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									      issue 1       The                  marz                  26.2.10

The recent project by kids                 unwanted clothes and shoes to
inspire encouraging us to think            the collection site at the back of
of the families who are not as             school, and therefore helping
fortunate as us and have                   the poor and needy in Asia and
problems at home. During our               developing countries.
art lessons we have been                    By reporter R. Williams, E.
focusing on who inspires us                Daniels and A.Talbut
and what we see ourselves
doing in the future. We are so
lucky to have all these
opportunities whereas others
have none. Using our
inspiration, we have made
different things to hang on a
tree the art teachers have
made. Lots of other schools are
doing this project but St Cedd’s
have been honoured to be the
first participating school. When
all the trees from all the
                                                   What’s inside?
different schools are put
together we shall have a jungle                         Sports News
to be proud of in the Mayor of
Chelmsford’s office! ‘I think it is                      Star Totals
a good way of getting the whole
community together’ says                                   Massive
Robert Main 6W. ‘I think it is a                       Earthquake Hits
truly wonderful idea of                                     Chile
highlighting how different
people can influence children!’                              Y6
says Carl Simela, pupil of 6W.                         responsibilities
As you can see, this project is                           problems
looming towards being a great
success. We must remind                                 Games and
readers to continue bringing in                         Sports News

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Year Six Responsibilities-
   Do We Take Them                              Sports News at St.
       Seriously?                                    Cedd’s!
The year sixes at St Cedd’s                Well done to the year six
school have many                           hockey team who played in the
responsibilities. There are ones           tournament at Felsted and
such as checking the first aid             came 3rd overall! Brilliant Job!
room for ill students and then
reporting back to their form               Big well done to the Yr 5
teachers if there are, tidying up          hockey and rugby matches
the playground after breaktime             against Widford Lodge!
and sorting out the lost property          Rugby=5/3 to us.
box. However, this year, we                Hockey=18/13 to us roughly.
seem to be finding these duties
harder than usual. Maybe we                Yr 6 GvS results: Hockey=5/2
believe that they are a bit of a           to Silver, Rugby=3/1 to gold
joke and so don’t stick to them?
Well, we shouldn’t! Our
responsibilities are things we                   SNOWMAN STAR
should be proud of and enjoy                        SPEAKS!
doing them. As the top of the                The Marz have managed to
school, year six must set a                 obtain an exclusive interview
good example to the rest of St.             with Elliot, yr 5, West end star
Cedd’s, for if we do not? Then                   in THE SNOWMAN!
who will? So let’s all work                   This article will be in next
together because Together                            week’s issue.
Everyone Achieves More!
R. Williams 6W!

         Stars Totals
It’s been a good half term for                 Visit us on our website,
stars in St. Cedd’s. Mrs.        
Windley declared the stars
totals in assembly today. Silver
had 431 and Gold had 460!
Well done to everyone who
contributed a star by working
hard and gaining plus ones!

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                        IN THE NEWS

A massive 8.8 magnitude
quake hits central Chile killing
at least 122 people, the
president-elect says, triggering
a Pacific tsunami warning. The
earthquake which has hit Chile
has destroyed many main
roads, overturning cars and
churning up tarmac.
The 8.8 magnitude quake
struck at 0634 GMT about
115km (70 miles) north-east of
the city of Concepcion and
325km south-west of the
capital, Santiago.


Sixty-four-year-old Graham
Short, from Bournville, said it
had taken him about 300 hours
to ingrave the script on to a pin
head measuring 2mm in
He rested for an hour before
each stage to get his heart to                     Visit us on our website,
beat slowly enough to perform
the delicate work.                  

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   BATTLING IRELAND                        'Gara's conversion saw Ireland
  EDGE OUT ENGLAND!                        home.
                                           It was a thrilling end to a match
                                           which had struggled for much
                                           of the 80 minutes to catch light
                                           at a soggy Twickenham.
                                           England dominated possession
                                           and Ireland were forced to
                                           defend for long periods but it
                                           was the visitors who had the
                                           greater cutting edge and their
                                           ability to take their chances was
A fine brace of tries from                 ultimately the difference
Ireland wing Tommy Bowe                    between the two sides.
ended England's Grand Slam                 Bowe was one of the stars of
hopes at Twickenham.                       the Lions tour and his finishing
Ireland took the lead through              ensured Ireland made it six
Bowe's early try and a penalty             wins in seven matches against
from Johnny Sexton, to two                 England.
from Jonny Wilkinson, gave the
Irish an 8-6 half-time lead.                   FERRARI TEAM TO
A Keith Earls try saw Ireland                 BEAT-SCHUMACHER
lead by seven points before
Wilkinson converted Dan Cole's             Mercedes driver Michael
try to make it 13-13.                      Schumacher says he believes
Wilkinson then put England                 Ferrari will head into the new
ahead with a drop-goal but                 season as the strongest team.
Bowe's late try and Ronan

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Can you unscramble these

CDSDE TS (a school)

DIKS PIRINSE (a charity)

KUNJ (rubbish)


YOHKCE (a sport)                                   Can you fit all the words
                                                    correctly into the grid?
                                                 Two letters have already been
SUDOKU CHALLENGE                                        3 letter words
                                                        4 letter words
                                                        5 letter words
                                                        7 letter words

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 A DINOSOUR FOR                                   ANNOUNCEMENTS
 CHRISTMAS                                        AND NOTICES IN
                                                  ST. CEDD’S
  A dinosaur for Christmas                        6W are proud to
  is the only thing I need.                       announce that their new
  It doesn't matter if it's slow                  school council
  or one that's built for speed.                  representative is Amber
  A massive one, a tiny one                       The class voted fairly
  or one that's in between.                       and everyone agrees
  A dinosaur that's muddy brown                   with the decision. Well
  or bright and shiny green.                      Done Amber!

  I don't care if it's big and tall               Thomas Williams, 5F,
  or really old and ugly.                         would like to ask people
  I don't care if it's rough and                  to keep their eyes open
  tough                                           for his art overall.
  or soft and cute and snuggly.
                                                  TLC are now collecting
                                                  the vouchers at
  A spiny one will do the trick.
                                                  Sainsburys so if you
  A scaly one is fine.
                                                  have any please give
  As long as it's a living,
                                                  them to Mrs. Court.
  breathing dinosaur,
  and mine.

  I promise if you bring me one                   Editor: R.Williams
  I'll never ask for more,                        Journalist: R.Main
  That's all I want for Christmas:                Chief rep: C.Simela
  just one single dinosaur.                       Rep: A.Talbut
                                                  Rep: E.Daniels
  --Kenn Nesbitt
                                                  Website designer:

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