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For this section I would first advise everyone to read Chapter 4 in the lia sophia manual.

The best thing that you can do is mention your jewellery business and the opportunity to everyone.

Make sure you have mentioned the opportunity when you are doing your presentation at your shows;
you will be amaze how many ladies go home and think about it and then join.

Some of the best recruits are the hostesses from your shows, ladies that wish to stay home with young
children, however still need to contribute to the family income.

Other ones that are great recruits are ladies that are not satisfied in their current jobs or they have
been laid off or currently looking for a job.

Ladies that are ready for retirement, however want to keep busy and have an extra income.

Idea: When you are setting up for your show, make it look very easy, remember hostesses are the #1

Listen to the conversations at your shows, i.e. my friend husband just loss his job and they are very short
of income???? Recruit

Talk about you business and how much you enjoy it, your income etc.

Have Packages for Potential New Advisors (Recruits) always with you.

We call these recruiting packages. In these packages include a live a dream brochure, love story booklet,
a catalogue, and an advisor agreement, however on the agreement make sure you state that they
contact you and join online, have your website written there.

Business card, personal note and anything that is printable from the lia sophia site that has a picture of
the jewellery on it. That can be a copy of the gems, in style pages, and trend trays.

Also have a flyer advertising the free trip that can be earned.

NOTE: If you are not interested in recruiting, please do not lose the individual that is interested in this
business. Take her name, address, email and state to them that you will be passing this information on
to your leader. Also give the interested person your leader’s name and phone number.

Example: A TRUE Story. When I first saw lia sophia a co worker was selling it, I asked her how much
she made and she stated $300 on last night show. I said WOW; casually I mention are you interested in
signing up people. She stated NO fast, and instantly LOST ME. Needless to say she did eventually recruit
and wanted me to join, however I had already joined another team. If someone casually mentions the
opportunity to you, fill them in on the opportunity or pass their name onto your up line leader.

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