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					                       Colorado                                       care clinical practice guideline. The guideline summarizes
                                                                      and prioritizes preconception interventions that are known to
                                                                      improve pregnancy outcomes. The guideline serves as the
   Maternal and Child Health                                          foundation for health care provider and consumer-focused
                                                                      preconception projects statewide.
   Block Grant 2011                                                   Black Infant Mortality Project - Colorado was one of five
   The Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant, Title          states selected to participate in the Action Learning
   V of the Social Security Act, is the only federal program          Collaborative, a Partnership to Eliminate Disparities in Infant
   devoted to improving the health of all women, children             Mortality sponsored by AMCHP, CityMatCH, and the
   and families. Title V provides funding to state maternal           National Healthy Start Association. The Healthier Beginnings
   and child health (MCH) programs, which serve 35 million            for African-American/ Black communities’ project is based at
                                                                      Tri-County Health Department with participation from
   women and children in the U.S. To learn more about Title
                                                                      CDPHE, Healthy Start, Aurora City Council, March of Dimes,
   V, visit
                                                                      and the community. The goal in the coming year is to
                                                                      complete the next phase of the Aurora Perinatal Periods of
   MCH Block Grant Funds to Colorado                                  Risk (PPOR) analysis and a focus group analysis with the
                                                                      target population. Phase 1 of the 2009 Aurora PPOR
                                                 Difference in        analysis identified that 60% of black fetal and infant deaths
       FY 2010               FY 2011
                                                Federal Funds*        occurred in the "Maternal Health" category, indicating the
     $7,236,695            $7,178,335              -$58,360           need to focus on preconception health and expanding
                                                                      preconception health care practice to this population. Phase
   Title V Administrative Agency:                                     2 of our strategic plan will be health care provider training to
   Center for Healthy Families and Communities, Colorado              share results of the 2009 PPOR analysis and the promotion
                                                                      of the recently developed preconception care clinical
   Department of Public Health and Environment
   Estimated State Funds, FY 2010: $4,736,061
   *States must provide a three dollar match for every four Federal   Newborn Screening — Colorado is a national leader in
   dollars allocated.                                                 newborn hearing screening in hospitals prior to discharge,
                                                                      with over 98 percent of all newborns screened. Intervention
                                                                      for infants with hearing problems begins very early in life,
   Protecting and Improving the                                       with improved outcomes for these children. Almost 98
                                                                      percent of all newborns are screened for genetic and
   Health of Colorado’s Families                                      metabolic diseases. Children who test positive are tracked to
                                                                      make sure they receive timely treatment and referrals to
   Prenatal — Colorado works collaboratively with local public        appropriate care.
   health agencies to implement a variety of population-based
   and infrastructure-building activities. As part of a statewide     Integrated Services for Children with Special Health
   hospital initiative dubbed Colorado Can Do 5!, 45 hospitals        Care Needs —CO received a State Implementation
   and medical centers, representing hospitals delivering             Grant for Integrated Community Systems for Children and
   approximately 92% of Colorado births annually, participated        Youth with Special Health Needs $300,000 per year
   in training on five key supportive maternity practices that        over 3 years. The Department of Health works with
   have a significant positive effect on duration of                  communities to overcome local systemic barriers by creating
   breastfeeding. This project successfully disseminated key          medical home quality improvement teams.
   messages about breastfeeding to diverse hospitals and
   community partners, raising statewide awareness and                Low Birth Weight Campaign —Colorado released a report
   increasing momentum toward baby-friendly breastfeeding             on low birth weight entitled “Tipping the Scales: Weighing in
   practices.                                                         on Solutions to Colorado’s Low Birth Weight Problem” in
                                                                      September 2000. The report will be updated in 2010 using
   Preconception Care Guideline – The Colorado Department             birth data from 2008 and 2009. This report quantifies the
   of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Clinical                number of low weight births due to inadequate weight gain
   Guidelines Collaborative and the Colorado Healthy Women            and smoking during pregnancy. As part of a long-term
   Healthy Babies Roundtable formed a public/private                  strategy to address low weight births, a statewide effort to
   partnership to develop an evidenced-based preconception            encourage health care providers to adopt Institute of

Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs | 2030 M Street, NW, Suite 350, Washington, DC 20036 | (202) 775-0436 |
Medicine (IOM) prenatal weight gain recommendations in             •     Promote preconception health among women and
clinical practice began in 2002. A social marketing campaign             men of reproductive age with a focus on intended
to educate consumers about appropriate prenatal weight                   pregnancy and healthy weight.
gain launched in 2004. The campaign promotes appropriate           •     Improve screening, referral and support for perinatal
weight gain during pregnancy and prenatal smoking                        depression.
                                                                   •     Improve sexual health among all youth ages 15 -19.
Colorado Medical Home Initiative (CMHI) — With strong
Title V leadership, Colorado’s nationally recognized Medical
Home Initiative is focused on building systems of quality
health care for all children in Colorado while increasing the     For more information, contact:
capacity of providers to deliver care to kids in our state.
                                                                  Maternal & Child Health and Children with Special
Modeling the team approach, the CMHI maintains strong
partnerships with key stakeholders who share the vision for
                                                                  Health Care Needs
quality health care for all children, which assures integration   Karen Trierweiler, MS, CNM
of CSHCN. Sharing the responsibility for positive health          Center for Healthy Families and Communities
outcomes, the CMHI serves as a centralized yet objective          CO Dept. of Public Health & Environment
entity to support and guide the implementation of the             4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
medical home approach across the state. With supportive           PSD-MCH-A4
legislation passed in 2007, Colorado must assure that
                                                                  Denver, CO 80246
children with public insurance must have access to a
medical home.                                                     Phone: (303) 692-2481

People Served by the Colorado
MCH Program*                                                      Grants to Colorado*
Title V population-based preventive and systems building
                                                                  Hemophilia Diagnostic and Treatment Centers Region
services benefit all women and children in the state. In
addition, the MCH Block Grant provided direct services to
                                                                  University of Colorado Denver
the following individuals:
                                                                  Aurora, CO
8,750        pregnant women                                       $279,866
67,905       infants under one                                    Children's Oral Healthcare Access Program
95,948       children and adolescents                             Colorado State Dept/Pub Health & Environment
8,909        children with special health care needs              Denver, CO
18,774       others                                               $159,650
200,286      total served
                                                                  Leadership Option: Care of Children with Special
*2009 State/Jurisdiction Annual Reports Submitted to the          Health Needs
Maternal and Child Health Bureau
                                                                  University of Colorado HSC
                                                                  Aurora, CO
MCH Priorities in Colorado
                                                                  Adolescent Health/School-Based Health
 •   Prevent development of dental caries in all children         National Conference of State Legislatures
     ages birth to 5.                                             Denver, CO
 •   Improve motor vehicle safety among all youth ages            $100,000
     15 – 19.
 •   Build a system of coordinated and integrated                 *These grants were awarded in FY 2008. For a complete list of Title V Grantees:
     services, opportunities and supports for all youth
     ages 9-24.
 •   Prevent obesity among all children ages birth to 5.
 •   Improve developmental and social emotional
     screening and referral rates for all children ages
     birth to 5.
 •   Reduce barriers to a medical home approach by
     facilitating collaboration between systems and

                                                                                                               Colorado State Profile 2011

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