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					Our Purpose
We support our clients in their competitive efforts to attract, develop and
retain high quality talent in their organization to the benefit of both the
individuals and the organization.
SommerYeager excels in leveraging the effectiveness of human assets
through state-of-the-art know-how in motivation, communications and
decision making.
We are recognized for enhancing the qualities within people that drive
them to exceptional performance.
Applications to Talent Management
The Sommer Survey is applied in two roles:

• The Sommer Survey functions to support the goals of HR’s existing programs.
• The Sommer Survey, as a stand-alone solution, provides highly leveraged insight
  and methods for accomplishing more of HR’s strategic talent goals.

The Sommer Survey Technology has amplified the results of HR strategies
and programs such as these:

• Motivation & Decision Making             • Leadership Management & Development
• Communications                           • Coaching & Performance Development
• Recruitment & Selection                  • Conflict Management
• Job Design and Placement Decisions       • Promotion & Advancement
• Teamwork Management & Development        • Performance Evaluation Decisions
Supporting HR Objectives
The Organizational Game Plan and Job Strategies
•   Bring out the best in the home team‟s latent talent and motivation
•   Match organizational and executive goals for optimal business results
•   Improve team compatibility and job design in mission critical units
•   Identify new and successful game plans and motivational strategies
•   Identify the driving motivations within key players
•   Find leadership talent within untested leaders
•   Bring out team leadership abilities within technical experts
•   Get key players‟ commitment to mission critical goals
•   Preempt performance problems in leaders and teams before they develop

Recruitment & Selection                  Leadership & Team Development
•   Benchmarking behavioral              •   Building on-the-job communications
    requirements for any position        •   Managing individual and team motivators
•   Writing persuasive job ads that      •   Harmonizing leadership styles with
    appeal to the right candidates           team communication methods
•   Stuctured interview questions        •   Resolving conflict while increasing
•   Measuring candidate job fit              cooperation and job satisfaction
•   Selection, placement and promotion   •   Managing and retaining key employees
                                         •   Maximizing team effectiveness
Bottom-Line Business Advantages
• Gain better bottom-line results

• Enhance the impact of existing HR programs

• Get the “buy-in” of key people on major objectives

• Save time, money and turnover

• Open lines of communication

• Increase employee productivity and commitment

• Motivate mission critical human talent
What Lies Beneath the Surface?
Our Approach
• We provide our clients with effective insights into the mindset
  and decision making of current or potential employees

• We provide the action methods, strategies and decision
  making information that enhances the mission critical talent of
  the organization, the individual and teams.
Facts Worth Knowing
• The content of what people say in interviews is the superficial
  level of thinking and deciding.

• More than 90% of a decision‟s information substance is below
  the threshold of conscious awareness.

• All decision parameters in the survey are revealed by language
  codes embedded deep within everyday language – analogous
  to English grammar – the „deep structure‟ of thinking.

• Just like there is a grammar for how sentences are
  constructed, there is a parallel linguistic decision grammar for
  how people are motivated and how their decisions are made.
What is Motivational Profiling?
• Motivational Profiling tells you HOW a person perceives the job
  at hand, and HOW he or she will behave and make decisions
  once in that role

• How? By identifying the desire, behavior, attitude, attention
  filters, cognitive styles, preferences, communication styles and
  motivations of a person in a particular context

• Identifying HOW a person thinks and decides at the level of
  motivational “deep structure” allows clarity and rapid access to
  latent talents of important individuals and teams

• Get to know the real person in minutes, not weeks or months
What is the SommerYeager Survey?
• A motivation, decision making and communication assessment

• An on-line survey that identifies a person‟s strategy and tactics
  for doing a specific job or assignment

• The survey asks individuals to express their ideas in terms of
  familiar choices

• All questions are positive and non-judgmental

• Takes about 30 minutes to complete
Delivering the Results
• Results are generated in 24 to 48 hours – or less

• Every client is provided with a written report as well as a
  consultation with one of our experts

• All reports are confidential and contain no controversial content

• All reports are custom tailored to attend to the needs of our

• All reports provide objective and non-discriminatory information
Bottom-Line Advantages For Our Clients

• Reports can be used throughout the duration of the job and
  stored electronically in your database

• NO EXTENSIVE TRAINING is needed to interpret survey

• Results give you actionable information that can cause
  immediate behavioral change and motivation
Recruitment Situations & Solutions
Business Situation:                       Solutions:
How do you know what type of              Create a benchmark: Profile top
candidate you are looking for?            performers in that function or create a
                                          depth profile from the job description

How do you write a job ad so that it      Use the motivating language from the
appeals to the right type of candidate?   model profile to attract like-minded

