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									                                                        SC MAPS ORDER FORM
                      MAP NAME                                    QTY         PRICE           TOTAL
  TOPOS:                                                                                              ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS:
ACE BASIN/TABLE ROCK                                                            $7.00                 To order SC MAPS, you may use a check or purchase order.

CHARLESTON/WOODS BAY                                                            $7.00                 The school name or district name must be printed on your

CONGAREE/NORTH INLET                                                            $7.00                 check or purchase order to receive the prices listed on this

COLUMBIA/SILVERSTREET                                                           $7.00                 order form. If a personal check is used, it must be accom-

MYRTLE BEACH/FORTY ACRE ROCK                                                    $7.00                 panied by a signed request on school or district letterhead.

GRANITEVILLE/LAKE MARION                                                        $7.00
LAKE JOCASSEE/SAVANNAH RIVER SITE                                               $7.00                 Date ___________________________
KINGS MOUNTAIN/SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN                                               $7.00
  5 Titles (6 copies of each) + FREE PORTFOLIO                                $195.00                 Method of Payment
  6 Titles (6 copies of each) + FREE PORTFOLIO                                $216.00                 o Check (payable to Clemson University - SC MAPS)
  Full Set of Topos (6 of each) + FREE PORTFOLIO                              $276.00                 o Purchase Order No. _______________

  LITHOS:                                                                                             SHIP TO: (PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT)
COASTAL SATELLITE/TABLE ROCK                                                   $12.00                 School Name _________________________________________

CHARLESTON/WOODS BAY                                                           $12.00                 Educator’s Name _____________________________________

CONGAREE/NORTH INLET                                                           $12.00                 Street Address (NO P.O. Boxes)

COLUMBIA/SILVERSTREET                                                          $12.00                 _____________________________________________________

MYRTLE BEACH/FORTY ACRE ROCK                                                   $12.00                 _____________________________________________________

UPSTATE SATELLITE/LAKE MARION                                                  $12.00                 City _______________________ State ______ ZIP __________

GRANITEVILLE/WINYAH BAY                                                        $12.00                 Phone _______________________________________________

LAKE JOCASSEE/SAVANNAH RIVER SITE                                              $12.00                 E-mail _______________________________________________

KINGS MOUNTAIN/SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN                                              $12.00
  5 Titles (6 copies of each) + FREE PORTFOLIO                                $345.00                 (All orders must include the name of the educational

  6 Titles (6 copies of each) + FREE PORTFOLIO                                $396.00                 instructor ordering and receiving the SC MAPS products.)

  Full Set of Lithos (6 of each) + FREE PORTFOLIO                             $580.00

LAND USE/LAND COVER MAP                                                         $9.00                 BILL TO: (PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT)
  SET OF 6 LAND USE/LAND COVER                                                 $36.00                 Name _______________________________________________

SC BASE/SHADED RELIEF MAP                                                      $12.00                 Address _____________________________________________

  SET OF 6 SC BASE/SHADED MAPS                                                 $60.00                 _____________________________________________________

*SET OF 30 Desktop SC Base/Shaded Maps*                                        $40.00                 _____________________________________________________

SC GEOLOGY/SOILS MAP                                                           $13.00                 _____________________________________________________

  SET OF 6 SC GEOLOGY/SOILS MAPS                                               $65.00                 City _______________________ State ______ ZIP __________

MATH GRIDS                                                                     $10.00                 Phone _______________________________________________

  SET OF 6 MATH GRIDS                                                          $52.00                 E-mail _______________________________________________

TEACHER'S MANUAL and ANSWER KEY                                                $39.00
PORTFOLIO (free with any order of 30+ maps)                                    $29.00                 All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges allowed.

FULL SET OF SC MAPS                                                           $885.00                 This office must be notified within 5 days of an error in
(Includes Teacher’s Manual, Answer Key, Info Packet and 3 Portfolios)                                 your SC MAPS order.

                                                                Map Order Total                       MAIL CHECKS TO:
                                                         Shipping & Handling (*)                         SC MAPS Project Office
             (*) Shipping & Handling = 7% of Map Order Total, or Minimum Charge of $5.50                 340 Brackett Hall
    (There is no Shipping & Handling fee if you pick up your order at Clemson University.)               Clemson University
                                                                         Subtotal                        Clemson, SC 29634-0919
                                                              Local Sales Tax (**)
                   (**) To find your local Sales Tax, check the State Sales Tax website at:                VOICE         864-656-1560
                              FAX           864-656-1041
                                                                                                           EMAIL         SCMAPS@CLEMSON.EDU
                                                                 Total Enclosed $
                                                                                                      THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN SC MAPS.

                                                                                                                                                Rev. 10/27/2004

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