At the dawn of the 21st century the mystery of what was recorded by Plato
in the 4th century BC as one of the most advanced civilisations of the
pre-historic world remains unsolved - the Lost Land of Atlantis.

According to Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, Atlantis was an
island state that existed in the Atlantic Ocean opposite the Pillars of
Hercules (Straits of Gibraltar) over 12,000 thousand years ago. It was
populated by a noble and powerful race that enjoyed great wealth thanks
to the natural resources and geographical layout of the island, and was
therefore a significant centre for trade and commerce.

The people of Atlantis lived simple and virtuous lives for many
generations. As Plato records, the Atlanteans slowly began to change as
Greed and Power began to corrupt them, until finally Zeus responded to
their immorality with a fierce punishment with one violent heave, the
island of Atlantis, its people and its memory were swallowed by the sea.

For years this story has attracted the attention and wonder of
specialists in many fields and everyday people all over the world
searching for clues to put together the pieces of this mysterious puzzle.
Where was Atlantis really located? Was the story perhaps an exaggeration
based on the fall of the Cretan civilisation and the destruction of the
island Thera? When did it actually exist? What is the truth about its
destruction? Did it ever exist at all or was it purely fiction that
served the purposes of Plato's descriptions of an Ideal State?

Researchers and specialists from all four corners of the globe will
gather on the beautiful Greek island of Milos at the Milos Conference
Centre George Eliopoulos to present and analyse a significant amount of
new research and hypotheses that, thanks to modern technology and fresh
ideas, has a great potential to wash away the centuries of mystery and
produce clearer conclusions.

After all, a mystery is best solved at its very source, so where better
to bring together the top international Atlantis researchers than in the
country where the story of Atlantis was born, in the Mediterranean Sea
where many believe the lost land lies deep under thousands upon thousands
of years of history.

The conference will serve as the widest platform yet to deal with this
hypothesis, with topics ranging from History, Archaeology and Philosophy
all the way to Volcanology, Meteors and Oceanography. The actual number
of places where Atlantis is believed to be located has today reached 27.
And so the mystery lives on, but it seems to be only a matter of time
until the truth is revealed.

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