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NEWS RELEASE         GFWC Branford Woman’s Club Members Attend the 2010
May 15, 2010         District 3 Spring Workshop

Elaine Nemeth, President of the GFWC Branford Woman’s Club, and members Kathy Stark,
President-Elect, and Treasurer, Stephanie Whittington attended the FFWC District 3 Spring
Workshop and luncheon held in Live Oak, FL.

The district luncheon hosted by the GFWC Live Oak Woman’s Club on Saturday May 15, 2010,
welcomed FFWC Second Vice President, Barbara Mehaffey and Director of Junior Clubs, Jolie
Frankfurth. They each shared plans for the new 2010-2012 administration, and information from
FFWC President Teddy Hulse on looking ahead, membership, and their motto, “Federation and You,
a Perfect Fit.” District 3 Director, Mary Check Cason announced Canine Companions for
Independence (CCI) as her project for the two-year administration. GFWC Women’s Clubs of Florida
are encouraged to participate through fundraising efforts, volunteering, and in sponsoring a CCI
canine by raising $500. The Branford Woman’s Club is participating in this project by holding
several fundraising events, one of which includes the “Who let the dogs out” quilt fundraiser.

Guest speaker Susan Baan, volunteer spokesperson, and CCI trainer shared a video of the service
dogs in action, and spoke on the training the dogs receive, length of time it takes to train a puppy
and that about 60% of the dogs make it through the entire training. Puppies that do not make it
usually make great “therapy dogs.” Canine Companions for Independence helps adults and children
with disabilities. CCI trains four types of dogs:
    Service Dogs – assist adults with physical disabilities by performing daily tasks.
    Hearing Dogs – alert the deaf and hard of hearing to important sounds.
    Facility Dogs – work with a professional in a visitation, education, or healthcare setting.
    Skilled Companions – enhance independence for children and adults with physical,
       cognitive, and developmental disabilities.
After the video, Susan and her new CCI puppy “Sally” showed off a few commands that Sally has
already learned. It is difficult for most of us to imagine, but for men, women, and children with
disabilities, having limited lives is quite real. With a dog, those lives are changed as their limitations
are lessened. Imagine how your life would change with a dog to pick up your keys when dropped,
reach for a light switch, or open a cabinet door.
Branford Woman’s Club members have been proud supporters of Canine Companions for
Independence for many years. Our quilt fundraising project should help reach a $500 goal to
sponsor a CCI canine. There is a $1.00 donation per ticket.

If you would like to make a donation, or take a chance to win the “Who let the dogs out” quilt,
please mail a check for the number of tickets ($1.00 donation per ticket) you would like. Make
checks payable to Branford Woman’s Club and mail to P.O. Box 1084, Branford, FL 32008.
Please include a self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope for us to mail you your tickets. Be sure to
indicate that the funds are for the CCI project. Please visit for more information about
the Canine Companion for Independence organization. Last year Branford Woman’s Club along with
other GFWC Women’s Club of Florida donated more than $20,000 for CCI. We can’t do it again
without you!

President Elaine Nemeth with Treasurer, Stephanie   Stephanie Whittington won our Canine Companion Mascot
Whittington                                         for the year, at the silent auction!

In addition to the workshop, members learned of the GFWC state and international partnerships
that can be supported at the club level, such as Mentoring USA, American Library Association,
International Reading Association, National Wildlife Federation, National Arbor Day Foundation,
American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Doctors without Borders, Department of
Veterans Affairs, Dress for Success, Feeding America, and many more. During the awards
ceremony, the Branford Woman’s Club received second place for 2009 yearbooks, and third for
2009 newsletters.

The Branford Woman’s Club is a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) and
the Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs (FFWC). Members meet September through May, the third
Thursday of each month. For more information about the Branford Woman’s Club or joining our
volunteer community, please call 386-935-3487 or 386-935 4822 or visit our website at

Students 12-18...we are looking for you...come join the Branford Juniorettes. Juniorettes is a
program for middle and high school girls that offers fun, friendship, and community service. You
will learn how to organize and operate your non-profit club with rewarding results. Many students
use their Juniorette service hours for scholarships and National Honor Society credits. For more
information about the Branford Juniorettes, please call Dr. Grace Vaught 386-935-6575, or
Kathy Stark 386-935-3487, or visit our website: the Juniorettes.

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