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									International Textile Garment and
   Leather Workers Federation
• 217 Affiliates from 110 countries
  representing workers in textile, garment
  and Leather industries.
• 10th Congress held at Frankfurt in
  November 2009 elected Mr. Hisanobu
  Shimada as President and Mr. Patrick
  Itschert as General Secretary
     Regional Organisations
• FITTVCC/ARI America’s Regional
• ITGLWF(ERO) European Regional
• TWARO Asia Regional Organisations.
• ARCC African Regional Consultative
          Priority areas of work
•   Bargaining for Living Wages Campaign
•   Code of Conduct
•   Elimination of Child Labour
•   Free Trade Zones
•   Health and Safety
•   Home Working
•   Multinational Enterprises
•   Working Women’s Issues
•   Linking Trade and Workers Rights
            Indian Affiliates
• Centre for Trade Unions In India.
• Indian National Textile Workers Federation
• Indian National Garment and Leather Workers
• Indian Confederation of Labour
• National Textile, Garment and Leather Workers
• Textile Workers Federation of India
• Self-employed Women’s Association
         Projects in Operation
•   Study circle
•   Elimination of Child Labour
•   Organising Garment workers
•   Occupational Health and Safety
                   Project: Study Circle
• Sponsored By: ITGLWF / LO-TCO and in operation for last 20 years.
• Project Partners in India: INTWF, INGLWF
• Project in operation at 13 places, mostly textile and readymade
  garment sectors.
• 5000 workers covered every year.
Objective: Trade Union Capacity building
          Educate members at grass root level
          Strengthen the membership
The project has remained successful in creating trainers at local level,
  creating network of trainers through union expansion of the trade
  unions and diversification.
Achievements: 139,000 workers have been directly benefited.
               600 trainers have been trained.
               Reopening of the textile mill giving employment to
               2000 Workers. The Trainers are used in other
               Projects like elimination of child labour,   Prevention of
  Spread of HIV/AIDS at      workplace ,RTI
               awareness among the trade unions etc.
      Elimination of child Labour
Activity: Child Labour Base Line Surveys.
The Objectives: To understand the socio economic
  conditions of the families introducing child labour and
  to draw a line of action to eliminate child labour in the
  targeted regions.
Partners in the project: 1) Indian National Textile
  workers Federation, 2) Textile Federation of India, 3)
  National Textile Garment and Leather Workers
  Federation, 4) Self Employed Women's Association,
  4) Indian national Garment and Leather Workers
  Federation. Technical cooperation : Ambekar
  Institute for Labour Studies.
Target regions: Nagpur, Amravati and Ahmedabad
Sample Size : 3000 households.
Reports: Two reports have been prepared and one is
  under preparation:
Follow-up actions: At Amaravati the work on
  rehabilitation has been initiated. The first batch of 80
  children have been admitted in the formal schools.
  The self employment oriented vocational training
  courses have been designed for the parents of the
  working children to suppliment the family income. A
  module has been developed for the organisors to
  follow at the time of the rehabilitation of the working
  children when withdrawn from work.
3.     Project: Mapping Informal Sector in Urban Cities
     Sponsored by: Textile Workers Asian Regional
     Objectives: To understand the socio-economic profile of workers in
       selected informal economic activities and make suggestions to
       the stake holders to act upon for bringing them under union fold.
     Sample Size : 300 workers engaged in the profession as shoe
       shiners, garment workers, and cobblers in the Mumbai region.
     Report: The report has been completed and submitted to the
     follow-up action: Propose a meeting with the trade union activists
       to share the outcome of the study and organise skill development
       programmes for trade union cadre to organise those workers.
    Project: Occupational Health and
         Safety and workplace
•    Sponsored by ITGLWF and IF Metal
•    Project Period: Three years
•    Target Group: Textile, Garment and Leather Industries union
•    Objectives:
•    To equip the trade union activists with skills and knowledge for
     their effective participation in collective bargaining on the issues
     of occupational health and safety at workplace.
•    To improve the abilities and skills within the trade union leaders
     for using National and international standards related to
     occupational health and safety .
•    To produce reading material in the forms of posters, manuals,
     leaflets etc. for the use of workers.
4. Project: Survey on Living Wages for Garment and Textile workers.
  Sponsored by: TWARO
  Objectives: Provide a base for the trade unions and other stake
   holders for bringing the concept of living wage in the national
   agenda. Generate awareness about the concept of living wage
   among workers and provide sound basis for wage negotiations and
   initiate campaign.

Project Partners: INTWF, INGLWF,TWFI and NTGLWF
Technical Cooperation: Ambekar Institute for Labour Studies

Sample Size and the regions selected:
Four regions were selected for data collection viz, Coimbatore, Textile
  Sector, Bangalore and Ludhiana, Garment Sector and Ahmedabad
  Garment and Textile with common employer. Total sample size 400
   Campaign on Living Wages
• Meeting with the Brands and Suppliers
• Translation of the report in regional/local
• Meetings with all trade unions
• Meeting with members.
• 1st May 2010 the day selected for
  launching the campaign.

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