Whom do you choose when you have a        Compare qualified candidates to each
list of qualified candidates?             other on job-relevant strategies and the
                                          job description to see who fits best

What are some questions you should        Get a list of targeted, job-specific,
ask in the interview before hiring a      behavior-based interviewing questions to
candidate?                                elicit relevant information from the

How do you effectively motivate the       Use motivating words and phrases that
chosen candidate to join the team?        resonate and persuade; know his/her
                                          criteria for joining the organization
Your Benefits
• Gain immediate in-depth insights into individuals that would
  otherwise take weeks or months

• Clearly and quickly define the communications tools that will
  motivate people at any job level

• Increase your ability to attract the right candidates and
  communicate with them effectively

• Gain a clear view of the relevant similarities and differences
  between the candidate(s) and the job description

• NO MORE GUESSWORK--understand the attitudes, motives,
  decisions and communications for a smoothly operating team
More Benefits…
• Clearly know how people approach their work and make
  decisions on the job before you hire them

• Improve your interview process and your bottom line

• Surveys are confidential and non-threatening

• Lower turnover rate, higher productivity, lower training cost

• Have in hand the know-how that produces more cost-effective
  results for the organization and satisfaction for individuals
Management Questions & Solutions
Business Situation:                       Solutions:
How do you communicate effectively        Profile your team and use the language
with each member of your team?            from their Communications Report to
                                          motivate each one uniquely.

How do you manage your staff so they      When you understand what motivates
are stimulated, satisfied and motivated   people you can create tasks, jobs and
to reach maximum potential?               situations where they can succeed.

                                          Do a team comparison. Compare all
How do you ensure your team members
                                          members of the team on job-relevant
complement each other and bring the
                                          requirements to assess compatibility,
strengths needed to achieve desired
                                          strengths and remedies for potential

How do you minimize conflict within the   Get an in-depth understanding of how the
team?                                     team works and can improve. Teams will
                                          know how to reach agreement and
                                          cooperate more constructively.
Your Benefits
• Effectively communicate objectives and goals

• Open lines of communication

• Remove walls that separate effective relationships

• Improve employee job satisfaction

• Increase productivity & working relationships

• Improve cooperation and teamwork

• Ensure employees feel valued & motivated

• Maximize individual and team performance
SommerYeager Technology Advantages
Conventional Tests:                   SommerYeager Survey:
Generalized Information–vague         Job specific and person specific
statements for everybody              information-- definitive answers

Statistical averages and generic      Language and motivational
approaches                            mechanisms link to decisions

Conceptual abstractions               Actual on-the-job decision making

Academic rationales that disconnect   Q&A rationales connected to the
the questions from the answers        real-time job in question

Conceptual, indirect, derivative      Direct, observable, actionable
information                           performance information

Correlations without causes           Language algorithms

An arbitrary collection of parts      Vertically integrated, real-time
                                      motivational machinery
Our Project Process

                                  Meet with clients to define
Step 1     Kickoff meeting         goals, objectives, and
                                       project process

Step 2     Identify behavioral     Create a benchmark for
         requirements / culture       any job using the
                                       Sommer Survey

            Assess chosen         Candidates complete the
Step 3    candidates against       Sommer Survey online
          established criteria      in their job context

                                  Receive a detailed written
Step 4    Reporting Results       report on each candidate
                                      in 24 to 48 hours
Assessment Team
•   Our work is based on the proven cognitive know-how found in
    language and brain processes that has been published in scientific
    journals and used in business for over 3 decades.

•   As technology advanced so did we, creating methods that give you
    the ability to understand, predict and manage the people that drive
    your organization‟s success.

•   Joseph Yeager and Linda Sommer, the founders of SommerYeager,
    are known worldwide as the developers of the state-of-the-art work in
    motivation and decision making. Their work has surpassed the classic
    measurement technologies by featuring psycholinguistic and cognitive
    systems analysis for motivating people to new heights. Their work has
    been used by domestic and international companies for over 35 years
    in a wide range of business needs.
Proven Technology
Technology published in refereed journals:
• Journal of Management Consulting
• Journal of Professional Psychology
• Occupational Clinical Psychology
• The Qualitative Report
• AIMC Forum
• Consulting Psychology Bulletin
• Marketing Review Journal
• Marketing Research Review
Our Promise
SommerYeager is committed to assisting you in every way possible to
achieve your objectives. We are ready to answer any questions, provide
additional insights, or simply discuss project possibilities or objectives.

Our goal is to help you maximize the return on your most important
assets--your people.

Questions regarding this presentation or our methodology may be
directed to:

Kristin Byers

Direct: (610) 560-1284
Office: (215) 860-1060

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