      $5,348     $5,021   $5,020    $4,909    $5,200    $4,604     $4,794
30 hours-
THE COMMON APPLICATION is available at The Common Application is accepted by many
colleges and universities. It is a way to save time and effort by using one application for several schools. BE SURE to
check online to see if the college you want to apply accepts it!

    Visit college web sites
    Look for scholarships

       Practice for the SAT ACT and CPT
       Apply on-line for Free Federal Student Aid
       REMEMBER ALL PASSWORDS AND LOG IN INFORMATION (put it in your Cell phones)
       -Website provided by the state of Florida with college and financial aid information
        -Also enables students to check on Bright Futures eligibility and other programs
       -Includes admission applications to the 11 state universities and some private Florida colleges
    College Open House Nights
       Choose any one of the following:
o   Sunday, February 20, 2011at 1:00pm in Naples, Doubletree Guest Suites, Johnson &
    Wales University, RSVP 561-714-5470 this is an Admissions and Information Meeting.
o   Edison State College Open House on Feb. 21, 2011 from 10am – 2pm.
o   Florida A&M University Annual Spring Preview on Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 8:30am – 2:00pm for
    Juniors and Seniors visit click Events then Spring Preview

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