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                                            Full Name: Walt Lloyd

               Reason for trip: Returning to the US with his biological father Michael Dawson.
                                             Profession: Student
                                     Island relationship: Son of Michael
Walt Lloyd is Michael Dawson's 10 year old son (born August 24, 1994), named after Michael's father. Walt's
 mother was Susan Lloyd, an attorney, who rejected marriage with his father, a construction worker and
    part-time artist. His mother split up with Michael while Walt was still a baby, and moved with him to
 Amsterdam for a plum international law job. Just before Walt's second birthday, Susan married her boss,
   Brian Porter. Later, while he was recovering in a hospital from a car accident, she visited Michael and
                 insisted he give up parental rights to his son, so that Brian could adopt him.

Nine years later, Brian tracked down Michael, and told him that Susan had passed away in Australia due to a
 "blood disorder." He pleaded with Michael to take custody of the boy and gave him tickets for the flight to
 Sydney. Brian revealed that he had not wanted to be Walt's adoptive father, and that he was scared of the
boy: "There's something about him... Sometimes when he's around things happen. He's different somehow."

Unusual occurrences have appeared around him. Just prior to his mother's death, Walt was studying from a
book about native birds, and wanted Brian to look at the entry for the Australian Bronze cuckoo. When Brian
ignored him, Walt became insistent, and a bird suddenly smashed into the window and died. On the Island,
when Walt had been looking through a comic book with a picture of a polar bear rather than listening to his
 father, Michael took it away from him. Later, in anger, Michael threw the comic into the fire, and Walt ran
                   off, only to be attacked shortly afterwards by a polar bear in the jungle.

 Walt and John Locke established a friendship shortly after arriving on the island. Locke had seen something
special in the boy, and told his father as such: "Maybe you haven't spent enough time with him to see it, but
he's different... As long as we're here, I think Walt should be allowed to realize his potential." This has led to
                              Michael mistrusting Locke's intentions with the boy.

  In Born to Run, without having any apparent knowledge of "the hatch," Walt appeared to exhibited some
form of psychometric clairvoyance: after touching Locke's arm, he tells him ominously: "Don't open it. Don't
                                             open that thing."

  During the episode In Translation Walt secretly set fire to the initial raft that Michael had been building.
 Locke had been the only person on the island who realized this. The day before the second raft was set to
be launched, Walt confessed to his father that he was responsible for burning the first raft, because he didn't
 want to leave the island. With a sudden realization, Michael told him that they didn't have to go, but Walt
                                       replied solemnly, "Yes, we do."

  Walt has a yellow Labrador retriever named Vincent, which had been owned by Brian. Before leaving the
        island on the raft, Walt gave Vincent to Shannon, to help her to cope with the loss of Boone.
While on the raft, in Exodus: Part 3, Michael, Walt, and the others run into a ship, though instead of rescue,
          the crew of the other ship kidnapped Walt and left Michael, Jin, and Sawyer in the sea.
                                       About Malcolm David Kelley:
    The entertainment industry isn't new to young Malcolm David Kelley – he has been working in show
                                        business since the age of five.

  His motion picture credits include roles in “Antwone Fisher,” opposite Denzel Washington,” and “You Got
   Served.” On television he guest starred in the series “Judging Amy,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “For Your
Love,” “Girlfriends” and “Eve.” He was also featured in numerous commercials, including Cap’n Crunch, Kool
Aid, Disney and Kohl’s department store. Recently he was seen in a Snoop Dog video and completed a voice
                               over for the Nickelodeon cartoon “Fatherhood.”

 Malcolm spent the first 11 months of his life in foster care before being adopted by the Kelley's. His sister,
 Sydney, was adopted by the family two months later. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball, despite his
   small stature. He keeps up with his favorite basketball team – the Lakers – and politics, even getting
involved as class Treasurer at his middle school. His leadership earned him the role of Student Ambassador
  with People to People Student Ambassadors, with whom he traveled to the United Kingdom last July to
                                        represent the United States.


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