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									                               AmeriCorps Proposal
                    Youth Volunteer Corps of Greater Kansas City
                           And Greater Kansas City LISC

Mission of the YVC: To create and increase volunteer opportunities to enrich Kansas
City’s youth, address community needs and develop a lifetime commitment to service.

Proposal: In order to further the success and participation in principles of service
learning and civic engagement at Douglass and Sumner Heritage (DASH) Project in the
neighborhood which surrounds Douglass Elementary and Sumner Academy of Arts &
Sciences in KCK, the Youth Volunteer Corps of Greater Kansas City is proposing to
further our relationship with Greater KS LISC by co-sponsoring a quarter time (450
Hour) AmeriCorps member at the school.

What it looks like: A part time AmeriCorps member would be located at Sumner
Academy of Arts & Sciences for 10 hours each week during the school year. This
member would be responsible for service learning programs in the classroom, integrating
service learning into curriculum, attend DASH project and teacher meetings, and help on
any outside service projects that take place outside the school.

What we will provide: All reporting and paperwork associated with member, hiring of
member, on-going training of member, project materials, weekly meeting with Program
Director, and curriculum materials.

What Greater KC LISC will provide: Cash match to YVCKC ($2,500) {paid before
member starts}, desk space, access to a computer, fax, copy machine and phone, and
someone to sign monthly time sheets (which would mean that someone would need to
supervise them enough to know that they were there), basic orientation training about
LISC and the DASH service learning project.

When: This would be in effect for the 2008-2009 school year; please note that the week
of the annual YVCA/AmeriCorps conference in Kansas City they would not be available
due to training (Oct. 20-23, 2008)

Julie Porter, Executive Director                            Date

Jenn Beard, Program Director                                Date

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